Multiplayer errors?

  1. Whenever i try to play horde mode, beast mode, campaign or anything on gears 3 it just keeps telling me "Searching matches 1/15" or something like that. And when i do find a match it says "the host was lost." Anybody know what is going on?

    User Info: DeadEchoElite

    DeadEchoElite - 5 years ago


  1. There's either noone playing around your area or... some other problem I can't specify.

    You can try deleting your cache so you can try redownloading all the updates and hope that fixes it for you. I googled how to do that for ya...
    They say you go to 'my xbox' and then 'system configuration'. From there, you pick 'memory', press Y, and then pick 'clear system cache'. What does does is clear ALL your game updates, for all of your games. You can always get them back by just putting the disk in and starting the game while connected to the internet. Clearing the cache won't mess with your profiles or saves games.

    User Info: Zhentharim

    Zhentharim (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0

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