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    Horde 2.0 Guide by PsHKappaSig432

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    Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 Guide
    This is my first guide, but I have enjoyed playing the new Horde 2.0 mode 
    so much that I had to write one. My gamertag is PsHKappaSig432.
    Epic has truly outdone themselves with the new Horde 2.0 Mode. In this fun 
    and challenging mode you and up to four of your friends take on wave
    after wave of increasingly difficult locust and lambent enemies. Some new 
    changes to Horde mode from Gears of War 2 include fortifications, buy-back,
    the money system, and boss waves. These drastic changes add more challenge 
    and more replay value to Horde mode.
    "The Horde Economy"
    In Horde 2.0 you now earn money when making kills, assists, or completing 
    wave challenges. Smaller locust forces are worth less points, but take out
    one of the large locust or one of the bosses to watch your rewards skyrocket. 
    You can choose to spend your earnings on ammo, fortifications, or
    donate money to team members in need. You can also trade weapons with other 
    players and give them ammo. These three actions can be completed by
    holding down the "aim" button (Left Trigger Default) and pressing the 
    corresponding button prompt. Remember to take care of your squad and 
    they'll take care of you.
    Ammo packs are generally not worth the $500-$1000 investment, especially 
    in the early rounds of the game. Your three primary weapons: Assault rifle,
    Shotgun, and Pistol (Any Variants) regenerate a small amount of ammo after 
    each round, but never more than half capacity. This may not seem 
    like much, but it will usually get you through the early and middle stages 
    without much difficulty. The best strategy to conserve your cash is to
    learn to take advantage of the weapons supplied to you by the enemy. 
    The ability to kill an enemy, grab his gun, and keep moving is a tremendous
    asset. This way, you can save your money for fortifications and later waves 
    when you will really need it.
    Fortifications are the new spotlight in Horde 2.0 mode and put simply 
    they can change the tide of battle. You must learn to use them efficiently
    in order to secure victory for your squad. Fortifications are currently 
    available in 6 types: Barriers, Decoys, Turrets, Sentry Guns, Silverback,
    and the Command Post. When you begin playing you will only have access 
    to barriers, but as you build you will gain access to the other
    fortifications as well as more advanced fortifications and 
    decreased repair costs.
    The Command Post
    The Command Post is the most vital fortification. Eacch map will have 
    between 4-5 points where you can establish a COG base. These bases 
    allow you to build fortifications in the area immediately surrounding 
    your command post. These bases can not be destroyed and become more 
    expensive the more you build. The first is free, the second is $2,000, 
    the third is $4,000, etc. Now, It is absolutely critical to keep this 
    next fact in mind: The game's countdown timer to wave 1 will not 
    start counting down until you place your first command post. This 
    first base is free and will serve as your primary base of operations 
    so you will need to choose it's placement very carefully. You can 
    take advantage of the unlimited time to familiarize yourself with 
    the level or study the map for weapon placements and ammo spawn. 
    You will need to consider the following when placing your base:
    Defensibility - Certain bases are simply easier to defend than others. 
    This category consists of cover (is there a little or a lot?), choke 
    points (how many entrances do you have to defend simultaneously?), 
    and a little of all the following points.
    Emergency Exit Strategy - When your base falls, and it will 
    (especially on higher difficulty modes) your squad will need an 
    exit strategy. Simple, but in the heat of combat this can become a 
    nightmare if not pre-planned. So, if you get overrun from the left 
    doorway and you cannot fend them off then your team needs to exit 
    through the right doorway and rendezvous at a designated 
    "temporary backup base" until the end of the wave.
    Weapon Access - Choosing where to build the initial command post often 
    depends on which site has access to the best toys. Power weapon spawns 
    such as Oneshot, Mortar, Mulcher, Sniper, Boomshot, Digger, and 
    Torquebow are all good places to start. The other weapon factor to 
    consider is the Silverback, which usually can only be created at one 
    base in particular. Because of this fans of the Silverback will tend 
    to cast their vote towards that base even if it is slightly more 
    difficult to defend. 
