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"2 hiccups to an otherwise perfect batman game"

As the title suggests I have only two qualms with this game. One very minor and one I can nitpick the heck out of. but first the many good things:

Graphics: 7/10- this game is improved a bit since Asylum but since to bring out the game quickly it still had to use a lot from it there isn't much. Graphics and Gameplay wise this is just a slight improvement to the last title.

Gameplay: 8/10- Like I said this game is only a slight improvement from Asylum, with little tweaks to game the game more exciting. Different looking counters, most of your base moves are there from the start to allow the new gadgets to shine a bit. and everything overall plays smoothly though the game has frozen on me twice in a row. though I think it might be my playstation so I didn't take anything off for that. My only real gripe in the game play department is with the size of the City. The makers go on about how it's so much bigger now, when really it's just about the same size, heck the map makes it look smaller. However due to being in a city rather than just a collection of a few buildings there is a lot more content here side quest wise to give it a sandbox feel. it's only unfortunate that the game because of the fact it lets you move so fast and freely ends up shorter in the main quest do to everything else packed into it. If you don't bother trying to complete this sucker you'll be done in a weekend easy even with the Catwoman chapters. Okay maybe two if you lose all the time or do other things that weekend beside playing this game. That is of course unless your going to take on the challenge maps while truly test your batman skills. the only downside is to play these maps you need to find Riddler Trophies which while a fun little diversion is annoying to have to figure out stuff like coming back with a new gadget just for one in a place you don't need to revisit for anything other than that just to find out you still need 3 more for the next map or something. it just get's grading and the fact only catwoman can get some when her levels are linear since she has no real sidequests to play can make it annoying to bother with for a guy like me.

Story: 9/10- Here is where my major nitpick comes in. This story is great, nothing that's going to break the mold of narrative but finding that even in good books is like finding a needle in a haystack so I don't see it as bad if a game can't pull it off either. Slight spoiler here so be warned from this point and skip to the controls talk if you don't want any. Okay? well at some point about halfway into the game you have to fight Mr. Freeze out of nowhere. The guy has no reason to do so other than, you need to have a Mr. Freeze boss fight in this game of very few boss fights. Now the fight itself is really good, but it just urks me a guy who knows batman well enough to know he isn't going to leave Nora hanging should need to break half a rare antidote for no reason other than to force batman to help and yet trap him when Batman gets cross about something that could save many. This would have worked better if it was him just asking in exchange for an antidote that works on everyone that Nora is needed for, but then we wouldn't have the cool boss fight so I guess that's all set. fine if that's the trade off I guess.

Controls: 10/10-Seriously the only bad think I could say about the controls can go the the fact the gameplay is so slow sometimes but that's just the way the designers intended. the Buttons respond so well that you screw yourself if you button mash in this game since batman is all about stealth and taking out enemies in one move rather than wailing on them unless their stunned and refuse to go down in one punch-seriously half these guys seem tougher than a green lantern lol.

So in conclusion if your a batman fan or somehow a guy who really wanted this game and didn't get it yet I can't recommend it enough. And for completionist this is a great game to force your wits and stopping the Riddler. However if your just in for a good batman story that you will not return to when done this game doesn't have enough main story content for you to sink into a buy. Rent it if possible first to test your waters on how far you get and if you wanna try the challenge maps to extent your playtime.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/25/11

Game Release: Batman: Arkham City (US, 10/18/11)

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