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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SENIORBILL

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                  Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
                         (Borderlands add-on game)
                    FAQ/Walkthrough for XBOX 360 and PS3
                                By SENIORBILL
                         Version 1.0 May 16, 2010
                      Copyright 2010 by William Poneta
                             E-mail: bilpon1@yahoo.com
                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
    Walkthrough (Prefix--M=Mandatory; O=Optional)
    <I002> WEAPONS
    <o004> WANTED DEAD
    <m005> GREASE MONKEY
    <o013> PURPLE JUICE
    <m015> RENDEVOUS
    <o018> ROAD RAGE
    <o019> OMG APC
    <o021> POWER LEETCH
    <o024> KNOXXED OUT
    <o026> THROWN FOR A LOOP
    <m028> LOOT LARCENY
    <o029> STAIN REMOVAL
    <o030> MOP UP
    <o031> BUGGED
    <o032> LOST LEWTS
    <o035> LOCAL TROUBLE
    <o038> CALL OF DUTY: CADET
    <o043> YOU WILL DIE
                                    INTRODUCTION       <I001>
    The ruthless Atlas Corporation has lost its hold on Pandora and they want it
    back. The failure of their mercenary force, the Crimson Lance, and the death of
    Commandant Steele has prompted the Corporation to once again reinstate their
    dominance by placing General Knoxx in charge of a new invasion force. Power,
    revenge and greed are their motives.
    General Knoxx is bored with Pandora and with his moronic superiors, but he is
    spearheading Atlas’ comeback by stockpiling weapons, limiting freedom and travel
    and by building an arsenal for an army of occupation. He only wants to get it
    done so he can leave the rock before he is bored to death.
    Athena, a former top Atlas Omega Class Assassin, is now leading the resistance
    against her former employers, and Atlas has a huge price on her head and on
    yours. She is tired of Atlas’ endless thirst for power and of their boundless
    greed. Together you and Athena must undermine Atlas and destroy their arsenal
    before they can once again dominate the planet.
                                       WEAPONS        <I002>
    Having completed the main game, you should be in possession of a good arsenal.
    This is true whether you pursue The Secret Armory of General Knoxx on either
    playthrough 1 or 2. The game play will echo your level and make the play
    challenging but fair.
    In addition to the Bandits and Lance regulars you will be battling elemental
    Crimson Lance, spider-like Drifters, Devastators, Lance Assassins and Lance
    security probes and vehicles.
    The Bandits and Lance regulars can be handled as they were in the main game.
    Incendiary fire is excellent against them but so are some of the other
    elementals and conventional weapons. Incendiary weapons also work well against
    both Chemical and Shock Lance and corrosive weapons perform well against the
    Pyro Lance. Assassins are best taken out with caustic weapons, particularly
    caustic shotguns. The robotic Devastators are most easily tackled with corrosive
    weapons and the vehicles turret is the only choice for Lance probes and vehicles
    and for Drifters.
    The following weapon types were used for about 99% of the kills during the game
    play used to develop this walkthrough completed on playthrough 2. All weapons
    were upgraded when more potent weapons were looted.
    Caustic combat rifle and/or SMG
    Caustic revolver (scoped Pestilent Defiler)
    Caustic sniper rifle
    Caustic shotgun
    Incendiary SMG (Combustion Hellfire)
    Incendiary sniper rifle (Maliwan Volcano)
    Conventional shotgun
    Double Anarchy SMG
    Combat rifle
    Note: A potent scoped Pestilent Defiler shows such a high elemental effect that
    it is actually much better than most caustic snipers in that role.
    Crawmerax, the invincible, will likely be the final opponent you will face in
    the game. Static weapons works best against Crawmerax. The tactics employed for
    killing Crawmerax require the following:
    Eridean Thunder Storm
    Static sniper rifle
    Shock Contact grenade mod
    It is also highly prudent to have separate shields resistant to static, fire and
    corrosive damage and to have some sort of health regenerating ability in the
    form of a mod or health-regenerating shield. Class mods are also hugely
    important and should always be employed, as the circumstances require.
                                    PLAYABLE CHARACTERS  <I003>
    This document recommends using Lilith during the campaign. This is not because
    the others are not capable; only that Lilith’s phasewalk ability will make the
    struggle against the final Boss, Crawmerax, more doable.
    Roland’s actions skill also makes him an excellent choice for solo play, but he
    will struggle against Crawmerax. A fully upgraded Bloodwing coupled with
    Mordecai’s sniping prowess and fast health regeneration potential make him a
    good choice as well, except against Crawmerax. Brick’s action skill, however,
    makes him the most challenging choice for solo play. So, if killing Crawmerax is
    in your game plan then Lilith will give you the best chance of success in that
    If Lilith is your choice, in addition to the weapons and shields mentioned in
    the “Weapons” section, be sure to acquire mods for static, corrosive and ignite
    damage enhancements. These will be widely available during the play. An ignite
    mod coupled with plus 3 “spark’” is deadly in Lilith’s hands. A mod reducing the
    action skill’s cooldown time is also quite useful, especially when combined with
    enhanced shield regeneration.
    Be sure to max out Lilith’s action skills, Hard To Get, Inner Glow, Spark,
    Resilience and Slayer. Diva, Dramatic Entrance and Silent Resolve are also
    worthy of full or significant upgrades.
                                      WALKTHROUGH    <I004>
    The recommended time to begin a playthrough 2 campaign in T-Bone Junction is
    after completing Borderlands on playthrough 2 or when you have achieved level
    50, but it can be done after finishing playthrough 1 as well. Game play will
    begin with missions at level 35 for playthrough 1. Playthrough 2 will begin with
    missions at level 51. If you find the play too challenging, just level up a bit
    in the main game or on Zombie Island or by tackling the Drifters found in the
    barrens of the Sunken Sea or Road’s End. Your cap throughout Pandora is now 61.
    There is only a single fast-travel station, located in T-Bone Junction. Travel
    will be by mostly by Scooter’s new vehicle, the Monster. It has homing rockets
    and you will need them to survive the Crimson Lance drone stations and patrol
    vehicles that make travel hazardous. If you re-start the game, you will find
    yourself in T-Bone Junction, allowing you to essentially fast travel from
    anywhere to that location.
    Looting follows the pattern of the main game with one exception. Penetrate to
    the armory and scores of weapons chests are at your disposal. XP gained on
    missions is variable, depending on your level. The XP values given are those
    assigned when starting playthrough 2 at level 51 and the missions starting at
    51. XP awarded will vary at bit depending on your level versus the mission’s
    Mission: Athena, an informant and former Atlas Omega Assassin, wants you to
    contact Scooter in T-Bone Junction. Like you, she has a price on her head and is
    looking for help to resist the domination of the Atlas Corporation. Scooter will
    tell you where she can be found.
    Go through the doorway, and turn left. Follow the direction of the arrow on the
    floor through the next doorway. Dead ahead is Scooter’s garage. Talk to Scooter
    who says that you’re lady friend, Athena, needs you to meet with her at a club
    called Moxxi’s Red Light. Interact with Scooter to complete the mission. He will
    give you the mission: BOOST THE MONSTER after which the local Claptrap will
    announce that new missions are available at the T-Bone Junction Bounty Board.
    <m002>BOOST THE MONSTER, 3,816 XP
    Mission: Scooter says you can’t get to Moxxi’s place unless you have a vehicle-
    his new creation-the Monster. He has been working on the new vehicle but needs
    you to retrieve 3 scattered parts to complete its boost system. He needs a
    supercharger, a nitrous tank and an exhaust pipe so he can complete the project.
    The parts are scattered around T-Bone Junction.
    Exit Scooter’s garage and turn right to the T-Bone Junction Bounty Board. Check
    out the wanted posters. Collect the new mission: BIG CRIMSON BROTHER IS
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: There is a SILVER CHEST on top of the building with the Bounty Board. You
    will have to access it via the adjacent building. Jump onto the mailbox and then
    onto the red canopy. Jump from the roof of that building onto the next.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    <o003>BIG CRIMSON BROTHER IS WATCHING, 30,528 XP and cash
    Mission: Helena Pierce says that the Crimson Lance have installed spy cameras on
    their T-Bone Junction probes to keep an eye on the locals. This is in violation
    of the Pandoran Charter. Destroy them to insure the privacy of the citizens.
    The first of the spy cameras is a short distance northwest of the Bounty Board.
    Its waypoint will show on your map if you select BIG CRIMSON BROTHER IS
    WATCHING. The cameras are installed on Lance probes and they will rise into the
    air and target you if you attack them. Walk right up to it and hit it at point
    blank range with several close-up static shotgun blasts, or better yet an
    Eridean Thunder Storm, and then switch to a fast-firing conventional SMG as it
    rises, it finish it off.
    The next waypoint is to the east. Go up the stairwells on the west side of
    Scooter’s garage and onto the roof of the garage. Take out the spy probe.
    Select BOOST THE MONSTER to generate a waypoint. Descend to ground level and go
    east, turning into the alley near the Mohawk-ed citizen near the New-U station.
    Go down the stairs to find the “supercharger” behind the shack at the bottom of
    the stairway.
    There is a RED CHEST nearby. Go north from where you found the supercharger down
    the broken catwalk and jump onto the walkway around the lower shack. Go around
    the shack and up the stairs to find the RED CHEST on the east side of the upper
    Get back to the street and continue east toward the next auto part waypoint. As
    you top the rise, turn left into the opening and you will find the “nitrous
    tank” on the north side of the building; but from the sky to the north a bolt of
    light will advance and as it lands several Omega-class Atlas Lance Assassins
    with their team leader, Vulcana, will emerge from it and attack. Toss several
    grenades toward their aircraft to soften up them up. Corrosive weapons,
    especially shotguns, work extremely well against their kind. The assassins are
    extremely quick but employ only melee techniques. Get back out to the roadway to
    give yourself some space for this tussle if necessary.
    Athena will tell you, via ECHO, that Atlas has dispatched five of these Omega-
    Class assassination teams to make sure of your demise. She, Athena, was once the
    best of their Assassins but has turned on her ruthless employers. The mission,
    WANTED DEAD will now show in your mission log and will be completed when you
    take out the remaining 4 teams of Assassins sent by Atlas. These Assassin teams
    will harass you during the campaign.
    <o004>WANTED DEAD, 30,528 XP
    Mission: The Atlas Corporation has a huge reward out for you and they have four
    additional teams of Assassins hunting you. Athena has warned you of this. They
    can strike anywhere.
    Re-select BIG CRIMSON BROTHER IS WATCHING and head to the waypoint north of the
    recent battle. Waste the probe. Go west up the hill and the take out the probe
    on the west end of the upper circle, near the two runners, just beyond the bus.
    Swap to BOOST THE MONSTER to get a waypoint and go south to get the “exhaust
    pipe” from under the runner.
    Re-select BIG CRIMSON BROTHER IS WATCHING and before heading toward the final
    waypoint, stop in and say hi to Dr, Zed-who totally isn’t the undead Dr. Ned
    from the second story, though-in the nearby infirmary-or not.
    You will have to travel east, making the turn near Marcus’ store, and then loop
    back until you get to the alley south of the waypoint. Go past the New-U pole,
    down the stairs and behind the shack where you found the supercharger. The last
    camera probe is on the walkway above.
    Go west to Scooter’s garage and turn in BOOST THE MONSTER. Scooter will offer
    you the mission: GREASEMONKEY. Accept it.
    <m005>GREASEMONKEY, 11,448 XP, access to the “Monster”
    The Crimson Lance injured Scooter’s hand while interrogating him about the
    whereabouts of Athena. He can’t finish the new vehicle because of the injury and
    he needs your help installing the final parts. Marcus Kincaid’s voice will boom
    in on ECHO, offering you a mission at his place.
    Interact with the three parts on the runner there in Scooter’s garage and then
    interact with the console to upload the specs. You now have access to the
    “Monster.” This will be your primary vehicle for the rest of the campaign. It
    has homing rockets that will make your road rage episodes a lot less painful-for
    Return to Scooter to turn in GREASEMONKEY and you’ll get the new mission, YOU’VE
    <m006>YOU’VE GOT MOXXI: ROADBLOCK, 15,264 XP
    Mission: You now have Scooter’s upgraded Monster and you will need it to get to
    Moxxi’s place to contact Athena. The Crimson Lance has set up a roadblock and
    both probes and their patrol vehicles haunt the Crimson Tollway. Clear the
    roadblock to get to Moxxi’s Red Light.
