How to get "A Worthy Rival?"

  1. I'm having trouble getting the respect of the Arishok in Act II. I'm trying to get the Achievement for it, but my previous attempts have failed. How can I earn the Achievement that asks to earn the respect of the Arishok?

    User Info: Echelon17

    Echelon17 - 6 years ago

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  1. 1. Sheaperding Wolves: Talk to him immediatly after the quest, and tell him you've killed his warriors.

    2. Offered and Lost: Talk to him immediatly after talking to Brand (Viscount's aide). Tell him his delegate is missing.

    3. Offered and Lost: After completing the quest and talking to the Viscount, tell the Viscount not to hide it, "He'll know"

    4. Offered and lost: After telling the Viscount not to hide it, go and talk to Arishok about the outcome of the quest.

    5. Following the Qun: Be respectful/honest when speeking to him (Green feather).

    6. To Catch a Thief (if avaliable): Tell Arishok where the artifact is. There is a little more to this, but I can't confirm.

    7. Demands of the Qun (start): Agree with his choice and tell him to keep the elves. Be honest and respectful.

    8. Demands of the Qun (finish): Can't confirm if you need to kill him or not.

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  1. Everytime you talk to him always pick the feather dialogue option, and/or try to be logical with your responses. Never try to be demanding or seem like your hiding something.

    User Info: Judas_Deth

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  2. You need to be open with the Arishok whenever you speak with him and not hide important things from him also when you are on the quest "Demands of the Qun" there's a part where you have to talk to the Arishok you need to side with him in the matter and not try to make him get rid of the elven fugitives and he should respect you. (this wont have any ill effects from your party that i know of) I hope this helps you.

    User Info: SithisOurFather

    SithisOurFather - 6 years ago 1 1
  3. Basically kiss his butt. Say whatever you think is going to gain the most respect. Example if you kill the templar and his ilk don't tell the Vicount to burn the bodys instead tell him to ship them back in the form that they are in. Next go speak to the Arishok and be honest. When you come to the part about taking the elves take his side in the debate. That should gain you his respect. Just don't be sarcastic.

    User Info: shorty_jj21

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