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    Speed Run Guide by elduende05

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/19/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Monkey Island 2: SE Speed Guide
    By ElDuende05
    Table of Contents:
    Version History...Notes about guide revisions.....[VER]
    Foreword..........A quick note about this guide...[FWD]
    Introduction......Introduction and explanation....[INT]
    Speed Guide.......Bulk of this guide..............[SPD]
    ..Part I..........The Largo Embargo ..............[PT1]
    ..Part II.........Four Map Pieces.................[PT2]
    ..Part III........LeChuck's Fortress..............[PT3]
    ..Part IV.........Dinky Island....................[PT4]
    Thanks............Thanks and recognition..........[THX]
    Contact...........Contact information.............[CNT]
    Legal.............Legal information...............[LGL]
    Version History...[VER]
    July 13, 2010 - Started playing game.
    July 15, 2010 - Finished first playthrough.
    July 18, 2010 - Finished speed playthrough.
    July 19, 2010 - Submitted initial version of guide.
    Current version: 1.00 (July 19, 2010)
    First and foremost, this guide assumes you're pretty familiar with the game.
    It doesn't always explain how to solve a puzzle and hardly ever explains why
    a particular action is needed.  If you're just looking for a guide to get
    yourself unstuck, there are plenty of other guides out there that are formatted
    more appropriately for your needs.
    This is only my second guide, and I didn't originally intend to write it.  I
    was simply trying to go through the game again to get the speedrun achievement.
    When I finished, to my astonishment I was #2 on the leaderboards.  I decided to
    compile my notes into a guide when I saw that, as I figured they could be
    helpful for somebody trying to get this achievement themselves.
    After I finished writing it, I used it to do a no-save speedrun (59:46 :D) to
    check the accuracy.  Even so, it's always possible I made some mistakes or
    didn't add enough detail in certain sections to be helpful.  If you see any
    egregious errors or omissions, just send me a message and I'll credit you in
    the thanks section.
    Finally, although this guide was written for the XBLA version of the game, it
    should also work for other versions.
    This section contains useful information that will make the guide easier to
    understand and use.
    This guide is formatted as a step-by-step list of actions to guide you through
    the game.  The list items are further subdivided by area.  Area transitions are
    not always specifically called out in the guide, but if omitted it's generally
    pretty obvious how to get from one area to the next.  Here's an example snippet
    from the guide:
    Booty Island:
      Big Tree:
       - Step onto the plank and then use the old oar in the next hole
    The first line is the major area.  In the first 2 parts of the game, this will
    be one of the three main islands in the tri-island area (Scabb Island, Phatt
    Island, or Booty Island).  In parts 3 and 4, this will be LeChuck's Fortress
    and then Dinky Island.
    The second line is the name of the area as it appears on the map in-game for
    the first 2 parts.  In the example above, this represents the big tree in the
    upper right corner of the Booty Island map.  Since parts 3 and 4 don't have
    maps, I just made up descriptive names for the areas you visit there.
    The third line is the specific action that should be undertaken at that
    location.  These lines could direct you to do anything from picking up an item
    to talking to an NPC and are self-explanatory as in the above example.
    In the case of dialog trees, I've usually given both the first few words of the
    dialog option as well as the number of the option in the list.  Use whichever
    is more intuitive to you in order to navigate the trees more efficiently.
    I've also included "time checkpoints" periodically to show an approximate goal
    time for performing the actions up until that point.  If you're within a few
    minutes of the goal time, you're doing well and will come in with a finishing
    time of about an hour.
    The latter half of Part 4, due to its random nature, also includes a couple of
    asides.  These are aligned to the far left margin and explain some points about
    the lists of actions that follow.
    While the above notes will allow you to finish the game well within the time
    limit required to get the speedrun achievement, if you want to finish in under
    an hour, you should read on.
    First and foremost, familiarize yourself with your controls.  I like to use the
    manual control style because it allows me to move Guybrush around more quickly.
    I can also move him around while positioning the cursor for the next action.  I
    assume that having a mouse (meaning more precision and speed) would make this
    far less important, but with joystick control this is vital.
    Second, familiarize yourself with the verb wheel and the default actions.  For
    example, the default for most NPCs is to "talk to" them.  This can be performed
    by simply tapping the right trigger while hovering over the NPC.  Most items
    that can be picked up, however, default to "look at" and you must hold the
    right trigger, tap right to get to "pick up", then release it.
    Another thing you should do is hold Y basically the entire game.  This will
    allow you to skip cutscenes, unwanted dialog, etc. and save you tons of time.