    Use the Catch-A-Ride in Scooter’s garage to generate the first Monster. Drive to
    the Bounty Board and turn in BIG CRIMSON BROTHER IS WATCHING. Drive east up the
    hill to Marcus’ weapon shop. Marcus, ever the manipulator, will offer you the
    mission: CORE COLLECTION. Stay sharp during the transaction. Lance Assassins
    will occasionally attack you there.
    <o007>CORE COLLECTION, 13,356 XP and cash
    Mission: The Crimson Lance in the region wear armor that is enhanced by a well-
    guarded Atlas technology. Get an assortment of their power cores to provide
    their competitors. They will pay well for the technology.
    With YOU’VE GOT MOXXI: ROADBLOCK as your active mission, drive south out of T-
    Bone Junction to the waypoint and enter The Crimson Tollway.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: You will encounter Atlas probe stations and Crimson Lancer patrol vehicles
    whenever you are on the main roads. Most often you can speed past the probe
    stations, launching multiple rocket salvos at them. Lancer vehicles that will
    fire at you and then try to ram you oftentimes complicate this. Boosting past
    them while firing and swerving to miss their ram is usually the best approach,
    but at times stopping to target them from a distance is the best policy. The
    homing rockets of the turrets will automatically target the nearest hostile
    without the lock-on feature; but lock-on can readily pinpoint targets allowing
    you to take the appropriate steps to avoid or destroy them.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    You will encounter a Lance probe station right after entering the Crimson
    Tollway. Use the ramp to boost over the gap and then hit the probe station on
    the opposite side. You will then encounter a Crimson Lance vehicle. Lock on and
    fire rockets at it while speeding past it while trying to avoid being rammed. A
    pair of gatling turrets on the rooftops on both sides of highway will open up on
    you. Speed past them and stop at the abandoned bus if the Lancer vehicle has
    been destroyed.
    There is a RED CHEST on top of that bus and another probe station just beyond
    and possibly another vehicle. As you roll into the vicinity before the
    roadblock, Lance regulars and Lance Shock Troops will drop down into the
    roadway. Use the vehicle’s turret on them and begin collecting the Atlas cores
    for Marcus once they are down. Don’t linger in the roadway or you may have to
    take on additional probes and the Lance will continue to enter the roadway. This
    is really tough when you are afoot and under fire. Clear any active probes
    before entering the installation.
    Go up the stairwell, turn right and you will confront several Lance and Lance
    Shock Troops in the area. Use the stairwell to hit them and duck for cover if
    they deploy Scorpio turrets. Incendiary or corrosive weapons are the best choice
    against the Shock Lance. A Combustion Hellfire SMG is without doubt the best
    weapon to employ against both the Shock and Chemical Lance. A shock resistant
    shield is also highly beneficial when facing Shock Lance.
    Go south on the central walkway and a couple of flying Lance Rocketeers,
    possibly including a Badass, will rise into the air from the platform ahead. An
    incendiary or corrosive SMG or combat rifle is the best choice against these
    airborne troops. Go west up the stairwell, taking out the Lance Trooper.
    In the low area to the west there will be about 10 or more Lance regulars and
    Shock Troops, including Badass types. A gatling turret on the corner structure
    to the west will also open fire during the action. Start to eliminate the
    hostiles from the high area and then make your way down the stairwell to take
    shelter and to eliminate them as they advance. A few grenades tossed into the
    low areas can be quite helpful. There is liable to be a couple of hostiles
    sniping from the high area to the west. Eliminate them and make your way to the
    western stairwell.
    Use the stairwell and move carefully eastward. Another pair of Lance Rocketeers,
    possibly again including a Badass, will take to the air from the opening in the
    low area ahead.
    Raid the RED CHEST and then go to the waypoint and deactivate the road blocking
    force field in the control station over the roadway. There is a LANCE CHEST to
    the northeast of the control station. It sets on the upper landing near the red
    doorway. These LANCE CHESTS contain more loot than the regular chests.
    Return to your vehicle or generate a new one at the Catch-A-Ride just west of
    the control station. The mission, YOU’VE GOT MOXXI: ROADBLOCK is completed as
    you pass through the roadblock. This will activate the mission: YOU’VE GOT
    Mission: Head on out to Moxxi’s place to find the informant who will help you
    deal with Atlas and its Lance thugs.
    On ECHO the disinterested bored General Knoxx informs you that he doesn’t want
    to be on Pandora. He says it smells of hemorrhoids wrapped in bacon. Since
    Commandant Steele, who never stopped jabbering, couldn’t handle her job he
    didn’t really mind you helping her become a meat kabob; but he’s gonna hafta
    kill you anyway.
    As you depart the roadblock you will, naturally, encounter a probe station and a
    Lance vehicle as you head toward the waypoint. A small barrier between the lanes
    will allow you avoid the Lance vehicle’s ramming tactics. Just pause and hit it
    with rocket fire and boost past it when it nears the barrier. Continue on to the
    Deep Fathoms portal.
    Enter Deep Fathoms. The roadway throughout the area has seen far better days and
    will end in abrupt drop offs. Take the off ramp near the barricade and pause on
    the ramp to take out any Bandit Cheta Paw patrol runners cruising nearby. Use
    the overhead roadway as a marker as you drive south and pass through the water
    near the explosive mine. Avoid the large proximity mines-they are a sure ticket
    to the nearest New-U station. Bear west through the short canyon and then south
    to approach the waypoint from the west.
    The route into Moxxi’s place is near the Catch-A-Ride to the west of the
    waypoint. Enter the area and speed past the Bandits and go up the long curving
    When you come to the barricade you will have to enter the complex on foot. Take
    out the small contingent of Bandits, which will include new types like Outlaws
    and Desperados. Near Moxxi’s the streak of a torpedo ship means Assassins. Hera
    and her Omega group will attack. Once again, corrosive shotguns are your best
    resource against these agile assailants. Badass Assassins will now be among
    There is a SILVER CHEST on the roof of the shack west of Moxxi’s place and a RED
    CHEST where the broken roadway ends to the southwest.
    Interact with the call box and then head into Moxxi’s Red Light to make the
    acquaintance of Scooter’s mom, Moxxi. She will inform you that Mr. David Shank,
    her ex, has raided the place and taken Athena, your contact. He wants the huge
    reward that is being offered by the Atlas Corporation for their disloyal former
    employee. She will give you the lay of the land around Shank’s place.
    Interact with Moxxi to complete, YOU’VE GOT MOXXI: MOXXI’S RED LIGHT and you
    will receive the mission: PRISON BREAK: ROAD WARRIOR.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: There is only one Fast travel station in the entire area of operations. If
    you simply re-start the game, from anywhere, you will end up back in T-Bone
    Junction. You can avoid many of the patrolled roads in this fashion if you’re so
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    So re-start to end of in T-Bone Junction or re-enter Deep Fathoms and the
    Bandits, including new types like Outlaws, Desperados and Killers, will join the
    more familiar types. About a dozen Bandits will need killing before you can grab
    a Monster at the Catch-A-Ride and head down the ramp to make your way north.
    Killing the Bandits in the lower compound can yield a lot of XP but they can
    simply be bypassed if you prefer. Pass east through the water in the short
    canyon and then turn north near the explosive mine. Take the access ramp you
    used on your way in to get to the roadway. Enter The Crimson Tollway.
    Speed north on The Crimson Tollway. Try to avoid being rammed by the Lancer
    patrols. Lock on and keep firing rockets at them and the probes. Expect some
    Lance Shock Troops to be in the roadway near the cleared roadblock. Jump the Gap
    and re-enter T-Bone Junction and continue north out of town to the new waypoint.
    There are no new missions available in town at this point.
    Mission: The former inmates are now running the prison, now dubbed Lockdown
    Palace. Mr. Shank is holding Athena there for the reward and you need to
    infiltrate the place and rescue her before he can do so.
    Enter The Ridgeway and a couple of Lance patrol vehicles will quickly require
    your attention. Stop before the two vacant probe stations to eliminate the first
    vehicle and to take out the second as it appears ahead. Lance probes stations
    will be found frequently along the route. Don’t slow down. Hit them with
    multiple rockets as you go past and make your way to the first roadblock.
    Lance and Pyro Lance defend the first roadblock. These Pyro Lance are highly
    resistant to incendiary fire. Use corrosive, explosive or conventional weapons
    against them. A few will drop into the road as you enter the roadblock area
    making your entrance challenging.
    Head up the stairwells and turn right. Expect several Pyro Lance and regular
    Lance. They will oftentimes deploy turrets against your incursion. Clear the
    Lance in this first area and raid the SILVER CHEST along the east railing and
    the RED CHEST on the south upper platform.
    Take the central catwalk going west. A group of 4 or 5, including one or more
    Badass types will attack. You will have to advance to draw them out and then
    retreat into cover when they emerge. You may have to retreat well back to the
    south to avoid their advance. Raid the SILVER CHEST on the south side of the
    western area when they are down.
    Go up the stairwell and eliminate the 2 Lance in this area. Lance Assassins will
    attack after you descend the stairwell. Minerva will lead the way. Sprint,
    caustic shotgun in hand for the control station to your right. Use the narrow
    channeling effect of the walkway against the swift Assassins. The corrosive
    shotgun is the key to defeating these Assassins. Interact with the console in
    the control station to deactivate the south roadblock’s force field.
    If you continue east through the control station you will find a LANCE CHEST and
    a SILVER CHEST on the elevated platform.
    Jump over the rail and regain your vehicle. Continue north over the bridge to
    the next roadblock, hammering any active probes and any vehicles encountered.
    Two gatling turrets will guard the approach to the roadblock but you can just
    speed past them. Jump the blockage using the ramp and when the road becomes
    impassable continue on foot, making certain any trailing probes are down.
    Work your way north, taking out the Lance that will challenge in small groups.
    The opposition will be mostly standard and Pyro Lance but a Shock Trooper may
    also be among them. A final group of 5 or so will oppose you as the road becomes
    impassable. You can use the elevated overlook on the south side of the roadway
    to advantage.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: This area will not always be blocked. Sometimes you can just drive
    straight through, but during this mission it will always be blocked. This
    roadblock can become a bit of a nuisance when your business is in the Sunken Sea
    and you have to stop to eliminate the numerous hostiles in this area.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Take the stairwell near the barricade over the north railing and onto the metal
    catwalk that runs below the roadway. You will hear the jets of 3 Lance
    Rocketeers. Use a sniper or incendiary or corrosive SMG as they rise from the
    tank-like structure well to the north. Take shelter in the shack with the ammo
    chests to finish them off. Two more Rocketeers will rise as you continue north.
    Retreat, if need be, back to the shack to deal with them.
    Take the stairs to the north to get back onto the roadway. A half dozen mixed
    Lance and 2 Rocketeers will emerge ahead. Use the cover of the cargo containers
    to eliminate the Rocketeers and then the Lance.
    Continue forward into the tunnel. Just beyond, a small group of tough Lance will
    attack and then a robotic Devastator will appear when you reach the SILVER
    CHEST. Devastators are large robots, that will advance and stop, occasionally
    firing a volley of shotgun-like projectiles at you. Use a fast-firing corrosive
    SMG or combat rifle as you retreat and switch to a corrosive sniper or caustic
    revolver when he stops to finish him off. Shots to the face are critical hits.
    If you have a class mod enhancing corrosive damage it will works wonders against
    the robots-equip it whenever Devastators are in the field.
    Near the middle of the tunnel you will be met by several more mixed Lance and
    near the end of the tunnel another Devastator. Use the same hit-and-run tactics
    as before. A couple Lancers will guard the tunnels exit and two more will slide
    down from the building on your left farther along.
    Grab a ride after the walking area and suppress the probes as you go. As you
    approach the roadblock a couple of Lance will drop into the roadway. They are
    likely to be Chemical Lance. Use incendiary on them for the best results and
    make sure no probes are on your tail.
    Go up the stairs and turn right. Lance and Chemical Troopers will immediately
    need your attention as you work your way east. Loop south, taking out the Badass
    Chemical lance that will emerge from the grating at the base of the stairwell.
    Turn west on the south side of facility. A Lance will challenge and then two
    Rocketeers, possibly including a Badass, will take to the air. They will come
    from a platform on your right. You will hear their jets. Tag them with
    incendiary fire and duck to cover if needed.