    Fortifications - Each command post built allows access to different 
    fortification placements. The more command posts you have the 
    more barriers,turrets, sentry guns, and decoys you can build. Keep in 
    mind, the more you have the harder it is to defend them all. That said, 
    certain command posts offer more favorable fortification placements 
    i.e. turret that can see down a narrow hallway or chokepoint. 
    Also some posts offer two turret placements
    or two sentry gun placements.
    Barriers are what stands between you and the onslaught of the locust 
    and lambent Horde. They can be used to limit enemy movements and deal 
    damage to enemies that try to cross them. Barriers consist of eight 
    levels and four types.
    Level 1 - "Spikes or Caltrops" Build Cost $500 Small $1,000 large
    Level 2 - "Spike Barrier Mechanic" Repair Cost on Spike Barriers 
    decreased by 8% *Level 1 Decoy Unlocked.
    Level 3 - "Razor Wire" Upgrade Cost $1,500 Small $2,500 Large
    Level 4 - "Razor Wire Mechanic" Repair Cost on Razor Wire decreased 
    by 8% *Level 1 Turret Unlocked
    Level 5 - "Electric Wire" Upgrade Cost $2,000 Small $4,000 Large
    Level 6 - "Electric Wire Mechanic" Repair cost on Electric Fence 
    decreased by 8%
    Level 7 - "Lazer Wire" Upgrade Cost $3,000 Small $5,000 Large 
    *Reaching Level 7 Unlocks the Silverback Battle Mech
    Level 8 - "Lazer Wire Mechanic" Repair cost on Lazer Wire decreased 
    by 8%
    Barriers are designed to stop all locust/lambent forces, but are 
    most effective on the larger ones initially. A ticker for example 
    will simply detonate before your wires can deal damage to it, but 
    a lazer fence will stop wreches, drones, and boomers in their tracks. 
    Advice: Kill tickers as quickly as possible and as far away from your 
    fortifications as you can. The important thing to remember about 
    barriers is that although effective they can be expensive as well 
    as easily destroyed. They have to be protected. 
    From my experience you don't even need to build barriers until 
    around wave thirty. By then you should have enough cash saved up 
    to drop a barrier and fully upgrade it before the wave begins.
    Decoys will distract the enemy fire allowing you and your 
    team to pick them off at will.
    Level 1 - Cardboard "Cole Train" Cut-out - $500
    Level 2 - Wooden Dummy - $1,000
    Level 3 - Repair Cost Reduction
    Level 4 - Red Painted Target Dummy - $1,500
    Level 5 - Repair Cost Reduction
    Level 6 - Dummy with Explosives & Boombox $2,000
    Level 7 - Repair Cost Reduction
    Decoys are possibly the single most underrated fortification 
    in Gears of War 3. Most people will not spend the cash to 
    build them, but the distraction they provide can be essential 
    on the later waves. Also, by providing such a distraction it 
    is much easier for snipers to get headshots or explosive users 
    to get group kills. Learn to use these to your advantage and 
    they will by you the precious seconds needed to make that kill 
    or to escape with your life.
    Manned Weapon Placements that can devastate any locust 
    foolish enough to wander into their path.
    Level 1 - Quad Retro Lancer Turret - $1,500
    Level 2 - Increased Accuracy
    Level 3 - Quad Lancer Turret - $2,500
    Level 4 - Repair Cost Reduction
    Level 5 - Troika Turret - $4,000
    Level 6 - Repair Cost Reduction
    Level 7 - Armored Troika Turret - $5,000
    Level 8 - Repair Cost Reduction
    Turrents help supply the massive firepower boost you need to 
    take down the locust when they have double or 2.5 times normal 
    health. Turrets are also incredibly useful against bosses, but 
    keep in mind the player manning the turret is a huge target 
    for the locust. Boomers will try to snipe you from across the 
    map and if the locust get close they can take you down.