    There are a few places where skipping dialog can actually harm you, but these
    are noted in the guide below when they come up.
    Another tactic that I found very useful was to queue up items while moving.
    All exits allow you to just tap the right trigger while hovering over them to
    cause Guybrush to walk toward them to perform the default action.  Sometimes,
    you don't want to do this as it will cause him to close a door or say something
    dumb like "Nice!" that will delay you from exiting until he finishes talking.
    In a few instances, there is no side effect and Guybrush will simply walk to
    the exit and transition to the next area.  These are the exits you want.  For
    example, the hatch down into the tavern in Woodtick allows you to do this.
    In these cases, you tap the right trigger to move to your destination, then you
    open your inventory while Guybrush is walking and move over to highlight the
    next item you'll need.  This saves you from having to highlight the item after
    arriving at your destination.
    Speed Guide...[SPD]
    This section is further divided to correspond with the 4 major parts of the
    game.  Here they are:
    Part 1...[PT1]
    Scabb Island:
       - Hold Y to skip through the introductory cutscenes
       - Continue holding Y and move left to skip through the cutscene where Largo
         shakes Guybrush down
       - Pick up the paper and monocle in Wally's house (the Monocle can be tricky)
       - Pick up the bucket near Mad Marty's, then say "Is it yours?" (option 1)
       - Talk to the bartender in the tavern and say "How's business?" (option 1)
       - Use the paper to collect Largo's spit
       - Pick up the knife from the tavern kitchen (you have to go back outside and
         in through the window)
       - Pick up the shovel on your way out of Woodtick
       - Pick up the stick
       - Use the bucket with the swamp to scoop up some mud
       - Use the shovel at the graves to receive Largo's grandfather's bone
       - Use the knife to cut the alligator's rope in the hotel lobby, then pick up
         the cheese squigglies
       - Go into Largo's room and close the door, then use the bucket of mud on it
       - Pick up his toupee as you leave
       - Go to Mad Marty's and trigger the cutscene where Largo gives Mad Marty his
         dirty laundry
       - Go back inside Largo's room, close the door, and take the laundry cliam
       - Return to Mad Marty's and give the laundry claim ticket to Mad Marty to
         receive the pearly-white bra
       - Use the coffin to go over to the voodoo hut
       - Pick up the string and try to pick up the Ash-2-Life (skinny bottle in
         middle of bottom shelf)
       - While talking to the Voodoo Lady, say "How's Business?", "Tell me
         about...", "Why don't you...", and then "What kind of..." (all of these
         are option 3)
       - Hold Y and tap A until the Voodoo Lady gives you the pins and Voodoo doll
       - Use the stick, string, and cheese squigglies to capture the rat at Mad
       - Put the captured rat in the vichyssoise in the tavern kitchen
       - Go talk to the bartender and say "Hey..." and "Sure, I'll..." (both are
         option 1) to get hired and receive 420 pieces of eight
       - Go into Largo's room and use the pins with the Voodoo Doll to get
         teleported to the Voodoo hut
       - Say goodbye to the Voodoo Lady (last option) and leave back to the map
       - Give Captain Dread the monocle to initiate a conversation
       - Ask to charter his ship (option 1) and don't hold Y to skip his dialog
         until he says you don't look like you have 20 pieces of eight (if you skip
         his dialog too early you'll just get reset to the previous options)
       - Continue holding Y until you see the cutscene with the Voodoo guy, then
         release and hold again until you're on Dread's boat in Part II.