    As you go west 2 tough Lance will precede 2 Rocketeers that will emerge from the
    break in the walkway. They will be supported by 1 or 2 more Lance. Beyond a
    half-dozen or more Lance will emerge from the gratings and block your path to
    the control console as you move toward the low area. Toss a few grenades over
    the rail and then mop up. There will likely be 2 Lance on the upper platform to
    the west.
    Interact with the console to deactivate the road-blocking force field. Check out
    the SILVER CHEST to the north of the control room and the two RED CHESTS on the
    south side. One is in the low area and another on the platform to the west.
    Return to your vehicle after collecting all the cores.
    Driving through the north roadblock completes PRISON BREAK: ROAD WARRIOR and
    activates the mission: PRISON BREAK: OVER THE WALL. Time for that stunt driving
    Moxxi hinted at, somewhere near a rocky outcropping out in the Sunken Sea.
    Claptrap will announce new missions at the T-Bone Junction Bounty Board. We
    won’t go back to get those missions since we will have to return this way again
    and getting this far was a bit painful.
    Mission: Time for some stunt driving. Moxxi has instructed you to locate the
    rocky outcropping near the prison. What needs to be done to access the prison
    from there will be apparent.
    Drive to and enter the Sunken Sea portal. Before leaving the exit ramp, take out
    any of the spider-like Drifters in the area. Drifters are plentiful in this area
    and their corrosive spitting attack is deadly even to the vehicles-hit them from
    a distance where their own attack falls short. They are worth a lot of XP, over
    10,000 at level 53, and it only takes 6 or 7 salvos to take then down.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: The Drifters provide your best chance for gaining some easy XP. You will
    likely be under-leveled and the game play can be challenging. By using the
    broken overhead roadway and using standoff tactics, when in the barrens among
    them, you can gain huge amounts of XP with minimal risk. At level 52 each
    Drifter will net you over 12,000 XP and there are a lot of them and they will
    re-spawn over time. Additional Drifters can be bagged for major XP when you
    enter Road’s End later in the game.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Drive north toward the tall Hyperion billboard. There is a shack near a small
    pond near that billboard. Talk to Thirsty the Midget in the shack to get the new
    mission: PURPLE JUICE and then re-select PRISON BREAK: OVER THE WALL.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: There is a large compound south of Thirsty’s shack. Drifters also erupt in
    this area. If you clear the compound of its 20 or more Bandits you can access
    three weapons chests-two RED and the other SILVER. Two groups of Psychos will be
    including among the attackers. The RED is in the center of the compound, under
    the tubular structure and the SILVER is along the southeast cliff face. The
    other RED is on top of a cargo container to the east of the tubular structure.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Make your way northwest toward the Catch-A-Ride near the waypoint. You will
    encounter Cheta Paw Bandit runners and more Drifters along the way. Use the
    turret on them from a distance. As you near the Catch-A-Ride, use the turret to
    eliminate the explosive mine near the metal ramp.
    Trade the Monster for a Racer at the Catch-A-Ride and line yourself up with the
    nearby ramp. You will see a hole in the rock face ahead. Boost before hitting
    the ramp and you’re through the gap and onto the roadway beyond.
    Go up the roadway ramp and turn hard left over the metal bridge to cross the
    chasm. Turn right and Moxxi will tell you to use the roof as a ramp-“it’s show
    time.” Make the jump. It isn’t necessary to make it over the wall as long as you
    clear the chasm and end up against the outer wall. If you make it over you will
    be greeted by hostiles; if not, enter the prison through the break in the wall.
    As you fight your way to the ECHO transmitter that Moxxi referenced, old
    buddies- Bandits-will be joined by newer types-Outlaws, Killers and Desperados.
    Once the area is cleared go south onto the roadway ramp and make your rocket
    launcher earn its keep. Take out the mine below. This will aid in your escape
    from Lockdown palace.
    Interact with the ECHO device near the portal and this will complete PRISON
    Mission: Find Mr. Shank. He has taken Athena’s Personal Teleporting Device and
    you will need it to allow her to escape. You will have to kill Mr. Shank to get
    Enter Lockdown Palace. Go north and when the gate opens, Bandits, with new
    prison-types like Punks, Bangers and Enforcers, will be added to the ranks. A
    Badass Thug will emerge with a group and sometimes he will have a rocket
    launcher. Dogleg left and 2 Inmates including a Badass type will lurk. As Shank
    speaks on ECHO several more will attack.
    As you make the loop in the cave-like passage several more small groups of mixed
    Inmates will harass you. At about the 7 o’clock position of the loop there is a
    RED CHEST behind a bundle near a red doorway.
    As you exit the loop, Chaz’s really good buddy, Mr. Shank will again laugh at
    your pitiful “stealth” tactics. Raid the RED CHEST if it is there. Take out the
    small group of Inmates and raid the RED CHEST in the rectangular dead-end area
    to the south before proceeding north-if its there. The RED CHESTS in Lockdown
    Palace are not always “there,” but if it isn’t it will probably be there on your
    way out.
    You will hear a brash mouthy prison Claptrap singing as you advance north. Half
    a dozen Bandits will lurk nearby. Interact with the robot to get the mission:
    <o012>CLAPTRAP RESCUE: LOCKDOWN PALACE, 3,960 XP and a grenade mod
    Mission: Claptrap has been immobilized. Find the repair kit and repair the
    intrepid prison robot.
    With PRISON BREAK: TRY NOT TO GET SHANKED as your active mission, go north
    taking out the small group of locals. Raid the RED CHEST that is sometimes in
    the side area. Go cautiously up the short stairwell killing the 6 or 8 Bandits.
    The Badass Thug Jerome will be among the departed. Shank will address you and
    since you took out another of his good buddies, Jerome, he is for sure gonna
    kill you.
    Take the passage near the vendors. If you enter the first door, a Meat Popsicle-
    a tough little Midget-will attack, coming out of a refrigerator.
    Ahead, 6 or 8 mixed Inmates will prowl the cellblock. Fight your way to the
    waypoint. A locked door will be at the end of the passage. At times there is a
    RED CHEST on the opposite side of the hole-sometimes not. Drop down into the
    shower room. Mr. Shank doesn’t like being called just Shank and shanks an
    offending Psycho to push home the point.
    Mr. Shank will use powerful melee attacks, a shiv, against you and will then use
    the teleportation device to move away. His shield is extremely tough to break. A
    fast-firing conventional SMG, like an Anarchy will do the trick but its no
    cakewalk. A static weapon doesn’t seem to get the job done in the hectic here
    and there action caused by his teleportation. When Mr. Shank is dead, Moxxi gets
    a little teary on you and tells you to proceed to rescue Athena. Take the
    teleportation device and exit by the door on the east side of shower room.
    Switch to CLAPTRAP RESCUE: LOCKDOWN PALACE. You can’t get to the kit without
    first eliminating the large garrison of inmates in the area. The kit is actually
    on an upper level. This bunch may include a rocket launching Badass Thug. The
    entryway is the best place to make your stand, where you can retreat into the
    hall and back around the corner if necessary.
    Go north after the hostiles are down to find a pair of elevators. Use the one on
    the northeast side. Take the open lift and clear the upper cellblock area of the
    8 or more hostiles. You will have little cover here, as the hostiles will be
    spread around the cellblock. Go to the waypoint for the repair kit near the
    weapons vendor. There is a SILVER CHEST to the east of the room where you found
    the repair kit, on the gratings.
    Claptrap is far to the west, so re-select PRISON BREAK: TRY NOT TO GET SHANKED
    and go up the stairs on the east side of the room. Stay near the upper entry and
    start sniping the small group prison-striped Bangers, Punks and Enforcers coming
    out of the cells. Raid the LANCE CHEST near the waypoint. Enter the doorway on
    the north end and after a surprisingly strange conversation with Athena, give
    her the PTD and the mission completes as she teleports to Scooters. As you exit
    her cellblock the mission RENDEVOUS is activated.
    Re-select CLAPTRAP RESCUE: LOCKDOWN PALACE and retrace your inbound route. Jump
    down from the upper cellblocks to shorten the way. Pass through the shower room
    and head north to the lift. Take the lift and begin the long counterclockwise
    path toward the waypoint. As you dogleg to the southwest you will hear gunfire
    and then you will encounter Chaz, Shanks chili-cheese fry making buddy, and
    half-a-dozen or more mixed bandits. Chaz, sounding like a Bone-Head-Nine-Toes
    hybrid, will drop a Bone Shredder SMG when he drops. This area is cramped and
    can be challenging in those close quarters.
    The self-absorbed General will come in on ECHO lamenting the fact that he works
    for morons-damn nepotism. Oh, yawn yawn, and he’s still gonna kill you.
    Take the stairwell down, north of the vendors, and eliminate the small group of
    Bandits, which may include a Badass type. Interact with Claptrap to complete the
    mission. Sometimes you will receive an SDU, but usually you have to settle for a
    grenade mod.. There is a RED CHEST behind the Claptrap but don’t be surprised if
    a Mini-Steve comes out of it. These Mini-Steves will occasionally come out of
    RED CHESTS, trying his best to kill you. Follow Claptrap to another RED CHEST.
    If the RED CHEST wasn’t in the rectangular alcove to the south it will likely be
    there now.
    <m013>RENDEVOUS, 3,960 XP and an Eridean weapon
    Mission: Athena is free and will meet you at Scooter’s garage when you get
    there. She has a scheme to crush Atlas’ plans to again dominate the planet.
    Select RENDEVOUS to generate a waypoint. A small group of Punks will appear when
    you enter the counterclockwise loop. A few more Inmates will emerge from a gate
    as you leave the loop and another small group of mixed Inmates will drop down as
    you make the final turn. A midget or sometimes two Midgets, called Truxicon-
    Wrestler, will emerge from an opened locker near the exit if you open it.
    Enter the Sunken Sea. Take out the small group of Bandits by sniping from the
    sheltered area near the exit.
    Generate a Monster, and if you didn’t take out that mine below the ramp to the
    south, do so before making the jump. Jump down from the heights and select
    PURPLE JUICE as your mission.
    <o013>PURPLE JUICE, 11,880 XP, cash and a repeater
    Mission: Bandits have cut off the Midgets supply of Purple Juice and they are
    starting to die of thirst. He wants you to help them. He doesn’t even try to
    kill you.
    Drive toward the nearby waypoint, being extra careful to avoid the many mines in
    this area. About a dozen Midgets including tough sword wielding Rustlers and
    Raiders infest the target area. Be aware that these guys will toss dynamite at
    you or may drop it as you drop them and it is extremely damaging, usually
    lethal. Take out the hostiles and try to avoid being in the blast zone of any
    mines that get hit as well. There is a RED CHEST on the northeast side of
    compound. The valve for the Brandybuck pump is at the waypoint on the metal
    The next waypoint is to the southeast. The entry area is teeming with Drifters.
    There are over a dozen Bandits in this large area, including Bruisers and Badass
    types. A tough shot-gunning Mini Steve may also emerge from the RED CHEST on the
    north central part of large compound. Interact with the valve for the Took pump.
    The Gamgee valve waypoint is far to the south. Drive south using the long piece
    of overhead roadway to guide you. The Gamgee valve will seem to be unguarded.
    Park near the valve oriented so you can easily get out. As you interact with the
    valve a dozen Midgets, including a Badass, will straggle up out of the nearby
    wellhead. Waste them with the turret. Take care running them down-they sometimes
    have lit dynamite that can easily take you out.
    The last valve is well to the west and Skyscraper, a giant Drifter, and other
    Drifters inhabit the area. Cheta Paw patrols will also regularly run there. Get
    in and out quickly by using the overhead highway as a guide. Interact with the
    final valve, Underhill, and then drive back east to see Thirsty. Interact with
    the Midget to complete PURPLE JUICE and you will receive a repeater with the
    unusual name, Chiquito Amigo. He will offer the new mission: LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG
    <o014>LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG EXPERIMENTS, 23,760 XP and cash
    Mission: The Midgets in the area used to run with Sledge and they revered him.
    But some “a-hole” Bounty Hunter up and killed him. The Midgets took him to some
    scientists who “revived” him, but he is now going berserk and rampaging through
    the region. Kill “Motorhead” as they now call him.
    Swing onto the nearby ramp, to the south, and enter The Ridgeway. The road will
    not be obstructed so kill the usual suspects, jump the gap and stop at the
    waypoint. Descend the ramp and pick up the science notes indicating that some
    horrific experiments have been going on.