    Sentry Guns
    Unmanned Automated Defense Weaponry.
    Level 1 - Light Sentry Gun - $1,000
    Level 2 - Light Sentry Repair Cost Decreased by 11%
    Level 3 - Heavy Sentry Gun - $1,500
    Level 4 - Heavy Sentry Repair Cost Decreased by 11%
    Level 5 - Static Sentry Gun - $3,000
    Level 6 - Static Sentry Repair Cost Decreased by 11%
    Sentry Guns are meant to be used as a combat aid, not an 
    "extra gunner". By that I mean you can expect a sentry to 
    alert you to the presence of an enemyand to damage them 
    as well as slow them down, but do not rely on them to make 
    the kills. 
    Silverback Battle Mech
    The Silverback Battle Mech is the most expensive and most 
    powerful fortification available. This powerful mech is 
    equipped with a gatling gun that has unlimited ammo, but 
    will occasionally need to be cooled the same way you have 
    to cool the Mulcher. It can "run" if you can call it that, 
    but this action can cause overheating the same way the gun 
    can. The suit can be piloted freely, or locked into a 
    "defensive mode" which will provide extra defense for you 
    and your squad, but will eliminate your ability to move 
    until you disengage defensive mode. As powerful as the 
    silverback is, it is important to keep in mind that it is 
    not invincible and is no guarantee that you will win the 
    match. It is a HUGE target for the locust. Tickers, 
    Boomers, Therons, Diggers, Serapedes, Armored Kantus, and 
    any Bosses should be targeted immediately. Berserkers can 
    destroy you in ONE SHOT. I would suggest that during a 
    Berserker boss wave only the most experienced Silverback 
    pilots should even attempt to use it. If you want to ensure 
    the survival of your expensive toy sometimes it is best 
    to "Park" it for a wave.
    Level 1 - Silverback Battle Mech - $12,500
    Level 2 - Silverback Repair Cost Reduced by 33%
    Assembling Your Team
    Now before you rush off to establish that first base let's make 
    sure you've got a squad put together that's ready for the longhaul. 
    Obviously, you want a full team of five players with mics to allow 
    communication and a personal preference of mine is to use different 
    characters (Try to avoid three Marcus Fenix or Five Cole Trains). 
    It makes it more difficult to differentiate players and sometimes 
    when your under heavy fire it's easier to ask for help from "Baird" 
    than "Mr. Really long confusing Gamertag". A system I used in Gears 
    of War 2 Horde mode to beat every level on Insane was to assign 
    "team roles". The five member breakdown goes something 
    like this: 1 Squad Leader, 2 Guards, and 2 Specialists.
    The Squad Leader - Acts as the leader of the group. This member 
    should be level headed and focused. Their decisions can make or 
    break the team. The Squad leader issues commands to the rest of 
    the squad, such as when to abandon the base, when to 
    rescue/abandon a fallen team member, and when to access the 
    "weapons stockpile" recieved from Wave Challenges. The leader 
    also acts as a "floater" moving between positions as needed 
    and acting as the squad's Medic when necessary.
    The Guards - These members are your primary base defenders and are 
    usually equipped with rifles, shotguns, grenades, boomshields, 
    mulchers, and mortars.These two generally stay close to the leader 
    to create a group of three that is difficult to bring down. 
    The Specialists - These members consist of sniper, demolition, 
    and recon types. They use the more powerful/tactical weapons such 
    as the Longshot, Boomshot, Digger, Torque Bow, OneShot, and 
    Hammer of Dawn. These members are assigned to making kills from 
    long range, taking out clusters of enemies, and taking out the 
    most threatening enemies before they breach your base defenses.
    This is simply a squad breakdown that worked for my group and 
    served us well, but feel free to make changes to your own squad as 
    Wave Challenges
    Every couple of waves your squad will be issued a "Wave Challenge". 
