Last minikit in Defender of peace: Where is it?

  1. I can not find the minikit next to the bounty hunter panel that starts the beat-50-droids challenge. I have tried the race, destroying the AAT's and almost EVERYTHING!!! Please help!!

    User Info: legomaniac321

    legomaniac321 - 5 years ago


  1. BUMP, am experiencing the same thing and no one's answered this yet after all these months. Does anyone know if this is a glitch? I'd heard the game had shipped buggy.

    Any help is always appreciated, thanks in advance.

    User Info: ModestLife

    ModestLife - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. This is how you find it:

    The Republic controled circle near the bounty hunter panel you need to build 3 clone creators. Now, there is a trick, I found it by having my Minikit Locator on. If that is on you need to build the clone creators around that arrow. Like all 3 near the bounty hunter panel, when you do that a hole in the gound will appear and there will be the last minikit in Defenders of Peace. If you don't have the minikit locater extra unlocked and bought then just build 3 clone creators anywhere and if a hole in the ground does not appear then play around with the location of the 3 clone creators. Here is another hint. You must stay in the Republic Controled circle near the bounty hunter pannel.

    User Info: Star_Wars_Pro

    Star_Wars_Pro - 5 years ago 0 0

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