    Continue south to the waypoint. Take the “Abomination Way” exit and go in on
    foot after the barricade. The metal door will lift and a re-animated Sledge,
    with auto parts attached, will drop down into the garage. This time he has no
    shield and will go down rather easily. Soften him up with a few grenades and
    pummel him with incendiary fire.
    Rather than heading back to Thirsty, return to him when next in the area.
    <m015>RENDEVOUS, 3,960 XP and an Eridean weapon
    Mission: Athena is free and will meet you back at Scooter’s garage when you get
    Select RENDEVOUS to generate a new waypoint. Re-enter The Ridgeway and head for
    T-Bone Junction and then Scooter’s garage.
    Meet with Athena in Scooter’s back room. She will be constructing a detonator to
    help destroy an Atlas munitions stockpile out in Deep Fathoms. She needs you to
    acquire the access codes that will allow you to infiltrate the depot to do the
    deed. She is hopeful that the destruction will cause Atlas, ever mindful of
    their bottom line, to leave the planet. Interacting with her will complete
    Talk to Scooter and he will give you the mission: OMG APC. Go to the T-Bone
    Junction Bounty Board and collect the missions: ROAD RAGE and POWER LEETCH.
    Mission: Atlas has amassed an arsenal out in Deep Fathoms. Destroying it might
    convince Atlas to just get off Pandora. Their bottom line is all-important to
    the giant Corporation. She needs you to get the entry access codes while she
    puts together a detonator.
    <o017>THIS BITCH IS PAYBACK, 25,344 XP
    Mission: Kyros and Typhon were two particularly dreadful Lance officers. She had
    many confrontations with them and wants them dead. When you locate them, kill
    them as a favor to her.
    Go to the T-Bone Junction Bounty Board after talking to Athena and Scooter to
    acquire the new missions: ROAD RAGE and POWER LEECH
    <o018>ROAD RAGE, 15,840 XP and cash
    Mission: The occupying Crimson Lance forces are ruthlessly policing the local
    roads but they need help controlling the Bandits in the more remote areas.
    Eliminate the Bandit lawbreakers.
    Select THIS BITCH IS PAYBACK and head north out of T-Bone Junction. Enter The
    Ridgeway. If you haven’t re-started the opposition should be light and this
    procedure will assume that you have not. If you have the Lance vehicles and all
    probes will have re-spawned, as will the main bodies of Lance in the 2
    facilities and the weapons chests and possibly the roadblock. Take out any Lance
    in the roadway and go up the stairwells to hunt Kyros.
    Commander Kyros will be on the northwest side of the facility. You will again
    encounter Pyro Lance as well as regular Lance in this area so equip for both
    Pyros and regular Lance. Take out the small group of Lance that greet you at the
    top of the stairwells.
    Start across the central catwalk and take out the 3 or 4 Lance that will emerge
    from the doorway. Two of them will likely be Badass Pyros. Use your caustic
    weapons on them after retreating to cover. Work your way north, taking out the 2
    Lancers on the platform.
    When you meet Commander Kyros on the north end he will deploy a green corrosive
    Scorpio Turret. He is highly susceptible to incendiary fire. He will drop a
    potent explosive sniper rifle called “Kyros Power,” upon his demise.  Minerva,
    again, may attack you in this area.
    Select OMG APC and return to your vehicle and drive north, taking out the probes
    emerging from the stations along the way. Take out the two gatling turrets on
    the rooftops or speed past them. Go over the ramp and take out the probe
    station. The roadblock, hopefully, should not be in place so use the vehicle to
    eliminate any trailing probes and the Lance that will appear along the way. Take
    the Digistruct module from the crate at the waypoint.
    <o019>OMG APC, 7,920 XP
    Mission: Scooter wants you to acquire a Digistruct module for the Crimson Lancer
    APC so he can load its specs into the Catch-A-Ride, making it available to you.
    Select CODE BREAKER: ANALYSIS and sprint west toward the waypoint. Go down onto
    the walkway paralleling the road. Go past the shack you used earlier to
    eliminate the Rocketeers, who should not be present if you haven’t re-started.
    Pick up the ECHO recording near the torpedo craft. You will receive the mission:
    Return to your vehicle and eliminate the small group of Lance before the tunnel.
    More Lance will emerge in the tunnel, and 2 more will slide down poles just
    beyond the exit. There will be 2 probes stations before nearing the waypoint.
    These stations will send out multiple probes if you linger before entering the
    nearby installation.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: You can actually kill Commander Typhon without leaving your vehicle, you
    just won’t be collecting the cores of his companions or his weapon-the “Typhon.”
    You can target him from the vehicle while on the west end of the facility.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Commander Typhon is in this area where you had to clear the roadblock. Go up the
    stairs and begin taking out the 2 Lance troops as you make the loop around the
    south end. Unless you have re-started this area should be free of Rocketeers and
    of additional Lance.
    Commander Typhon will be in the low area with a group 6 or 8 Lance. Some of them
    may snipe at you from the platform to the west. Use grenades and hammer Typhon
    with elemental fire. He will drop an SMG called the Typhon.
    Select LITTLE PEOPLE: BIG EXPERIMENTS and drive north and enter the Sunken Sea.
    Go onto the ramp and stop where you can overlook the area below. Use the turret
    to eliminate any Drifters and any Cheta Paw patrol vehicles before going down.
    Taking out Bandit patrols will now allow you to work toward completing ROAD
    RAGE, but you won’t likely get the needed 10 for some time.
    Turn right after exiting the ramp and head for the tall Hyperion sign a short
    distance to the north. Interact with Thirsty to complete LITTLE PEOPLE: BIG
    Mission: An ice cream loving Crimson Lance soldier believes he has lost the
    access codes while touring the “World’s Largest Bullet.” Get there before him to
    retrieve the codes.
    Select CODE BREAKER: TIME IS BULLETS and drive west, passing through the narrow
    passage just south of the waypoint. This area, like nearly all of the Sunken
    Sea, is infested with Drifters. Enter the compound and waste the 6 or so Bandits
    lurking in the vicinity. Go to the waypoint, dead ahead, and take the codes.
    This will complete CODE BREAKER: TIME IS BULLETS and will activate ATHENA SET UP
    THE BOMB. There is a SILVER CHEST in a cargo container on the north side of the
    compound near the vending machines and another on the west end on a platform
    west of the vendors.
    <o021>POWER LEETCH, 11,880 XP and cash
    Mission: Lockdown Palace is suffering from power outages. The area Bandits are
    siphoning off the power and a reward is being offered to anyone who can destroy
    the device to stop the thievery.
    Drive east toward Thirsty’s place under the Hyperion billboard. Drive onto the
    broken highway that forms a ramp nearby. If you stop on the steep ramp and jump
    to the platform over Thirty’s shack there is a RED CHEST beyond the upper shack.
    Boost over to the roadway beyond-or just drive over the end of the roadway-no
    need to boost. Drive north and stop near the waypoint under the overhead sign.
    The waypoint for the bomb is below the roadway among the structures and
    Raid the SILVER CHEST on the platform and, as you do, watch for a pair of
    Midgets that will charge up the stairwell at you. Several Howling Midgets will
    bustle about on the lower landing. Theses Midgets will quite frequently throw
    dynamite so be aware.
    Turn right at the bottom of the second ramp and go north across the long
    suspended catwalk. Several Midget–Shotgunners, Raiders and Rustlers will be in
    the low area ahead and you will constantly hear the maniacal howling of them all
    about. Several will come up the ramp to you, the dynamite they carry or throw
    can be deadly on these narrow platforms; be ready to back tread when one goes
    down with a lit stick or tosses it at you.
    Descend and go left following the ramps. A Badass Midget is possible here. You
    can make your way onto the boom extending toward the waypoint, going carefully
    to the end or you can go down the ramps and through the large pipe to get to the
    waypoint. Either way you’ll be facing a horde of Midgets. Wipe out the Midgets
    and take the bomb. (See note below) Another onslaught of 6 or more mixed Midgets
    will then come at you from the shack to the north. There is a SILVER CHEST on
    the west side of this area and probably a couple of Midgets. There is also a RED
    CHEST on the shack to the southeast of where you acquired the bomb.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Note: After acquiring the bomb you can simply go south on the upper platforms
    and jump from the upper platform and make a dash to the Catch-A-Ride thus
    avoiding the horde of Midget Riders-maybe. With Lilith this is an easy task. Not
    as easy with the others and the battle with the Midgets cowboys is a bit
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The next waypoint is far to your west but you must access the large elevated
    target area through its east approach. Make your way south, passing down the
    pipe to the lower area. Clear the lower platforms and utilize them to wipe out
    the skag riding Midgets Riders and their mounts. Be aware of Midgets throwing
    sticks of dynamite. Many dismounted riders will charge up the stairs at you and
    the Skag Rapartees carry three riders. When dismounted the Riders get an
    adrenalin rush, making them faster, tougher and more aggressive. A Badass Midget
    on a Fire Skag is also likely in the mix.
    The Catch-A-Ride station that will be right at your position on your map is
    actually above on the roadway, so you will need to get to the one to your south.
    A Siren can simply run past them. Otherwise prepare for an entertaining battle.
    When all of the lil’ cowboys are down, head south to the Catch-A-Ride. You will
    need to make your way to the central Catch-A-Ride station just east of the
    waypoint. Enter the compound near the New-U station and begin to eliminate the 6
    or 8 Bandits in the ground-level compound. Raid the SILVER CHEST south of the
    big ramp.
    Go up the two ramps and onto the roadway. Begin to fight your way to the
    waypoint to the northwest. There will be nearly two-dozen mixed Bandits,
    including Badass types. Begin sniping from the entry area, taking full advantage
    of the excellent cover. Continue to use the scattered cargo containers for cover
    as you progress. A Badass type will sometimes guard the final approach to the
    waypoint. Interact with the elevated generator to set the charge.
    Raid the RED CHEST on the south side of the roadway near the drop-off and look
    over the north end of the broken roadway where the chain goes over the side.
    There is a LANCE CHEST on the platform below. There will be at least one Cheta
    Paw vehicle on patrol below. Jump down onto the LANCE CHEST.
    From your perch you can see the detonator at the waypoint to the south, its cord
    leading up to your charge. To your east you should see your Monster parked where
    you left it. Jump down when no Cheta Paws or Drifters are in the area and sprint
    east to your Monster. Use it to eliminate any Bandit runners and Drifters and
    then interact with the detonator.
    <m022>ATHENA SET UP THE BOMB, 4,924 XP
    Mission: Meet with Athena to get the detonator so you can move against the Atlas
    Drive south and re-enter the Ridgeway and speed south, taking out whatever
    probes and Lance vehicles that you encounter. You can usually just drive through
    everything and boost past the patrol vehicles-usually.
    Re-enter T-Bone Junction and talk to Scooter to complete OMG APC. Interact with
    Athena in the back room of Scooter’s garage to acquire the detonator she has
    constructed. This will complete ATHENA SET UP THE BOMB and activate BRIDGING THE
    IS PAYBACK PT 2. The local Claptrap will announce new bounties at the local
    Bounty Board and Moxxi will ECHO you with new jobs as well.
    Turn in POWER LEETCH and, if completed-not likely-ROAD RAGE at the Bounty Board.
    Get the new mission: DRIFTER LIFTER.
    <m023>BRIDGING THE GAP, 5,745 XP
    Mission: Go to Deep Fathoms and activate the energy bridge so you can access the
    With BRIDGING THE GAP active, drive south out of town and enter The Crimson
    Tollway. Hit the probe station and boost over the gap. Take out any Crimson
    Lance patrol vehicles and then the 2 turrets on the rooftops or just drive past
    them. After the installation you will encounter at least one Crimson Lance
    vehicle and several probe stations. Enter Deep Fathoms.
    Park on the exit ramp of the broken roadway and eliminate any Cheta Paw runners
    nearby. Take the central crossover and start west to the waypoint. Cheta Paw
    runners will patrol the area so bag a couple for ROAD RAGE.
    Approach the waypoint on foot, using the catwalks. The sound of a lone Badass
    Rocketeer will get your attention, though he won’t always show. Activate the
    console to complete BRIDGING THE GAP and to get the new mission: ARMORY ASSAULT.
