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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ThePinkPwner

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/27/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    LIMBO XBOX Live Arcade Walkthrough
    By Ashley Godbold
    The following is a complete in-depth (as spoiler free as possible) walkthrough 
    of the game LIMBO for the XBOX Live Arcade.
    Table of Contents
    1) Guide Key {1GK}
    2) Updates {2UPD}
    3) Walkthrough {3WT}
    4) Achievements and Unlockables {4ACH}
    5) Secret Hidden Eggs {5SHE}
    6) Contact Information {6CI}
    7) Special Thanks {7ST}
    8) Copyright Information {8CI}
    1. Guide Key {1GK}
    -Any command in [brackets] is an option button on the screen.
    -I highly recommend using [ctrl]+f on a PC or [command]+f on a mac to search
     for the specific day or event you are looking for. Use the codes to the right
     of the topic in {braces} to search more easily.
    2. Updates {2UPD}
    Version 0.67
    --July 20, 2010
    --Chapters 0-16 (of 24 total chapters) are complete.
    --All achievements are listed and the chapters they appear in are also listed.
    --Seven of the 12 achievements are described, in detail.
    Version 1.0
    --July 21, 2010
    --All Chapters and achievements described in detail.
    --Minor editing still possibly required.
    Version 1.1
    --July 26, 2010
    --11 secret hidden egg locations revealed.
    --Minor editing done.
    3. Walkthrough {3WT}
    Walkthrough Quick Search:
    Chapter 0 {Ch0}
    Chapter 1 {Ch1}
    Chapter 2 {Ch2}
    Chapter 3 {Ch3}
    Chapter 4 {Ch4}
    Chapter 5 {Ch5}
    Chapter 6 {Ch6}
    Chapter 7 {Ch7}
    Chapter 8 {Ch8}
    Chapter 9 {Ch9}
    Chapter 10 {Ch10}
    Chapter 11 {Ch 11}
    Chapter 12 {Ch 12}
    Chapter 13 {Ch 13}
    Chapter 14 {Ch 14}
    Chapter 15 {Ch 15}
    Chapter 16 {Ch 16}
    Chapter 17 {Ch 17}
    Chapter 18 {Ch 18}
    Chapter 19 {Ch 19}
    Chapter 20 {Ch 20}
    Chapter 21 {Ch 21}
    Chapter 22 {Ch 22}
    Chapter 23 {Ch 24}
    Chapter 24 {Ch 24}
    *Note: Chapters do not reveal themselves until after you have beaten the game.
    If you are playing this game for the first time, you can just follow the 
    walkthrough ignoring the chapter distinctions. Each chapter runs seamlessly
    into the next.
    Chapter 0 {CH0}
    When game starts immediately head left. Walk over glowing white spot on ground
    for your first, and easiest, achievement [Achievement: Wrong Way 5pts].
    Head right and jump down at the end of the log. Make sure you jump over the pit
    at the bottom of the log, because it has spikes and will kill you. 
    Chapter 1 {CH1}
    Use the X or B button to pull the crate to the left from under the wooden
    structure as far as the rope will allow. Jump on top of the crate to ascend the
    wooden structure. Jump to grab the rope. He will automatically grab the rope;
    you do not have to press any buttons to make him grab it. Climb down the rope
    all the way down to the hanging platform by pressing and holding down. Jump off
    of the platform and avoid the pit. You can jump either left or right, the
    height will not kill you. Head right. 
    Jump on the boat and let it take you across the lake. Once you reach the shore,
    you have to pull the boat as far onto the shore as you can (using X or B).
    Use the boat as a platform to climb the cliff ledge. Climb the thick vine to
    the right as far up as it will let you go. Jump to the left to grab the rope
    (you do not have press any buttons to make him latch) climb all the way up.
    Once at the top of the rope, jump onto the ledge, he will automatically grab
    the ledge if you jump towards it as long as you are all the way at the top of
    the rope. Head right. 
    After passing the two trees that are in the foreground, you will come upon two
    bear traps (jagged spikes on the ground). Grab the bear trap on the left and
    pull it to the left so that there is enough space between the two bear traps
    that you can jump over them. Head right.
    You will come across a dead animal hanging from a rope. Jump below the hanging
    dead animal and grab the bear trap. Place the bear trap under the hanging dead
    animal. Climb onto the ledge and jump onto the rope. When you jump onto the
    rope, the bear trap will grab the corpse off of the rope. Now, the rope will
    not be as weighted, and it will be positioned higher, so you can reach the
    ledge. Climb to the top of the rope and jump to the ledge. Head right.
    You will come upon a log slanted downward to the left. (It will have a slight
    area underneath it so you can see the background and a small ledge in front of
    it.) When you climb on the log, the log will shift, and a furry ball will roll
    towards you. As soon as you see the ball, jump to the ledge on the left to
    avoid the ball. Head right.
    Chapter 2 {CH2}
    You will come to a lake with a crate. Grab the crate and pull it to the left
    until it is under the rope hanging from the tree. Jump on the crate so you can
    grab the rope. Start swinging left and right so you can jump onto the tree 
    branch to the right. From the branch on the right, jump to the branch on the
    left that has the rope hanging from it. Run to the left and jump to the stump
    on the next tree to the left. Jump from there to the branch on the right.
    Run right and jump on the next branch up. You will eventually get to a vertical
    piece of the tree that is broken. Push it to the right until it falls over.
    DO NOT GO ALL THE WAY DOWN YET! Obscured in the leaves directly to your left
    you can see a rope hanging. Run and jump to the left to grab the rope. Climb
    about half way up the rope. Swing back and forth so that you can jump to the
    ledge on the left with the white glowing spot. Step on the spot to collect the
    an achievement [Achievement: Altitude is Attitude 5pts]. Head back down to the
    ground backtracking in the method you got up. Careful, he can die from jumping
    from too high a point. Push the newly felled tree trunk into the water. Use
    the floating tree trunk as a platform to jump to the opposite side of the
    water. Head right.
    Chapter 3 {CH3}
    Eventually, you will encounter a huge scary spider! He will show up directly
    after the bear trap suspended on a branch in the air. Approach the spider and
    he will try to stab you. When he lifts his leg in the air, run to the left to
    avoid being stabbed. Have him do this twice. His stabbing the ground will shake
    the bear trap to the left loose. Once the bear trap is on the ground, jump to
    the left of the bear trap and grab it from the left side. Push the bear trap
    towards the spider. Make the spider stab the bear trap, instead of the ground.
