Constructable Weapons List?

  1. Does anyone have a list off all the constructable weapons and where you can find the parts to make them?

    User Info: EUNIT88

    EUNIT88 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    DarkZero you list is indeed comprehensive but could you let us know where to find some of the more obscure items, such as Battery, Paddle, Construction Hat & Green Spray paint, thanks.

    User Info: EUNIT88

    EUNIT88 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Drill Bucket- Power Drill, Bucket (multiple locations)
    I.E.D.- Box of Nails Propane Tank (multiple locations)
    Molotov- Whiskey, Newspaper (multiple locations)
    Air Horn- Pylon, Spray Paint (green spray paint behind sheriffs office, purple on roof of safehouse)
    Beer Hat- Beer, Construction Hat (construction hat on corner of rooftop east of gun shop)
    Electrical Rake- Leaf Rake, Battery (battery behind theater in alley on dumpster and on parking lot dumpster behind convenience store)
    Boomstick - Pitchfork, Shotgun (shotgun in gun shop)
    Paddlesaw - Paddle, Chainsaw (paddle on building porch south out of safehouse)
    Spiked Bat- Box of Nails, Bat (multiple locations)

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Other Answers

  1. Drill Bucket- Power Drill, Bucket
    I.E.D.- Box of Nails Propane Tank
    Molotov- Whiskey, Newspaper
    Air Horn- Pylon, Green Spray Paint
    Beer Hat- Beer, Construction Hat
    Electrical Rake- Leaf Rake, Battery
    Boomstick - Pitchfork, Shotgun
    Paddlesaw - Paddle, Chainsaw
    Spiked Bat- Box of Nails, Bat

    User Info: DarkZeroSin2

    DarkZeroSin2 - 7 years ago 12 0
  2. Paddle is opposite the safe house as you exit on the piece of grass. The spray paint it can be any colour is on the roof of the safe house with a barret sniper. I don't know where the battery is. Sorry

    User Info: MrGinger2612

    MrGinger2612 - 7 years ago 3 0
  3. The battery is down the alleyway nearest to the blockade on top of a dumpster.

    User Info: biocraze

    biocraze - 7 years ago 2 0
  4. Oh and the construction hat is on a rooftop. Simply get up to Bobs rooftop and follow the awning across, taking a few jumps till you reach blue stand with a broadsword on it. Climb up from there and follow the roofs to find the hat sitting on the corner of the rooftop.

    User Info: biocraze

    biocraze - 7 years ago 2 0
  5. You'll find a Green Spray Paint following the alley that would lead to the backdoor of the Sherriff's Office


    There's a Purple Spray Paint on the Rooftop of the Safehouse.

    User Info: _881110

    _881110 - 7 years ago 2 0
  6. Theres a battery on top of a dumpster in a dead end behind the theater

    User Info: tehwalrus

    tehwalrus - 7 years ago 2 0
  7. The pitchfork and the chainsaw are both located in the hardware shop located to the left of Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley

    User Info: Vayne_Soldier

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  8. Where do you find a Pylon for the air horn?

    User Info: Ganonschmorf

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  9. Ganonschmorf:

    Pylons are the orange road cones. They are all over the place...just look in the street.

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  10. Where would one procure the deer

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  11. The Moose Head --- is available in Bob's Hunting Shack from the main entrance to the upper left wall behind where the Bastard sword rack.

    User Info: ranma23456

    ranma23456 - 7 years ago 2 0
  12. You have to build all NINE combos in one save file, You can actually do this before you even get the first vial of Zombrex for Katy.

    Bat + Nails > Spiked Bat
    Paddle + Chainsaw > Paddlesaw
    Shotgun + Pitchfork > Boomstick
    Traffic Cone (Pylon) + Spray paint > Airhorn
    Construction hat + Beer > Beer Hat
    Propane Tank + Nails > IED
    Bucket + Power Drill > Drill Bucket
    Rake + Car Battery > Electric Rake
    Whiskey + Newspaper > Moltov

    Car Battery is found on a dumpster behind the Theatre. You can access the path by moving to the point where you normally get the engine for the bike and Jump over the nearby fence.

