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    FAQ/Walkthrough by OgesMC

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    Mass Effect 2: Kasumi-Stolen Memory
    version 1.0
    By: OgesMC
    [KMS1]   Introduction
    [KMS2]   Walkthrough
    [KMS3]   Disclaimer
    [KMS1]   Introduction
    Kasumi-Stolen Memory is an add on for Mass Effect 2 that was released for
    download in April, 2010.
    The content adds a new mission that introduces a new character and squadmate,
    Kasumi, an assassin. After the completion of Kasumi's mission (which doubles as
    her loyalty mission) Kasumi, the Master Assassin, becomes a permanent team
    This guide is my own work and is based off of the Xbox 360 version of Mass 
    Effect 2. All versions should be the same but if I missed something or 
    something is unclear in the guide, do not hesitate to contact me right away by
    As always, any additions or comments are credited to those who made them if 
    they are implemented into the guide in any way.
    [KMS2]   Walkthrough
    Check your journal for a new mission slash dossier on Kasumi:
    Dossier: The Master Thief
    Kasumi Goto
    -Master of stealth and infiltration
    -Skilled hacker and information specialist
    -Operates completely off the grid
    -No criminal record
    Sounds good right? She's waiting for Shepard on the Citadel, so let's travel
    Mission: Rendezvous with Kasumi Goto
    -Travel to the Zakera Ward on the Citadel, and input the password "Silence is
    Golden" at Kasumi's hacked ad terminal.
    Once you arrive at the Citadel an advertisement terminal with Kasumi's image
    beckons you to enter the password (hold off on it for a few moments to hear
    some amusing lines from Kasumi!), enter the password and Kasumi will talk to
    you. You can inquire about Kasumi and Cerberus to find out about the mission,
    Kasumi is looking for her old partner's grey box which was stolen by one named
    Donovan Hock, and she plans to get it back. Kasumi won't tell you much more, 
    except that her plan of infiltration is a dinner party at Hock's mansion.
    Welcome Kasumi to the team and she emerges from the shadows and heads to the
    Mission: Kasumi: Stealing Memory
    Travel to Bekenstein (Boltzmann, in the Serpent Nebula) and attend the party
    of arms dealer Donovan Hock.
    Head back to the Normandy and travel to Boltzmann (in the same system as the
    Citadel) and land on the planet Bekenstein. Distribute Kasumi's power points
                                                and then talk to Kasumi on the 
    .-----------------------------------------. shuttle down to the surface. You
    |             Bekenstein                  | are disguised well for the party
    |-----------------------------------------| and Kasumi has a full background
    | Colony Founded: 2158                    | and identity made up for you.
    | Population: 5,425,000                   | 
    | Capital: Milgram                        | Learn that Hock is a smuggler and
    |                                         | weapons dealer that killed her
    | Orbital Distance: 1.8 AU                | partner, and the plan is to stash
    | Orbital Period: 2.4 Earth Years         | weapons and armor in a "gift"
    | Radius: 6.050 km                        | statue of Saren (Mass Effect).
    | Day Length: 21.3 Earth Hours            | 
    | Atmospheric Pressure: 1.17 Earth        | With the statue and gear inside,
    | Atmospheres                             | you will need to find the vault
    | Surface Temperature: 43 Celsius (mean)25| and crack it's security seal to
    | Celsius (habitable zone)                | enter. Once you're in, gear up and
    | Surface Gravity: 0.9G                   | find what Kasumi is looking for.
    When you land Hock greets you and admires the statue of Saren. Hock lets you
    in and requests Kasumi remain outside because he doesn't like the look of her.
    It's the only way in so agree to the terms. Kasumi disappears into the shadows
    and will keep radio contact throughout the mission.
    Mission: Locate the door to the vault, which is beneath the ballroom floor.
