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    Archmage Build Guide by synix09

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    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning: Archmage Build Guide by synix09
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    ||									    ||
    ||                      Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning                       ||
    ||                          Archmage Build/Guide                            ||
    ||									    ||
    ||									    ||
    ||	Date: 2/29/2012							    ||
    ||	Author: Kurii							    ||
                              Table of Contents
    	C-I.	About the Author
    	C-II.	Guide Intro
    	C-III.	Equipment
    	C-IV.	Skills
    	C-V.	Abilities
    	C-VI.	Twists of Fate (*Spoiler Alert)
    	C-VII.	Closing Statements
     C-I. About the Author (Stuff you won't read)
    Hi, my name is Chris. Also known as Kurii, Kuriii (League of Legends) synix09
    (YouTube), Bananaya (from Dungeon Fighter Online), or Ciel (from Ethereal-RO).
    I've always played mage characters in just about any RPG. I really enjoyed it
    in this game as well so I decided to create a guide especially since my
    character started one-shotting everything in Hard difficulty once I hit level
    I also play a lot of other games like 2D fighters (Melty Blood, Guilty Gear,
    Immaterial and Missing Power, 3rd Strike), shooters (Counter Strike,
    S4 League), MMORPGs (Ragnarok Online, Lineage 2, Dungeon Fighter Online), and
    others (League of Legends, Gunbound, Starcraft, etc.)
    My YouTube channel is http://www.youtube.com/synix09
    I hope you guys find my guide useful.
     C-II. Guide Intro
    *Don't mistake this guide as a walkthrough. It's merely a build for a strong
    mage character. Covering what items you need, how to get make them, what
    skills/abilities to get, and which quest choices to make to get the correct
    Twists of Fate. 
    This build focuses on maxing your spell damage to the point where you can
    one-shot all non-boss monsters (without potions or reckoning mode) on Hard
    difficulty. You can one-shot the final boss on Hard Difficulty with potion
    buffs in reckoning mode. 
    And at the same time, you wil be incredibly tanky with a huge health pool
    (over 2500 HP), damage mitigation, as well as life steal from your summon.
    You'll never die if you have your summon attacking things. Even if he wasn't
    out, it'd take like 5 minutes for normal monsters to take you down if you just
    stand there. And if you're close to dying, you can restore 100% health with
    50% mana with level 7 Healing Surge.
    And you'll never run out of mana (unless you keep spamming Healing Surge and
    Sphere of Protection for some reason - these are percentage mana manacost
    Eventually the gameplay becomes you running into a middle of a group, casting
    Meteor, one-shot everything, explore and find another group, cast Meteor. If
    you fight a boss, go into reckoning mode, cast Meteor. If you're fighting the
    final boss, go into reckoning mode, use some potion buffs, cast Meteor
    - just about one shotting the last boss (won't let you one-shot due to a
    special final boss battle sequence.
     C-III. Equipment
    At the start of the game, you might want to work on items that boost your
    mana. Then start transitioning to things that add % Fire/Elemental/Magic
    Damage and Magic Crit Chance. Don't worry about completing or keeping any sets
    (they all kinda suck). You'll end up using bits and pieces of yellows and
    purples you'll find through hidden objects, treasure chests, and monsters.
    What you'll end up doing towards the end of the game is you'll craft your own
    weapons and armor (not including accessories) through Blacksmithing and
    Sagecrafting which will be a lot stronger than anything you'll find in the
    To be honest, you're already pretty much unstoppable if you manage to get at
    least 2 or 3 of these items. So I wouldn't worry too much about making the
    "pefect" build. You can fill a lot of slots with +80 HP/MP components
     Final Build (All items crafted except for Accessories)
    *You can switch out the Flamed (20% Fire Damage) Bindings/Grip/Rivets for
    Arcane (% Magic Damage) Grip/Rivets and Mystic (% Chance to Crit with Magic)
    Bindings/Grip/Rivets, but they are EXTREMELY RARE. You can also use Faeblades
    or a Longsword with 2 Flawless Arcane components in the same weapon. So you
    can have 4 with Primary and Secondary.
