Best weapon component?

  1. Is Prismere the best weapon set? I've seen images of weapons that resemble the fate weapons you use in reckoning mode but i've yet to find them, any one know of they are unique weapons or is it possible to find as regular loot?

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    Aegisbreaker - 5 years ago
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    Can someone identify the sword and armor in the pic on this link?

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    Aegisbreaker - 5 years ago

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  1. Actually the best component would be Flawless which is better than Master. Also, I am pretty sure you can craft better equipment than any possible unique or set item even at max level. I believe this is true because crafting equipment I am able to customize it the way I want, for instance... I add damage bonus to each piece some pieces exceeding 50%+ damage as well as maxing my crit chance which I am still trying to prove if 100% crit chance is actually 100%.

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  1. Prismere is the best tier, but unique weapons can be better.

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  2. As he said, prismere is the best, but some unique are better. The House of Valor quest line provides the best armor/weapons unless you can make prismere.

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  3. im currently playing on a lvl 21 and i have maxed blacksmithing. im not far into the story line so im not sure about what unique weapons seeing as every time i do a search i end up with results saying how good someones weapon looks but the actually stats are...well garbage. every weapon ive used ive made myself and has always been about double the damage of what i find questing around. what i use now are prismere daggers and a greatsword. i cant remember what i used to make it exactly but i know that none of the parts except the gem was the best. and im sure if you can find much better components if youre trying for straight damage. the stats are:

    Mastercrafted prismere daggers
    lvl 13 req.
    35 physical damage
    35 piercing damahe
    10% damage (added from base i think not a material)
    16% damage
    14% health
    30 fire damage
    20 burning damage(from gem)
    13 fire damage
    8 burning(from hilt)
    141 total damage

    mastercrafted prismere greatsword
    lvl 13 req.
    139 physical damage
    33 piercing damahe
    9% crital hit damage with physical
    45 health
    45 mana
    13 fire damage
    8 burning (from hilt)
    30 lightning
    15 shocking(from gem)
    238 total

    so these are far beyond the highest ive seen from their type of weapons are theyre super easy to make. most of the items can be bought. the base blades i got from buying a prismere weapon in rathir and salvaging it.

    for a tip on salvaging. save before you salvage an item that youre trying ot get a certain part from because the salvaging is random.

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  4. The sword is called scourgebane not sure about the armor

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  5. i crafted a mastercrafted Prismere greatsword with 306 dmg- 15% life n mana steal 28%physical dmg, 20%crit dmg and 28 fire dmg....BEAST!!!!!

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  6. I haven't found a Unique Weapon worth using yet, personally. They all seem to be complete crap, though some of them do look cool.

    But I make all my own weapons and I have Blacksmithing maxed out. I'm currently used a Mastercrafted Sylvanite Greatsword for 155 damage, Mastercraft Sylvanite Flame Chakram for 106 damage, and I sometimes switch the greatsword for a longsword, also Mastercraft Sylvanite, that does 104 damage.

    I'm level 20, and I'm in the plains where Helmgard is located. It seems to be that Mastercrafted weapons are always going to be better than anything you find, so if you do find those fate weapon look alikes, I'd still stick with the home-made versions.

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  7. The armor is The Faehunter set.

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