    He will straighten his leg before lifting it. Once he lifts it, make sure the
    bear trap is when he will bring his leg down. Do this three times. Once you 
    have injured three of the spider’s legs, he will climb up the tree, allowing
    you to pass. Head right.
    Eventually, you will walk into some sticky ground that will not allow you to
    move. The spider will show up, grab you, and wrap you in a web. DO NOT PANIC!
    This is supposed to happen. Once you are trapped in the web, you can shake
    loose by moving back and forth. Head right. Be careful when you get to the gap.
    When you are incased in the spider web, your jumping abilities are limited.
    Chapter 4 {CH4}
    When you get to the ledge that you slide down, you have to jump before you
    reach the bottom, so you do not fall in the pit. Push the ball to the right,
    but the second it starts moving on its own momentum (it will do this when it
    gets to the slanted part of the ground),move to the left to avoid a falling
    log. Cross the log and you will end up walking onto a very large ball. Walk on
    the right side of the ball, to cause it to roll forward. Once the ball starts
    rolling, the spider will come after you. Do not go too far the right on the
    ball, because you will fall off. You will essentially just keep pressing left
    to keep yourself from falling once it starts rolling on its own. Once the ball
    has rolled to the ledge, jump on the ledge and move to the right QUICKLY to 
    avoid attack from the spider. You will stumble and fall down a hill, which will
    remove the spider web encasing you. Head right.
    Walk towards the “person” and the ground below you will collapse. To the right,
    you will see a hanging rope, with a bear trap above it. Jump on the rope,
    immediately let go of the rope by jumping to the right so the bear trap doesn’t
    fall on your head. The bear trap falls spiky side down, so it is safe to walk
    on. Jump on the rope. Swing back and forth to gain momentum and jump on the
    ledge on the right. Head right.
    Chapter 5 {CH5}
    You’ll get to a platforming area where you just jump from stump to stump. After
    the fourth stump, you will see a broken tree trunk balanced on a stick. Jump
    on the stick to break it and immediately jump back to the stump on the left
    so the tree trunk won’t fall on you. Cross the newly created bridge. The stump
    immediately after this will fall forward as soon as you jump on it. Time the
    jump to land on the next stump. Use caution jumping to the next stump, because
    as soon as you jump on it, a swinging ball will come at you from the right.
    Jump over the ball, as it tries to attack you. Jump to the next platform.
    Slide down, but make sure to jump before you get to the bottom, because there
    are death spikes right before the ledge. Head right.
    You will encounter a fake spider leg. Walk underneath it when it lifts up. The
    switch can be manipulated, but it doesn’t really help you proceed. Head right.
    Jump over the watery pit. A flaming heel will come after you from the right.
    YOU CANNOT JUMP OVER THE FLAMING WHEEL! Run to the left and jump back over the
    watery pit to avoid the flaming wheel. Once the wheel has fallen in the water
    the coast is clear (for now) head back right. You will see another flaming
    ball, but you can jump over it. Make sure you run directly under the ledge
    after jumping over the flaming ball to avoid a flaming wheel that cannot be
    jumped over. Head right. Climb the two ladders. Head right.
    Chapter 6 {CH6}
    When you see the dead body hanging, you will also see a boy that is alive.
    Move slowly to the right approach the area under when the boy originally was
    with caution. Notice the two bear traps on crisscrossing ropes. Once you get 
    under the platform, the boy will make these bear traps drop. Head slowly to
    the right. The second the first trap begins to fall, move quickly to the left,
    and then back to the right when the other falls. Climb the rope that is left
    from the second bear trap and jump onto the platform. Head right, jumping on
    the platforms to cross the hole in the ground. Head right.
    You will come to a log sitting on the edge of a water area. Push log into 
    water. Immediately jump on top of the log, because the spider is after you.
    Jump from the log to the small island, once the log is close enough. Continue
    to the right. You’ll come to a see-sawing log. Go to the right side of the see-
    saw. Wait for the spider. He will push the left side down allowing you to jump
    to the ledge. Push the stump to your right over and use it as a platform to
    jump the gap. Keep moving right and the spider will fall. YOU’RE NOT SAFE, YET!
    Once you climb up the small ledge, break the stick holding up the ball by
    jumping on top of the stick. The ball will fall and chase you. You need
    to run to the left and jump back down and hug the wall of the small ledge that
    you just climbed up. This will avoid the spider and the ball. The ball will
    roll over your head, knocking the resilient spider back. Head right jumping 
    over any gaps or obstacles.
    You will get to a spiky pit, with two ominous figures on the top of the ledge
    to the right of the pit. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS JUMP, DO NOT ATTEMPT IT! The
    spider comes back. He will lift and extend his leg in an attempt to stab you.
    Avoid the stab. When his leg is still extended, grab it, using the X or B
    button. Pull the leg to the right away from the spider’s body. (I know, gross!)
    Once his leg has been removed, roll his body into the pit, that you previously
    couldn’t jump. You can now use the spider’s body as a platform to jump over the
    pit. Head right.
    Chapter 7 {CH7}
    You will come across two hanging boxes; one with a body and one with a bird.
    Head right and climb the ladder and go left. Jump on the box with the body and
    then on the box that had the bird. Jump up and down on the box until to crate
    comes loose. Push the crate all the way to the right. Use the crate to climb
    the ledge. Head right.
    You will walk through a puddle with bugs in it and you will encounter a pond
    with dead bodies in it. Jump on the first dead body to use it as a platform.
    Wait there until a person walks into the water and drowns. Use the new body
    as a platform to reach the ledge. There is a third body that is close to the
    shore. Grab the body using the X or B button. Drag the body until you reach
    a pit. Get on the left side of the body and push it into the pit. It will
    trip a rope and cause the giant block to fall. Now you can walk across the
    block that just fell. Head right.
    You will come across a suspended block with what looks like a knee-high
    platform below it. The ground sinks a little before the platform. Make sure
    you do not step in this area, because this will cause the block to fall and
    crush you. Jump onto the platform from where the ground is raised and then
    jump to the next area of raised ground to clear the crushing block. For the
    next suspended block do not jump on the platform. The platform is a switch
    that will make the block fall. Jump over the switch to avoid being crushed.
    You will come up to a spiked pit. Jump over the pit and kids with blow guns
    will attack you. Head back across the pit before they shoot at you and they
    will chase you. Avoid the suspended block traps in the same manner that you
    avoided them, before. The kids chasing you will be crushed by the suspended
    blocks. Now the traps are no longer an issue. Head right.