    Chakrams (Primary):
    Weapon Fire Damage (Prismere Flame Disc)
    +7% Damage
    15% Chance to Steal 25 Mana (Flawless Ravenous Handle)
    +20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Grip)
    20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Rivets)
    +20% Health (Hero's Gem)
    Sceptre (Secondary):
    Weapon Fire Damage (Ebony Flame Dowel)
    +7% Damage
    15% Chance to Steal 25 Mana (Flawless Ravenous Handle)
    +20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Grip)
    +20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Rivets)
    +20% Health (Hero's Gem)
    +15% Mana Regen per Second
    +6% Experience Bonus (Spiritweave Headdress)
    +20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Rivets)
    +20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Bindings)
    +12% Damage Resist (Flawless Everlasting Lining)
    +20% Health (Hero's Gem)
    +30% Mana Regen per Second
    +16% Physical Resist (Spiritweave Cloth)
    +12% Damage Resist (Flawless Everlasting Trim)
    +12% Elemental Resist (Flawless Warding String)
    +20% Health (Flawless Strengthening Bindings)
    +1 Sorcery Abilities (Sorcerer's Gem)
    +10% Mana Regen per Second
    +16% Mana (Spiritweave Mitt)
    +20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Grip)
    +20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Bindings)
    +12% Elemental Resist (Flawless Warding String)
    +20% Health (Hero's Gem)
    +10% Mana Regen per Second
    +16% Health (Spiritweave Heel)
    +20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Rivets)
    +20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Bindings)
    +12% Damage Resist (Flawless Everlasting Lining)
    +20% Health (Hero's Gem)
    +10% Elemental Resist (Platinum Guard)
    16% Melee Block Efficacy
    16% Ranged Block Efficacy
    16% Magic Block Efficacy
    +12% Damage Resist (Flawless Everlasting Trim)
    +20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Grip)
    +20% Fire Damage (Flawless Flamed Bindings)
    +20% Health (Hero's Gem)
    Necklace: Ancient Phylactery (Unique) <-- Changable.
    +15% Chance to Crit with Magic
    +15% Magic Crit Damage
    Ring: Archsage's Ring (Unique)
    +15% Fire Damage
    +15% Ice Damage
    +15% Lightning Damage
    +30 Mana
    -10% Mana Costs
    Ring: Savant's Ring (Unique)
    +10% Fire Damage
    +10% Ice Damage
    +10% Lightning Damage
    +25 Mana
    -9% Mana Costs
    Bonus percentage health is COMPOUNDED! This means if you have 2 pieces of
    equipment both with +20% Health, you would get 1.2 * 1.2 = 1.44 (44%)
    instead of 40%. So let's take this further.
    Let's say you have about 500 base Health. +10% Health from Destiny Defiant
    Destiny, 2 weapons with +20% Health each, 4 armor pieces with +20% Health
    each, Spiritweave Shoes with +36%, and no accessories.
    570 * 1.1 * 1.2 * 1.2* 1.2* 1.2* 1.2* 1.2 * 1.36 = 2546.2 Health
    Tag on damage reduction from gear and Sphere of Protection. Then add on
    life steal from Faer Gorta. You won't die - ever.
    And don't worry about Mana. With Archsage's and Savant's Ring (from the
    Scholia Arcana quest line) and Archmage Destiny, you pretty much have
    infinite mana even without any weapon/armor on.
    You can get the components through Blacksmithing and Sagecrafting.
    If you see an item with the stats listed above, you can Salvage the
    components off of them.
    For example you might find a weapon called Staff of the Inferno (+20% Fire
    Damage) from a monster or NPC. Save your game (non-quicksave) if you buy the
    item from an NPC (because some items are bugged - unable to salvage the
    component even though it's there), go to a Blacksmith station, quick-save and
    try to get the +20% Fire Damage component through Salvage. Even though the 
    item name is "of the Inferno", the component name will be Flamed. So watch
    out for those. Some examples are:
    Deathless -> Everlasting (Damage Resist),
    "of the Mystic" -> Arcane (% Damage with Magic),
    Mysticism -> Mystic (% Chance to Critical Hit with Magic),
    "of Gluttony" -> Ravenous (15% Chance to Steal 25 Mana).
    The only gems you need to worry about are -
    Utility Gem: Pristine Protection + Pristine Protection = Hero's Gem
    (+20% Health)
    Epic Gem: Pristine Magic + Pristine Magic = Sorcerer's Gem
    (+1 to all unlocked Sorcery abilities)
     C-IV. Skills
    Most useful:
    Detect Hidden (Max)
    Useful towards the end:
    Alchemy (Max)
    Blacksmithing (Max)
    Sagecrafting (8 points - Master Level 1)
    Not important:
    40 additional skill points to spend. Plus you get some for racial bonus,
    trainers, and skill books. Use this to help you not waste points.
