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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Version: 1.4
    Date: Nov 30, 2011
    Polish and DLC info added.
    Version: 1.3
    Date: N/A
    I'm not entirely sure what I did with 1.3,
    I accidentally skipped it.
    Version: 1.2
    Date: Oct 7, 2011
    Should have all collectables in walkthrough
    Will try to make section just for them
    Will try to put a chievos section in
    And maybe proofread
    Version: 1.1
    Date: Oct 4, 2011
    All sections done
    Need to add collectables
    Refine and season to taste
    Version: 1.0
    Date: Sept 21, 2011
    Walkthrough complete


    You start off in a cell. Go through the door and take a right. As you look down the hallway, there is a door just to your right (another cell). Open that door for a collectable. Go through the door at the end of the hall. Once you get outside, run forward and take cover behind the wall and start shooting the dream grubs. After the narrative finishes, you will get a cutscene and the prologue will finish.

    Chapter 1: Anchored

    Good morning. Wake up, and on the desk just behind you (closest to the cot) is a collectable paper. Head into the hallway and listen to a lady mention Dom. follow her into the room to the left. Hug the left wall and just after the cots will be a collectable on a dinner tray. Take that and head back into the hall. Then go to the next door on the right and open it. The next door on the right is also open. In front of Jack on the table is another collectable. Take that and head back into the hallway. Continue on and go up the stairs and around the table to go up the next flight of stairs. Take a couple of rights and talk to Anya. Follow the objective marker (the star icon when you hit left bumper), to watch poor Nash get attacked. Clear the polyps, one shot at a time, and then turn right and got up the stairs.

    At the top of the stairs you meet the Drudge. He's a complex piece because he can mutate but for right now, just shoot him in his glowing belly. head to the left, shoot the drudge by the edge and then go up the stairs just to your right to activate the dock lift. Cutscene with Prescott. Then you'll be sent through the gardens to find some place to watch your new movie.

    Take your time crossing the deck because the lambent are not easy to deal with, especially not when they start shooting at you. Just take cover and aim for the glowing parts. Once you've cleared them (with the help of a Raven), go to the back left corner of the deck. Once there, look up to the catwalk above and you will see a dead Gear hanging off. Shoot the body to get him to drop his tags. now that you have the tags, head for the stairs up to the catwalk on the right. go through the door at the end of the catwalk. Cutscene.

    Now turn around and go back the way you came. Before you go back down the stairs, use your height advantage to clear the area of lambent. Once back on the deck, head back towards the lifts, clearing as you go. Once the area is clear, a COG will raise the lift for you. Use the lift as a way across to the other side of the deck. Cross and you'll find yourself where you first met the drudge. Go back down the stairs to where Nash met his untimely demise.

    Pick up the extinguisher and put out the fire. They can be a little finicky but just aim a little higher than you think you should and if it doesn't work, readjust your aim. You'll come across some lambent as you make your way across the next hall. Hang back and take them out. At the end of the hall, turn right to save Prescott.

    Chapter 2: Abandon Ship

    Head straight down the hall and take a left at the end. Tip a table and take cover. Stay back and take out the lambent from here. At the end, go right and talk to the people moving the vending machine and through the door at the left.

    The next room is rather open. You have quite a few lambent strait ahead. Find some cover and try to pick a couple off but also watch the catwalk up above and to the right. The left side of the room is a pretty save place to be and gives you a good angle for flanking. Take out the Drudge and the lambent grubs and drop down. Follow the path to come to the first Deck lift.

    The Raven pilot will mention that you need to raise the lift and soon after you will be attacked by glowies from the right. Unfortunately, they've got a slight height advantage so you should try and get up the stairs as soon as you can to get some good cover. Once they are cleared out, go past the door they came through and up the stairs to the catwalk. Follow it to the control room to raise the lift.

    Exit the control room and go down the stairs to your right. Just after you talk to the next Raven pilot, the chopper gets destroyed and you have to shoot a tentacle and defend against polyps. Destroy those and some glowies will bust out of a door to your left (similarly to how they did by the other lift). Kill them and head up the stairs again. Go to the control room and activate this lift too. You'll get on the lift automatically.

    At the top of the lift, you need to kill a drudge and then turn off a valve behind him and to the right to clear the flames. Round the corner to the right and take out the moderately sized lambent group. Just behind them is another valve. Head back the way you came and take your first left across the area that was just on fire. Watch the person get blown up and then use their extinguisher to cross the flames.

    After you get to look the Leviathan in the eye, you'll slide away and end up in engineering. Follow the path and bust down the door. In the next room you'll be attacked by some lambent grubs. Kill them and then the polyps after, but don't bother with the tentacle. Keep killing glowies until a piece breaks off from the upper level, creating a ramp upward.