    These challenges require your squad to complete a special objective 
    in addition to simply surviving the wave and if completed will award 
    you bonus cash and "Phat Loot" (Boxes that spawn at your 
    command post") 
    The various challenges & their rewards include:
    Challenge: Execute 8 Enemies this Round
    (Chainsaw & Retro Charge do Count as Executions)
    Reward: Mulcher & Boomshield
    Challenge: Kill 7 Infantry with a Turret/Silverback this Round 
    (Tickers, Wretches, Polyps Excluded)
    Reward: Random/Money
    Challenge: Kill 2 Flame Grenadiers/Boomers by Detonating 
    their Tank
    Reward: Wild Ticker holding a Oneshot
    Challenge: Kill 7 Enemies with Headshots this Round
    Reward: Longshot & Torque Bow
    Challenge: Chainsaw or Retro Charge 6 Enemies this Round 
    Reward: Boomshots
    Challenge: Kill 10 Enemies in any 30 Second Window
    Reward: Team Ammo
    Challenge: All Squad Members Survive the Round
    Reward: Random/Money
    Challenge: Complete the Wave in the Designated Time
    Reward: Vulcan Gatling Cannon
    Certain challenges will award you some money for partial 
    completion while others operate on more of a pass/fail system. 
    If your squad is able to complete a challenge the rewards will 
    be extremely beneficial. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged 
    to make the extra effort to complete these challenges.
    Phat Loot
    "Phat Loot" is the ribbon name for acquiring these special 
    packages at your command post. One or more of these will pile 
    up for each succesfully completed wave challenge. Now, it may 
    be tempting to open these boxes immediately, but I strongly 
    recommend that you resist the impulse to do so. If you open 
    the box, the contents must be used that wave or they will 
    vanish like any other weapon left on the ground between waves. 
    So, since the boxes are "mystery boxes" (Completely random 
    rewards) it is best to allow several to pile up during the 
    early waves and break into them only during the later waves 
    when you really need the support (Boss Wave or High Level 
    The Vulcan Gatling Cannon is by far the most valuable of the 
    rewards and in the hands of a skilled user can annihilate the 
    Horde. It can be used by one player or two. If only by one 
    their movement range is limited and the reload is slow. 
    A second player can operate the ammo box allowing the duo 
    to move about and work in tandem to fire a constant 
    barrage of bullets. The power of this weapon is tempting, 
    but again it's not worth wasting on drones and tickers. 
    Save it for the waves that truly need that serious 
    Boss Waves
    These are another of the new additions to Horde 2.0 Mode 
    and are incredibly challenging trials for every squad. 
    On levels 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 a  boss or bosses, 
    depending on the type, will appear alongside the normal wave 
    of enemies. Not only does this provide a serious additional 
    challenge, but it should be noted that the boss will continue 
    to respawn unless you eliminate the regular enemies as well. 
    The "larger" the boss, the slower the respawn. For example 
    Gunkers and Reavers respawn quickly while Berserkers and the 
    Brumak will most likely never respawn unless you are incredibly 
    slow to complete the wave. The bosses can appear as the 
    NOTE: Bosses are NOT random! Each set of 10 waves constitutes 
    a "match". You can be up against one or more Enemy Rosters each
    match. In short this means that you have a good chance of identifying
    the boss depending on which enemies you have been seeing the most
    leading up to the boss fight. The 5 Rosters are as follows:
    "Core" Roster - These can appear alongside any roster, which
    generally means every match.
    Enemies: Ticker, Boomer, Drone, Sniper, Theron, Kantus, Grenadier, 
    Mauler, Grinder, Flame Drone
    Boss: Brumak or Bereserker (This means that no matter which roster
    you are facing you always have a chance of getting a "Core" Boss.)
