What is multiplayer like in gears?

  1. I've only played gears 1 and 2 with co-op with friends and just single player by myself. Is multiplayer hard in gears? compared to COD, i doubt theres any camping, theres no game changing killstreaks or perks is there? and also how much health does one have, is it lil like cod or a lot like halo?I ask this cuz of how the game has a cover system, so it kinda seems like it would suck if you have lots of health but are able to hide behind cover.

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    blaze_craze - 4 years ago


  1. Multiplayer in Gears is somewhat similar to single player. CoD and Halo are first person shooters, whereas Gears is a third-person shooter, so more emphasis should be placed on your character's movement than solely on aim. I would say that multiplayer is similar to single player in terms of weapons, moving your character, etc., but, naturally, it is much more fast-paced and players tend to rely a lot less on cover. There are no kill-streaks or perks. A lot of players tend to neglect their rifles and solely rely on close-quarters combat using shotguns. You have a decent amount of health, but, understandably, you can be blown to pieces with a single shot from a shotgun if you get too close.

    Personally, in my experience, as someone who played CoD4 and MW2 fairly competitively, Gears has the most rewarding multiplayer I've ever played. There seems to be a pretty high learning curve for players who pick it up later, but once you overcome the obstacle and stop playing it like it's CoD, it's awesome. :)

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  2. I am an experienced multiplayer user, and from my experiences, it's quite similar to other shooting games, but one difference? About EVERYONE uses only the shotgun. Why? It has the power to kill faster than all weapons, and just appears the best.

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  3. Oh, and you have an image show on your screen to show your health. You are dying when the image is full. And it does have kill streaks as well.

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    RayneLatios - 4 years ago 0 0

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