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"An exhilerating game for the new and old, but not for sticklers"

As many people will tell you this is NOT Dragon Age Origins, they have completely different feels and it is highly parallel to comparing Mass Effect 1 & 2. However don't let anyone tell you otherwise, this game is a fantastic character driven story leaving me restless.

Story: 7.5
I'll be honest here, there is no true focus to the story and it seems like it's just a backdrop for you to assemble a team and do side quests, to keep this completely spoiler free I'll bring you to what makes this a memorable game, the characters.

Characters: 9
The characters in this game are absolutely delightful, they have a unique personality with only 1 or 2 cookie-cutter types in there (I'm looking at you Aveline). But like Mass Effect 2 (Which I will use as an item in this review because there are remarkable similarities to be drawn from the changes in the original compared to the sequel). Regardless, the characters will keep you drawn into the game and will allow you to experience what Kirkwall has to offer in its majestic walls. (Their banter is absolutely genius as well, Varric keeps me in stitches with his wit.)

Gameplay (Battle): 7.5
I'll be fair and separate this into two categories, Battle game play and Social game play. The fights in this game are what you come to expect from the series, tactical and party driven. And yet this will either be a deterrent to old players or a delight to the new, the system regains its same tactical feel on higher difficulties and yet on the Normal-Casual levels it is very much just a slash and hack game with abilities.

Gameplay (Social): 9
Good god this is amazing, this is not Mass Effect's Good-Neutral-Evil system it is now an engaging conversational apparatus which makes you deeply consider situations, whether you choose the right line to bargain with a homicidal enemy or have Varric lie you way pass authority situations it's all there.

Music: 7.5
I'll give Bioware that it knows how to make a soundtrack but to me nothing really sticks out and most of it is your generic Dun-duna-dun-DUN-DUN-DUNA-DUN medieval theme but it is a high quality tract nonetheless.

Graphics: 8
A huge step up from DA:O, this game enhances the style of the former and shows the races true features.

Final: 8/10
Game is Awesome, buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/10/11

Game Release: Dragon Age II (US, 03/08/11)

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