    Time checkpoint: 11:01
    Part 2...[PT2]
      Captain Dread's Ship:
       - Pick up the parrot chow, then go inside and talk to Captain Dread
       - Hold Y and tap A until you get to the map and select Phatt Island
    Phatt Island:
       - Pick up the bed and use the stick directly with the bone without picking
         it up
       - Pick up the bone and give it to Walt
       - Use the key directly in the cell door without picking it up
       - Open both envelopes without picking them up to receive their contents
       - Go to the casino and follow the guy to the back alley
       - Knock and say "What's the next..." (option 1) and then give him the
         "password" 3 times
       - Say "What!  You don't remember me?" (option 1) and remember the next
       - Make sure to go in front of the crates as you leave the alley for the
       - Open the model lighthouse and quickly use the card catalog before being
         shushed by the librarian
       - Memorize the leftmost rear card in the C-D drawer (Disasters)
       - Memorize the 3rd card from the front in the 2nd column from the left in
         the P-Q-R drawer (Recipes)
       - Talk to the Librarian and say "Excuse me", "I'm looking for a book", and
         "No, how do I get one?" (options 1, 1, and 2)
       - Give her the second answer for all five questions (they're shorter)
       - Hold Y and tap A to check out both books you memorized and end the
         conversation, then pick up the lens on the way out
       - Go to the casino and talk to the guy there and say "I'd like to place a
         bet." (option 1)
       - Give him the number from the guy in the alley and then say "I'd like the
         INVITATION!" (option 2)
    Booty Island:
      Ville de la Booty:
       - Buy the well-polished old saw and the ship's Horn (in that order)
    Scabb Island:
       - Use the banana with the metronome in the tavern (the hit detection on the
         metronome is lower than it should be), then pick up Jojo
       - Talk to the bartender and hold Y and mash A until you've gotten a yellow
         drink and he asks what you want for the second one
       - Ask for a blue drink and exit the conversation (both are option 3)
       - Saw the pirate's wooden leg off at Mad Marty's
       - Walk over to the woodsmith's and steal his hammer and nails
    Booty Island:
      Ville de la Booty:
       - Give the invitation to the costume shopkeeper and pick up the pink dress
       - Walk into Stan's and hold Y and tap A until he's in the coffin
       - Use the hammer with the nails and Stan will hand you the handkerchief
       - Quickly use the hammer with the nails again to nail Stan into the coffin
         (you should be able to do this before he climbs out again)
       - Pick up the crypt key from the wall
       - Walk over to the spitting fields and blow the ship's horn to distract the
         crowd, then pick up the flags to move them closer to the fault line
       - In the inventory, combine the blue and yellow drinks, use the crazy straw
         to drink some green drink, and read the Disasters book
       - Hold Y immediately after the first line to skip the rest of the book, then
         save the game to lock the random coordinates (if Guybrush didn't start
         saying the line where he mentions the first of the two coordinates, you
         skipped too early)
    Time checkpoint: 21:56
    Booty Island:
      Ville de la Booty:
       - Read the book again and memorize both coordinates, then load your save
       - Look at the fault line and then spit when the wind is blowing (watch the
         lady's red sash)
       - Don't immediately hold Y when you spit, but rather hold it starting from
         when your spit is about to land so the Spitmaster starts saying something
       - If your timing is correct, you should be able to walk out the left side
         before the Spitmaster says anything else (if you skipped too early, you'll
         have to wait until he finishes talking before the game will load the next
       - Go to the shop and buy the "Beware of Parrot" sign
       - Give the antique dealer the spit plaque and then hold Y and mash A until
         he gives you 6000 pieces of eight
       - Talk to Kate and say "Could I have...", "I'm interested...", "OK, I'll
         pay...", and then "Yeah, let's..." (options 2, 3, 2, and 1)
       - Click on the coordinates from the book (you'll be able to memorize this
         position as it won't change from your earlier save where you already read
         the book)
      Captain Kate Capsize's Ship:
       - Tell Kate you'll jump in (option 2)
      Mad Monkey:
       - Pick up the Mad Monkey head and then use the anchor
    Booty Island:
      Ville de la Booty:
       - Finish talking to Kate and leave town to the left
      Small Structure / Guard Kiosk:
       - Hold Y and mash A until the guard let's you into Elaine's party
      Governor's Mansion:
       - Leave the way you came and click on the Governor's Mansion again to bypass
         the long walk
       - Walk to the right of the mansion until the camera changes, then around the
         right side to the back
       - Push the trash can, then walk around to the left and back around again to
         access the kitchen (this part can be a little buggy)
       - Pick up a fish, then walk back around the mansion to the left (it's faster
         than going to the right)
       - Walk inside quickly (you should be able to skip extra dialog from the chef
         if you're fast enough) and pick up the map piece
       - Try to leave and you'll get brought to Elaine
       - Grovel 4 times (dialog is random) and then walk back into her room and
         steal the old oar
       - Walk outside and try to collect the map piece, then go back and pick up
         the dog
      Big Tree:
       - Step onto the plank and then use the old oar in the next hole
       - Step onto the old oar to break it and trigger the skeleton cutscene
       - Pick up the broken oar and leave
    Scabb Island:
       - Visit the woodsmith and have him reinforce the oar
    Phatt Island:
       - Use the leaflet with the wanted poster, then walk over to the pier
       - Talk to the fisherman and select "I'm a game warden..." and "I don't
         have..." (both are option 2)
       - Say "Why do you want..." and "What sort of wager..." (both are the last
       - Hold Y and mash A to select the first dialog option 3 times ("Sounds
         fair.", "Raw?", and "All right...")