    At the top, go left to find a door. Go through the door, up to the deck and then run as fast as you can across so you don't get smashed by the crates. Open the door to your right to get a silverback. Just before you jump in, there is a collectable on the table to the left. Take the silverback right and through the gate. Move right along the deck to watch a guy get chomped on by the leviathan. Start shooting him in the eye until it bursts. When it does, he'll back off and you'll have to fight a wave of glowies. Kill them and he'll return. Shoot him in the same eye you were shooting him in before. You'll get another wave and then you'll have to dislodge him from the ship one more time.

    And then he blows up.

    Chapter 3: Homecoming

    First, look at Carmine. Do you see what his second weapon is? It's a Torque bow and that is some serious homage right there.

    Head towards the deserted outpost, hang a left around the car and then take a right to end up on the road. At the end of the road you'll take a right. in the alley, watch for a door on the left that you can kick in to lead to a courtyard. Inside the courtyard, on the right is a collectable. Head back to the main path and keep going until you run into the stranded.

    Afterwards just follow the path until you get to a playground. When you get across the playground, you'll get attacked by stalks. Try and destroy the pods that are releasing the drudges to kill the stalk quicker (this is like tossing a grenade in an e-hole). Kill the lambent and another stalk will appear. Kill that one and you'll be able to exit onto the next street. Before you do that though, if you go up the slide next to the first stalk and take a right, you'll find a collectable in the corner. To get down, go back over to the slide and hit the X button. I love Cole! Continue into the alley. Here you'll bump into more drudges and some lambent wretches. Take a couple of rights and then squeeze through the razor wire.

    You'll come to the front door of the Grocery Store. A couple of stalks will emerge. It'll bring mostly just lambent grubs and drudges. Stay back but watch for the mutations because they'll end up with a pretty good amount of elevation from which to shoot. Also make sure you kill those pods. After all is clear, go to your right a little bit and you'll find a small path across the hole to the grocery store.

    Inside the grocery store, you'll need to fight your way through the aisles. after your first encounter (after the "happy now?"), On the right side of this room is a checkout area. Head over to it and at the last register, closest to the doorway, you'll find a collectable. Just go up the left or right side by the walls rather than strait up the middle and it should be pretty easy. Round the next corner and you'll find more lambent. Use the small room to the right to flank and finish them off quickly.

    In the next area, it's rather open. You can hang back and kill them off at range. If you try to come up on them, you may end up running in circles. Also watch out for drudges who's heads stretch out because when they die, their head may come alive and chase after you.

    After, you'll come to a smallish safe room with a bunch of boxes. Chainsaw through the boxes and one will reveal a switch that will open the room to the loader. Use the loader to get beyond the locker and then pick up the food. before heading outside, check the room off to the right. You should see a giant crimson Omen painted on the wall of the room. On the computer desks in the back are COG tags, grab those then head back out into the room with the groceries. head to the far left door and break it down using the loader.

    Once outside, you may want to get out of the loader and kill everything, then proceed to the green smoke to drop of the supplies. This is just assorted lambent again except you'll need to use the loader to make a bridge of cars to get across.

    Chapter 4: Helping Hand

    Head up and around the crates to the right and you'll have to walk across a pit of immulsion. When you get out, walk towards the park area up ahead. You'll find some assorted Lambent throughout the area but of particular interest is the "Gunker" to the left. He's the big hulking thing (maybe formerly a boomer?) that is lobbing immulsion at you. You want to aim for his chest and just unlead as much as you can. DO NOT APPROACH HIM. If you get close to him, he has a one hit melee and it's got quite a bit of range. Just shoot and dodge and continue. explosives can also work well here. Once he's dead, get clear of the big explosion.

    Leave the area by the back left and watch Carmine get shot in the head. Stroll through the stranded camp and when you get to an area over crowded with shipping containers, take a U-turn to the right and around the back. Behind all the shipping containers will be a newspaper on the floor and inside the shipping container next to it is a boomshot. Continue to follow the leader until you get to the end you'll find a nice heap of ammo. Grab some and then continue on down the docks. Once you go through the big red gate, hang a left and then another left around the wall. Head down by the water and there will be a body and COG tags. Head back up and along the pier and stalks will erupt from the water to the left and you can flank right through some crates. Take your time and work your way up. There's no rush and there's little chance of getting surrounded. Go through the big door at the end. Run through the warehouse area and over the bridge to get to the end.

    Watch out for the stalks that come up behind you. Each one will drop a Gunker. if you just focus on them, they will explode and take out the stalk they just came from. Personally, I found the van to the left side to be excellent cover because they couldn't shoot over it. Once done, enter the stadium.

    Chapter 5: MVP

    Get inside and get celebrated. Then stalks arrive as they do. Head to the back and go high. Once you have control, head forward and stick to the right wall. it will open up into a room and if you check the right side as you enter, you'll find a collectable on the floor. Head back out of the room and find a decent vantage of the area. You can clear it out with relative ease. Once the area is devoid of lambent, head through the South Gate. If you hang right as you go through the gate, you'll come to an ammo crate and a collectable on the floor. Go through the double doors.

