Review by ArkThompson

"Don't bother"

Ahh, Power GIg: Rise of the SixString... where to begin..

Well firstly let me just say you should not buy this game, no matter the price. Even if you just want it for the guitar, DO NOT BOTHER!. Honestly, you can find better guitars at the supermarket (I am not even joking here).

Graphics: 4/10

Power Gig utilises a similar UI to Rock Revolution where the notes are squeezed into a small portion of the screen and HO/PO notes and regular notes are impossible to distinguish between. Compared to Guitar Hero's and Rock Band's UI Power Gig is completely lacking and can be considered a large step backwards. Instruments each only use a small portion of the screen and the notes are so jammed together that it is often hard to see what you are supposed to be playing which can make passing some songs a challenge.

Gameplay: 2/10

The gameplay is a huge step backwards from current titles in the market and leaves much to be desired. This is because of its strange UI and the addition of open notes (shown by a horizontal line which resembles a green orange chord) which will no doubt confuse the player. As the game is played with a "real guitar" there is the option to play using multiple strings. This is not advised as the guitar is glitchy enough when playing on a single string and will often not register what you are playing so when using multiple strings it becomes nigh impossible to pass a song.

Sound: 10/10

The only good part of the game, the soundtrack is phenomenal and is truly the only reason anybody should even think about purchasing this game. The game includes bands such as: Eric Clapton, Rage against the Machine, Mastodon and more which while great, simply do not make up for the games poor gameplay.

The Controller: 3/10

Unfortunately, the developers attempt to create a hybrid guitar failed miserably. This is because while the guitar is able to be used to play the game and play real songs it is not very good at either. When attempting to play the game you will often notice that your notes are not registered. This is due to the guitars pressure sensors not functioning well, making it hard to engage the fret. As the guitar has a plastic body when playing it through an amp the tone is harsh and just sounds terrible compared to guitars of a similar price.


If you really want to try out the guitar / you enjoy the bands included then wait for the game to go into the bargain bin, it is simply not worth purchasing otherwise.

Final Score: 3/10 Rent it or find it in the bargain bin.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/22/10

Game Release: Power Gig: Rise of the SixString (Guitar Kit) (US, 10/19/10)

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