    Chapter 8 {CH8}
    You will come to a ladder. Go down the ladder. At the bottom of the ladder
    to the left, there is a crate on wheels you have to pull to the right. Pull
    the crate as far as it will go and just leave it there. Climb back up the
    ladder. Jump to the platform on the right. Grab the rope suspended over the
    two saw blades. Climb up the rope, causing the rope to pull downward. Do this
    until the rope stops moving. Once you jump off the rope, it will start winding
    back up. So, quickly jump off the rope and quickly run down. Do not use the
    ladder, because you will not have enough time if you do. You need to use the
    crate as a platform to jump to the rope that is now hanging down below the
    blades. Once you jump on the rope, it will lengthen again. Once the rope is
    completely pulled down, swing to jump and grab the rope to the right. Once you
    grab the second rope, you will notice a block raising. You must stay on the
    rope long enough so that the block will raise to a point that will give you
    time to run under it. Head right.
    After you pass the harmless creature eating glowing mushrooms, you will
    encounter a white glowing worm that will jump on your head and take control
    away from you. There is no way to avoid this. This must happen to progress.
    Once the worm attaches, the boy will move to the left on his own. Once he
    enters the light, he changes direction. He will now go right. You can make
    him go faster and jump, but you cannot change his direction. Be careful of the
    pit at the bottom of the sliding area. Jump over the crate near the pecking 
    things. Do not push or pull the crate, just jump over it and leave it where it
    is. You will enter another beam of light after jumping over the crate, which
    will cause you now to go to the left. Now push the crate. Push the crate under
    the pecking creatures in the ceiling. Use the crate to as a platform to jump
    towards the pecking creatures and they will eat your brain worm. Now you have
    control over which direction your turn. Head right.
    Chapter 9 {CH9}
    You will come across a gear and a lever. Ignore them for now. Head right and
    you will see another harmless mushroom-eating creature. He will run from you.
    Use the ledge he ran under to jump to the pipe that has mushrooms hanging from
    it. Jump up and down on the pipe to make a mushroom fall to the ground.
    When the creature comes out to eat the mushroom, jump down and block his path
    on the right. He will run to the left, instead. He will run from you until he 
    falls into the gear. He will run in the gear, causing it to turn. Push and
    hold the lever to the left until it starts raining. Head right.
    You will come across a pit with a spurting pipe above and to the left of it.
    Jump into the pit. Grab the floating log on the right of the pit and pull it to
    about the middle of the pit. Jump from the floating log to the thick rope
    hanging on the left of the pit. Grab the chain hanging from the spurting pipe
    to make the pipe lower and fill the pit with water. Hopefully, you pulled the
    log to the middle of the pit, because now you can use it to platform across
    the pit. Head right.
    You will get to a structure with a pipe that looks like oil is spilling from
    it. Grab onto the cloth that is hanging on the left of the structure and climb
    up. Head right.
    Chapter 10 {CH10}
    You will reach a crate floating in water. Push the crate until it is under the
    slight opening in the platform above. Go to the right and pull the lever to
    close the water drain. The second you pull the lever you want to jump on the
    ladder and go up, because the water level will rise. When you reach the top,
    pull the top level of the platform to the right so the crate can float and rise
    up through the hole. Jump on the crate and ride it up until you can reach the
    ladder. Go right and pull the box out to the left from under the ledge.
    Jump on the box and ride the box up. The box has a hole in it so it does not
    float very well. So, you must jump onto the ledge as soon as you can or the box
    will sink beneath you. Once you’ve jumped onto that platform, the water will
    start spilling to the right. Jump to the right, slide down, and immediately
    jump on the second platform down. You will find another sliding door and what
    looks like a floating balloon below it. Pull the sliding door platform to the
    left to open the hole. Once the balloon pops up, quickly close the sliding door
    underneath it so the balloon won’t fall back into the water. Push the balloon
    to the right until it starts rolling on its own. Once it starts rolling on its
    own, head left and climb the ladder. Once you reach the top of the ladder head
    right and stand on the wooden platform with the balloon under it. The balloon
    will float under the platform allowing you to float to the next ledge. Head
    Walk past the ladder to the lever. Pull the lever, so that the water level
    above you will rise. Push the lever back, once the water is as high as it will
    go. Climb the ladder and platform your way across to the right, until you get
    to the second lever. Pull the level. The big box will drop and displace the
    water allowing you to jump across. If you had not closed the first lever, the
    water would not displace as high and you would not be able to cross. Head
    Chapter 11 {CH11}
    Pass under the beam of light. Grab the crate and pull/push it all the way to
    the left before you let the brain slug attach to you. Walk under the brain
    slug. It will take control of you and move you to the left. Use the newly
    positioned crate to allow you to jump onto the ledge on the left. You will walk
    into the light and your direction will be reversed allowing you to go right.
    Jump between the two ladders to progress to the right. Be sure to avoid the
    trash when jumping between ladders. Keep heading right by jumping on the
    various platforms and pipes. You will break a pipe causing the water level to
    start rising. You will reach a beam of light and change direction to the left.
    Go to the left back the first beam of light. Now you are heading right. This 
    time climb all the way up the second ladder and wait for the water level to 
    rise. A pipe will float up as the water level rises. You can use the pipe to
    jump to the ledge. Once you are under the pecking creatures jump up so they
    will grab your brain slug. After the brain slug has been removed, grab the 
    floating pipe and drag it to the right past the ladder. Push the pipe out into
    the open water. So that it is directly under the open of the pipe that is not
    leaking. Climb onto the floating pip and jump to the left. There is a rope that
    is being obscured by the beam. If you just to the left, you will catch the
    rope. A white object will fall onto your appropriately placed pipe. Walk over
    the white light to get an achievement [Achievement: It’s Stuck 10 pts]. Climb
    up the ladder. Head right. There is a wide gap after the ladder, but you can 
    make the jump. You will slide down a roof and you must jump at the end to make
    the platform on the right. There will be a drain pipe on the right wall. Jump
    to the drain pipe and climb it like a rope. When you get near the top, it
    separates from the building, but it will not fall.