    Watch the cutscene and then play Thrashball! It's pretty interesting even if you only really need to steer. If you want to hit things, just run into them, otherwise Cole will juke and tackle as needed.

    Turn around and head back to where you picked up the bomb. By the front of the bomb shed, there's a collectable. Go up the stairs into the stands and through the door behind them. Meet up with the Stranded Boss and you'll end up on an elevator. As you go up the elevator, don't worry too much about small enemies but keep an eye out for the big red fuel containers, these will help you clear enemies quickly.

    Chapter 6: Hanging by a thread

    Slide down the line and when you land, run around behind the car in front of you for grenades. Then head away from the lambent some for cover. Really, this is important for putting distance between you and the Gunker so he doesn't melee you. Once you've cleared them, move ahead a little bit to find out you need to get through the stranded base to see the ship. You'll find out what makes these Stranded so dangerous.

    Be careful of the turret between the two doors to the fort. Clear out the ramparts first and then try and land a grenade in the turret bunker. Also be careful because there may be a OneShot up above. Don't get too close because once everything is clear, more enemies will come through the doors, including some Boomers and Butchers. Once the area is cleared, go to the turret in the middle of the bridge (in the toll booth), then go around the right side and just behind it, you'll find a collectable in the pile on the ground.

    After that, head through the gate and enjoy the view. You'll actually be safe until you get into the actual fort section. You'll pass a closed red crate on your right and as you continue forward you'll find another but this one is open instead. Go inside, destroy the crate, and pick up the knife on the ground. go back and continue on down the bridge. It's kind of hectic in here but if you just hang back, they shouldn't be too much of a problem. Once you've cleared this room, there is a collectable to be found but it's a little tricky. leave and come back towards this area the way you did originally and on the left, you'll find a balcony sticking out. If you look to the right, you'll find a crimson omen painted on a girder and on the left is a ladder. Go down the ladder and follow the path until you come to a barrier you can mantle over. on the otherside of this barrier (right next to it) are COG tags on the ground. when you come up on the otherside, turn right and continue on your path. ahead, watch for a turret in the back and some tickers. If the tickers get too close, hit the B button to punt them. Climb up the slab of road that just fell into the room to continue.

    Just to your left is some cover. Get behind it ASAP because there will soon be a lot of explosions going around. You'll get attacked by some Grenadiers and Boomers. You may want to take out the Grenadiers first because they might otherwise swarm you. Head further along and to the right. You'll head inside to climb down some ladders. Once inside, you'll have to split up. Take the low road.

    Make your way up slowly and watch for turrets on the right side. There aren't a whole lot of enemies but they will try and flush you out of your cover with grenades so try and kill them in a timely manner. Watch out for a few grubs popping up out of the ground to your left. Approach the big gate in the back and you'll get to see the ship.

    Yeah, that's right, Clayton just called them ladies. He's not shy like his younger brothers. Move to the next area and you'll come to more tickers. They shouldn't be anything too devestating. Run up the broken road to the next area. You'll come under fire from a mortar. Use the empty shipping containers for cover. Wait for a shot, then move. Try not to stay in one area too long because with the mortars alternating, they can pin you down where you are. once you get to the end of the bridge, use your height advantage to take out as many of the locust as you can.

    A gas barge will come around and you're told to try and hit it with the mortar. that's actually a little bit on the tough side. Give it a shot though and if you can't, you can still bring it down with small arms. Kill it and then turn around and head down further. Cross the lowest part of the bridge. The tentacles that come through the walls will drop polyps so watch for them. At the end of the section will be a couple of grenadiers. Kill them and exit through the door on the right. Climb up the ladder.

    Take a right and rap around the tower. You'll come to a set of stairs that leads back up towards the mortar position but the stairs are broken. To the right side of the stairs, on the ground, is a collectable. Head back around to the left and get back to the bridge road. Head up the road and watch for the OneShot. Grab the LongShot hanging near the truck and use to clear the way. Watch behind you as you progress because some grubs will jump up out of the ground. Head over to the crate and drop the tickers.

    Chapter 1: Shipwreck

    Watch for the wild tickers ahead. They aren't inherently harmful but they will eat ammo and weapons and since you don't have any right now, that's bad. Before you round that first corner to the right, you'll see a giant shipping container to your left. If you go to the end of it, you can kick in the door. Inside, you will find a collectable on the ground about how to grow tomatoes. You'll find assorted weapons on the way to the first encounter and even if you don't, charge ahead quickly and grab something from a downed enemy. Just when you think you've cleared the area, more grubs will pop up out of the ground. Once you've cleared those, the next area will open and more grubs will appear. In this area, you should find a bunch of shipping crates and a downed Raven. Next to the Raven will be a door sticking out of the ground. Next to THAT, on the ground is a collectable. Head up the hill at the back left (Don't be afraid to use the Tac-Com to find where you're going, especially not here). When you get to the top of the hill, a handful of grubs will pop up out of the ground. Head left for a cutscene.