    You will be able to see the red sparkle of the “bridge” overhead, but getting up
    to it will require you to approach it from the northeast.
    General Knoxx will again use his sardonic wit on you in his irritable, whining
    tone. He’s gonna kill yuh. The three missions ARMORY ASSAULT, THIS BITCH IS
    PAYBACK PT 2 and KNOXXED OUT are all indicated by the same waypoint. Get back to
    your vehicle, but before heading that way, we’re going to Moxxi’s to pick up her
    The entrance to Moxxi’s place is on the west side of the facility to the
    southeast, near the southern Catch-A-ride. Drive east and use the turret to
    clear any runners and then the hostiles near the ramp. There is a SILVER CHEST
    on the west side of the ramp on the outside of the metal fence to the east of
    your entry point, if you’re interested.
    Drive up the long ramp and use the turret on the nearby Bandits. Go in on foot
    at the barrier and take out the remaining half-dozen or so Bandits. Raid the
    SILVER CHEST to the west of Moxxi’s. There is also a RED CHEST on the south end
    where the road ends.
    Enter MOXXI’S RED LIGHT and get the missions: THROWN FOR A LOOP and STAIN
    REMOVAL. Exit and generate a Monster. Exit via the ramp and instead of heading
    west toward the waypoint for KNOXXED OUT, re-enter the Crimson Tollway and brave
    the runners and probes to get to T-Bone Junction. The mission BUGGED will be
    announced as available as you travel the Crimson Tollway. With BUGGED in your
    queue return to Deep Fathoms.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: The optional mission BUGGED will be available in T-Bone Junction if you
    re-enter the Crimson Tollway. Getting the mission will obviously require you to
    return to T-Bone Junction and then to return to Deep Fathoms before proceeding.
    This procedure advocates doing this, it will save you a return trip into the
    Midget Skag Rider canyon, which, if done at a higher level, can be a real
    hornet’s nest.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    <o024>KNOXXED OUT, 20,520 XP
    Mission: The bigheaded General has the habit of misplacing his ECHO recordings
    and the information on them could be helpful to your cause. Find the 5 ECHO
    Drive to the target area, approaching it from the northeast side of the
    installation. Use the turret to eliminate the tough Lance. There is a SILVER
    CHEST on the east side of the energy bridge among the cargo containers. Start
    across the glowing red bridge and enter Road’s End.
    You will see the first of General Knoxx’s ECHO recordings to the southeast of
    your entry point. Lance Assassins will attack as you go for it. Ceresia’s squad
    will come in a torpedo aircraft from the west. If you sprint to the exit on the
    west end, you can channel them into the narrow opening. Just make sure you don’t
    run headlong into the incoming aircraft-that a trip to the New-U station.
    Ceresia will take a little extra attention-she is tough and durable. Grab the
    first ECHO recording. General Knoxx is just getting a feel for the situation and
    informs the pathetic Admiral Mikey of such. Raid the SILVER CHEST on the north
    side of the enclosure.
    Exit the walled compound on the west end and grab a Monster. With KNOXXED OUT
    active, drive to the waypoint in the northwest corner. Take care to avoid the
    mine in the narrow passage. Eliminate the Wild Alpha Skags for a ton of XP and
    get the ECHO recording. A slightly bored General informs his “superiors” that he
    is stockpiling munitions. He’s critical of his “care package” and expects
    something serious in the way of orders.
    <o025>THIS BITCH IS PAYBACK PT 2, 26,265 XP
    Mission: Athena says Commander Ajax could make trouble and he was even worst
    than Kyros and Typhon. Kill him.
    The next ECHO recording is well to the south and so is Commander Ajax. Both
    waypoints will be near each other. Drive south and waste any mounted Midgets
    ahead with the turret and then enter the area on foot. Scattered bands of Midget
    riders with several groups of 4, including Badass types, will make life very
    interesting. Watch out for the dynamite throwers-they are deadly and are hard to
    take down once they’re dismounted. Their adrenalin rush make them challenging
    adversaries. This is the area you will have to re-enter for the optional
    mission, BUGGED if you don’t go back to get that mission.
    As you continue the long circuit south and then east, you will notice a narrow
    finger of land jutting to the northeast on your map. Walk out over the rock
    bridge and there will be a RED CHEST in the shack. It will contain the mission:
    LOST LEWTS. Look south and take out any Skag Riders you can target with your
    sniper rifle.
    Select BUGGED and continue south through the canyon. Another group of 3 Riders
    will greet you just short of the waypoint which is on the shallow rock ledge in
    the peninsula of land jutting to the south of the canyon, as seen on your map.
    Grab the lever behind the shack.
    Select THIS BITCH IS PAYBACK PT 2 and as you start the turn north, the last of
    the Migdet Riders, which will probably include a Fire Skag with a Badass Rider,
    will grab your attention. Look east toward the ramp. Six Wild Alpha Skags will
    mill around in the distance near a RED CHEST. Take them out if you want to check
    out the RED CHEST, but unless you challenge them they will mind their own
    Push on toward the waypoint. ECHO recording number 3 will be visible in the
    distance. A half-dozen tough Lancers, mostly Pyros will straggle out. You will
    hear a jetpack. Keep your distance and take down the Lance with sniper fire.
    Commander Ajax, wearing a jetpack, will soon soar out of the structures. Use the
    columns of the structure as cover to hit him with incendiary or corrosive fire
    and he will drop “Ajax’s Spear” a combat rifle when he goes down. You can also
    retreat back to the west if needed.
    A Devastator will emerge after Ajax falls and then a Badass Devastator will
    emerge followed by another pair of Devastators. Use corrosive weapons and
    retreat back to the west as far as needed.
    Take the ECHO recording. There are no new operational orders after his great
    efforts to improve the situation. The General contemptuously threatens the
    infantile Admiral Mikey about going over his head with these matters if
    communication doesn’t improve. Exit the walled compound and go north and grab a
    <o026>THROWN FOR A LOOP, 8,208 XP and cash
    Mission: Moxxi has been thinking of adding a loop-the-loop to a stunt show she
    is thinking of putting together. Find the Bandit’s loop and see if the stunt is
    even possible.
    With THROWN FOR A LOOP active, head toward the waypoint. Numerous Drifters will
    have to be taken out before getting to the objective to the east. Take the time
    to do so or they won’t allow you to complete the mission. They are also worth a
    lot of XP. Raid the RED CHEST and change your vehicle to a Racer, though it is
    possible to complete the loop in a Monster.
    It’s not necessary to get a long run. Hit the ramp square and accelerate just
    before to complete the loop. Select KNOXXED OUT and change to a Monster and
    drive east, eliminating any erupting Drifters along the way.
    Enter the ramp northwest of the Catch-A-Ride, passing under “Stash Your Crap,”
    to access the roadway going south toward the objective. Continue south, jumping
    the gap, or just go around it, and head into the large installation on foot.
    Take out the half dozen Lance and the Devastator robots that follow them. You
    can even return to your vehicle and use the turret against the Lance and then
    stay behind the barrier to pummel the Devastator with corrosive fire. It will
    stand and flail at you in the distance, making itself a nice large target. Enter
    the installation for ECHO recording number 4.
    Take the stairwell and several Lance, mostly Pyros, will need to be eliminated
    near the top. Raid the RED CHEST in the high area to the south and go across the
    central walkway to get ECHO recording number 4. General Knoxx is informing his
    superior that he is now in charge-so there moron-yuh five year old gum-chewer.
    Sheesh! Orders on a cupcake wrapper in magic marker!
    Head south and the streak of a torpedo aircraft ahead means more Assassins.
    Helicon and her crew will come at you and she will be accompanied by a Badass
    Assassin. Put your caustic shotgun to good use. Athena will also inform you that
    you will have to utilize the utility entrance to get into the armory. Four more
    Lancers will pave the way for another Devastator before you reach the east
    approach to the armory.
    Expect about 20 Lance, including Rocketeers, in the area before the ECHO
    recording with many Chemical Troopers in this mix. You can take out up to 10 of
    the Lance before penetrating deep into the area. Enter to trigger the action and
    then retreat back behind the barrier. Repeat the procedure to draw them out as
    you start to advance along the east path. Snipe the emerging Lance, using the
    walls and crates for cover. A Volcano sniper works extremely well against the
    Chemical Troops that infest this area and the occasional Shock Trooper as well.
    There will be a LANCE CHEST in the northeast corner of the square structure as
    seen on your map.
    There will be another LANCE CHEST to the west of the waypoint and a Crimson
    Shorty will attack you as you open it. Take the last ECHO recording. The
    arrogant General informs his brainless “superior” that after he eliminates his
    opponents he will be leaving the Lance, even though that is punishable by death,
    but he isn’t worried. Hell he doesn’t even care-about anything.
    As you listen to the final ECHO recording you will hear the sound of Jetpacks.
    Two Rocketeers will rise up from the side of the building. Several more Lance
    will attack just beyond the Rocketeers.
    <m027>ARMORY ASSAULT, 16,416 XP
    Mission: You have the code: Blue-Yellow-Cyan-Orange. You must expose the
    munitions once inside to ensure their destruction. General Knoxx won’t like it-
    well maybe anyway.
    Select ARMORY ASSAULT and continue south. Continue the carnage on the Lancers
    that will include a couple of Badass types near the vending machines. A
    Rocketeer will sometimes show here as well. Raid the SILVER CHEST on the east
    side of the area. Enter the Crimson Armory.
    Begin your assault by topping off your ammo, unless you have ammo regen
    capability. Go to the south end and enter the doorway. The obscure entry is
    marked by a single light bulb on a post. Go down and make your way to either of
    the lifts.
    What to expect? The battle with General Knoxx will involve several stages and
    will take place in a large area with a lot of cover and you must take advantage
    of this to survive. In a best-case scenario you will first be facing General
    Knoxx, followed by a pair of Devastators, then four Lance Medics and then a
    Badass Devastator. If Knoxx does not go down the Devastators will re-spawn and
    then the Medics in a repeating cycle. Don’t let that scenario play out or this
    battle will get long and tough.
    The best weapons to use in the Knoxx battle arena depends on the stage of the
    battle. Ideally when facing Knoxx alone, a very fast-firing conventional SMG or
    Combat Rifle with a scope and enhanced recoil reduction to allow multiple
    criticals to the head is the best weapon. Ammo can quickly become a problem if
    you don’t have ammo regen so choosing a mod or a weapon that regenerates ammo is
    advised. These weapons are not uncommon. The Devastators are highly susceptible
    to corrosive damage, so fast firing caustic automatic weapons; both combat
    rifles and SMGs, work extremely well against them. A potent scoped revolver like
    the Pestilent Defiler can also do massive damage and help conserve other ammo
    types. A mod increasing corrosive damage is also exceptionally effective when
    dealing with Devastators and a mod increasing SMG damage can be a difference
    maker against Knoxx. Lilith, for example, has a mod increasing SMG damage by 48%
    and it will regenerate ammo at various rates as well. Slot an incendiary SMG,
    like a Hellfire, to quickly deal with the Medics when they come into the
    picture. A Hornet caustic repeater or other potent fast-firing caustic repeater
    is also a good weapon especially if you don’t have ammo regen since ammo can
    become an issue if Knoxx is repeatedly healed. A shock resistant shield works
    very well against Knoxx’s static attacks but the Badass Devastator will use
    incendiary rockets late in the contest, so change if needed or just employ your
    best all-purpose or fire resistant shield while he is in the field and swap to
    the Shock resistant when its you and the General.
    When Knoxx appears keep your distance and get a feel for the area and its cover
    spots. Tag him in the head but don’t waste too much ammo at this point-unless,
    of course, you have regen capability. You can easily outdistance him and turn
    quickly into cover to evade his slowly developing laser attacks. Always run to
    avoid his deadly aerial attacks. Once again avoid expending too much ammo at
    this point-it is pointless since part of the sequence will have him being healed
    by Lance Medics. That being the case, the Devastators seem to come on the scene
    after Knoxx takes significant damage, about 15%, and likewise the Lance Medics-
    enter when he absorbs about 50% damage.
    After your brief time alone with the General, the two Devastators will enter the
    action. Knock them out with corrosive fire. Equip a mod increasing corrosive
    damage if you have one. You can usually just duck in and out of cover or make
    for the opposite side while tagging them until they collapse. A good corrosive
    weapon will do this without expending too much ammo. Don’t concentrate on Knoxx
    until the Devastators are down.