    First head straight past Hock towards the windowed view to find a data pad on
    the left, down a few stairs. Kasumi can use the information on the data pad if
    you can access the security office (near the main entrance). For now, head back
    up the small stairs and take a right, and then head downstairs to the lower
    level to find the door to the vault room. The vault is heavily protected by
    voice, password, DNA, and barrier.
    Leave the vault door entrance and examine the barrier supply nearby. Kasumi
    will program your Omni-Tool to pick up traces of the magnetic field, so you can
    find the barrier's power source. Head back up the stairs opposite of Kasumi
    and pull the statue in the secluded fireplace area. Kasumi disarms the barrier
    and fades back into the shadows.
    Talk to Hock and Kasumi will prepare to take voice samples. If you have high
    enough Paragon or Renegade levels, you can choose those options (my specific
    run through had full Paragon). No matter what, Hock will boast long enough
    for Kasumi to record his voice, and then you can end the conversation.
    Head towards the building entrance and find the security room on the right.
    Try to enter the door and Kasumi will unlock it for you. Enter and you will
    have to bypass the next one manually. Kill the two unshielded guards inside
    and loot the wall safe (7200 credits) and med stations (medigel) before 
    reading the data pad behind the desk. A careless guard left the password in
    sight! *PERUGGIA*, tonight's password, is now known to you.
    Kasumi taps into the security system so now head to Hock's room (to the right
    of where Hock is standing) and speak to the guard. Tell the fool you have
    authorization from Chief Roe (DO NOT say Hock or Your own!!) and Kasumi will
    make it so. Enter Hock's room and head straight back to the fireplace. Bypass
    the wall safe on the left (7800 credits) and then in the main room check the
    data pad on the desk. Check more items around the room until Kasumi has enough
    DNA data for the vault.
    Head back to the vault and use the microphone, DNA scanner and secure elevator.
    Kasumi disables security cameras while you gear up and then you can now change
    weapons if you wish.    
    Kasumi has a scanner to locate the graybox, but first take a moment to spend
    her power points if you did not before at the mission start!
                ~O0==============={Kasumi Goto}===============0O~ 
    Shadow Strike
    -Cloak and sneak behind a target to deliver a devastating blow (instant) and
    incapacitate weaker enemies.
    Rank    Recharge Time   Damage   Stun Duration
            (Seconds)                 (Seconds)
    (1)     9.00            300.00    5.00
    (2)     9.00            350.00    6.00
    (3)     9.00            400.00    7.00
           Deadly Shadow Strike
            Increases the damage done when assassinating the target
           Rapid Shadow Strike 
            Reduces the cooldown if the target is killed by this power
    -Required Shadow Strike Rank 2
    -Massive energy blasts overpower shields and synthetic enemies
    Rank    Recharge Time  Radius  Shield/Synthetic  Synthetic Stun  Weapon
              (Seconds)   (Meters)      Damage         (Seconds)     Overheat Time
    (1)     12.00          1.20     120.00           -               -
    (2)     12.00          1.20     140.00           3.00            -
    (3)     12.00          1.20     160.00           3.00            6.00
           Heavy Overload
            Greatly increases overload damage. Destabilizes synthetic enemies, 
            causing them to explode when destroyed.
           Area Overload
            Greatly increases the explosion radius of Overload, making it easier
            to hit multiple targets.
    Master Thief (passive)
    -Enhances Kasumi's weapon damage and health; improves her power recharge time
    Rank      Health      Weapon Damage     Power Recharge Time
    (1)       +5.00%      +6.00%            -6.00%
    (2)       +10.00%     +12.00%           -12.00%
    (3)       +15.00%     +18.00%           -18.00%
             Master Infiltrator
            Increases Kasumi's Tech abilities, further reducing the recharge time
            of her powers.
             Master Saboteur
            Increases Kasumi's weapon damage.
    Flashbang Grenade (Requires Loyalty)
    A disorienting concussive charge is thrown that inflicts minor damage and
    incapacitates all nearby targets.
