Review by MeteoAngel

"A roundhouse kick to GTA's face!"

I am a huge fan of free roaming action games such as GTA, True Crime, and others. This game however, has blown all of those away! Take the best of each of those games and roll it up and serve it hot in Hong Kong and you have Sleeping Dogs. The characters and story line will keep you entertained throughout the entire game. The melee action is amazing, however I wish there were separate buttons for punches and kicks to create even more combos. That is my only gripe, but there are still plenty enough to Walker Texas Ranger all that stand in your way. The soundtrack is very fitting to the tempo of the game. The graphics and scenery make you feel like you are actually in Hong Kong without all of the smell of fish markets and smoke from the restaurants. The game is well worth the price for being brand new, which is hard to believe now days. Being able to change the character's costume eliminates the 25+ hours of looking at the same leather jacket and keeps the game somewhat fresh. So if you are unsure about this game, trust me, it is well worth it!

The upgrade system is pretty linear, but worth the time and effort to unlock. There are a large amount of skills to unlock, including more devastating combos to brutally smash your opponents down with extreme vengeance! There is nothing more fun than grabbing someone who just cursed at you in Chinese and running with him only to make his face collide into a wall. The action certainly makes the game require more effort than having a rifle and shooting at the hip to fight off 20 guys in a mansion. The character is actually agile, rather than the old GTA characters that have a 12 inch vertical leap. Countering makes fighting even deeper for those who hate just mashing the same button over and over again.

The story line makes you feel like you are in control of a Law and Order episode. With the suspenseful drama, the plot twists, and the actors that bring a realistic tone to their characters, you will never want to miss out on a cut scene. Square Enix did a great job shelling out the cash to hire the voices of celebrities such as, Emma Stone and Lucy Liu. With familiar voices and curiosity of how their characters develop in the game, you will want to get as much interaction as you can. Sure there are the highly frequent uses of the F Bomb, but that makes it more realistic. I am not expected to believe a gangster would tell somebody, "Forget you, I'm gonna' kick your butt!" Plus the game is quite educational as you learn curse words in one of the Chinese dialects. Just don't use them unless in dire moments!

Overall this game is worth the money no matter when you buy it. Whether it be new or pre-owned. If you can wait to buy it until a price drop, good for you, but if you can't, don't feel guilty about spending $60. You will find it worth every last penny.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/24/12

Game Release: Sleeping Dogs (US, 08/14/12)

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