How do I defeat the arishok?

  1. How can I defeat the arishok by a level 15 warrior,If i can't defeat him by my character tell me how to defeat him by other classes or should I restart the game by a warrior.

    User Info: 101omar

    101omar - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I defeated him as a warrior can't remember what level I was though, make sure you're using a two- handed weapon and have the ability Mighty Blow equipped and have plenty of health potions and stamina potions. From the start he should rush at you try to advoid him if you can, don't try to fight him head on as he'll just slash you to pieces, keep running you may think you'll move too slow but believe me you can outrun him, he'll start doing his rushing attack he'll usually hit a wall, now if you can attack him from behind with Might Blow and quickly start running again keep doing this healing when needed if you do attack head on, he'll stab you with one of his swords doing big damage to you but if he does keep on attacking as you'll hurt him too finally after a LONG time you should kill him. It took me about an hour and I used my health potions early on in the fight but I beat him first go. Hope I've helped and good luck

    User Info: annalex85

    annalex85 - 6 years ago 0 0

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