    Chapter 12 {CH12}
    Jump onto the H, but you need to time your jump so that you don’t land on it
    when it is electrified. When you jump on the O it will know down the T. You can
    fall from the left side of the O down to the ground. Now you can jump across
    the gap, because there is a rope hanging from the T. Grab the lever to turn
    off the electricity. Head back to the left and climb up the drain pipe to the
    left of the H. Platform your way across the letters. The letter L will shift 
    when you jump on it and the arrow will fall when you jump on it, so you must be
    quick. Continue to the right. You will walk over a glass dome that will crack.
    Keep going right until you see a ladder on wheels. Pull the ladder to the left.
    When the ladder begins rolling on its own, jump onto the ladder and climb to
    the top. When it gets as far left as it will go, jump onto the glass so it
    shatters. Make sure you jump onto the hanging lights after you slide down the
    incline. Platform to the left across the lights. Jump and grab the rope to the
    left. Ride the rope all the way down. 
    Chapter 13 {CH13}
    Once you are safely on the ground, go to the left. Carefully knock down the
    structure (it looks like a scaffold) without letting the top piece fall on top
    of you. Head right. You will encounter another brain slug that will take you to
    the left. If you had not knocked over the structure, it would kill you here,
    but now you can walk over it. You will walk into the light and start heading to
    the right. Head right for a long trek.
    You will pass an elevator. You will eventually have jump across a few hanging
    platforms. After the platforms, you will see a switch on the ground. When you
    walk over the switch, hold left on the thumbstick to slow the boy down. A crane
    will drop a crate. DON’T PUSH THE CRATE! Just get on top of the crate and jump
    over the oncoming saw blade. This may take you a few tries! Hold left the whole
    time until you reach the crate then jump on the crate and over the blade. When
    you jump over the blade, push right. Holding left up until jumping on the crate
    will help with the timing of jumping over the blade. After you clear the blade,
    ascend the ledge and make sure you jump towards the pecking creatures so they
    will eat your brain slug. If you don’t jump up towards them, they will not eat
    the slug. Turn left. Jump over the blade from atop the ledge when the blade is
    as far right as it will go. Continue left. 
    When you get to the hanging platforms, you must walk back and forth on the
    first one you approach to create a see-saw momentum to jump onto the next
    platform. Pull the third platform towards you. When you have pulled it as far
    right as you can, jump on top of it. Now the platform will have a swinging 
    momentum that will allow you to reach the ledge. 
    Chapter 14 {CH14}
    Head left passed the elevator. Grab the crate and pull it to the elevator.
    Press X or B by the arrow next to the elevator to make it raise. Push the crate
    onto the second level. Push the crate near the edge of the platform. Lower the
    elevator back down. Turn the elevator back on, to make it go up, then
    immediately jump onto the crate and onto the top of the elevator. When the
    elevator is high enough, jump to the left to grab the hanging rope. If you wait
    too long, you will get squished. Grabbing the rope causes the pipe to drop a 
    glowing egg. Swing to the right, to grab onto the top of the elevator. Drop 
    down to grab onto the bottom of the elevator. Drop to the ground and walk over
    the glowing egg to get an achievement [Achievement: Urban Exploration 10 pts].
    Put the crate back on the elevator. Position the elevator on the second floor.
    Make the elevator go down. Grab the bottom of the elevator and pull it right
    while it is going down. Pull the elevator all the way to the right which locks
    the see-saw mechanic of the platform you are on and allows to you push the
    crate to the right. Pull the lever on the right to bring down a hanging rope.
    Pull the crate so that it is approximately a third of the way between the rope
    and the lever. It needs to be close enough to the rope however, so you can jump
    to it from the crate. Push the lever again to make the rope go back up, run and
    jump onto the crate and then onto the rope while the rope is ascending. Swing
    and jump to the ledge on the right.
    You will see two cranes and two switches on the ground. Step on the switch to 
    the left. Wait about 3 seconds. Step on the switch to the right. Before the 
    first crate falls, get on the left side of it and push it to the right so that 
    it is under the second crane. If you have timed it correctly, the second crate 
    will drop on top of the first crate. Climb on the two crates and jump onto the 
    ledge to avoid the saw. Head right.
    Go past the ladder into the darkness of the cave. Approximately 10 seconds
    after you continuously run into the darkness you will fall in a hole that will
    kill you. To avoid this death, try jumping as high and as far as you can at 
    around 10 or 11 “MISSISSIPPI”s after the ladder. This is when your boy appears
    to start walking on flat ground. Keep heading to the right to walk over the 
    glowing egg and get an achievement [Achievement: Alone in the Dark 10 pts]. To
    get out of the cave you don’t have to jump, you can just walk to the left.
    Go up the ladder. Head right.
    Chapter 15 {CH15}
    Slide down the slope. You will see a fly eating a corpse. Walk really 
    slow and sneak up on the fly. Right when you reach the corpse, start 
    running and jump towards the fly. You will grab the fly’s legs and
    he will take you up to the platform.
    Chapter 16 {CH16}
    Head right. You will initially walk over a switch that opens a door, but you 
    cannot do anything with it right now, so just move forward. Climb up the first
    ladder and push/pull the crate under the next ladder. Climb up the ladder.
    Head left.
    You will come across two movable pillars with platforms hanging from the bottom
    that you can move back and forth. Move the first pillar to the right so that 
    you can jump over it. After you have jumped over it, grab the pillar from the 
    left and move the pillar as far left as it will go. Do not move the second 
    pillar, just jump over it. You will see a box with a light on it. It is a
    switch that you can push. Push the switch and immediately run right and jump
    over the left-most pillar so that you are to the right of it. Push the left-
    most pillar all the way to the left, so that the wheel will roll onto the 
    platform under the pillar. Once the wheel is on the platform, drag the pillar
    to the right so that the wheel can roll onto the right-most pillar’s platform.
    Once the wheel is on the right-most platform, push the right platform so that
    the wheel can roll on the ledge to the right. The wheel will roll off the
    Head to the switch that opened the door at the beginning of the chapter.
    The wheel will be next to the switch. Push the wheel to the left as far as it
    will go. Let go and let the wheel roll on its own. The wheel will roll back
    and forth, allowing you to go through the door without standing on the
    switch. Once you reach the platform behind the door, grab the crate and
    push it through the door that (hopefully) the wheel is still opening for you.
    If the wheel has stopped rolling back and forth, repeat the process to make 
    it roll onto the switch. The wheel will only make the door open twice before
    it loses momentum. 
