will be able to have the Joker back in next game?

  1. Does the possibility of a wild back?

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    maegrin - 5 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    It's far too early for any information regarding the sequel to be out

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  1. Not really an answer, but a fact. This is the second or third Time Mark Hamel claimed he was retiring the voice. Take it with a grain of salt. Just consider a few things.

    BTW There be spoilers ahead:

    Evidence that he is dead and nerve coming back:

    1. Mark Hamel saying he is done.

    2. We actually have a body. Batman carried it out so we can assume he made sure it was dead.

    3. Harley Quinn is morning his death and says things like "You were suppose to save Mr. J" at the game over screen.

    4. Countless thugs saying he is dead.

    Evidence he is still alive:

    1. Mark has lied before.

    2. Ra has died many times and come back to life thanks to the Lazarus Pit, which is where Talia was taking him.

    3. Some thugs mention the possibility of a third Joker.

    4. Your firs interaction with the joker you see him dead in a chair, but the real joker sneaks up behind you. The joker in the chair comes up as "deceased." Was the body in the chair Clayface? Does that imply the Clayface scans as deceased? Could it also be possible that it was Clayface that stabs Batman?

    These are all just theories but it boils down to this. If they want him to be alive they can make it happen. The rule with comic books has always been "No one stays dead but Bucky." And hell he came back as well.

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  1. Mark Hammil did announce prior to the games release that he was retiring from voicing the character. If the Joker is in the squeal chances are it will be a different actor. However since last I heard a squeal hadn't even been confirmed, any details about the game are up in the air.

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  2. If there is a sequel they will either have to get a different actor(like NumernorKing said) and come up with a round about way of bringing the joker back to life or they'll have to get beg mark hammil to do it and same thing applys about joker. Most likely if they are planing another batman they just wont bother putting the joker in it. It was hinted at on IGN.com that they belived that if there was a sequel it might have to do with the "watcher in the wings" side mission in wich you persue a unknown person (who later turns out to be Azrael) and then he tells you of a prophecy. I myself who like to see the next batman game be about Azrael and the Order of Dumas.

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  3. ***SPOLIER ALERT***

    I just assumed that Joker pulled the Fake Joker (Clayface) trick again when he stabs Batman in the end. As in, the body Batman carries out is Clayface. There's a moment between the final boss fight and when Batman takes the cure - he gets knocked out from the explosion. While he's out cold, Joker takes a dip in the Lazarus pit, curing himself. He sneaks away and has Clayface take his place again. That's just a theory, though.

    My point is, they could easily use this or a similar plot device to revive Joker. Maybe Harley will get his body from the morgue and toss him in the Lazarus pit. Or maybe both Jokers were Clayface, and the real Joker was never even in Arkham City. Whether or not the character returns for a sequel is up to the developers.

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  4. I believe he is dead. but since the league of assassins will most certainly be reviving ra's and talia, I am betting ra's will bring joker back as some plan to get batman to take over. plus mark said he would voice the character again if the right story came along. maybe it will have to do with the pregnancy test found in that warehouse. yes there is a lot of people saying it was clayface but i am all most certain that the real joker died and ra's will be reviving him. guess we will just have to wait and see though. also with this harley dlc coming out it may shed some light on whats going on.

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    As much as I wish that Joker had survived, I am inclined to believe that he didn't, and that he won't be revived. At least, not by any means that I'm aware of in the Batman Universe.

    First off, I think it's impossible that the Joker in the final scene is Clayface. If we recall, Clayface can only imitate a healthy Joker, and the ending Joker had a very diseased face, indicative of the real thing. Moreover, Clayface has been forced into the Lazarus Pit, and dissolved in it (think back to the animated series episode where he fell into the ocean)

    Because of this, I don't think that the Lazarus Pit can be used. It has been contaminated by Clayface, and rendered unusable - that's the whole reason why Joker can't use it instead of taking the cure. So, I wouldn't expect him, or Ra's, or Talia, to be brought back to health using it. Mainly, because the Pit can't bring anyone back from the dead

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  6. Probably not, mark Hamill is gone as well

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