    Queen Locust Roster
    Enemies: Wretch, Grenadier Elite, Lancer Guard, Shrieker, 
    Flame Boomer, Armored kantus, Bloodmount
    Boss: Reaver Squad
    Savage Locust Roster
    Enemies: Wild Ticker, Savage Theron, Butcher, Bolter,
    Savage Drone, Savage Boomer, Serapede
    Boss: Savage Corpsers
    Lambent 1 Roster
    Enemies: Polyp, Lambent Wretch, Lambent Drone, Drudge
    Boss: Lambent Berserker
    Lambent 2 Roster
    Enemies: Polyp, Former, Lambent Drone, Drudge
    Boss: Gunkers
    *The distinction between the two Lambent rosters is the Lambent
    Wretch/Formers. Lambent Wretches means brace for Lambent Berserker.
    Formers signal Gunkers.
    Keep in mind however, that failing a wave, especially multiple times
    can "shuffle" the roster, which gives the appearance that bosses are
    random. The roster system works flawlessly if you do not fail a wave.
    Reaver Squad - A squad of Reaver mounted Locust. The riders are 
    usually equipped with rifles or torque bows and the reaver itself 
    can fire devastatingrockets fairly frequently. Although more 
    manageable than some bosses, do not underestimate them. They 
    respawn quickly so do your best to thin out the locust as quickly 
    as you can to prevent being overwhelmed, especially on the 
    larger maps.
    Gunkers - A duo, usually, of Gunkers (Lambent artillery). 
    There isn't much in the way of special tactics required to bring 
    these giants down. Simply unload on them with everything you've got. 
    These are possibly the fastest boss unit to respawn, which can pose 
    a bit of a problem. On later waves, with increased accuracy and damage 
    two or three of these can spell doom for your squad from across the map. 
    Their attack is devastating even before the boosted damage. Also, 
    keep in mind, like all of the lambent these guys explode when killed. 
    Be sure to keep your distance.
    Corpsers - A duo of Corpsers. This is the easiest boss wave by far. 
    The corpsers do not have nearly as much health and their attacks are 
    predictable and limited to close range. Pay attention to the "trail" 
    showing a corpser traveling underground. They can do good damage if 
    they catch you off guard. Aim forthe head or use explosives of any 
    kind to topple these beasts fast.
    Berserkers - Easily one of the top three most difficult boss waves. 
    Two Locust Berserkers appear. I've found, since their attack is so
    powerful it is actually for the best to ABANDON your base during a 
    Berserker boss wave (either type) as they will destroy many of your 
    fortifications if you do not. Have at least one member of your squad 
    equip one of the Scorchers provided to you at your command post to use 
    against the Berserkers. Save your ammo untilthe Beast is on fire. This 
    weakens their armor and allows normal weapons to deal damage to the 
    berserkers. One Scorcher should be enough ammo to kill BOTHof the 
    Berserkers. Coordinate your fire on the Berserkers, but this can be 
    accomplished easier if you eliminate the rest of the wave when 
    possible. Usecover to protect yourself from the Berserker's charge 
    attack and you should have them down in no time.
    Lambent Berserker - Another of the top three most difficult 
    boss waves. This Berserker always appears solo, but do not 
    mistake that for relief.These creatures have surprising reach
    and are quicker and more aggressive than their locust counterparts. 
    Also, fire is not important. Instead, you must shoot at the yellow 
    imulsion center of her chest which she will expose from underneath 
    her armored ribs. It's sort of like playing chicken since you have 
    to get in front of her to get a clear shot. As she takes more damage 
    she will add a jump attack to her arsenal and eventually she will leak
    imulsion trails as she charges around the map. Do try to avoid these, 
    they hurt, a lot. Just like the Gunkers these ladies like to explode 
    when killed.Get clear quickly or expect to be "swimming in glowie gravy". 
    The one good thing about the Lambent Berserker is that during her 
    boss wave you will notice that the locust and the lambent actually 
    fight each other. It happens on all waves, but the Lambent Berserker 
    is capable of doing such damage to the locust that you will actually 
    notice. So try to keep her around and lead her into the enemies. 
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend?
    Brumak - The third of the three most difficult boss waves. 
