Where can I find Helyc Crosses Armor?

  1. I am playing the Teeth of Naros DLC, and I saw the leader of the expedition, Helyc Crosse, was wearing a pretty cool looking chestplate. Does anyone know if you can find it? And if so, where?

    User Info: Jaasce

    Jaasce - 5 years ago


  1. From what I tried I dont think you can get other characters armor, unless they wear just normal armor components such as primere or spiritweave. But you can get a unique armor set through teeth of naros. Its a finesse armor set that has the influence of the ptyrex (sorry not sure how to spell it) but the wierd bird thing. You get it by beating the primos in the boss fight and talking so secandra after. But you must have majority of your skill points in the finesse tree. If you dont you wont get the set and I dont think there is any other way to get it.

    User Info: HAWAIIANLOVE808

    HAWAIIANLOVE808 - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. Pretty late on this reply but I gotta call false on that, Hawaii. I think Helyc Crosse's chestplate is a unique piece called Honor ( I think because I can't be completely certain of the name of it), drops randomly Im guessing. Im guessing because Im pretty sure I had it on a character ages ago; actually found this post while looking to see where it does drop, its got pretty awesome stats. In addition, Sveri Brond the rogue lady on the expedition in wearing the silkfarmer gloves you get a side mission during the Widow quest - so Im oretty certain there are some pieces armor you that npc's wear that you can get, just not very many.

    User Info: hoodiekid

    hoodiekid - 4 years ago 0 0

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