Free Games for game room?

  1. I have seen some post that say some of the games are free? If this is correct can some please list all the Free games?

    User Info: prosnoopy

    prosnoopy - 7 years ago


  1. Q: Hey, where are my free games?
    A: Game Packs are indeed free, and do indeed contain games. These games may each
    be played for one 10 minute free Demo period. Additionally, 5 Tokens may be
    used to obtain a 10 minute Token Bonus Play. (That's over 20 hours of free
    play time from your initial 20 Tokens and the current Game Packs!)
    To unlock a game for play any time, to put the game in your arcade, and to
    participate in Challenges and High Score tables, you must purchase it.

    User Info: BlatherscyteB

    BlatherscyteB - 7 years ago 1 1

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