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"Where's the beef?"

Super Meat Boy is a treat. The game is based on the popular flash game Meat Boy and developed by "Team Meat". The game is a tricky platformer based on timing, skill, speed, and smarts. It's a game where dying is as common as tapping the A button to jump, and it's awesome.

The game features an overworld with a wide variety of levels. Players are tasked with getting to the end of the level, which requires platforming precision of an almost superhuman nature during the later levels. The game is a platformer through and through, and doesn't try to be anything else. New hazards are introduced with each world, making progressing through Super Meat Boy an incredibly challenging experience.

New characters can be unlocked by collecting band-aids in the levels. These characters all have unique properties that will make some levels easier, and others a bit more difficult. Secret levels can be discovered that provide an even more difficult challenge, and it will take a ton of guts and determination to complete Super Meat Boy fully and unlock all of the achievements.

Super Meat Boy is what Xbox Live Arcade was made to represent. These types of gaming experiences are what have defined the XBLA service. Super Meat Boy is a simple game, yet an incredibly challenging and difficult one. The visuals are nothing to get excited about, though the death counter is amusing and watching the titular Meat Boy explode in a variety of different ways is similarly fun. The story is paper thin, as it should be, and the music is awesome, as it should be.

So, I suppose the question now is, why didn't Super Meat Boy get a higher score? I do love the game, but the game almost feels bloated. It can become extremely repetitive, especially when the levels just keep recycling similar platforming challenges, which can turn the game from fun to frustrating. While the other characters may seem to add more content to the game, they are kind of pointless, as none of them are as fun to play as the main character is. The achievements are all very difficult to unlock, making achievement hunting only a prospect for those that are very good at the game.

Super Meat Boy is a very entertaining game, despite its flaws. It's got a lot of charm and I had a ton of fun with it. It's an easy XBLA recommendation, but gamers that aren't prepared for the challenge best look elsewhere for their arcade-style fix.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/07/12

Game Release: Super Meat Boy (US, 10/20/10)

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