Any chance of an Adam West skin?

  1. I just got the game today, and I haven't gotten the chance to play yet, but I was wondering if anyone knows if they finally got smart and put an Adam West skin in the game? I really could care less about animated series BatMan skins and BatMan Beyond skins, all I really want is the chance to play as the greatest BatMan ever.

    User Info: JakeGallows2099

    JakeGallows2099 - 6 years ago

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  1. Sorry but there is no Adam West Batman skin. The closest you'll get to it is the Batman 70s skin, which has the blue cowl and cape, and yellow/black bat symbol. It doesn't resemble the Adam West costume very much other than it being grey and blue (though a brighter blue than Adam West's costume) and having the Yellow/Black classic logo. The ears are long and pointy, he doesn't have the "eyebrows" painted on the cowl, and so on, but its classic.

    And there will most likely never be an Adam West costume for good reason. The show is in copyright dispute (which is why it has never been released on DVD, except for the theatrical Adam West Batman film). To get the likeness or even just the costume appearance would be quite difficult due to legal matters. If they could get it, it would be great, but the closest you'll get is the 70s costume.

    Unless of course they release a 60s era Batman costume from the comics, which was similar to the Adam West but not completely. Think "Batman Brave and the Bold".

    User Info: RawrGoAway

    RawrGoAway - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. If you got the steel case edition at Eb games Australia, I know that you get the Adam West Skin.

    User Info: deoxy360

    deoxy360 - 6 years ago 0 1

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