    Construction Hat is found on the building you jump to to access the awning to jump into the Hunting Store. When you jump across, move to your right and you should see it on a raised edge, ripe for the picking.

    Spray Paints can be found on the roof of the Safe House or I believe the Sherif's Building. Though the color doesn't matter, the ones on top of the safe house are much easier to access and are always the there.

    The Paddle for the paddlesaw is actually very overlooked, it's right across the street of the safe house, hidden from view behind the van. At the corner of the fence and the closed off building, you should find the ONLY paddle in the town. (Which in all kinda BS xD Considering they have their own hunting store with SWORDS in it)

    Shotgun is found in the upstairs of the Sheriff's Building, guarded by one silly zombie :3 Blast/chop/bash his head in and claim your prize, a nice tasty gun....Or a piece of a much more devistating weapon, Which when using heavy attacks with the Combo card produces 2500PP per use, but also costs 3 shots to use.

    :3 More or less my first post on one of these.

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  13. Tt doesn't have to all be in one save file, trust me...

    User Info: meEatSpartans

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  14. My ratings & comments:

    1) AIR HORN (rating 1/10):
    Does nothing but make noise, like ringing a dinner bell.
    2) BEER HAT (rating 1/10):
    Just makes you sick. I hit X a few times and threw up a few times. Just drop it.
    3) MOLOTOV (rating 3/10):
    Looks cool, but it just hit one zombie and gave only a small amount of PP.
    4) I.E.D. (rating 4/10):
    You MUST have a gun to really use it. If not, you can hit zombies, but when one hits you, you drop it. With a gun, throw it, shoot it and it'll make a nice fireball that'll kill several zombies. The annoyance of carrying it plus the ease of dropping it lowered my rating.
    5) DRILL BUCKET (rating 5/10):
    Easy enough to find & you can carry this in your inventory. The effect on zombies is cool, but even in a small group of zombies, one hit knocks it out of your hands and then you can't find it in the bodies.
    6) ELECTRIC RAKE (rating 7/10):
    The electric rake "tazers" any zombie it touches. It doesn't have a "strong" use since you can't get the combo card for it at this point (I'm level 5). So, it is kinda neat, but boring compared to the others.
    8) BOOMSTICK (rating 8/10):
    Hard to make and you have to be close enough to spear a zombie with the pitchfork, but it'll clear several zombies at once. It takes a few seconds to reuse it and I don't think you can store it, so use it when you make it. Also, it doesn't work nearly as well as Jed's boomstick. I died and forgot to save, so SAVE BEFORE GIVING KATEY ZOMBREX!
    8) PADDLESAW (rating 9/10):
    Hard to make. I don't think the paddle can be stuck in inventory, so you have to carry it and it is a lousy weapon. Once combined, it gives 250PP per hit! It gets used up too fast, though. I've only made it once because of the annoyance of making it. The PP increased my rating.
    9) SPIKED BAT (rating 10/10):
    Easiest combo weapon to make, it clears a wide area around you, & tapping the X button causes three different swings in a row. The strong attack is a one-hit-kill. You're invulnerable during the cool animation that gives you 200PP points. A regular swing gives you fewer PP points, but they're per zombie you hit. Lasts a long time, too! This my favorite combo weapon.

    User Info: JannieAngel

    JannieAngel - 7 years ago 1 0
  15. Also, about the combo weapon achievement, I found a walkthrough for this game on another site,, and it says that you *have* to make all of these combo weapons in one play-through to get the achievement. I did make them all in one play-through and got the achievement, but "meEatSpartans" posted above that it doesn't have to be in one "save file," which I assume means one play-through, so I'm not sure.

    Has anyone gotten the achievement after making the rest of the weapons after restarting the story?

    User Info: JannieAngel

    JannieAngel - 7 years ago 0 0
  16. I just got the achievement without making all the weapons in one run. I skipped the molotov, the drillbucket and the I.E.D. and it still unlocked for me.

    User Info: rongeong

    rongeong - 7 years ago 0 0

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