    Now that the crate is on the ground, push/drag the crate to the right. Use the
    crate to climb up to the ledge with the lever. DO NOT HIT THE LEVER, YET! Jump
    from the platform to the giant cog. Go all the way across the cog (ignoring the
    platform) and a glowing achievement egg will be on the right-most spoke of the
    cog [Achievement-Climbing the Cog 10 pts]. 
    Climb the ladder to the right. Go to the platform on the left. Grab the crate
    that is on the right side of the platform. Push the crate off the ledge and 
    onto the cog. Head back to the switch to the left of the cog. Flip the switch.
    Push the crate you left under the switch up against the cog, so that one of
    the spokes will come by and lift it up. Stand the ledge so a spoke will come by
    and pick you up. Ride the cog around to the other side. There should now be 
    two crates and the bottom of the cog waiting for you. Take the right crate
    and push it all the way to the right. Wait for the ground to lower again and
    continue pushing it right. Pull the left crate onto the switch to make the
    ground raise, again. Quickly run and jump onto the raising platform and
    the crate to get to the top of the ledge.
    You will pass by a box that acts as a switch. DO NOT ACTIVATE IT! Grab onto
    the chain to the right that is above the electrified rails. Swing back and 
    forth on the chain to get some momentum. Jump to the left and activate the
    switch. Now run and jump back on the chain that still has momentum making
    it swing to the left so you can grab it after it repositions itself in the
    middle of the electric floor. Swing and jump to the right to avoid the 
    electricity. Jump down the ledge.
    Chapter 17 {CH17}
    You will see a large rotating cog and a small stationary cog. Push the
    stationary cog into the moving cog. Once you do this, the world will start
    rotating. Notice that the ground looks like a door. That’s because it is! 
    When the world rotates, get the left-most point you can to avoid falling the
    ledge and to avoid the door swinging and opening on you. Once the door has
    swung open, run to the right and ride the cog up. Ride the cog all the way to
    the right. The world will stop spinning. Once it the cog stops, jump/walk to
    the right until you see a glowing egg. [This is a secret, non-achievement egg.]
    Jump to the left when you get to the first platform. Walk past the switch
    and jump down. You will see a switch with a magnet on it. Turn off the switch
    so you can push the crate all the way to the right. Run back to the switch
    and turn it back on once the crate is half way between the ledge and the
    hanging ladder. You need to be able to jump to both the ledge and ladder from
    the crate’s current locked position. Use the crate to jump back on the ledge
    and activate the switch that is to the right (the one you passed over a 
    moment ago). Activate the switch. The door on the left will open. Run to the 
    left, use the crate to jump to the ladder, and run through the hopefully still
    opened door. Head left. 
    Do not activate the lever yet. Grab the crate and move it underneath the chain.
    Activate the lever. The world will begin to rotate. Use the crate to grab
    the chain. Climb up just slightly so you feet aren’t dangling too low.
    Sit-tight! Or hang loose in this case :) The crate will rotate with the world.
    And you will move safely above the saw blade. When the crate slides
    into position below you. Drop down on top of the crate. Time this correctly
    because the rails below the crate are electrified. 
    Ride the crate to the left. Jump off of the crate to the left to catch the 
    hanging chain before the crate hits the saw blade. You can drop from the chain
    once the world has finished rotating. I recommend still jumping toward the
    left against the wall, just to help cushion the fall. Head right. 
    Chapter 18 {CH18}
    Jump over the boulder. Activate the lever. The world will begin to rotate
    again. Immediately begin pushing the crate to the right once it drops all the 
    way to the edge of the ledge. Do not let it drop down the hole. Climb the 
    crate, use it to jump across the gap. Do this quickly to avoid the soon
    oncoming boulder. There is a door that will close over the opening at the
    ledge. Do not let this knock you down. Head right.
    You will come up to a well lit area with a ladder and a *SPOILER*. A brain
    slug will attach to your head when you pass under the hanging pipe. Now you
    will begin to go right. Climb over the cog. Use one of the spokes as a 
    platform to jump onto the ledge on the left. Once you walk under the light,
    you will change direction. Go back over the cog. You will see that the world
    has changed dramatically. Head right on the conveyor belt. There is no slick
    way through the first crusher, you just have to time your jump correctly.
    On the second (the one that goes upward next to the ladder), grab and hang on
    to the left ledge of the crusher. Enter the area of the crusher as soon as you
    can. Hanging from the ledge allows you enough time to pass through. The next
    conveyor belt will have an infinite supply of crates. Jump on a crate and use
    it to jump towards the pecking creatures to lose the head slug.
    Push one of the crates towards the right to throw it out of sync with the 
    others. This will allow you to jump back onto the hanging ledge of the crusher.
    Pass through the crusher in the same fashion you used the first time. Now that
    you don’t have a brain slug, you can jump to the left to climb the ladder. 
    Go to the right, walk under the spoke and you will see the glowing achievement
    egg [Achievement: Backtracking 10 pts.]
    Chapter 19 {CH19}
    Grab the lever to your right, so that the cog on the right is moving clock-
    wise. When a cog spoke is pointing directly at the top of the bottom ladder
    flip the switch again. Quickly jump onto the cog spoke while it’s changing
    direction and onto the top ladder. Jump on the left set of cogs at the top
    of the ladder to ride and jump to the ledge. Head right.
    You will see a lever and a ladder on wheels. Ignore them both for now.
    Continue to the right until you get to a mine cart. Pull the mine cart directly
    underneath the lever above. Head back to the ladder on wheels. Push the ladder
    all the way to the right from the left side. Jump on the platform and
    immediately start climbing the ladder so you can jump back onto the platform
    to the left. Stand at the lever. Don’t activate it yet. Let the ladder roll all
    the way to right. When the ladder is about in the middle on its way back,
    activate the lever. Immediately run over and jump onto the ladder. When the
    ladder rolls back to the right, jump on to the higher platform. 
    Head right and jump towards the lever using the action button to activate it.
    You will land safely on the mine cart, if you correctly placed it earlier. 
    The mine cart will start moving on its own. Ride the cart till you get to the
    ladder. Climb the ladder. Run along the platform, making sure the mine cart
    stays beneath you. Make sure you are lined up with the back side of the mine
    cart. Jump over the saw blade and land on the mine cart. If you were not lined
    up with the back side of the mine cart, you will jump in front of it and die.