    Once again it is you and the General. Play cat and mouse inflicting enough
    damage to draw out the Lance Medics. Two Medics will enter and two more will
    follow. Take them out as quickly as possible but it’s likely they will heal
    Knoxx well before you can. This is where the Hellfire SMG is extremely helpful.
    When all four of the Lance Medics have entered and are down, it is time to
    mercilessly pound the General.
    His weak spot is his head, so go for criticals, which also stun him, making his
    own attacks less efficient. Keep the pressure on. It will take a lot of
    headshots or a ton of body shots to take his life bar down to about 15%.
    The Badass Devastator will enter the battle when his life is down to that 15%.
    At this point, hit the Badass only when you must to keep him at bay and melting
    down. Taking him down is not required. Use the abundant cover spots to blunt the
    Badass’ attacks and concentrate on the General as much as possible. Obviously
    you don’t want to ignore the Badass’ to the point of a visit to a New-U but by
    this time the General should be on his last legs and he is the first priority.
    If you fail to take out the General or if you do visit the New-U station, the
    Devastators, Medics and Badass Devastator will begin to re-spawn and this is not
    what you want. You will end up with multiple foes and possibly an ever-dwindling
    supply of ammo. Taking General Knoxx out before the second round of Devastators
    and Medics is critical to early success.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: There is a glitch that will allow you to enter and loot the armory at your
    leisure. The only penalty, during ARMORY ASSAULT, is that you must re-fight the
    General and his sidekicks to complete ARMORY ASSAULT and the balance of the
    game. After entering the code, as shown below, don’t go to the console. Stop at
    the entrance of the passage with the glowing red panels. Crouch and walk in the
    center of the passage near the threshold of the red-walled chamber. You will
    fall through the floor and be among the pipes and beams above the main level.
    Just jump down to loot in peace. Re-start the game and you will be back in T-
    Bone Junction and ARMORY ASSAULT will not be completed, meaning you must return
    there to re-fight the General to complete the mission or to redo the above
    procedure as many times as you want but only during ARMORY ASSAULT. The
    followings forays to the armory during subsequent missions will be a one-time
    entry via this “glitch” path, but with one caveat. Don’t trigger the “steal
    loot” spec. Stay away from the central hub. Entering the hub is what triggers
    “steal loot.” You can even raid the large garage area and use the 4-way elevator
    that allows you to loot the 9 caches behind the force fields. These chambers
    oftentimes contain very worthwhile loot. Keep in mind that you will need an
    Eridean Thunder Storm-a potent one-while looting. It is integral to defeating
    Crawmerax in the final mission and these are not rare in the armory.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    General Knoxx will drop Knox’s Gold, a potent repeater. Once he is down, go
    southwest toward the objective. Killing any hostiles left in the battle area is
    optional. Mount the stairwell and interact with the code mechanism near the
    doorway. (See note above) Enter the code-Blue-Yellow-Cyan-Orange and make your
    way to the console and interact with the glowing module to expose the munitions
    and then use the glowing lever to complete ARMORY ASSAULT, to initiate LOOT
    LARCENY and to activate the 3-minute timer. You will descend into the armory
    with the timer active. The exit ramp will be dead ahead if you’re inclined to
    leave without extensive looting, but who wants to do that?
    <m028>LOOT LARCENY, 16,416 XP and LOOT!!!
    Mission: Time is short. Grab some loot and get out before the armory explodes.
    You have only 3 minutes to ransack the place and to get out before the place is
    destroyed. But there is no penalty for not getting out and in fact getting out
    is not truly consummated. The armory consists of three main levels and you will
    find yourself on the lower level. All of the levels are absolutely packed with
    SILVER, RED and LANCE weapons cases. So loot away.
    Imagine the central hub of the octagonal area as you would a clock-as is seen on
    your map. There will be a short stairwell between the entry level and the second
    levels elevator access at about 4 o’clock. At about 2 o’clock will be the
    elevator going to level two and, once there, at 12 o’clock there is a control
    box to lower a bridge to access the expansive areas of level 2. At about 10
    o’clock there is an elevator to the third level. You must pass in front of the
    red force fields to get to that elevator on the northwest side.
    The platform elevator with the four arrows, located on the northwest side of the
    entry level will, when activated, give access to the caches behind the force
    fields. Once activated use the directional arrows to access the balance of the
    chambers. They oftentimes contain the best loot in the armory.
    If you want to get out of the armory all you have to do is go north while on the
    entry level, providing you have exposed the munitions, which initiated LOOT
    LARCENY and opened the exit gate. The route goes up a ramp and will take you
    through the General Knoxx battle arena; but the elevators are not accessible-the
    place blows and you are near the Road’s End portal after the credits the same as
    if you had just spent your time looting.
    With the armory destroyed, select STAIN REMOVAL to generate a waypoint and re-
    enter Road’s End after replenishing your ammo. Lance will begin emerging as you
    head north, coming out in the reverse order from the entry sequence. You can
    sprint past many of them before they emerge and react, but when you reach the
    road the Devastators will also re-spawn as will additional Lance beyond. Fight
    your way to the Catch-A-Ride to the north. Head out into the barrens and make
    your way north toward the waypoint. Drifters will haunt the area.  Exit the
    vehicle and enter the walled compound on foot. There will be a small group of
    Lance to eliminate.
    <o029>STAIN REMOVAL, 8,208 XP and cash
    Mission: The indomitable Ms. Moxxi is unhappy about the notorious, largely
    bogus, graffiti the Bandits have been scrawling all around the barrens. She
    wants you to remove it and she will pay quite well for the task.
    Enter Deep Fathoms and generate a Monster. Watch out for Cheta Paw patrols here.
    With STAIN REMOVAL your active mission, go the short distance north toward the
    waypoint. Enter the target area near the New-U station on foot. Eliminate the 4
    tough Wild Alpha Skags. You can lure them out and then return to your vehicle
    for easier kills. Begin cleansing the area beyond of the 15 or so mixed Bandits
    who will occupy the large area in scattered groups.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    NOTE: You can save yourself a trip back to this area by taking one of the STAIN
    REMOVAL missions out of sequence. After killing the skags and the initial
    Bandits, go up the slope in the north central region to get “MOXXI LIKES IT
    DOGGIE STYLE.” from the metal fence. It is stain number 5. It will have an
    excellent likeness of a red-eyed skag above it.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    There is a SILVER CHEST in the triangular piece of land to the east of the
    entry. Fifteen or so Bandits including Badass types will need to be put down
    throughout the spread-out compound. A Bandit may also snipe from the overhead
    There is a RED CHEST on a platform near the cliff on the west end, north of the
    your waypoint. A short distance south of it there is another RED CHEST. A Mini
    Steve will likely come out when you open it.
    The first graffiti stain is under the arch and will have an image of a heart
    with a halo and black and white wings. It will declare: “MOXXI,” in a heart,
    There is also a SILVER CHEST under the roadway inside the fence, among a jumble
    of cargo containers. This is on the west central area of the compound.
    Go back toward Moxxi’s and waste the locals in the lower area with the vehicle’s
    turret. Go up the slope near the entry to the waypoint. A bullet clip will have
    the inscription: MOXXI’S GOT ONE IN EVERY CHAMBER.
    The next kinda’ fallacious epithet is to the west. Drive west, taking out any
    patrolling Cheta Paw vehicles nearby. Go in on foot. The stain is on the side of
    the lower building. It says “FOR A GOOD TIME, ECHO MOXXI.” You will see the red
    energy bridge you activated overhead.
    The next is painfully far to the north. Drive that way via the central canyon
    and angle for the ramp to the north but don’t go up. The graffiti is on the
    central roadway support column and the area is frequented by numerous Cheta Paw
    patrols. Wipe them out and interact with the fourth stain. It states: “MOXXI
    If you didn’t already get the last stain, its waypoint is back in the Bandit
    camp where the first one was. The bad guys will have re-spawned, so take out the
    8 or so Bandits and you will find the grafitti on a metal fence on the slope
    near the north center of the map. It has an excellent likeness of a skag and a
    caption reading, “MOXXI LIKES IT SKAGGIE STYLE.”
    Return to Moxxi’s Red Light where the dozen Bandits will have re-spawned and,
    after their demise, enter and interact with Moxxi to complete the missions:
    Select WANTED DEAD to generate a waypoint. Exit Moxxi’s Red Light and generate a
    Monster. Drive north via the central canyon, angling for the ramp to the
    northwest. Enter the Crimson Tollway and take out the probes and the Crimson
    Lance patrol vehicles as you make your way to the target installation.
    The waypoint is actually in the control station where you deactivated the road
    blocking force field. Go up the stairs and take out the half dozen Lance, mostly
    Shock Troops. Cross the central walkway and make your way to the west end. On
    the opposite side of the walkway 2 Rocketeers will need killing. Another large
    group of Lance and the elevated gatling turret will have to be dealt with before
    you can take the stairs and turn east toward the waypoint. Two more Lancers will
    lurk near the top of the stairwell, and two more Rocketeers will rise from the
    gap to the east. Raid the RED CHEST.
    Interact with “Agent 01,” actually an inconspicuous storage device with a small
    interactive icon, in the control room to complete, WANTED DEAD. Raid the LANCE
    CHEST on the platform northeast of the control room.
    Claptrap will announce new missions as you continue north. There will be Crimson
    Lance vehicles to deal with and the gap to jump before you can enter T-Bone
    Enter T-Bone Junction and turn in LOOT LARCENY to Athena at Scooter’s. This will
    complete the mission and she will give you a repeater called Athena’s Wisdom.
    Turn in KNOXXED OUT and THIS BITCH IS PAYBACK PT 2. Marcus Kincaid will inform
    you of an opportunity he wants to run past you.
    Turn in ROAD RAGE, if you haven’t already, at the Bounty Board and pick up the
    new missions, YOU, WILL DIE (level 61) and CIRCLE OF DUTY: NEW RECRUIT.
    Head over to Marcus’ shop. He has acquired the remains of the armory for a song
    but is afraid the Crimson Lance will take it back when they see how much he has
    salvaged. If you’ll do him a favor, he will allow you another shopping spree
    there. He gives you the mission: MOP UP. Turn in CORE COLLECTION if you have
    completed the collection.
    <o030>MOP UP, 15,177 XP
    Mission: Marcus wants to hold onto his newly restored armory and believes that
    is more probable if you can thin the ranks of the Crimson Lance.
    MOP UP will have no destination waypoint only a “turn in” one. Marcus wants you
    to eliminate:  5 Badass Lance, 10 Pyro Lance, 10 Chemical Lance, 10 Shock Lance
    and 10 Jetpack Lance. While the Lance certainly aren’t in short supply, the
    Crimson Tollway and The Ridgeway are the closest places to start the carnage.
    The main structures contain most of the elemental Lance, Badass and some of the
    Jetpack Lance you require. If the roadblock is in place on The Ridgeway the
    Jetpack Lance will be plentiful. Your reward for completing the mission is
    another battle with General Knoxx and another 3 minutes-or much more-in the
    An alternate way to pursue MOP UP is to harvest the Lance in the Ridgeway
    installations and the roadblock area, if it is in place, and to then continue on
    to the CIRCLE OF DUTY missions by continuing on to the Sunken Sea. You will
    quickly get all of the elemental Lance and Badass types but will have to make
    Corporal before any Jetpack Lance make their appearance. This walkthrough will
    acquire the Lance kills through the pursuit of missions but the other method is
    probably quicker.
    <o031>BUGGED, 26,784 XP and cash
    Mission: The Dahl Corporation is at odds with Atlas and is offering a reward to
    anyone who can plant a listening device near Atlas’ communication tower.
    With BUGGED as your active mission drive south out of town and enter The Crimson
    Tollway. Take out the probes, jump the gap and deal with the patrol vehicles
    Speed past the rooftop turrets and continue on into Deep Fathoms, dealing with
    any additional probes and Lance vehicles as you progress.
    Enter Deep Fathoms and make your way to the approach to Road’s End through the
    passage to its northeast. You ought to get several Chemical Trooper kills for
    Marcus as you cleanse the place of Lance. Enter Road’s End and take out the
    Lance and grab a Monster at the Catch-A-Ride.
    Kill the Drifters ahead and retrace your earlier route by making a hard right
    past the proximity mine. Eliminate the Wild Alpha Skags with the turret or just
    run them down. If you didn’t return to T-Bone Junction for BUGGED earlier, you
    will have to brave the canyon of the Midget Riders once again to get the lever.
