How does the Horde fortification system work?

  1. I've been trying to level up my fortifications, but I don't get how it works. Does the amount of money go towards the points to level them up?

    User Info: Skyrim1012

    Skyrim1012 - 4 years ago

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  1. The levels of your Fortifications increase as you use each. Unlock newer fortifications by building fortifications. Money wise, yes the amount you spend adds up, but only to one fortification. ( Example: you fix a turret. That money spent goes only to the total amount spent on turrets.)

    Leveling up well grant you cheaper prices to buy and repair fortifications, as well as unlock stronger and better versions to each fortification. (Example: leveling up your turret: Retro Lancer Turret -> Lancer Turret -> Armored Turret)

    Extra Hint to get the Fortification Master Medal to Onyx: Play Horde with a local friend/ family member. Note this requires at least one player to have the availability to create a turret. Purchase a command area. Next, a player gives $500 to the player who will buy the turret. (It requires $1,500 to buy it) When you purchase it, have the other player shoot the turret. Stand by the turret as the other character shoots. As the repair message appears, continuously press Y until the timer to prepare for the next wave is over. This trick will also help with getting the fortification ribbon, unlocking a mutation option for getting 100 of the fortification ribbons. Hope this all helps.

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  1. I believe so. The more money you pore into the fortifications the higher rank it goes the higher the level of the fortification.

    User Info: otakutwin

    otakutwin - 4 years ago 0 0

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