    Continue right on the mine cart. Let the mine cart have the platform push you
    on to the ground. This will keep you safe from electricity. Now, grab the mine
    cart and pull it to the left and jump in front of it, so that you can push/pull
    it from the right side. Hold the cart. Start as far right as possible and
    and begin pushing the cart. Once the cart is about two bodies’ length from the
    edge of the platform, jump onto the cart and immediately jump on the ledge.
    You should already be on the ledge before the cart begins gaining forward
    momentum. Run right as soon as your thumbs will let you. You may have to 
    make a saving leap at the end to avoid the electrified railing when the cart
    rolls back to the switch.
    Activate the lever. The world will start rotation. Head right. Jump over the
    ball. The ground will angle up then down. Stop at the edge before the ground
    angles down. When the world aligns so that the ladder is vertical, jump onto
    the ladder. From the ledge adjacent to the ladder, you will need to jump
    to a hanging platform. Wait to jump until the world makes this platform
    almost horizontal. The world will stop moving shortly after landing on that
    You will see a crate to the right. Push the crate to the right, up against
    the electrified wall. Climb the crate, be very careful not to touch the wall.
    Jump to the left from atop the crate. You will land on an invisible hanging
    platform. Once you are on top of the invisible platform, jump to the right onto
    the ledge above the electrified wall. Step over the glowing egg to get an
    achievement [Achievement: Guided by Sparks 10 pts]. 
    Jump off of this ledge and onto the ledge with the crate. Grab the crate and
    push it off of the left side of the platform. Jump down onto the crate to
    avoid the sparks. Head right. 
    Chapter 20 {CH20}
    The objects you see with laser beams coming out of them are guns. Crossing
    through the lasers, causes the guns to shoot at you. Jump across the pit to the
    platform on the right, just before the vertical laser. Jump to the right, 
    through the vertical laser and jump immediately back to the platform and across
    the pit. This will cause the vertical gun to “chase” you. Stand on the 
    horizontal gun until the vertical gun “sees” you. This will cause the second
    gun to shoot the first. Repeat this process to make the vertical gun shoot the
    horizontal gun, until the horizontal gun has been destroyed. You are now free
    to move to the right.
    Chapter 21 {CH21}
    Pass under the platform that has the small ladder on the left of it. There are
    two crates. Push the right crate all the way to the right against the wall.
    Head left immediately and jump onto the ledge. When the crate falls, stop it
    from falling off the ledge. Push the crate to the left and put it DIRECTLY
    underneath the ladder. Use the crate to climb the ladder. Head right.
    Jump on the ladder and it will fall down. Push the ground-level crate all the
    way to the right again. When you let go of the box, immediately climb up the
    ladder and head left. If you had positioned the crate directly under the ladder
    earlier, you will be able to grab the floating crate and pull it to the ledge.
    Place the crate just to the left of the third level’s ledge, so that later,
    when it floats up, it won’t hit the overhanging ledge. Climb back down the 
    ladder. Once again, push the ground-level crate all the way to the right. As
    it is sliding, immediately climb the ladder and jump onto the second-level 
    crate before it floats and jump through the door, before the crate hits the
    ceiling. Make sure you are standing in the middle of the crate or it will tilt 
    and throw you off. Head right.
    You will see an elevator. Walk all the way to the right. When you get to the
    ledge, press down. Jump to the right, to grab a chain. Climb down to collect
    and achievement [Achievement: Under Ground 10 pts].
    Hit the switch to make the elevator descend. Once it is on the ground, hit
    the switch again to make it start raising. Jump into the elevator to ride it
    up. Once you are on the top ledge, hit the switch to lower the elevator. Hit
    the switch again, to make the elevator go up. Jump on top of the elevator as
    it rises. Once you cross through the laser, immediately jump off the elevator
    to the right, so the gun will shoot down the hanging box. Lower the elevator,
    yet again. Push the crate on top of the elevator. Ride the elevator up again;
    hiding behind the crate. Climb the crate, jump to the platform on the left
    above the gun. Head left.
    You will see a switch. Turn the switch on and off quickly multiple times 
    to make the crate hover in the air and float towards you. You will have to let
    the crate hit the ground and start sliding to the right before you can make it 
    hover towards you. If it hits any of the edges, you will have to reset it in
    the top left corner, let it drop and slide right again. Once you get the crate
    out, push it as far as you can to the right. Jump back onto the elevator. Go to
    the switch on the right of the elevator. Lower the elevator, again. Grab the
    crate on top of the elevator and push it to the right from the left side of the
    crate. This will block the gun on the right. Push it all the way to the right.
    Climb the ladder. Hit the switch at the top of the ladder with the upward
    pointing arrow. You and the crate will float to the ceiling. Push the crate to
    the right, so that that its right side lines up with the left side of the top
    rectangular platform. Head left.
    When you come upon the crate that was next to the gun, push it right. Line 
    its right side up with the left side of the moving rectangular platform. Hit
    the switch immediately after the moving platform has come out enough so that
    that the right crate will fall on top of the moving platform and the left
    crate will fall to the ground. Use the two crates, along with the platforms
    to create stairs. Note: the right crate will be on the edge of the moving
    platform, but by the time you climb up it, it will be close enough to the
    second platform to climb on top of it. Climb down the ladder. Head right.
    Chapter 22 {CH22}
    You will come to an area with two switches and two giant blocks. Turn on the
    magnet (right) switch. Turn the gravity (left)s witch on and right as the left
    crate hits the ceiling, turn it off. If you have timed this correctly, only the
    left block should be on the ceiling. Use the platforms to go to the right.
    When you come to the zip line with two gravity switches, hit the upward
    gravity switch. A contraption with a rope will come up the zip line. Hit the
    down switch as soon as the contraption enters the frame so that you can run
    and grab the rope before it is out of reach. Ride the rope/contraption down.
    Jump off onto the roof with the steaming pipe or you will hit some spikes 
    and die. Slide down the roof and jump towards the arrow. HIT THE ACTION 
    BUTTON AS SOON AS YOU PASS IN FRONT OF THE ARROW; otherwise you will fall and
    Chapter 23 {CH23}
    Once you land on the vertical platform, you will see another arrow switch.
    Jump towards the arrow switch and hit the action button. Time this so that you
    don’t hit the electrified H (or I depending on your perspective). I would
    suggest, jumping towards the arrow almost immediately after the H lights up so
    it will dim by the time you land. Stand in the middle safe zone until it is
    safe to move to the right. You will land on a thick pipe. Jump back to the H.
    Time your leftward jump back to the H, so that you will and when it is not
    electrified. Immediately jump to the right to grab the rope. Climb down the
    rope to the O. Go to the right.