    On higher levels this can be quite difficult. You would encounter several Badass
    Fire Skags with Badass Midget Riders and they are tough, and the Midget Rustlers
    and Raiders, once on foot, will come at you relentlessly, throwing dynamite and
    swarming like a hive of riled-up hornets.
    Before using the tram raid the RED CHEST on the rock ledge on the north side of
    the lift station. Activate the tram and get on it before the car leaves,
    although you can ride the second car if you do miss the first. You should get
    most or all of the Shock Troop kills needed for MOP UP in the imminent battle.
    The objective will now be well to the north. If you have a shock resistant
    shield, use it. Many of the hostiles will be Shock Troops. After entering the
    compound, go up the first set of stairs onto the rooftop and rile up the half
    dozen or so Lance in the first area. You will likely become too exposed on the
    rooftop because some of the hostiles will be on other rooftops, so use the cover
    of the building at ground level to cleanse the area.
    Work your way to the rooftop east of the first building via the stacked crates
    on its southwest side. You can get a bead on the Badass Shock trooper in the
    upper area from there. Take him down with sniper fire or he will be a handful
    from that high area as you proceed. Make your way along the walkway and head up
    the stairwell to confront the 8 or so mixed Lance and the Badass Shock Lancer
    that will patrol the approach to the waypoint. They have the high ground, so
    utilize the cliff face on your left to thin their ranks before topping the
    slope. If you can lure the Badass out you can retreat down the slope and shelter
    in the small alcove in the rock face as you wear him down.
    There is a SILVER CHEST behind the fence on the east side of the upper area just
    before the approach to the bridge.
    Another 5 or 6 tough Lance will teleport in as you start across the bridge.
    Retreat into cover and sniper them as they appear. Raid the RED CHEST under the
    stairwell and then go up and place the bug near the rather ancient looking
    console. Retrace your route to the gondola and make your way to the Catch-A-Ride
    and with LOST LEWTS active generate a Lancer.
    <o032> LOST LEWTS, 4,320 XP
    Mission: Atlas weapon stashes that were though irretrievable at the end of the
    prior Atlas’ occupation might be located by installing a radar device in one of
    their Lancer vehicles. There are 5 stashes in the Road’s End area.
    You have had the Lancer radar device since the THIS BITCH IS PAYBACK PT 2
    mission. When installed in the Lancer the device’s blue and then the large red
    homing circle will become smaller as you approach a stash and when very near a
    stash it will display a green crosshair. When in very close proximity a solid
    green box will begin to pulse. You will then have to get out of the vehicle and
    locate it.
    The Road’s End area is swarming with Drifters so doing this solo in the Lancer
    vehicle is much more difficult than if you are playing co-op. At times you will
    have to simply regenerate a Monster at the nearest Catch-A-Ride, take out the
    Drifters and then make your search after getting another Lancer. Look at this as
    a way to generate XP, allowing you to level up.
    Stash number 2 is south of the tram station where the overhead cables angle.
    This will be to the northeast of the Catch-A-Ride. There will be an explosive
    mine to the west of it. The half dozen tough skags in the area must be cleared
    to access this stash. The stash, and all the others, will be buried in the
    ground and will blend in and be hard to see.
    Stash number 3 is in the narrow area to the east of the Island. It is just east
    of the rock arch you must pass through to go eastward. There are Drifters in
    this area. You can see the broken overhead roadway well to the southeast.
    Stash number 1 is located in the northeast area in the large peninsula of land
    north of the east central Catch-A-Ride where the loop-the-loop is located. The
    broken overhead roadway will loom to the west.
    Stash number 5 is to the southeast of the eastern Catch-A-Ride. The stash is on
    the east side of the overhead roadway that will loom to the west. This place is
    swarming with Drifters, so visit the Catch-A-Ride at the loop and get a Monster
    to kill off the Drifters. You won’t survive solo in the Lancer vehicle. Just go
    back when they are down and get another Lancer.
    Stash number 4 is a bit east of due south of the central Catch-A-Ride about
    midway between the two Catch-A-Rides. Again Drifters will gravitate to you, so
    getting a Monster to kill them is going to be necessary.
    Make your way north to the Deep Fathoms portal, clearing any Lance in the walled
    area. Enter Deep Fathoms and sprint north to the Catch-A-Ride and get a Monster.
    Make your way north and enter The Crimson Tollway. Deal with the patrols and
    probes and speed through the central installation to get to the T-Bone Junction
    portal. Turn in BUGGED and LOST LEWTS at the Bounty Board.
    <o033>DRIFTER LIFTER, 20,320 XP and cash
    Mission: The locals have named a giant Drifter Skyscraper and he is a menace to
    the locals. Take the giant Drifter out.
    Select DRIFTER LIFTER and drive north to The Ridgeway. Take out the Lance
    runners and probes before you approach the first installation. This facility is
    protected by Lance with Pyros among them. Take out any in the roadway and go up
    the stairs and hunt down the garrison to satisfy Marcus’ demands so you can get
    that “shopping spree.” Raid the RED and SILVER CHESTS again on the southeast
    side. Raid the LANCE CHEST on the northeast side as well.
    Return to your vehicle and take out the probes and the 2 gatling turrets before
    jumping the ramp, or just speed past them. Enter the walking area west of the
    waypoint and begin eliminating the Lance if the roadblock is in place.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: This area of The Ridgeway, once again, will likely have the roadblock in
    place and then again it may not.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -
    Move over the rail and onto the walkway beneath the road. You will bag most of
    the Rocketeers here and in the next area for Marcus. Farther on, more Lance
    appear and a pair of Devastators-if the roadblock is up-and then more Lance in
    two groups before you can get a ride.
    Take out the probes along the way and stop at the next installation. Chemical
    Troops and Rocketeers here will help toward completing Marcus’ mission. Make
    your way toward the east end and curl around to the west to find the victims.
    Raid the RED CHEST on the southwest side and the one in the lower area as well.
    Cross through the control room and hit the SILVER CHEST on the north side.
    Go north and enter the Sunken Sea. Skyscraper likes to hang out in the southwest
    part of the barrens. Use the exit ramp and follow the broken overhead highway
    toward the waypoint. There will be Drifters wanting a piece of you, so maintain
    your distance to take them out. On the center south end of the area, as depicted
    on your map, there is a triangular strip of land with an abandoned encampment.
    There is a RED CHEST there.
    Return to your vehicle and eliminate any Drifters that have emerged. You can use
    the sloping piece of broken roadway to the north of the abandoned camp to more
    easily do so. Skyscraper will emerge as you head west and his corrosive attacks,
    like his kind, are very damaging. This will be just west of the World’s Largest
    Bullet. Other Drifters near him may complicate matters. Keep your distance and,
    when locked on, keep that button pressed to pummel him. Race away if he gets too
    close. He isn’t really much harder to take down than a regular Drifter.
    Head back to The Ridgeway. There will be probes and Lance vehicles as usual.
    Return to T-Bone Junction and turn in DRIFTER LIFTER at the Bounty Board.
    Turn in MOP UP and CORE COLLECTION, if you have satisfied their requirements at
    Marcus’ shop. He will now offer the new mission, SUPER-MARCUS SWEEP upon
    completion of MOP UP.
    <o034>SUPER-MARKUS SWEEP, 8,928 XP and loot!!
    Mission: Marcus will now allow you to loot the armory but again under a time
    limit. But don’t overstay your welcome.
    Enter the Crimson Tollway, then Deep fathoms and then Road’s End. Refer to
    ARMORY ASSAULT for details since this is a repeat of that procedure. You will
    once again have to face General Knoxx and his crew to gain the armory. The only
    difference is the mission will be at a higher level; but, then, so are you.
    (See the note below) Go through the passage with the force fields protecting the
    item lockers and interact with the console to begin the timer. Unlike the prior
    entry into the armory, using the glitch to fall through the floor will make
    another “full” entry into the armory impossible since the entry door will not,
    on subsequent missions, open if you trigger “steal loot”; There is yet another
    mission that can bring you here again. If widespread looting is all you want,
    the glitch spot will still work but it will be your last trip into the armory if
    you trigger “steal loot.”
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: Actually you can re-enter after dropping through the “glitch” fissure. The
    “steal loot” spec will block further entry but not until you pass through the
    central hub where the console resides above you. If you stay out of the central
    hub, you can re-start and re-enter the armory. You can even plunder the 9 caches
    accessed by the 4-way elevator as well as the entry-level garage/exit area.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After your 3-minute looting spree and re-animation make your way back to T-Bone
    Junction. The Lance will again re-spawn outside the Crimson Armory and the
    Devastators and Lancers in the roadway. You can always just reset to end up in
    T-Bone Junction rather than doing it the hard way. Turn in SUPER MARCUS SWWEP at
    Marcus’ place and receive the mission, LOCAL TROUBLE.
    <o035>LOCAL TROUBLE, 20,534 XP, cash and a repeater
    Mission: Marcus needs some dirty work to be done and that means taking out 50
    Lockdown Palace Inmates, 100 Midgets and 25 skags to lessen the strain in his
    areas of commerce and let them know who is now the “Man.”
    Make your way to and enter the Sunken Sea. Follow the Lockdown Palace entry
    procedure for PRISON BREAK: OVER THE WALL. Enter Lockdown Palace for the
    Inmates. There will be RED CHESTs where there weren’t any before, since they
    seem to change positions with each entry. You can get 50 inmates without killing
    Mr. Shank but you will have to backtrack and take the last 10 or so as they re-
    spawn. Mr. Shank is a real handful at the higher levels.
    Begin harvesting the Midgets after exiting Lockdown Palace. The dead-end
    compound just east of the ramp where the Brandybuck pump was done contains about
    a baker’s dozen.
    There is a narrow canyon area in the north central part of the Sunken Sea. It
    can be located by its position on the east border of the triangle made by the 3
    northern Catch-A-Rides. There is a New-U station at the entrance. Take out a few
    of the Midget Riders with the turret gun and then go in on foot. There will be
    Fire Skags, at least one, and you will get at least 15 of the skags in this
    valley. The main canyon will yield about 20 Midgets and the side canyon that
    goes northeast at the canyons mid-point another 15. There is also a RED CHEST in
    that side canyon and if you get it you will have earned it. The Midgets there
    will come at you like a swarm of killer bees as you approach the RED CHEST.
    Return west to your vehicle, because it’s a long walk to the Catch-A-Ride south
    of the east canyon exit and the Drifters and Cheta Paw patrols would make that
    trip perilous. Swing north and catch the ramp to access the north roadway. It
    will return you to where you started the mission POWER LEETCH by an alternate
    route. Go down onto the platforms and begin the carnage on the Midgets and then
    the skags. You should get at least 40 Midgets and the balance of the skags in
    this area.
    You can harvest another dozen Midgets just west of the access ramp into the
    Sunken Sea. It is on the southeast side of the map. The Midgets will swarm up
    out of the wellhead just like they did while getting the Gamgee valve. Oh, by
    the way, if you come up short, don’t try to take out Thirsty-he is impervious to
    anything you got.
    If you need to bag a skag or two and a few Midgets, re-visit the long canyon.
    Many of the little cowboys will have re-spawned for your shooting pleasure-thank
    you very kindly.
    Return to T-Bone Junction and turn in LOCAL TROUBLE and Marcus will give you the
    mission: IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS.
    <o036>IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS, cash and LOOT!!
    Mission: Marcus is giving you another shopping spree in the armory for your
    deadly doins’. But you gotta get out in 3 minutes or you’re a goner.
    Once again make your way to the armory, and yes, General Knoxx and his sidekicks
    are back once again. This time there is no up side to not doing the glitch-
    unless you want to reserve this for future harvesting. Just don’t trigger “steal
    loot” and you can come back as many times as you wish. Otherwise, this will be
    your last foray into the armory, so use the glitch and indulge in a sea of
    weapons chests. Just re-start to end up back in T-Bone Junction.
    <o037>CIRCLE OF DUTY: NEW RECRUIT, 8,928 XP, cash
    Mission: The Crimson Lance is looking for Pandorans who are good enough to join
    their elite ranks. You must survive the Circle of Duty to qualify.
