1. Based on the demo does it seem like the survivor A.I. has been improved? Also have they fixed the text box size? Thank you.

    User Info: insane1ooo

    insane1ooo - 7 years ago

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  1. The text has been both directly and indirectly improved, indeed. Not only is the actual text larger, the font smoother, and the text window shaded darker against the white text to further make it more readable, but the option to SKIP TEXT with the Y button has been implemented as well! Now you can hurry through any conversation you want to if need be, or if surrounded, or if you've heard it all before, instead of having to wait for eight seconds for the text to play itself out (Otis, anyone?).

    Survivor A.I. and durability in general have been vastly improved over Dead Rising. Here's a list of proven differences:

    - Survivors can now release themselves from grapples, though they do still take some damage before they're able. This means you don't HAVE to turn around and go back every time someone gets grabbed, though you can still minimize the damage done to them with a well-aimed jump kick like before.
    - Survivors no longer have only the three basic modes of "moving," "fighting" and "idle" that they had in Dead Rising. This was a problem whenever you used the "Follow me" command, in that survivors could only go from "idle" to "fighting," and NOT from "moving" to "fighting." So survivors following you would continually be moving and never defend themselves, no matter how well-equipped, unless you stopped running entirely. In Case Zero a survivor armed with a weapon will, when running in a straight line that is blocked by a single zombie, attack that zombie and continue on again just as a player might. Unarmed survivors will try to run a straight path pushing zombies aside as they go, and remain more likely to be grabbed.
    - It is no longer possible to kill a survivor in a single strike or shot with any weapon (by accident or on purpose), including the sledgehammer and shotgun that, in Dead Rising, would often create terrible accidents with the people you were trying to protect. Survivors now have a life bar that functions identically to your own life blocks; they must ALL be emptied before death can occur, regardless of circumstance.
    - Survivor pathfinding seems greatly improved as well; a survivor caught on an object will never continue to run against it endlessly the way they did in Dead Rising, but will immediately attempt to circle it to continue. The only exception is if a survivor is given a waypoint to an unreachable location, at which point they will faithfully follow your example and act stupidly.

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  1. Survivors do seem to be a good deal smarter and sturdier than in DR1. I escorted two females from the bowling alley to the safe house, that's probably the farthest not including the girl you carry for those two. I didn't give either a weapon, I threw a waypoint out near our destination, they ran, they never stopped, and the zombies tried but failed to grab them. I've only had two instances where my survivors got caught in several playthroughs, once was dumb luck on the zombie's part but the survivor broke free of the zombie after about 10 seconds of struggling with very little health lost. The other time was when I set up my waypoints poorly, I got a survivor stuck on a wall and I had to cancel waypoints to get him off the wall and I had to slice the zombies to free him. He came out of it with only about 20%-25% health missing.

    And yes, the text box size has been increased, however it is still kinda small, but it is readable on an SD TV without being 6 inches from your set.

    User Info: Kinkajou

    Kinkajou - 7 years ago 0 0

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