Where are the companion armor upgrades?

  1. I just found an armor upgrade for one of my companions (Aveline) at a shop in hightown where can I get more and are they time locked ie: do I lose out on them if I move pass the act I'm on.

    PS: I'm on act01 of the game before heading for the deep roads.

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    Jevil_2008 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here is the list of armor upgrades and where to find them:

    - Anders:
    Act 2: Armor Suits (Lirene's Ferelden Imports, Lowtown)
    Act 2: Lyrium Weave (Mage Goods, Gallows Courtyard)
    Act 2: Spirit Essence (Dissent)
    Act 3: Sigil of the Mage Underground (Best Served Cold)

    - Aveline:
    Act 1: Underpadding - Guardsman Pattern (Armor Stand, Lowtown)
    Act 2: Impact Plating - Guardsman Pattern (Armor Stand, Lowtown)
    Act 2: Flex-Chain - Guardsman Pattern (Raiders on the Cliffs)
    Act 3: Deflecting Joints - Guardsman Pattern (Favor and Fault)

    - Bethany and Carver:
    Act 1: Carver: Fereldan Girded Plating (Birthright)
    Act 1: Bethany: Heirloom Amell Protective Sigils (Birthright)

    - Fenris:
    Act 2: Tevinter Spirit Symbol (Robes by Jean Luc, Hightown)
    Act 2: Lyrium Scales (Shady Merchandise, Docks)
    Act 2: Reinforced Straps (A Bitter Pill)
    Act 3: Enchanted Resin (Mine Massacre)

    - Isabela:
    Act 2: Rigid Boning (Apparel Shop, Lowtown)
    Act 2: Supportive Corselet (Robes by Jean Luc, Hightown)
    Act 2: Lambswool Insoles (To Catch a Thief)
    Act 3: Boiled Leather Plates (A Murder of Crows)

    - Merrill:
    Act 2: Samite Lining (Robes by Jean Luc, Hightown)
    Act 2: Carved Ironwood Buttons (Ilen's Crafts, Sundermount)
    Act 2: Silver-Threaded Dalish Embroidery (Top of Sundermount)
    Act 3: Halla Horn Buckles (A New Path)

    - Sebastian:
    Act 2: Enchanted Articulation (Armor Shop, Gallows Courtyard)
    Act 2: Reinforced Bracers (Olaf's Armory, Hightown)
    Act 2: Mail Undertunic (Repentance)
    Act 3: Protection of the Faith (Best Served Cold)

    - Varric:
    Act 1: Inscribed Leather Harness (Apparel Shop, Lowtown)
    Act 2: Coat Lining with Concealed Pockets (Shady Merchandise, Docks)
    Act 2: Silverite-Reinforced Buckles (Family Matter)
    Act 3: Drakeskin Leg Straps (Finding Nathaniel)

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Other Answers

  1. They appear in various shops as you progress, and when you finish each allies individual story arc you unlock the last ones.

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  2. It also might be nice to note that with certain characters, their outfit changes if you romance them~

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