    Unbinding Destiny from Fateweavers unbinds your Skills too. So I wouldn't
    focus on Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Sagecraft until you hit around level 30.
    Then you can re-spec to get some gems through Sagecrafting and re-spec to get
    points back afterwards. Don't worry about buying alchemy recipes because
    everything unlocks at max level Alchemy. And the only things you would really
    want to make are Experience Boosters (+% Exp Gain), Magic Amplification
    (+% Magic Damage), Magic Precision (+% Chance to Crit with Magic), Blazing
    Salve (+% Fire Damage), Damage Boost (+% Damage), and Fate Potions
    (Fills Fate Meter).
    I'd recommend maxing out Detect Hidden, Lockpicking, and Mercantile at the
    beginning to save yourself a lot of time. Then when it comes time to start
    crafting items, re-spec using a Fateweaver.
     C-V. Abilities
    109 Sorcery (http://amalur.wikia.com/wiki/Sorcery)
    14 Might (http://amalur.wikia.com/wiki/Might)
    Rush 109 Sorcery first to get Archmage Destiny. Every ability can go past
    their nmax level by 2 levels (e.g. 5/5 -> 7/5 or 6/6 -> 8/6) except for the
    Arcane Weaponry skills (they stay at 3/3).
    Reset using a Fateweaver to get back the default points in Might and Finesse.
     Final Ability Build
    1 Arcane Weaponry I
    1 Arcane Weaponry II
    1 Arcane Weaponry III
    1 Arcane Weaponry IV
    6 Sceptre Mastery (Max)
    6 Chakram Mastery (Max)
    6 Summon Faer Gorta (Max)
    5 Transference (Max)
    5 Masterful Construction (Max)
    0 Staff Mastery
    5 Healing Surge (Max)
    5 Elemental Rage (Max)
    6 Sphere of Protection (Max)
    5 Sphere of Reprisal (Max)
    5 Sphere of Retribution (Max)
    5 Mark of Flame (Max)
    5 Smoldering (Max)
    5 Meteor (Max)
    6 Stormbolt (Max)
    5 Chain Lightning (Max)
    5 Tempest (Max)
    5 Conservating Casting (Max)
    5 Ice Barrage (Max)
    5 Frostshackle (Max)
    5 Winter's Embrace (Max)
     Skill Order Recommendation
    Level / Total Ability Points / Investment
    1 (4) 3x Storm Bolt
    2 (7) 1x Storm Bolt, 1x Mark of Flame, 1x Conservative Casting
    3 (10) 3x Mark of Flame
    4 (13) 1x Mark of Flame, 2x Conservative Casting
    5 (16) 2x Conservative Casting, 1x Storm Bolt
    6 (19) 1x Arcane Weaponry I, 1x Arcane Weaponry II, 1x Spectre/Chakram Mastery
    7 (22) 1x Spectre/Chakram Mastery, 1x Summon Faer Gorta, 1x Healing Surge
    8 (25) 3x Summon Faer Gorta
    9 (28) 2x Summon Faer Gorta, 1x Spectre/Chakram Mastery
    10 (31) 3x Spectre/Chakram Mastery
    *Fateweave Unbind Destiny to get 2 ability points back from Might and Finesse.
    11 (36) 3x Spectre/Chakram Mastery, 1x Transference, 1x Chain Lightning
    12 (39) 3x Smolder
    13 (42) 1x Transference, 2x Smolder
    14 (45) 3x Transference
    15 (48) 1x Arcane Weaponry III, 1x Sphere of Protection, 1x Sphere of Reprisal
    16 (51) 2x Sphere of Reprisal, 1x Tempest
    17 (54) 1x Masterful Construction, 2x Tempest
    18 (57) 1x Masterful Construction, 2x Tempest
    19 (60) 3x Masterful Construction
    20 (63) 1x Arcane Weaponry IV, 1x Elemental Rage, 1x Sphere of Reprisal
    21 (66) 1x Sphere of Reprisal, 2x Sphere of Protection 
    22 (69) 3x Sphere of Protection
    23 (72) 1x Spectre/Chakram Mastery, 1x Sphere of Retribution, 1x Meteor
    24 (75) 3x Meteor
    25 (78) 1x Meteor, 2x Sphere of Retribution
    26 (81) 2x Sphere of Retribution, 1x Ice Barrage
    27 (84) 2x Frostshackle, 1x Winter's Embrace
    28 (87) 3x Frostshackle
    29 (90) 3x Healing Surge
    30 (93) 1x Healing Surge, 2x Winter's Embrace 
    31 (96) 1x Spectre/Chakram Mastery, 2x Winter's Embrace
    32 (99) 1x Spectre/Chakram Mastery, 2x Chain Lightning
    33 (102) 2x Chain Lightning, 1x Ice Barrage
    34 (105) 3x Ice Barrage
    35 (108) 3x Elemental Rage
    36 (111) 1x Elemental Rage, 2x Skillful Defense
    37 (114) 3x Skillful Defense
    38 (117) 3x Hardy Constitution
    39 (120) 3x Hardy Constitution
    40 (123) 3x Adrenaline Surge
     Ability Comments
    Storm Bolt
    Useful in knocking down big enemies like trolls, so you keep them hit locked
    with your Chakrams.Not very useful otherwise, even with Chain Lightning
    Sphere of Protection
    Useless at the beginning. Only useful when you unlock Sphere of Retribution
    upgrade since it can keep enemies from interrupting your spells. At that
    point, you should get Sphere of Reprisal upgrade to 5/5 for 4 protection
    Mark of Flame
    Probably your most used spellGreat damage and low cooldown. Max it first.
