Black Mask and Killer Croc?

  1. Okay so I've made it through the entire story including most of the side-quests/missions and I've heard alot about Black Mask and/or Killer Croc being included and seen in the game as well. But I haven't encountered them anywhere. Black Mask has his own character bio and such, but if there's a bio I'd to see him at least once, even a small part where no fighting may be involved. Any help?

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    AJJacome - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Black Mask is seen in the very beginning of the game, right after Bruce Wayne has been arrested. After the guard escorts you out of your holding cell, they tell you to get in Line A. In the corner, between your holding cell and Line B, is a fight with Black Mask against 3 TYGER guards.

    Killer Croc, on the other hand, is seen after you fight Ra's Al Ghul. AngryPilowFlufr has the location exactly. There's also Killer Croc's den after he escaped from the Asylum, which you can get to when you're chasing the assassin. When you reach the room with a drop down about 2 or 3 floors in the sewers, use the zipline to go to a little alcove across from you. Lay down some explosive gel on the discolored floor and detonate, and there a table with Croc's chains, some pictures of Croc on the wall, and maybe some other stuff. Take a picture of that for Riddler's challenge.

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Other Answers

  1. Could be spoilers, but Killer Croc isnt seen in person, (At least i havent seen him) but he has like a lair in the subways area, you have to find an explosive floor in the subway area to reach it and it will also solve the riddle about him, giving you the bio and such. Black Mask is seen at the start of the game in the processing center to the right, but the actual bio is found through a riddle, i forget which one and where, someone else will have to help with that one. just have to keep interrogating those green riddler guys and eventually you will get the mark on the map for it.

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  2. Killer Croc can be seen in the "Subway Maintenance Access". After defeating Ra's Al Ghul, go back the way you came into the subway maintenance. You will get to a dead end with three bared tunnels. Throw a remote batarang though the space in the one in front of you and you should see him. As for black mask, He's in the Robin DLC.

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