What is the best strategy for Unlocking Mutators Fast?

  1. So pretty much if anybody has any good ways of unlocking any of the mutators quickly just let me know, cause some of them can be quite tedious.....1000 first blood medals......damn thats a lot

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  1. EASY MUTATORS (make game easier, award less points/exp)

    Instagib Melee (200 kills as wretch) - Play Beast mode on Trenches, Casual dificulty. Play the first couple of waves, either repeat wave 2 over and over (let the last one alive kill you) or keep going untill you feel like restaring.

    Super Reload (Master-at-Arms *) - Should be pretty straightforward. Play Versus private matches against Casual bots to boost for this. Warzone recommended.

    Infinite Ammo (100 Combat Engineer Ribbons) - Either play horde normally and upgrade stuff only when you have enough money to upgrade 5 of them in one wave, or use two controllers. For the two controllers, have your dummy player give you all his cash, then buy 5 fortifications with the 2000$ and let yourself die. Recommended Drydock on Insane. You can have a friend help you if you don't have 2 controllers, or look for a video about how to unlock this mutator on youtube to do it the glitches way (like I did).

    Big Explosions (100 Hail Marry Ribbons) - I don't have this one yet. Its at 27/100, I'm going to try boosting it by playing as a Boomer in beast as much as I can and going for the targets that are far away from me.

    HARD MUTATORS (make the game harder, award less points/exp)

    Enemy Regeneration (Aficionado **) - Play on Arcade. To boost, you can either play Act3 Ch1 over and over, or use the glitch on Act2 Ch2. Make as many points as possible and get to the end of the chapter, then as soon as the scoreboard goes away, reload your last checkpoint. You can end the chapter as many times as you want for points or to boost other things.

    Vampire (100 Executioner Ribbons) - Picking up a meatshield, holding or tapping Y, chainsaw and bayonet charges all count as executions. Try to get as many as you can in one match. Easy to boost in Warzone against casual bots.

    Must Active Reload (Active Reloader **) - Just play the game... if you need to boost this, use your pistol. Fire one round and active reload it over and over. Get good at it.

    Friendly Fire (Complete campaign in 4-player co-op) - You have multiple reasons to do this. Try to find a group in the gamefaqs board who needs this as well, or run it with your friends.

    FUN MUTATORS (do not affect points/exp)

    Big Head (Horder ***) - Play alot of horde... You could boost it by doing the first 10 rounds over and over, or maybe even just the first 5. You could also go untill you die, and then pick to restard from the beginning.

    Pinata (Investor ***) - Play alot of Beast mode. Can't think of an easy way to grind this, personally I'm not going to worry about it untill I'm done farming for Hail Merrys with the Boomer.

    Flower Blood (King of COG **) - Just play Arcade mode. Can also grind this easy in Act2 Ch2, which I explained in 'Enemy Regeneration'.

    Comet (Shock Trooper ***) - I just unlocked this one myself. Takes a long time, but you get it eventually. Just try getting the first kill in every round... easy to boost in Warzone against Casual bots.

    Laugh Track (Tour of Duty * & For the Horde! * & I'm a Beast! * & Warmonger *) - You can get 'Tour of Duty' and 'Warmonger' by playing through Arcade mode on any dificulty. For 'For the Horde!', you should be able to solo through Horde mode on Casual with the help of the Super Reload mutator or maybe even alone. Alternatively you can play online with random people on public games or with some friends. Just make sure you keep track of which waves you've completed, because you only need to complete this once. The achievement 'Enriched and Fortified' should help you track this. And finally, to get 'I'm a Beast!' you should be fine just playing online with random people in public games or with your friends. Should you have two controllers, I've managed to beat Beast mode on Normal dificulty with my cousin playing split screen, so you should be fine beating casual. Just remember to destroy fortifications when you can for the extra cash/time. Oh and good luck if you try to solo it; its hard to do it alone without failing at least once.

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