    Summon Faer Gorta
    Your best friend. He steals health from enemies and gives it to you. Keeps
    your health full. Though he does like to run around killing chickens and
    crabs and proc the battle music randomly. Max everything this guy has ASAP.
    Healing Surge
    Saves you pots. Restores percentage health by using percentage mana. You only
    need 1 point until the end.
    Ice Barrage
    You won't really use this much. You'll find that Mark of the Flame is way
    better. The Frostshackle upgrade is only good for Winter's Embrace.
    Elemental Rage
    Cool looking spell. Not too useful though. It has a vacuum effect but
    sometimes doesn't pick up some enemies and you can get cancelled out of the
    3 spell combo if hit. Sometimes you vacuum in the enemy, and they hit you
    before you can cast the next spell. You can mess around and vacuum everyone
    in with the first spell, then cast Meteor afterwards.
    This spell is pretty good. AoE knockdown around you with low cooldown.
    Good at chain stunning minibosses. I use this spell as a clean up after
    casting Meteor, when Meteor is on cooldown, stun locking minibosses, or
    if someone is immuned to fire.
    Your best spell. This is what allows you to one-shot everything in the game
    (even the last boss in Hard difficulty if it weren't for the special final
    boss battle sequence). It's pretty overpowered. It has a long cast animation
    but that doesn't matter because once you start, it still comes out even if
    you were interrupted. So you just run in the middle of a group of enemies,
    one-shot everything, keep exploring until you find another group.
    Winter's Embrace
    Good for long boss fights. Weak damage but good utility. Keeps the enemies
    slowed so you can cast your spells without danger.
    After getting 109 Sorcery, put 5 into Skillful Defense to get to Hardy
    Constitution. After maxing both skills, put the 3 remaining points into
    Adrenaline Surge.
     C-VI. Twists of Fate (*Spoiler Alert)
    Twists of Fate received from Faction Questlines.
    Warsworn Faction - Choose to betray the Warsworn. (Buy everything you want
    and do all the Warsworn quests before completing this quest line because after
    you betray them, the Warsworn becomes hostile.)
    Forsworn - By accepting the Niskaru Lord Khazamandu's blessing atop Cloudrest
    Mountain, you became the scourge of Warsworn, rather than their champion.
    +10% Physical Damage
    +1 to Might Abilities
    +5% Fire Damage
    Scholia Arcana Faction - Choose to be fearless and indifferent.
    Fearless - Imbued with the tempered indifference of Archsage Caledus, no foe
    or challenge gives you pause.
    +5% Elemental Damage
    +1 to Sorcery Abilities
    Traveler's Faction - Choose to betray Grim Onwig by going to the east wing.
    Temperence - Prudence is what's important. Not bravado, not chivalry.
    Pragmatism is your ally in combat - - evading stronger foes and crippling
    them at their weakest.
    +1 to Finesse Abilites
    +6% Evade Chance
    I strongly urge you to complete the Scholia Arcana quest line ASAP. It is
    very rewarding.
     C-VII. Closing Statements
    Stop reading. Go play the game!
    If you need to contact me, you can find me on:
    IRC #moba @ irc.mizuumi.net
    or leave a message on my Youtube channel www.youtube.com/synix09
    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning: Archmage Build Guide by synix09
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