    These gargantuan creatures are equipped with twin Troika turrets on
    their gauntlets and a rocket pod on their back. Needless to say, 
    these guys are not to be trifled with. Try to focus fire on their 
    weapon packs and it will limit their ability to fight back. I must 
    note to you now, that these bosses do not seem to be limited by the 
    level and by that I mean they can friggin WALK THROUGH WALLS! This 
    presents the unusual challenge of trying to kill the beast at as long 
    range as possible to prevent them from dropping in on your squad. 
    Occasionally, this ability will work to your advantage as the Brumak 
    will become stuck in the level, but DO NOT RELY ON THIS TO HAPPEN!! 
    It is rare.
    Now that you are familiar with the challenges ahead it's time to 
    choose a battleground. Keep in mind there are multiple strategies 
    for each map, someways are easier and some are harder, but the largest 
    debate in strategy I have experienced while playing is the "one or all" 
    debate. This debate of strategy begs the question is it better to 
    have only one base and focus your defenses there or buy all of the 
    bases thus allowing more build options. I will briefly compare the 
    pros and cons of each strategy.
    One Base Strategy
    This strategy involves selecting only one command post to use 
    as your base for all 50 waves. This makes the initial selection 
    crucial to the gameplay.
    One base means all your "Phat Loot" boxes will spawn at the same 
    Focus your firepower & financial assets to the get the most from 
    your squad and your money. 
    By positioning all your forces at the same base it is easier to 
    support one another and defend your fortifications
    Forces the enemy to funnel into one location
    One base limits your build options and makes it more difficult 
    for the squad to level their fortifications
    If your base falls, you may not be able to recover
    Limits advanced tactical strategies such as flanking and 
    pincer maneuvers. It helps to have the enemy in a crossfire.
    Squad is prone to explosive attacks (frag grenades, ink grenades, 
    boomshots, and diggers).
    Forcing the enemy to funnel into one location 
    *I added this to both lists because sometimes this can be a bad 
    Easily Surrounded/overwhelmed
    All Base Strategy
    This strategy involves purchasing all of the command posts 
    as soon as possible (Usually accomplished by wave 10-15). 
    This allows more options for the 
    Having all the bases allows you to see all of your potential 
    build options. This helps you learn the levels and coordinate 
    Working with your team members you can create barrier funnels 
    and decoy traps forcing the locust into position.
    Can launch attacks from multiple angles.
    Allows the most build options to help develop fortification 
    Spread out to avoid being overwhelmed or caught in an explosion.
    Allows you to instantly build another base if one falls. This gets 
    rid of the hesitation to abandon a base if need be.
    Spreads out your forces. This could leave up to half the squad 
    unretrievable should they all go down.
    Expensive. Each additional base costs $2,000, then $4,000, then 
    $6,000, then $8,000.
    Each base will most likely be less upgraded than one concentrated 
    base would be.
    More bases means more fortifications to manage during the brief 
    time between waves. This can leave several unrepaired or lost 
    I don't believe either way is wrong or even that one strategy is 
    particularly better than the other. The best idea is to play with 
    your squad and test out what works best for the group. Try to think
    of these as starting points or guides and feel free to customize 
    them or change them to suit your play style.
    That said, this guide is meant to help you beat any level of Horde
    on Insane difficulty to earn the Onyx Medal. I'll run through my
    personal map-specific strategies. In most cases, on Insane difficulty
    the "One Base Strategy" is best.
    Commad Post - Pharmacy Spawn 
    Fortifications - 2 Turrets, 3 barriers, 1 Sentry
    Strategy - The Locust/Lambent only have two ways in and both
    require walking through the meat grinder of turret fire. 
    Upgrade both turrets as quickly as possible and keep them
    up! Pistol spawn and ammo crate are close by. One person can
    grab the Silverback from electronics and move it to the back
    of your base, away from the line of fire, but it essentially
    becomes a third turret.