    Rank   Recharge Time   Impact Radius   Damage   Incapacitate Duration
             (Seconds)       (Meters)                    (Seconds)
    (1)    9.00            6.00            45.00    3.00
    (2)    9.00            6.50            60.00    3.50
    (3)    9.00            7.00            75.00    4.00
             Frag Grenade
            Adds metal fragments to the grenade, causing extra damage when it
             Improved Flashbang Grenade
            Improves the potency of the concussive force, incapacitating targets
            farther away and keeping them down longer
    You can examine the different statues in the vault for comments (Kasumi). Some
    are great idols from the game world's lore, and others are real world rarities.
    The bastard even has Lady Liberty's Head (The Statue of Liberty)!!
    The box is on a pedestal near Lady Liberty's head, but grab the Locust (same
    pedestal) first.
    M-12 Locust SMG
    The Locust is a full auto, rapid fire SMG, and a very good one for short to
    short/mid range. The following squadmates may use the Locust, and Kasumi and
    Shepard (if applicable) will automatically equip one when you pick it up.
    Pick up the graybox and sure enough Hock makes an appearance. You can hit a 
    renegade quick time event to shatter a statue and piss him off, but either
    way he sends in the troops to kill you. A group of Eclipse troops and Chief
    Roe (armor and shields) comes in as you take cover. The troops will outflank
    you quickly on higher difficulties, so be sure to plan accordingly.
    Head through the now open door behind you, stopping at the weapons locker if
    you need to change anything, and then through the next door to enter the cargo
    area which holds a few troops and a YMIR Mech. Take down the Mech (if your
    own powers do not allow it, Kasumi's overload and shadow strike work wonders).
    A Vanguard (barriers) and more troops will be after the Mech in the same room.
    Head up the stairs and hack the PDA on the crate near the door (4200 credits)
    Head through until you reach the next cargo bay and fight through the troops
    and mechs while moving from cover to cover. Check the area on and around the
    Mako (combat APC) to find spare parts (4800 credits), 1000 Platinum, and a
    mass accelerator canon. Use the canon to blow up a new entrance and any enemies
    near it (there should be quite a few). Check the room before the hole you just
    made for spare parts (1200 credits) and then head through.
    Prepare for tight combat, and a YMIR Mech as you move down the hall under 
    cover. After the Mech and it's troops a truck will pull up with more troops and
    a Vanguard. Defeat them and head to the next door, checking the Dead Merc's
    body on the way (in front of the door) for a tech upgrade.
    Now it's time to defeat Hock. Of course he is not alone and the room quickly
    fills up with troopers, rocker troops, an engineer, and vanguards. Stay under
    cover and advance, grabbing the platinum X2 (500), spare parts (1800 credits),
    and storage crate (1200 credits) before exiting the room.
    Rooftop-Donovan Hock
    An interesting boss fight, Hock is in a flying assault mech, and will tear you
    to shreds if you stay out of cover for too long. Troops will pop up 
    periodically so take them out when they do (usually in groups of four). 
    Hock will fly away when his shields are low and then return with full shields.
    Once you clear enough troopers, Kasumi will dispose of Hock's shields 
    permanently, allowing a fair fight against the flyer. Give Hock everything 
    you've got and once you blow his flyer out of the sky, you can take the
    shuttle back to the Normandy.
    Kasumi's graybox reveals a message from her partner, and secret information
    just for her. He asks her to destroy the files in the graybox and it leads
    to a conversation with you. You can offer Kasumi to keep or destroy the box,
    it is up to you and Kasumi will gain loyalty and of course the new outfit that
    comes with it!
    [KMS3] Disclaimer
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is my own work, and has been created by me for use on
    The following websites are always allowed to host my work:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. If interested in hosting this guide on your site, you
    can contact the author (myself) direct via email.
    Copyright 2012 by John "The Ogre" Kwitkowski
    Contact Email: jwkwitkowski@gmail.com

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