    That is the Digger! Be careful, one shot can put you down. You'll want to treat them like Gunkers. Watch for the attack, dodge and then get a few shots off. The real difference here is that when they are dead, you can pick up a digger launcher and use it against them. Make your way up the hill. This time it might pay to rush a little bit so you aren't constantly dodging the diggers. Head towards the bridge in the back to progress.

    Be careful because more grubs will pop out of the ground. When you finally get to the top, you'll see the siege beast. Clear the grubs and then take control of it to destroy the other two catapults. Once they're dead, you'll be attacked by a Brumak. He's not as tough as he could be with the Siege Beast.

    In the next area, the grubs should be pretty easy to deal with. Find the burning ship off in the distance, then do a 180 and look up at the hill. You're looking for a small fire and just to the left of that is a wooden crate. shoot the wooden crate until it's destroyed and then make your way under it to pick up a collectable but be careful for a couple of digging drones. Watch for a sniper up ahead. Keep heading down the hill until you make it to the beach. You'll meet some resistance on the beach but they won't be anything too significant. After the cutscene, you'll get attacked but a decent number of miners. Hang back and try to take them out at range because there's enough of them that they might be able to swarm or flank around you if you move up too far. After the battle, head back as far as you can and you should see a crate with the crimson omen on it. It's actually behind the crate with the omen on it rather than in the open crate. Check by the water and pick up some COG tags.

    Just when you think you've won, you'll come to another Brumak. Aim for the rocket Launcher on his head or try and circle around behind him to attack the pack on his back. Soon he'll start leaking fire from his pack and not long after, he'll die. Just be careful because his does deal and take a considerable amount of damage. I found that the empty storage crate was useful for cover.

    Chapter 2: House of Sand

    At the moment, it's a relatively safe, quiet path ahead. When you get to an open desert looking area, you'll meet a new enemy. The Corpser Hatchling will dig underground and try to attack you with one of its claws. When it does this, try to dive to the side. You need to wait for it to come out of the ground and try to shoot its face when it attacks you or its backside if you can get behind it. Shooting its face is preferable but it's hard to get an angle where your shots land and you don't get hit. Personally, I find the digger launcher to be pretty useful against these guys.

    Head through the gate once he's dead. Watch out for tickers and grenadiers from up above. Be careful of the Digger and Grinder when you finally climb up. Watch out for the ambush and by that I mean its part of a cutscene so there isn't much you can do. You'll encounter some grubs and butchers and once clear head through the door at the back.

    On the other side of the door is some artillery. Immediately start running to the left and loop around to the artillery position. You'll come to Miners and eventually Diggers and Tickers. Be careful with all the explosions. Dodge first then shoot. Make your way to the top of the hill and climb the ladder. Right near you is a turkey (siege beast). Unfortunately, it's not all that easy to see but just lob some to the back and you'll probably clear the area a little. Of course, you'll get some Miners popping out of the ground so you can't completely clear the area until you move ahead. Head towards the gate at the back of the area. Grab ammo and end the chapter.

    Chapter 3: Forced Entry

    There is a collectable that you can only get by successfully being stealthy in this section.

    If you go slowly, you can usually sneak up on the enemy. If you tip them off, you can maintain your stealth approach as long as you don't allow any grubs to get near the giant horns in whichever area you are in. This section is just a strait forwards crawl. I recommend picking up the LongShot or OneShot (or both).

    Head forward and clear the first area. You should have no problem taking him out before he blows the horn. The next area won't be quite as easy. The gate has two sentries on it; make sure you take out both as quickly as possible. Assuming you've done that, move to the next area and you'll have to do the same thing. The horn is in the middle this time so have to be a lot quicker in killing the sentries (of which there are two again). If you've failed the stealth run, skip to the next paragraph, otherwise a door will open to the right side here. Go through the door, open the gate and then take the lower path to the right. There will be some wild tickers running around. You'll come to a trough filled with meat and buzzing with flies. Near it should be two digger launchers and some COG tags on the ground. They can be hard to see because of the blood on the ground near the trough.

    • If you've failed* once you've cleared the area of grubs, you'll get attack by a Corpser. You've got plenty of room to run around but you won't always be able to see the corpser when he comes up because of all the extra cover around here. If you can get ahold of a Digger, it'd be mighty useful here. Once you've kill him, head through the big gate in the back and the big door behind that.

    You'll come to small area with a gate ahead. If you shoot the middle section above the gate, the wall will fall off and reveal the lever that will open the gate. Kill the two grubs up above as well. On the other side of the gate are a two level open area and some theron guards. They shouldn't be packing Torque bows just yet.

    This is where the two paths meet up. If you failed, you'll be facing the entire area from an open area in the middle but if you succeeded, you will come in on the bottom level off to the right side. There are quite a few turrets around here. Clear the bottom level, then make your way to the top and clear that. You'll get attacked by reinforcement at this point but nothing too serious. If you can't proceed through the gate then aim towards the center of the area and blow that up by shooting the explosives caged in on the bottom floor.

