All-madden, too tough?

  1. Me and my father love playing the franchise together, its a little harder doing it co-op than alone but we do fairly well, me and him started on pro, we beat the superbowl on pro, then we did all pro played a season made it to the conference champion ship and lost then we play again as the jets on all pro and went almost undefeated, now we cant manage to win a game at ALL on All-madden, offense is not the problem we can score on pretty much every drive, but our defense is awful, usually what happens is on their first play they run the ball and break at least 4 of our tackles and take it for a touchdown.... and its every team, like we cant make a tackle to save our lives, we just get our salads tossed every time, and we cant break the O-line to get to anything in the backfield!

    User Info: epicsauce69

    epicsauce69 - 7 years ago


  1. Use custom sliders. If All-Pro is too easy, then set all the sliders at 12 or 13. After you gradually get used to it, you can bump the sliders up even higher, until All-Madden becomes less difficult for you.

    User Info: DJ__Williams

    DJ__Williams - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. I found that All-Madden was just off the charts ridiculous, in this game.

    On offense your QB overthrows the ball consistently into coverage, usually resulting in a turnover. You can't find any running lanes, because as soon as you hand the ball off your RB is hit in the backfield by several defenders. Screen passes are almost always overthrown or just caught and then immediately tackled for a loss. Your receivers can be wide open and just flat out miss a catch, or get lightly hit by a defender and drop it. (3rd and long with Jeremy Maclin every time, consistently dropping the ball)

    Then on defense, your corners routinely blow coverages, especially in the redzone. Your defensive line can not seem to muster any pressure at all on the QB. (I usually line up as Trent Cole and I can't even get into the backfield) But the worst part is the tackling. Guaranteed it will take two-three tacklers to get the player to the ground. I hate it when I finally get some pressure and should have a loss in the backfield and a player like Fred Jackson breaks two LB tackles and runs in for an 80+ touchdown run. There is no way. Especially immediately after a hand off there is no way that a RB would be able to orient himself and break away from two tackles, especially a RB the caliber of Fred Jackson.

    I have never had a problem playing this franchise on All-Madden and I consider myself a fairly decent player, but the AI in Madden 11 literally cheats. There is no way around it. Has anyone won a game on All-Madden? Because I am fairly certain I have not. As in previous games, 10, 09, and 08, All-Madden may have been difficult but it was most certainly not impossible.

    And then of course All-Pro is just to easy. This years difficulty jump is just one big disappointment to me. I am going to try the custom sliders that DJ suggested.

    User Info: mrmurmmer

    mrmurmmer - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. I was having this same problem. There is a HUGE gap between All-Pro and All-Madden. All-Pro is super easy and All-Madden is impossible. I used a custom difficulty level and put most things around 13-14, but computer running ability lower, around 12. This kept the challenge but at least made me feel like I had a chance.

    User Info: sk8w_pace

    sk8w_pace - 7 years ago 0 0
  4. Oh come on u guys!! All madden difficulty is a lot harder than in last years game but it is not impossible!! Just like in real football if u make one mistake it will cost u points. if u expect a pass pick a good zone play. spotlight the best wr and manually cover the second best wr. if u are expecting a run move ur lbs. closer to the line of scrimmage. i use the cowboys and do really well. i am currently 9-3. a lot better than i thought i would be. the cpu does get lucky sometimes but so do real teams in the nfl!!

    User Info: Antman2385

    Antman2385 - 6 years ago 0 0
  5. All madden is not impossible I just had a 13-2-1 season on all madden.

    User Info: rascalsboy

    rascalsboy - 4 years ago 0 0

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