    You will see a gravity switch. Jump towards the switch and activate it. 
    Push the crate to the right of the switch. Position yourself over the switch.
    The gravity will turn off and you will fall. Activate the switch as you pass
    by it. Immediately head left. You will “fall” upward into a secret room.
    There is a handle in the top left corner of this room. Pull it to reveal a
    glowing orb egg for an achievement [Achievement: Going Up 10 pts]. Note: This
    is the last achievement you will get before completing the game. 
    Jump back towards the gravity switch and activate it again. Push the block all
    the way to the right. Head back and hit the switch again when the gravity
    switch deactivates. Run to the right. Climb the crate onto the ledge and run
    past the blade before the gravity switches back. When the gravity switches 
    back you will slide down and incline. Make sure to jump at the end while 
    pressing right and hit the gravity switch when you pass it. Land on the 
    platform right before the gun.
    Chapter 24 {CH24}
    From here on out, the gravity switches back and forth. When normal gravity
    activates, wait a few seconds to run and jump in front of the gun towards the
    magnetic switch. Hit the magnet switch and hopefully, if you’ve timed it 
    right, the gravity will switch right at the gun fires at you making you float
    to safety above the gunfire. When you are floating up, try to go as far right
    as possible. When the gravity normalizes, you can now climb onto the giant box
    avoiding the gunfire. Be sure to dash quickly across the large block so you 
    do not get crush when the gravity switches again. The platform right after the
    large block is a “safe zone” so you can stand here and collect your thoughts
    without fear of death. 
    When the gravity is normal and the sound starts to tick quickly to warn you
    of the gravity change, jump to the right and then head under the platform
    so that when gravity changes you will “land” on the bottom of it before the
    gun fires at you. Immediately start moving left and align yourself with the
    hole below. When gravity switches you should fall through this hole with the
    block without being crushed. You will slide down a ramp. Stand and the very
    base of the incline so when gravity switches back and forth you will not be
    cut by the blade. This is also a safe zone as long as you are far enough left.
    When the gravity is normal and the sound starts to tick quickly to warn you
    of the gravity change, jump to the right. The gravity should change before you
    hit the blade below and after you have cleared the blade above. The area you
    land in where the ceiling and the floor and somewhat close together is another
    safe zone.
    In this area, stand on the ceiling when gravity is reversed. Right before the
    ticking quickens, jump towards the switch. DON”T HIT IT ON YOUR WAY UP! The
    gravity will normalize (hopefully before you reach the saw blade in the
    ceiling). As you fall downward, activate the right-ward pointing switch.
    This will cause the gravity to pull to the right. Your downward momentum
    along with your new right-ward direction, will cause you to curve around the
    saw on the right. If you clear the blade, you will see a short sequence (that
    I will not spoil for you). Head to the right to finish the game.
    4. Achievements and Unlockables {4ACH}
    All achievements are mentioned in the walkthrough in the order and area they
    1. Wrong Way--5pts
       -In Chapter 0, (as soon as game starts up), head left and walk over glowing
        spot on the ground.
    2. Altitude is Attitude--5 pts
       -In Chapter 2, jump to the rope obscured in the leaves to the left of the
        broken tree that you push over. 
    3. It’s Stuck--10 pts
       -In Chapter 11, right before climbing up the large ladder into Chapter 12,
        you will push a floating pipe into the open water and jump left to grab the
        rope hidden by the wooden beam. [See the end of the walkthrough for Chapter
    4. Urban Exploration--10 pts
       -In Chapter 14, ride the top of the elevator to the rope on the left. [See
        the walkthrough for Chapter 14].
    5. Alone in the Dark--10 pts
       -In Chapter 14, right before Chapter 15, there is a cave next to a ladder.
        Run into the dark cave jumping over a hidden pit about 10 seconds in to 
        get the glowing spot. (You can also access this from the beginning of
        Chapter 15 and going down the ladder.) 
    6. Climbing the Cog--10 pts
       -In Chapter 16, do not flip the switch in front of the first giant cog.
        Jump on the cog and go right, until you see the glowing egg. 
    7. Backtracking--10 pts
       -In Chapter 18, after removing your brain slug. Use the crate to jump back
        to the crusher on the left and climb the ladder. [See Chapter 18
        walkthrough]. (You can also get this achievement at the beginning of
        Chapter 19).
    8. Guided by Sparks--10 pts
       -In Chapter 19, after the mine cart sequence and the world rotation sequence
        following it, when the world stops rotating push the crate on the top
        platform to the right against the electrified wall. Jump to the left from
        the top of the crate onto an invisible platform. Then jump to the right
        to the ledge above the electrified wall. 
    9. Under Ground--10 pts
       -In Chapter 21, at the elevator, walk to the ledge of the area under the
        elevator. Press down, to hang from the ledge. Jump to the right to a chain.
        Climb the chain down to get the achievement.
    10. Going Up--10 pts
        -In Chapter 23, after the H and the O at the first gravity switch, activate
         the switch and push the crate to the right. Activate the switch again as
         you are falling. Go left and “fall” into a secret room in the ceiling. 
         Pull the handle in the top left corner and reveal the glowing egg.
    11. Where Credit is Due--100 pts
        -Obtained by completing the game.
    12. No Point in Dying--10 pts
        -Obtained by completing the game in one sitting and dying five or less 
    Limbo Tee-shirt
       -Obtained when you get your first achievement.
    Mushroom Eating Creature Pet
       -Obtained when you complete the game.
    5. Secret Hidden Eggs {5SHE}
    The following hidden eggs are not required for completion or for achievements.
    They do, however, allow you to get over 100% on the leaderboards.
    There are a total of 11 hidden eggs in the game. Although, it is speculated
    that there are more, it has been confirmed by Playdead’s website that 111% is 
    the completion rate.
    There are 10 searchable secret hidden eggs and 1 obtainable secret hidden egg.
    The percentage on the leaderboard is determined as follows:
    76% for completing the game
    2% for each achievement (22% total)
    2% for starting a new game or for loading a chapter after completing a game.
    1% for each secret egg.
    Notice: Completing the game will all achievements and starting a new game will
    get you the 100% completion rate.
    Chapter 8 Secret Hidden Egg 
    Jump to the chain that hangs above the two saw blades. Climb up until it is 
    pulled as far down as possible. Jump back to the ledge on the left and run
    left as quickly as possible. You will come up to a pit that originally had
    spikes in it. The spikes are now gone and you can jump into the pit to get the
    secret egg.
