Where can I find the Awiergan Scrolls?

  1. Ok, I stumbled on this quest while at Sundermount, on my way to doing Merril's quest to fix the mirror, and was wondering where the rest of the scrolls and hidden lairs are.

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    DarqueDragon - 6 years ago
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    Okay, as I stated in the question, I got the one in Sundermount. I actually got that one in act 3, though, so did I miss some in 2?

    User Info: DarqueDragon

    DarqueDragon - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This is taken from Xbox360achievements.org and is not mine but I thought i'd post it 'cos it helped me to find them just follow the instructions and they are easy enough to find.

    Wounded Coast: If entering the Wounded Coast from the main entrance, head down the dead end to the South of the entrance to find the scroll. Return to the main path and continue south. The path eventually turns and begins running east to west. Continue along and take your second right. As you head down this branch, you will be attacked by multiple groups of Corpses and finally Medan. After killing Medan, the quest will be completed.

    Sundermount #1: Found on the path leading from the Sundermounts entrance to the Dalish elf camp. After collecting the scroll, pass through the Dalish camp and take the right at the fork by Keeper Marethari. As you proceed up the hillside, you will come to a campfire and be attacked by a large group of shades and an Arcane Horror. Defeat them to complete the quest.

    Sundermount #2: Directly behind (North) this campfire where you were attacked is a wall. You will find the final scroll behind this wall. Continue up the mountain and enter the cavern. Exit the cavern through the Mountain Graveyard exit and take a right to continue up the mountain. Pass the loot-able graves and altar and you will be attacked by the demons Gifre, Bysmor and Beacon. Defeating them will complete this final scroll quest.

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Other Answers

  1. i found the 2nd on the path to the Dalish camp. Don't remember the first

    User Info: MaseOfSpades

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  2. found 1 on the wounded coast, and 2 on sundermount, cred to DarkNecromancer

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  3. First one is on the path to the dalish camp. Hug the wall left until you see a scroll. Second one is inside the cave that opens up in act 2 in Sundermount. Inside you fight multiple enemies in waves until you find an golem merchant, the scroll is in the same room. The final scroll is at the wounded coast. Just hug left again and go down a small path, the scroll is there.

    User Info: raflw4ffl3

    raflw4ffl3 - 6 years ago 2 2
  4. The first and third scrolls are where raflw4ffl3 says, however the second scroll is at Sundermount on the path headed up towards the mountain graveyard. On the main map of Sundermount, the scroll is in the small area just south of the very top middle "Sundermount Passage", right next to where you are attacked for having the first scroll.

    Credit to noz3r0.

    User Info: superchibideath

    superchibideath - 6 years ago 1 0

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