How do you solve the Awiergan Scrolls puzzle?

  1. I'm having trouble finishing this quest. Can someone walk me through the entire quest, step-by-step?

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Accepted Answer

  1. To complete this quest, you need to find the three Awiergan scrolls. Here are the location of the three scrolls:

    The Awiergan Scroll First Aspect:
    You can find this scroll down the dead end to your left upon entering The Wounded Coast, it is next to the corpse.
    The Hidden Lair is located in the Wounded Coast. From the entrance take the left hand route and then it is your second right on that path. Follow this path and you will find a named Arcane Horror(Medan) and lots of undead.

    The Awiergan Scroll Third Aspect:
    You can find the scroll located on the left path towards The Dalish Camp in Sundermount. You will go through ruins and you can see the scroll located next to a wall.
    The Hidden Lair for this scroll can be located up the hill behind The Dalish Camp towards the Sundermount Passage. Again, there will be some ruins and for the second time, you will be again be ambushed by a named Arcane Horror and some undead species.

    The Aweirgan Scroll Second Aspect:
    You can find this scroll behind a wall at the ruins from the Hidden Lair for the Third Aspect Scroll.
    The Hidden Lair for this scroll can be found by going through the Sundermount Passage, it is up th hill past the ruins. It is located past the Graveyard from the Flemeth quest. This is the hardest among the scrolls as it contains two named Revenants namely Gifre and Beacon and a named Undead Bysmor.

    And for the final part of the quest here is the guide for the The Aweirgan Scroll Pride Unbound:
    After locating the three scrolls and Hidden Lairs, you must go to Darktown or Anders Clinic and outside Ander's Clinic there is an opening on the side of a house with crooked ladder sticking out, this is the last Hidden Lair.

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Other Answers

  1. There are two stages to this quest. First, you must find all three awiergan scrolls. Two of these are in Sundermount: one near the entrance over by the left wall before the Dalish camp, and one behind a ruined wall on the path up the mountain. The third is in the wounded coast, in the first dead end off of the southern fork at the beginning. Each scroll reveals a "hidden lair"- these are not really lairs as they are simply parts of the area in which bad guys spawn, and you can identify them on your map screen. Once you find all 3 scrolls and kill the enemies at the lairs, you can head to darktown for the final part of the quest. You can enter an area near Anders' Clinic- the same place where you went into the old Hawke Estate in Act 1, and in there you will find a boss- defeating him ends the quest and gives you an achievement.

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  2. This is a series of quests you can complete in Act III.

    1) Find the first scroll (First Aspect) in The Wounded Coast, to the south of the entrance where the dead end path is. Proceed to the newly opened Hidden Lair area to the west and defeat the undead spawns and Medan to finish the quest.

    2) Find the second scroll (this is actually the Third Aspect, but you will come across this scroll first) in Sundermount, along the path to the Dalish Camp. Pass through the camp and head to the ruins, along the path before reaching Sundermount Passage. Defeat the Arcane Horror there to finish the quest.

    3) Find the third scroll (Second Aspect) in Sundermount, in the same area where you fought the Arcane Horror in the previous quest. It will be behind the wall. Proceed through the Passage and past the graveyard, defeat the enemies there (Bysmor, Beacon and Gifre) to finish the quest.

    4) There will be a new quest (Pride Unbound) available, head to the Hidden Lair in Darktown, south of Ander's clinic. Here you will find Hybris, defeat him to complete the final quest and also unlock the Demon Slayer achievement.

    YouTube video guide:

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