    Chapter 9 Secret Hidden Egg
    Run to the left and grab the crate. Push the crate left until it is hanging
    half way over the ledge. Run to the right and follow the steps you would to 
    make it rain. Run back to the left and you will see a secret hidden egg on
    top of the crate.
    Chapter 15 Secret Hidden Egg 1
    After collecting the egg for the achievement Alone in the Dark, continue right
    until you cannot go right any further. Use the action button to pull an 
    invisible crate to the left. Jump on this crate and jump onto the ledge. Run 
    right until you run over a second egg in the dark.
    Chapter 15 Secret Hidden Egg 2
    After collecting the first hidden egg in the dark, run as far right as you can.
    When you stop, jump up the ledges. Go as far right as possible. Do a running
    jump from this position to the left and you will smash through a crate on the 
    ground. This jump can be pretty tricky and persistence is the key. However,
    if you jump after running left for approximately 5 seconds, you should be able
    to smash through the crate. Run right and you will come to a light and a fly.
    The egg will be in the spotlight. 
    Chapter 15 Secret Hidden Egg 3
    After collecting the second hidden egg, continue right until you stop. Once you
    stop, press down and your boy will descend a ledge. Head right, jumping over a
    ledge. You will see the glowing egg at this point. Head right until you fall 
    down. Face left and pull the long box you were standing on before falling down.
    Jump on top of this box and head left, down, and right to the egg. 
    Chapter 17 Secret Hidden Egg
    Ride the cog at the beginning of the level into the darkness until it stops. 
    Head to the right, jumping when you can’t walk. You will see a glowing egg.
    Chapter 21 Secret Hidden Egg 1
    Use the gravity to switch the position of the left and right crate. Get the
    crate that is now on the left up to the ledge. You will need to use the 
    gravity to flip the crate such that the side that has two rectangular lumps
    and a rounded lump, will face DOWN. The easiest way to do this is to get it 
    onto the second level, and use the edge of the third level to flip the crate 
    when you activate the gravity. Once your crate is in this position, drag it to
    the guns on the left. Stand on top of the crate so the gun will shoot at you.
    Do this twice and you will see an egg drop to the ground. Pull the egg to
    the right and push it over the ledge to get your egg out from under the crate.
    Note: You can do this by also shooting to opposite side of the crate, however,
    you will see the egg instantly appear when shot from this side. Shooting from 
    the other side will initially appear as though there is no egg until you move
    the crate to the right.
    Chapter 21 Secret Hidden Egg 2
    At the area in chapter 21 where you have the two crates and the two moving
    platforms, use the moving platforms and gravity to stack the two crates on top
    of each other. Use the gravity to have the two crates stacked on top of each 
    other on the ceiling. Push these to the left until you get to a ledge. Pull
    the bottom crate out slightly so you can use the two crates as stairs to climb
    the ledge. Run to the left until you see the glowing egg in the top left corner
    of the room where you made the crate hover.
    Chapter 23 Secret Hidden Egg 1
    This egg is probably the most difficult searchable egg to receive. The timing
    is very precise on this egg.
    When you start chapter 21, you begin on a platform standing horizontally. Jump 
    to the H about 2 seconds after it lights up to land on the H after it is no
    long electrified. You will be in the middle of the two light up sections and 
    the light will come back on almost immediately after you are safe. After two
    seconds of the light being on, start jumping back to the left. You want to
    run and jump onto the pole that you began the level in. If you have timed, it 
    correctly, the saw should just begin its descent as you jump to the pole. 
    The following jump can be quite difficult. You want to wait approximately 10 
    seconds after you have landed on the pole (assuming you timed your jump to the
    pole correctly). While waiting the 10 seconds, move as far right as you can
    without falling off of the pole. At the 10 second mark, make a run and jump
    to the left. As you fall, repeatedly hit B so that you can flip the switch
    on the way down. The reason the timing was important, was if you timed it 
    correctly, you should land “in front of” the saw blade. Run back up the pole
    to your original position and proceed as you would to finish the chapter. 
    As you jump past the H to the large pipe on the right, you will notice an egg
    fall to the large L-shaped pipe. Try your best not to die (because what you 
    just did was significantly harder than the jumps you have to make to reach it) 
    and jump to the egg. 
    Chapter 23 Secret Hidden Egg 2
    You begin this egg hunt in Chapter 12. Jump to the large O. You will see a
    very small latch on the O. You want to walk around the O until the latch is
    pointing to the right. Finish the chapter. 
    Load Chapter 23. Jump across the H and the large pipe until you begin 
    descending the rope. Notice the rope is attached to a large O. There is a small
    latch on the large O like one in Chapter 12. Jump to the right of the O and 
    open the latch by pulling it to reveal an egg. If you cannot open the latch,
    reload Chapter 12 and rotate the O again. The position of the latch in
    Chapter 12 will be the position of the latch in Chapter 23. You must complete
    Chapter 12 (fall through the class and ride the water hose down) for the 
    changes you made in Chapter 12 to affect Chapter 23.
    Chapter 24 Secret Hidden Egg
    This egg is only obtainable if you have completed the game with 0 deaths.
    Once you shatter through the glass, head all the way to the left. Then head
    right. As you head right, you will see an egg drop to the ground. 
    6. Contact Information {6CI}
    If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment on the page:
    8. Special Thanks {8ST}
    A special thanks goes out to the following people who were instrumental in
    getting this walkthrough written:
    -My husband, without whom none of this would have been possible.
    -Playdead for making an amazingly compelling and addictive game.
    -All those playing on the message boards of xbox360achievements.org that worked
     tirelessly day and night together and with me to find the secret hidden eggs.
    -Relentless Nug (aka Todd) for spending quite a lot of time on XBOX Live party
     chat with me and for figuring out the secret egg location in Chapter 21. I 
     cannot tell you how many times we made that jump before we figured out we 
     needed to be in front of the blade. Needless to say, the sound effect at the 
     beginning of the chapter will be permanently embedded in my skull.
    -Pyrus Invictum and Tek264 who also spent a good bit of time with me on XBOX
     Live Party chat. Without these guys suggestion to check the beginning of 
     Chapter 21, I would have never found the egg in the breakable crate.
    8. Copyright Information {8CI}
    Copyright 2010 Ashley Godbold
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide 
    on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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