    The last area of this chapter is a little bit smaller with a turret. Clear this out and head up the ramp. Turn around and activate the lever to lift the gate.

    Chapter 4: Trench Run

    After seeing the barge, follow the path downward. When the barge returns, run strait into the bunkers. Turn 90 degrees left to find the next bunker. Wait for Dom's signal and then run for the next bunker. Once there, turn around and look about 30 degrees to your left (the tac-com will actually list the next bunker). Run through the opposite side of this bunker during the next pause to get beyond the range of the barge. You'll see a small hill in front of you as you come out of the last bunker and to the right will be some crates. If you circle around behind the crates, you'll find a collectable on the ground. It looks kind of like an Ice Pick. Turn around and go up the hill for a

    • cutscene*

    Of course he can do it! What kind of question is that? Did you see his hair? If his IQ was any higher, it'd be over 9000! Anyway, follow the path a little bit for reinforcements (them, not you). They attack from the left and the path splits in two with a strait and then an elbow path to the left which has ammo and a good flanking position. At the far side of the bridge, follow the path down and open the big door.

    You'll enter a wild ticker pen. You can open up the cages with handles to set them free but I don't really see any point. As you walk across the room, you'll run into something rather unique. A grub is actually walking across the room carrying an ammo crate. Kill him and the locust that come in behind him, including the Digger. Feel free the kill the tickers if you'd like, or not. There's no actual reason to.

    Next you'll be in an open room with tickers hanging from the ceiling. You can shoot the tickers down and have them explode or just cause them to explode where they hang. If you manage it, the former is more useful. Cross on either side. If you're playing with the AI, they'll probably just follow you but this would work pretty will splitting up on co-op. Once on the other side, you'll see enemies advancing below you. Use your height advantage to take care of them. There will be some Therons but they'll only be rocking hammerbursts. However, it is a rather large group, so be careful. Once you are finished with them, head down the ramp to the right.

    Now that you've gone down a ramp, go up the hill and you'll come to a grub who thinks he's hot s*** for closing you in a room. You'll actually be attacked by a Corpser Hatchling. Remember, Diggers work wonders as do the Retro, Gnasher and Lancer. Once it's down, watch behind you for two grubs and a butcher. Drop back and shoot and they should be no problem. Go through the door they came in (what was the point of locking you in...?) and follow the hall. You'll come across a pretty nice assortment of weapon. You want to pick up whatever you feel most comfortable taking corpsers with because you get a few in the next section. Don't be concerned with ammo.

    Continue on into the next room. You see all those things on the ground? Those are Corpser Hatchlings. And you get to fight them ALL. Ain't they cute? Ok, that aside, you will get attacked by a Mama Corpser who is actually a little tough without a pool of immulsion to toss her into. First you will fight the babies, then she will appear and you need to aim for her eyes. You ideally want to bait her with one character so that the others can take aim at her eyes. After you destroy each eye, you will be attacked by babies and then by the actual Corpser Hatchlings that you've been fighting up to this point. If at any point you need ammo, there's plenty on either side of the room, along with assault rifles for shooting the eyes. After the fourth eye, rather than releasing more hatchlings, she will go berserk and start running around the room. Try to avoid her as you make your way to the exit. Only one person actually needs to make it to the exit even if someone has been downed (dead is a different story).

    • cutscene*

    Chapter 5: Hijack

    At this point you will be attacked by a new type of flying machine gun enemy called a Shrieker. They are pretty easy to dispatch at range so take them out and make your way down the path. Kill the enemies there and then move forward but not down. When you get closer to the rail, you'll see the barge unload theron Guards. These are packing torque bows, as per usual so be careful when taking these out. If you are quick, they all get off the barge right near an exploding barrel which can help you out. Kill them and then head down either ramp. A door will be open to the left with more locust and a Digger. Take them down and head through the door.

    Head down the hill and you'll come to a turret. Take out the turret but before proceeding, look back towards the hill you just came down. Just to the left of it is a room with a gate door. Go break the door down and inside you'll find a boomshot, some ammo, and a collectable on the left side of the floor. Turn back towards the gun emplacement and then you can go through a tunnel just to the left which will bring you out behind the gun emplacement. Clean up any remaining locust and then head towards the back and through the door.

    Follow this path to the elevator at the end, grabbing the Retro on the way. At the top, you'll be attacked by the Gas Barge. It will shoot rockets as it circles and it will close in to drop of Theron Guards in groups of two. Once it lets the first two off, you will know where they are being dropped each time. Assuming the top platform is a clock with the first drop point being 12, the next drop will be at 6 and then it will drop at 12 and then 6 again. It never drops them at 3 and 9 and always drops when it passes 6 and 12 until eventually, once you've killed enough enemies, it will dock and you can board it (with resistance).