       - Give the fish to the fisherman and hold Y to skip the rest of his dialog
         and receive his fishing pole
       - Take the nearby exit to trigger the cutscene where Kate is framed
    Booty Island:
      Ville de la Booty:
       - Go to the shop and put the parrot chow on the hook, then buy the mirror
       - Give the Mad Monkey head to the antique dealer to receive the 1st map
       - Look down the cliff and then use the fishing pole to move the map piece to
         the big tree
      Big Tree:
       - Climb to the top using the plank and reinforced oar (unfortunately, the
         hit box for the holes on the tree is really spotty, so be careful here)
       - Go inside the hut and use the dog on the pile of maps to receive the 2nd
         map piece
       - Pick up the telescope outside and then leave
       - Go to Phatt Island, skipping the LeChuck's fortress cutscene that is
    Time checkpoint: 32:40
    Phatt Island:
       - Visit the jail and open the vanilla envelope (without picking it up) to
         receive the bottle of near grog (leave Kate to rot in jail)
       - Back in the wharf main screen, exit out the right side (it's actually
         faster somehow)
       - Leave for the map and go to the mansion (click on the right side of the
         mountain first to skip going around the mountain to the left)
       - Walk inside and talk to the guard
       - Say "I got time off for good behavior" and "I think there's a fire in the
         kitchen" (options 1 and 2)
       - Use either the Disasters or Big Whoop book to collect the Pirate's Quotes
         book (do not use the Recipes book)
       - Go to the top of the waterfall and use Jojo on the pump
       - Go back to the previous screen and walk into the tunnel
       - Immediately leave back to the waterfall and walk to the right, then click
         on the cottage on the map (it's faster than taking the tunnel all the way)
       - Open the shutters, then walk inside the house
       - Place the mirror on the wall while Rogers gets the grog and read the
         Pirate Quotes book (hold Y to skip when Guybrush starts reading the first
         quote to lock Rapp's randomized quote)
       - Quickly use the grog with the plant (without picking it up), then use the
         near grog with the empty mug
       - After Rogers passes out, go back outside and use the telescope with the
         grotesque statue to lock the randomized brick (holding Y immediately to
         skip the whole cutscene)
       - Save the game to lock the random quote and brick
    Time checkpoint: 36:39
    Phatt Island:
       - Use the telescope again and memorize the brick location
       - Read the Pirate Quotes book again and memorize which quote is Rapp's, then
         load the previous save
       - Go inside, press the correct brick (it won't change after the above save)
         then pick up the 3rd map piece
       - Walk up the hill on the left to get back to the map
    Scabb Island:
       - Walk back to the map
       - Use the crypt key in the crypt
       - Look at the casket corresponding to Rapp's quote (the order of the caskets
         is fixed and, from left to right, is "Happiness...", "Kiss...",
         "Aaaarrrrrrrg!", "Violets...", and "Mouthwash..."; Rapp's quote won't
         change after the earlier save)
       - Open the casket (only possible after looking at it) and pick up some ashes
       - Visit the Voodoo Lady and hold Y and mash A to get the Ash-2-Life
       - Go back to the crypt and use the Ash-2-Life directly on the casket to get
         the key to the Steamin' Weenie (select dialog options 1 and 2)
       - Use the key to access the Steamin' Weenie and use a knob to turn off the
         gas (this must be done to receive the map piece)
       - Go back to the crypt and use the Ash-2-Life on the casket again
       - Say "You were right..." (option 2) to receive the 4th map piece
       - Visit Wally and give him the lens and then any map piece (in that order)
       - Go to the Voodoo Lady and say "Wally sent me..." (option 1) to collect the
         Juju bag
       - Exit the Voodoo Hut and use the crate, holding Y until Guybrush climbs out
         in LeChuck's fortress and save the game
    Time checkpoint: 42:55
    Part 3...[PT3]
    LeChuck's Fortress:
       - Look at the spit encrusted paper to memorize all 4 bone combinations, then
         load the save
       - Walk to the right and up the stairs to get to the signboard, then take the
         upper left exit
       - Push the carvings corresponding to the bone combinations (if you don't see
         one on the first screen, walk left another screen)
       - Open the middle of the door, then try to pick up the key
       - Say anything to LeChuck (they all result in just "Gulp!"), then hold Y to
         skip the next cutscene
      Torture Chamber:
       - In the inventory, use the crazy straw with the green drink again, then use
         the Juju bag to remove the matches and put them into Guybrush's inventory
       - Spit on the pan, then the right Shield, then the right Shield again
