How do you become the viscount of Kirkwall???

  1. What are the right steps to do this??

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    nomercy916 - 6 years ago

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  1. I got this by beating the game. If you side with the Templars, you eventually beat a certain person at the end. After you beat "it" then you get the achievement before, or on the credits, just in case though. You can skip the credits by pressing "B" - That's how I got it.
    Note: You can't get this by siding with the Mages. Must be the Templars.
    Hope this helps!

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  1. In order to become the Viscount, you must make it to Act III (three). The First Enchanter and Knight Commander Meredith will be arguing in the Gallows (I think) about how things should be run. You should be given a dialogue wheel where an option is that "I can be the Viscount". Another option I saw was when King Alistair (Or Queen Anora) come to the viscounts hall, has a brief argument with Meredith, and then again present you with the option to request to become Viscount.

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  2. If you're reading a question about how to become Viscount, one assumes you've made it to that part in the game. Don't blame me for you're getting ahead of yourself.

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