    Chapter 6: Airborne

    The next section is short and you just have to shoot down a couple of barges with the turrets. Aim high and it shouldn't be a problem. Once you've done that, you'll drop down to the ground for a rescue. If you turn around and follow the path, you'll find a full ammo crate if you need it. From where you dropped, you'll be attacked from directly ahead and from above the gate on the left. Eventually you'll be attacked by a Reaver on the building ahead and left. Kill the Theron directly in front of you. They should drop torque bows which will be helpful for killing the Reaver. Take out the Reaver and if that doesn't trigger the cutscene, sometimes there's a Theron hiding in the building up the stairs.

    • cutscene*

    Grab ammo and whatever weapons you need. You can fill up on ammo, grab grenades and there's your choice of Retros and Longshots on one wall with hammerburst, torque bow and Boomshot on the other. When you're ready, grab the one shot leaning on the crates and head out. The big gate that was previously closed is now open. Try and save the OneShot because it should actually take out the reavers in one Active Reloaded shot (if not a regular). There should be 5 reavers over the course of the encounter in the next street so make sure you save enough for them. Once you clear the area, head to the left end of the street (by the wrecked truck) and there should be a collectable on the ground. Head back up the street and on the left side should be stairs. Go up the stairs and take a right. Head into the one room building directly in front of you and on the floor to the left will be some COG tags. Now just head back to where the barge dropped you to continue on with the on rails section.

    Chapter 7: Touchdown

    This section is actually a breeze. Just hop on to which ever turret and fire at the nearest enemy. The only difficulty is that each gun covers 90 degrees and that's all. The upside is that your AI teammates are smart enough to jump onto a turret of their own accord and will just off as you approach them so you don't have to wait.

    Once you've cleared everything from the sky, there will be a cutscene and then you'll be attacked. Did you see the objective that said "Survive the attack?" that's exactly what you want to do. Don't worry about attacking, just wait it out and don't catch on fire.

    • cutscene*

    Chapter 1: Unbreakable

    Turn around. On the wall just a little to the right is a silver plaque. Check it out because it's a collectable.

    Head up the stairs on the right and continue on the snaking catwalk. Eventually, you'll come to a large room on the right side with a painting on the wall. The Painting is a collectable. And if you continue further along the catwalk, you'll come to a small ammo room (directly ahead) and in the left corner is a pile of medals, this is also a collectable.

    Load up on ammo and just make your way up the ramparts to the Gate of Anvil gate. I would actually recommend crossing the gate over to the right side. Jump on the turret and start blasting away. Keep tearing through enemies until eventually a catapult will show up. After a couple of shots, it will take down the main gate and you'll have to fall back to the main court yard. Most of your allies will assemble at the catwalk so if you just move back just a little you will find a small area that sticks out. This is a perfect flanking spot. Just keep hammering the enemies in the court yard and they'll likely pay little to no attention to you. If you need ammo, there is a full box if you go back to the ramparts and some more closely to the catwalk.

    When the Maulers arrive, there's actually a OneShot at the ammo cache near the catwalk. Grab that and use it to take them out. A perfect reload will actually pack enough punch to destroy even the Mauler shields. Eventually you'll have to retreat further. If you follow the path they give you, there is a turret at the very end to use. The grubs will start trying to use their grappling hooks to climb up and you can shoot these off just like in Gears 2. They are a little tough to target however since they actually attach to and clip through the ground a little.

    The final phase takes place when the Boomers blast through the doors to the garage. From there, just hold them off until they tell you about the "Last resort" and when they tell you to, focus your fire just behind the grubs.

    Chapter 2: Rescue

    When I heard Bernie over the radio, I didn't think her voice fit the image I had of her but after seeing her, I think it works pretty alright. Choose to ride out; it's the more fun option. It's not really all the complicated. The first part is just an on rails section for about 15 seconds, and then you jump off, fight on foot for a quick spell and then head back to the Fort. You'll get attacked by lambent on the way back so fight them off. Eventually you will meet the Lambent Zerker. You can't do anything about it now, just try to make your way to the base and when they say run for the gate, and do so. If you saw the E3 2010 demo, this is pretty much it and it really hasn't changed.

    Once inside, the fight continues. The Lambent Zerker is not completely immune to regular weapons which has a plus and a minus. You don't need the Hammer of dawn to kill it but the only part that you can actually cause damage to is her heart. She only exposes her heart when she's charging so you aren't just leading her someplace and then killing her any more. This is more about playing chicken. There are collectables here that you need to collect during the battle. The area is round and in the middle is a tower. If you assume the area is a clock with the main gate being 12 then at about two are some COG tags by a barrel in the corner and in the center at six (up against the middle tower) is a book on the ground. Make sure you get both.

    After she's sustained enough damage, she'll start leaking immulsion which will cause burn damage if you walk over it. So then you are still playing chicken but you also can't go back past where she's been so you need to be efficient about your space usage. Continue to shoot her heart when she charges and you'll get a cutscene and she'll die.