      Ammunition Dump:
       - Use the matches in the inventory to finish this part, then hold Y to skip
         until Guybrush lands on the beach
    Part 4...[PT4]
    Dinky Island:
       - Pick up the bottle, then use it on the nearby rock
       - Pick up the martini glass and use it on the ocean, then the still
       - Pick up the crowbar and open the barrel for a cracker
       - Give the cracker to the parrot and then head into the jungle
       - Head west and use the bottle on the bag to release the box of cracker mix
       - Use the distilled water on the cracker mix box (without picking it up)
         to receive 2 more crackers
       - Head east to the dynamite box, pick up the rope, and then use the crowbar
         to open it and pick up the dynamite
       - Head east until the dinosaur, then give the parrot the remaining crackers
       - Head north to the rocks, then east to the X
       - Use the shovel on the X, then the matches on the dynamite and the lit
         dynamite on the hole
       - Combine the crowbar and the rope and use the combined rope and crowbar
         on the metal rods protruding from the concrete ceiling
       - I strongly suggest saving before turning on the lights as this next bit is
         heavily randomized and can often go awry (the absolute last opportunity to
         save before LeChuck starts tossing you around to random rooms is right
         before he uses the Voodoo doll on you after he's sent you to the elevator
    Time checkpoint: 48:40
    Dinky Island:
       - Find the lightswitch (just right of center) and use it
       - Say "Hello LeChuck." (option 1)
       - Say "Why do you say that?" (option 3)
       - Say "Like soup and salad?" (option 1)
       - Say "Am I going..." (option 3)
       - Say "A dolly? ..." (option 1)
       - Say "Mama!" (option 3) to advance to the next part
    Unfortunately, at this point the rooms LeChuck sends you to are completely
    randomized.  You should try to loot the infirmary and box storage first, then
    visit the vending machine room, then use the elevator.  Here's an ideal order
    for the rooms, with the required actions in each room in decreasing order of
    Dinky Island:
       - Open the trash can and pick up the latex gloves (gloves are most pressing
         because they need to be inflated to use the elevator)
       - Open the drawer and pick up the syringe
       - Pick up the right hand skull
      Box Storage:
       - Open the leftmost box and pick up the green balloon (again, the balloon is
         most pressing because it needs to be inflated to use the elevator)
       - Open the rightmost bottom box and pick up a doll
      Vending Machine Room:
       - Use the coin return to release a dime (most pressing because you don't
         want to miss a chance to steal LeChuck's underwear; he tends to never show
         up in this room when you need him)
       - Use the green balloon and both gloves with the helium tank (this is needed
         to use the elevator)
       - Wait for LeChuck to come in (combine some Voodoo ingredients into the bag
         while you wait)
       - When he sees the dime and bends over, steal his underwear
       - Quickly hand him the handkerchief to collect his snot (this can actually
         be done anywhere you run into him, but usually I let it wait until later
         since you need all the ingredients before you can really make use of them)
       - Push the call button and step inside
       - Quickly use the lever to pull out some of LeChuck's beard hair (I usually
         miss the first lever pull; the timing's very quick)
       - Pick up the beard hair, then combine the skull, handkerchief, underwear,
         beard hair, and doll in the Juju bag (doing this in the elevator has the
         advantage of not being harassed by LeChuck, but you should combine some
         while waiting for him to come in and find the dime if you have time)
    Once you get to this point, you should return to the tunnels and start looking
    for LeChuck.  Since I'm generally in the elevator at this point, I like to walk
    to the right (so as to have more ground to cover).  Usually I'll run into
    LeChuck within 1 or 2 rooms.  Then, do the following:
    Dinky Island:
       - Find LeChuck again and use the syringe with the doll
       - Follow him out the door he leaves and say "I wonder what..." (option 3)
       - Say "Oh, all right..." (option 4)
       - Select the 1st option twice to finish the game
    Final Time checkpoint: 57:01
    I haven't yet received any feedback on the guide, so this will be a bit short:
    Thanks to LucasArts and everyone involved in creating both the original and
    special edition versions of Monkey Island 2.
    Also, thanks to gamefaqs.com for some boilerplate legalese that appears below.
    I can be contacted by email at kenwjones@gmail.com
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    The websites authorized to host this guide are:
    Copyright 2010 Kenneth W. Jones Jr.

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