How do I beat (tank)?

  1. How do I control the airstrike in Valient Hammer?

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  1. This is probably more information than you need for this mission:

    For the first three waves, you can go through without having to alert the enemy. Using the drone, figure out which enemies are isolated from the group and pick them off. This takes patience at times. When there are about 4 -6 guys remaining, you can usually assassinate one of them, then while in slow-motion fire, take the second of a pair (your teammates will get the remaining 3).

    When engaging the APC (I think that's the term they use), find cover and have your team target individuals. Switch to magnetics, and get on a fixed machine gun post (there are four I believe), hold (X) to get behind and fire at the APC driver. The APC will eventually explode with enough ammunition thrown at it, just use magnetics to target the right areas.

    All Artillery cannons are taken out with C4 by holding (A) when next to them.

    Last, when the tank shows up, keep ducking and dodging. It's good to get a PKP or any other LMG for this part, which can be grabbed out of the box just before engaging the tank. either way, try to keep focused on the tank and move just before it fires. Have your team target individuals similar to engaging the APC, except don't fire on the tank. After some dialogue, a timer will count down a minute. lay low, and try to stay on the opposite side of the map as the tank. After some dialogue, you should have an indicator come up to hold (X) for the airstrike. Make sure you're behind cover before initiating the airstrike, and when you go into the cockpit, use the Left analog stick to head straight for the tank.

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