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"decent game but needs major adjustments"

I'm going to state right now that this is my first review and that I'm typically not this hard on games, since I've played well over 100 games ranging from the NES to the current gen. Keep in mind, this is purely opinion and that I suggest doing more research than just my review. My apologies if this appears 2 times since it never showed up 12 hours after my initial attempt at submitting this review.

Story: 3/10-6/10
There's a decent reason for this rating, read on to know why. The main story is interesting until chapter 3, where you'll notice that it's the exact same thing the end of chapter 1. Bathesda basically pulled a Nintendo by pretty much putting a "The person you are looking for is in another castle", then dangling it there until the end of chapter 4. The second rating is on the back story you get from listening to all the ghosts, since it explains what exactly is going on, since the main story isn't giving the full picture, or even half of it.

Controls: 7
The controls are easy to get used to, but I wish there was a way to adjust them or see how to use certain abilities since the game doesn't give you an actual controls screen, and when you unlock something new, it just says it was unlocked. so an 7 for ease of use on the basics, not so much for any more advanced tactics.

Enemies: 4
There aren't many types of common enemies to fight in this game, more so, there's 4 species with mild differences between them. Boss-wise it's a bit more interesting since they aren't a rehash of common enemies, but they were a tad disappointing to outright annoying based on what you have to deal with.

Gameplay: 7
I'm going to straight up say that if you get aggravated easily, then try to avoid this game. some points are very similar to a Left 4 Dead finale, in that you have to survive what typically feels like a never ending wave of enemies with no reprieve in sight. another thing that hurts gameplay is that if certain enemies hit you so much as once, you will probably be hit with a second knockdown attack (or in the case of a certain boss, up to around 6 repeated knockdown hits).

AI: 4
I'm not gonna lie, the AI in this game is worse than either RE5 or L4D. I have seen it run ahead like planed, other times it will hang so far back there practically at the start of the section. I've also had the AI glitch a few times, though rare, it does happen. The glitches I experienced ranged from getting stuck and being unable to revive me, to disappearing altogether. If you get it regardless, I've found keeping an eye on your partner will keep them from getting off of the panel, which will save you some trouble.

Co-op: 7
pretty good but does indeed need a couple of improvements, but is generally enjoyable. it just needs to ditch the boarder on the sides and make it so your partner can select their own skills instead of just one person doing all the adjustments. Aside from that, it's a lot better than going it solo with the AI glitching up from time to time.

All in all I'm going to give the game a 6. It's a decent game, but needs a decent bit of polish before it can be called a truly perfected co-op experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/15/11

Game Release: Hunted: The Demon's Forge (US, 05/31/11)

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