How do I solve these two riddles?

  1. 1. There Is a riddler trophy north of the museum in the Bowery section? Posted on the wall You stand on a release switch and (3) Question signs are then cased in a chain linked fence. Once you release the switch the gate opens back up again. I tried using the explosive gel on the question mark but after I detonate. Another question mark lights up. 2. The next and last riddle I need to solve is south east of the Church/Medical center, in Amusement Mile. There are (6) Question marks. They are separated by a chain link fence, I tried using the batarang to hit the question marks as well as explosive gel....but the question marks light right back up after I deactivate one of them. Any help of how to solve these riddle locations will be much appreciated.

    User Info: killakurt5060

    killakurt5060 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For the one in the Bowery, you need to lay an explosive gel charge on each question mark. When you stand on the pad, zoom in on the gel that sitting on the light that's all lit up and detonate. That will detonate only the one charge and let you use the others in the same way.

    As for the one behind the church, I had a hard time with that one too. The thing is, you need to use the gel on the bottom three, climb on top of the building just across the alley from the lights so you have a perfect and unobstructed view of the top three lights. Detonate, and throw three Batarangs using the quickfire. If you did it right, all 6 lights will be hit.

    User Info: pyromite

    pyromite (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0

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