    • cutscene*

    Chapter 3: Breakneck Run

    This is another on rails section. This weapon, the Vulcan, operates a little differently. It shoots like normal but it doesn't over heat. It uses ammo which regenerates slower than it can be used. As long as you don't waste it though, it seems more forgiving than the regular turret. It actually requires two people to use which doesn't matter now but will later when used on the ground.

    Just coast through blasting Reavers as they appear. Try to be prompt about it, particularly for any that appear to be heading to land in front of you because when they explode, they can cause damage if you're nearby. After a few rounds with the Reavers, you'll see immulsion pipes that you need to shoot in order to continue. Do so. There are maybe four of them and you don't really get attacked during this section.

    After you get past the pipes, you'll get attacked by Hatchlings but they are no match for the turret. Plow through them and then you'll come to a Corpser. Shoot out her eyes just as you did last time. This shouldn't be too much of a problem because you basically get parked inside her fingers/claws.

    Soon you'll be jumped by a mini corpser (small but with real armor). You can shoot him but I don't think it does anything. Soon he'll get ripped off by a sign and a little bit more driving you'll actually get stuck in sand. You have to hold off waves of grubs while Jace tries to free up the truck. This is the only tough part really. You'll be attacked by enough grubs that it'll actually put a little bit of a strain on your ammo supply. Watch for grubs popping up out of the sand and for Blood Mounts coming down the hill. It should still not be too difficult. Soon you'll be free and wish Jace would drive in a straight line. You'll run into a Brumak (see what I did there?) and then you get a cutscene.

    • cutscene*

    Chapter 4: Ghost Town

    Hey, it's a Double Date! You know, it's saying something about the franchise that I really don't mind that Epic did something like this.

    Go through the double doors and out the back of the building. When you get to the intersection, there's Gnasher ammo to the left but otherwise, go right. Continue on until you come to a pipeline section that's been rigged. The motion sensor will be triggered and then you'll have to turn it off. Quick Time Event! Just kidding! You just need to hit the X button to turn it off. This part is rather linear so just keep going and you'll trigger another sensor. Shut that off and then make your way to a little clearing. Head through the gate the just shuttered and on the left, through the window is some ammo. Head back out and go up the hill. You'll trigger another bomb so turn that off.

    Then get shot at! After you deal with him, you'll find yourself in a room with ammo on the left and a loft area to the right. Go to the loft and if you go down the stairs you'll find a scorcher. In the corner by the scorcher where the rail meets the wall, find a Panicked Note. Head back upstairs and follow that guy. Up the stairs and through the small open area, you'll find a barricaded building. After you wonder how the guy got inside there himself, break the barricade and then head right. You'll pass through a back room, behind a counter and out behind the building to find COG tags in a pool of blood.

    Backtrack and go through the hole in the wall to the left. Eventually you'll walk into the sewers and have a couple of cutscenes. Then you'll be introduced to an interesting new enemy. They're rather frail melee enemies but they move pretty fast and can be surprisingly hard to hit. More interesting is what you hear if you listen to them groan. Anyway, pretty much anything works but you could easily stick with your lancer and you'll have more ammo at the end.

    Go through the sewers and let them break down the wall. Inside the room is a wheel to turn and lower the draw bridge. Go up that and open the door. Once outside, go up the stairs to the plaza. Pass the empty fountain and you'll be attacked as you approach the building. On the front porch is a Vulcan Cannon for you. Use that to clear out the enemies then turn around and climb that ladder. At the top, turn left and at the end of the hallway is a collectable.

    • cutscene*

    Chapter 5: Brothers to the End

    After the cutscene, you get your pick of a decent selection of weapons. I would recommend picking up the retro lancer. It takes 2-3 shots to take out an infected (yeah, they remind me of L4D) and it comes with 210 rounds. Should last a while. Clear the next open area and through the building to another. Just keep back peddling and then when they are clear, head through the door. The next few areas are actually empty so just follow the path and you'll come to a cutscene.

    • cutscene*

    In Gears 2, that cutscene would have been downright scary. After the cutscene hold off the attack coming from the church, and then enter it. Grab the lancer then go off to the left side and break through the barricade. Once through the barricade, turn left and climb up (take cover and then mantle) and on the wall will be a collectable. Turn back and go down the ramp and out of the tunnel. You'll get a quick cutscene and then have to get rid of some locust. As you clear the locust below, you'll be attacked from behind by lambent. Kill what you can of the stalks and pods. Keep fighting and when it starts to get bad you'll get a cutscene

    • Epic Cutscene*

    Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes

    Welcome to Char. For the most part, you're in a pretty quiet area. Just keep going until weird stuff starts happening. The first time you get shot at, just duck and cover until it stops but otherwise just follow the path. When you get shot at by a sniper and he misses poorly, take a couple steps back. After that, you'll enter an area with a kid's park. Off to the left side of the door to exit the area is a single room building and in the middle of it are COG tags.

