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"It's winner take all. People cannot be trusted."

This will be short and sweet, like the single player campaign in RISK FACTIONS for xbox 360

You have the single player mode which consists of 5 short campaigns, each playing as a different faction.
While being very funny and having great cut-scenes, it is honestly too short. Five missions is simply not enough. There does however seem to be a spot for DLC so we know what will happen there.

After completing the missions in story mode,as well as unlocking the map for custom use, you'll receive two avatar awards for beating the single player story mode.

The real fun here is the ability to switch things up in multiplayer, or play alone in single player customized modes.
And for the older generation, you can choose to simply play good old classic risk, along with the classic "world" map.

While the new innovations take some getting used to, its nothing that people who play these games wont like, after a few games that is.Be careful online , because people in the community can be quite aggressive.

Video- 5/5 Well worth the 800 point price, I was pleased with the story and animations for the battles are different for each faction. Cut-scenes are well animated and there are no slowdown issues here whatsoever online or offline.

Sound - 5/5 Honestly never cared but after actually listening to it up loud for a few sessions, you will of course notice the same music again , but who cares its cause you can play your own music. The explosions, gunshots,puke noises, hacking,missile launching, voice work are all top notch. No issues here again.

Re-playability - 5/5 Not for everyone all the time I think, RISK is one of those games that will keep you coming back, but maybe not as much as some other fine XBLA arcade titles. Still , this game will stand up against the test of time, in board form at least ,being in more basements and closets and such than you might think. I however know it will be a best seller in no time, and the real problem will be with people disconnecting and such during a game, or ragequitting.
There is simply no other game like RISK , especially on XBLA.

I cant give it a 10/10 simply due to there being only five story missions. Five? You could have at least given us some challenge missions or something.

I think if you want a great strategy game that has stood the test of time, get RISK:FACTIONS 800 Points XBLA

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/25/10

Game Release: RISK: Factions (US, 06/23/10)

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