    Drive north out of T-Bone Junction and enter The Ridgeway. Take out the usual
    suspects and enter the Sunken Sea. Use the ramp near Thirsty’s shack to boost
    onto the roadway going north toward the waypoint. Take the stairwell and enter
    the Circle of Duty portal. Talk to Zach to complete the initial mission and to
    get the new mission: CIRCLE OF DUTY: CADET.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: On several occasions I have experienced a glitch where one of the hostiles
    doesn’t emerge into the battle arena. You can hear him shouting and shooting his
    weapon but he isn’t there. You can usually circle his icon on your bearing
    module but no Lance will emerge from the energy barrier. This usually happens on
    the final 2 rounds-painful! You’re probable course of action is to reset and
    replay the round. Killing yourself will cost cash and simply re-start the round,
    but you won’t have to go through the pain of driving back to the Circle Of Duty,
    because, bet on it, the blockade will be up on The Ridgeway.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    <o038>CIRCLE OF DUTY: CADET, 8,928 XP, cash and a shield mod
    Mission: This first round will weed out the weaklings. Step onto the glowing red
    Lance logo to start the festivities.
    The area is large and in the first round you will be facing about 2 dozen Lance
    with a mix of regular, Pyro, Chemical, Shock and Badass types making you
    constantly swap weapons if you are using elementals, which is, by far, your best
    choice throughout the rounds. Keep an eye on your Digital Bearing Module and try
    to distance yourself from the emerging hostiles. When the buzzer rings hostiles
    will enter in a group and you don’t want to be among them when they do. Try to
    keep this a sniping contest by running to the opposite end of the incoming
    Lance. Oftentimes the east balcony will allow you to switch ends and still
    maintain a good sniping perch. This will remain a constant throughout the rounds
    and is even more crucial when vehicles complicate the action. This theme of
    keeping your distance will serve you well as the play gets tougher.
    As the crowd cheers, there is a new Cadet and over 2-dozen dead Lancers-good
    trade. No wonder they are on the ropes on Pandora. Check out their gear drops
    and go see Zach to conclude the round and get the next.
    <o039>CIRCLE OF DUTY: PRIVATE, 11,606 XP, cash and a repeater
    Mission: Things will get tougher this time.
    This plays out much like the first battle with all types of Lance coming in
    several waves. They will sometimes be cautious and sometimes not. Watch where
    they are on your module and try to snipe and keep your distance. If you’re using
    elementals you’ll once again be switching from incendiary to corrosive
    constantly. This battle probably approached 3-dozen hostiles in several groups
    and was not unlike the first round. The long balcony on the east end remains the
    best spot to conduct operations until things become hot there.
    <o040>CIRCLE OF DUTY: CORPORAL, 14,284 XP, cash and a class mod.
    Mission: You’ve moved up the ranks. Be prepared for a tougher test.
    This will start off much like the first two rounds. The Lance will periodically
    employ flanking tactics, but much of the time you will be searching for targets
    to snipe. The east balcony is again the best location but if they spawn there
    move to the smaller western balconies. When the first wave of Lance is down, you
    will get a swarm of about 10 Rocketeers. If possible take shelter near the
    southeast balcony staircase. The side of the building will force the flyers to
    attack from a narrow area of the sky, making them cluster. An incendiary SMG
    will knock them out quickly. Royal Lance will be among the ranks of those that
    enter the battle as a Lance vehicle begins patrolling the circle.
    There is a pedestal near the stairwell on the east balconies that provides cover
    from the vehicle but allows you to tag it with a burst of corrosive fire as it
    passes. You must first clear the Lance in that area to make this happen and some
    will close in on you while the vehicle is running. Try to stay on the balconies
    when the vehicle is running. There is also an excellent spot on the southwest
    balcony where the wall of the building provides cover as you tag the vehicle as
    it passes east around the circle. It cannot target you in that position and if
    it is available use it. A pair of Badass types near the east central gate will
    be among your final victims of the round.
    <o041>CIRCLE OF DUTY: SERGEANT, 17,856 XP, cash and a sniper rifle
    Mission: It can only get tougher.
    The sound of Rocketeers greets you as you initiate the battle and at least one
    will be a Badass with a rocket launcher. Go for the south end of the east
    balcony, as before, and use the shelter beneath it to hit the flying Lancers as
    they appear above. Lance regulars will storm in even before the Rocketeers go
    down, so get onto the balcony to deal with the first wave of Lance. Put distance
    between you and them. If the next wave spawns at the southeast, toss grenades
    and hit then from above if you’re still in the area. Retreat north to use
    sniping tactics.
    If the main body of Lance begins going to cover on the west side, the battle
    turns into a sniping contest until the Lance vehicle enters the circle. Once the
    vehicle is down, more Rocketeers, 4 or 5, will take flight and many Lance will
    begin to close in and it may get hard to find a safe spot as they no longer
    cluster but seen to spread out. Another wave will enter and many will be Royal
    Guard. Oftentimes they will spawn on your east balcony. Go to the southwest
    balcony or another location away from the horde and begin taking out the 20 or
    more tough Lance, coming in two waves. They will include both Royal Guards and
    Badass Lance. This action will be more intense as the opposition spreads out,
    both flanking and going to ground. You’ll think it will never end; but, finally,
    the crowd cheers to end the round.
    <o042>CIRCLE OF DUTY: MEDAL OF DUTY, 22,320 XP, cash and an SMG (Lilith)
    Mission: The final challenge.
    This round is similar to the prior one but without the initial Rocketeers. It
    adds even more tough Badass types to the mix. The east balcony is often their
    entry point so you will have to vacate it when this happens. The first Lance
    vehicle will enter with a group of Lance after the initial 20 or so are down and
    they will harass you as you attempt to defeat it. More Lance will enter and then
    jetpack Lance; and more Lance and then Jetpack Lance again in 3 waves of 3. A
    Badass Rocketeer will employ a rocket launcher against you from the air.
    Sometimes they will swarm and sometimes they will remain concealed, making you
    search them out. Surprisingly the Scorpio Turret, if you play as Roland, works
    rather well against the flying Lance and it will help pinpoint their locations
    allowing you to more easily locate them in the confusion of the battle.
    A second Lancer vehicle will enter the fray with another wave of Lance. You will
    likely be forced from your east balcony so a good secondary location to
    eliminate the Lancer is from behind the crates on the northeast end. Use
    proximity grenades if you have them and there will still be Lance wanting a
    piece of you. With the demise of the second Lancer you must now eliminate the
    remaining Lance and when it ends you are a full-fledged Lance-Whoopee!-and you
    don’t even wanna be, and there are several hundred dead Lance.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: Don’t be surprised if you get multiple glitches where a Lance doesn’t seem
    to emerge but registers as a hostile and this dreadful situation will require
    you to kill yourself or reset-it won’t go away. During the game play with
    Lilith, I had the “Sergeant” glitch twice and the “Medal of Duty” once before it
    allowed me to finish. Good Luck!!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    <o043> YOU WILL DIE, 36,288 XP and loot!!
    Mission: There is an ancient tale of a beast that once roamed the Sea’s of a
    wetter Pandora. Crawmerax the invincible it is called. Many locals believe that
    your exploits at the armory shook the area enough to reawaken him from
    hibernation. Whoever kills him would become a Pandoran legend.
    The lair of Crawmerax must be accessed by the highway ramp in the southwest
    section of Deep Fathoms, west of the red energy bridge. You’re there when you
    see “SECRET FINAL BOSS.” The ground will shudder as you exit your vehicle and
    again near the Crawmerax Lair entry portal. Enter and call the lift, but don’t
    go up until you have read the following procedure.
    Soloing Cramermax and his minions is not an easy task and it will involve a bit
    of luck, a lot of patience and the use of the so-called “glitch” spot. This
    procedure requires that you play as Lilith with her phasewalking skills-cooldown
    (Hard To Get), health (Inner Glow), elemental effect (Spark) and critical hit
    (Slayer) skills fully upgraded. At level 61 this should not be a problem. It
    also helps immensely to have a class mod enhancing static damage. A Shock
    Contact grenade mod can also be beneficial. You will need an Eridean Thunder
    Storm and a potent static sniper rifle for Crawmerax, preferably one with a good
    critical hit bonus. An incendiary SMG, like a Hellfire, a potent caustic SMG or
    combat rifle and a static SMG or combat rifle may also be required to deal with
    any lesser cronies during your entry. Un-scoped SMGs or combat rifles seem to
    work best in the close quarters you may find yourself in.
    Crawmerax is an enormous Craw Worm and he is a level 64 Boss. He employs a far
    ranging slash attack with his pinchers and he will occasionally spit deadly acid
    balls at you. He also bites with a nasty insect-like mandible mouth that is
    instant death. He has weak spots that include his glowing eye, glowing orbs on
    his pincher claws and one on his back. He is susceptible to static weapons.
    Three different types of Craw Worms will attend Crawmerax, and they are tough as
    well. Craw maggots are susceptible to static and melee attacks. Armored Craw
    Worms are susceptible to corrosive attacks and Green Craw Worms are susceptible
    to incendiary attacks. Some will erupt during your entry and will make any tour
    of the combat area a run for your life scenario.
    The battle area is fairly large, but not large enough to find refuge from the
    emerging Crab Worms and Crawmerax’s far-ranging melee and “goo” strikes. Any
    solo foray into that area is a ticket to the New-U station.
    The key to survival is to get to the so-called glitch spot on the cliffs to the
    left of the entry. You must get there as soon as the elevator arrives. There is
    a narrow ledge that you can get onto and crouch down. This will be adjacent to
    the cliff face to the north. You can usually make it to the “glitch” spot and
    occasionally you will find yourself on the ledge with Crawmerax well away from
    your position. He will rear up and down and allow you to pummel those weak
    spots; but, don’t count on it happening very often. On PS3 I get this set-up
    about 1 in 15 entries. Even when this occurs you will still have to find a way
    to take out that pesky spot on his back.
    A more likely scenario will see you getting to the “glitch” spot but with one or
    more Craw Worms attacking and with Crawmerax at uncomfortably close quarters.
    Take out any threatening Craw Worms and if Crawmerax looms go into phasewalk,
    leaning the analog stick gently forward to keep from falling off the cliff.
    Sometimes this will not work, but it will often enough to make this method
    workable. With luck you will emerge from phasewalk with Crawmerax, alone,
    looming above, clicking his jaws, probing with his feelers but not aware of your
    exact location below.
    Remain immobile and crouched with your Thunder Storm in hand and your static
    sniper slotted. Crawmerax will click his teeth and remain in place. Wait until
    your phasewalk is available and hit his eye with your Thunder Storm, going into
    phasewalk as soon as the Eridean weapon needs to recharge. He will surge forward
    using a lunging attack and occasionally he may spit, but phasewalk will outlast
    these attacks. The Eridean weapon seems to elicit much less of a reaction from
    the giant than does firearms; and the Thunder Storm dishes out good static
    Stay crouched at all times and repeat this procedure over and over. Once
    Cramerax is in this position his cronies will keep their distance. Occasionally,
    after taking significant damage, Cramerax will make a brief dive and emerge
    nearby in random positions. Take full advantage of these times to hit the spot
    on his back with your static sniper when he displays it. You won’t get that many
    chances, and it is the key to defeating Crawmerax without leaving your safe
    haven. Go into phasewalk as soon as he threatens. A Shock grenade will sometimes
    make him dive, change his position and will administer a bit of damage as well.
    Once you get Crawmerax in this position it is a matter of time and patience. His
    eye will go, his claws will drop off and his life bar will dwindle. Stay in the
    “glitch” spot and do not move laterally or rise out of a crouch unless he is
    facing away and then only to use your sniper on that spot on his back. Never
    shoot without having phasewalk available, shields at full and health at full.
    Always bear gently forward a bit on the analog stick to maintain your perch on
    the cliff when phasewalking.
    This procedure will not work every time-no procedure will, but, in my
    experience, it seems the best way to solo the giant Craw Worm. You shouldn’t
    have to leave the relative safety of the “glitch” spot.
    Once Crawmerax falls, the Craw Worms will vacate the area and it will be strewn
    with high-level loot; but if you have been looting with vigor you won’t improve
    your gear all that much. The call button south of the elevator shaft will
    teleport you to ground level. Return to T-Bone Junction to turn in the final
    mission: YOU WILL DIE.
    So you are now level 61, bristling with weapons and gear but the dance is over.
    Lets hope that 2K Games, thank you for a truly great game, will once again
    extend this superb, wildly entertaining and addictive game and offer another
    dance or two or...!
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