    Go through the big door and in the next room, on the left will be a room with ammo and just before you leave the building, if you turn around there will be a shut door with ammo, frags, and a longshot. As you exit, watching falling objects and step back until Jace finishes yelling. Then continue on and you hear the baby crying, investigate slowly. Continue to follow after the Ash Man and watch out for a falling cart and some polyps.

    When you finally start getting shot at for real, you can close in a little but not too far because you'll have stalks coming up in the middle of the area. Clear that out and then you'll get to meet the Ash Man.

    Chapter 2: Crater

    After a cutscene, a casual stroll, and another cutscene, you leave through the bottom of the tower. You'll be dealing with Lambent wretches and drudges so take a variety of weapons from the supply room. I recommend going with the hammerburst and Retro lancer. Once outside, directly ahead and to the right is a busted wall with a door still standing. Kick in the door and grab the book inside for another collectable.

    The next area isn't too bad, just flank up the left side, spraying as you go. After some chat about Dizzy, you'll come to an area that I find rather similar to the "Subway" multiplayer level. You can go into the subway tunnel or you can stay up above. I recommend staying on top because it'll give you better access to the pods on the stalks and set up to flank pretty well. Whichever way you go, when you get beyond the second train car there will be an ammo room on the left side. Bust down the door and you'll have a Retro lancer, ammo crate and a sawed off.

    Keep on trucking until you get blocked off from behind and you'll have a small group of Polyps to deal with. You'll come around the corner to find the second of Griffin's towers. Then you'll be promptly attacked. This area is a little tough. You'll be attacked be wretches and drudges from the front (make sure to kill the stalk) as well as being flanked by drudges from behind. Stick to the earlier part of this area where it's somewhat enclosed (or perhaps even pull back some). Nothing special here, just a lot of enemies. Now climb up to the building and enter through the big door.

    There's plenty of ammo scattered around here. If you hug the left wall you can bust down a door for a mulcher and if you hug the right wall you'll find the door that leads to the generator. Once the power is on, flip the switch for one of the elevators. And this is Gears so then you back up and aim at the door. As soon as you clear the elevator of the Former, immediately turn back to the rest of the room because they'll start pouring out of the vents as well. Soon you'll hear other elevators coming down. If you hit the Y button, it will warn you as to which elevator is next. The last group will open a door in the back. Grab more ammo and go up the stairs.

    Get on the lift and move the car off. As the elevator climbs, there will be some chat and then an interruption in the form of a Gunker (the ones that throw immulsion) who will fall strait through the middle of the ceiling. Just start hammering his heart. It's hard to miss it but he's also going to put you down in one hit so be quick.

    Chapter 3: Hang'em High

    Make your way over to the car and get on. Then, when nothing happens, get off and head towards the razor wire. On the other side of that will be more lambent and if you follow the platform around you'll come to a dead man and a collectable. Go inside and watch for more lambent, particularly from under the half open doors. Follow the path around to the back and cut the safety cable.

    Once done with that, follow a similar path around back outside and you'll be back just after you got off the lift where you started this chapter. Get on the gondola and start heading back to Tower 1. And now it's back to the locust! While on the gondola, you'll be attacked by a couple of barges, just clear them off to stay alive, no need to actually take them down. Once you get into the tower, you'll be attacked by a few Theron with Retros and some more of the shriekers we saw earlier. Continue climbing the stairs taking down shriekers as you go. You'll get to another room with some theron guards and once you clear them, you can drop down on the right side. Drop down and climb the ladders you find.

    At the top, follow the patio around the side of the building. Kill the shriekers as you pass by. Enter the building and you'll come across some theron guards which, with any luck, may not even be facing you. Clear them and you should find yourself in Griffin's office. If you look under one of the couches in Griffin's office, you'll find a magazine. Break the couch to get this collectable. Go out into the hall from the office and up the little ramp on the left. You'll move down a corridor with cover and fight more therons and shriekers. This will let you out back onto the roof. Follow the patio again and you'll find Dizzy and Griffin.

    • cutscene*

    Chapter 4: Batten Down the Hatches

    You get dropped right in the thick of the action. Fight through the locust here and watch out for the troika and boomer in the back left. There is a pillar between the tracks that has a switch on it. If you hit it, it will cause a couple of carts to start moving providing you cover here. Just past them is a large open area with the dock in the back. We have another troika and some more boomers but they are all the way in the back. There are some Theron guards with torque bows. They are your major concern. Work your way slowly up one of the sides and you should be all set. Go through the door.

    Looks like that ship is in bad shape. Make your way through the area and into the next and you'll be ambushed. Watch out for the Guards above but don't worry about them too much, they seem to be pretty terrible shots. Of more import are the giant Serapedes. To kill these, you need to shoot the glowing tail end of it. It seems like it's lambent to some degree but it's also controlled by the locust? Anyway, try and clear these out. Be careful because they can deal a lot of damage very quickly if you're not paying attention. Once clear, before you exit, you'll see a blue shipping crate to your right (as you entered the area). You can go around behind this crate and right up against it is a collectable.

    At the back right of this area is ammo and back left is the exit.