    Warning - Watch out for explosives. Diggers, Boomshots,
    Grenades and keep the enemies off your turrets!
    Command Post - Pier Spawn
    Fortifications - 2 Turrets, 2 Sentries, 1 Decoy, 8 Barriers
    Strategy - Although it's tempting to start sealing off the 
    building, do not! Instead, focus on building up your sentries,
    turrets, and forward barriers asap. Have two players watch the
    staircase, two watch the center, and one watch the far ramp by
    the sentry. Again, upgrade the turrets asap and keep your fences
    up, especially in the center.
    Warning - The Brumak tends to spawn on top of the bridge, which
    gives him a tremendous vantage point on your whole squad. Down
    him quickly even if another respawns it's worth it to keep
    your team alive.
    Command Post - Restaurant
    Fortifications - 1 Turret, 2 Sentries, 1 Decoy, 8 Barriers
    Strategy - It's all about the elevation. The restaurant 
    has the best view in the level and is well fortified to boot.
    You're also next to a pistol spawn, ammo crate, and the
    Silverback isn't far off, nor is the Boomshot/Digger.
    Protect the stairwells with fences and keep the sentries and
    turret up.
    Warning - Some of the boss battles can get kind of hairy.
    Eye level with Reavers and Brumaks on Insane isn't for the 
    faint of heart.
    Command Post - Lobby or Garden
    Fortifications - 
    Lobby Spawn - 2 Turrets, 2 Sentries, 1 Decoy, 8 Barriers
    Garden Spawn - 3 Turrets, 2 Sentries, 2 Decoys, 16 Barriers
    Lobby Strategy - The turrets and decoy are well place, but
    also very exposed. To make the most of your money fall back
    to the elevators (Longshot/Torque Bow) and seal off the stairs
    with the two Barriers and two sentries. From here, your team
    can pick them off as they clambor into the Hotel. The Silverback
    can keep one side held down singlehandedly. The waves will be a
    bit easier, but will take longer as you'll have to do a lot of
    blind firing from behind cover.
    Lobby Warning - The Brumak. His ability to walk through walls 
    will destroy your squad if he gets inside. Try to send a group
    to take him out before he gets in.
    Garden Strategy - Although the garden area seems awfully exposed
    it makes up for this with its enormous allotment of fortifications.
    The three turrets are in great position to watch the doors and the
    sentries/decoys provide excellent support. It will be more
    costly to upgrade all the fortifications, but if you pace yourself
    and upgrade selectively this can be a great spot.
    Garden Warning - Boomers, Snipers, Gunkers, Grenades. Anything
    long range can be troublesome for the turrets so keep a Longshot
    or Hammerburst, even a pistol handy just in case.
    Command Post - Cellar
    Fortifications - 1 Turret, 2 Sentries, 7 Barriers
    Strategy - The Cellar is tight quarters so keep your team
    spaced out so explosions don't end the wave automatically. 
    The turret has a pretty good view of the level and two or 
    more can easily protect the back door. Keep the barriers up
    and kill from as far out as possible. 
    Warning - Bosses will provide some issues. Use the strategies
    provided to you in this guide and deal with them asap.
    "Old Town"
    Command Post - Roadblock Spawn
    Fortifications - 3 Turrets, 1 Sentry, 8 Barriers
    Strategy - This spot combines the natural defense of the Scorcher
    spawn with the ability to control the alley, market, and belltower
    routes through elevation advantage. Watch all three and funnel the
    enemy right into your line of fire.
    Warning - Watch out for rear spawns and remember to pace your
    spending with so many upgrades available.
    Command Post - Center (Bridge)
    Fortifications - 2 Turrets, 1 Sentry, 6 Barriers
    Strategy - The high ground is fought over for a reason.
    The warrior who holds the high ground wins the battle. This
    level is no different. Focus on the turret closest to the 
    center and your barriers. Then rain down hellfire upon the 
    encroaching horde. The Silverback is a welcome addition as
    well and placed conveniently close by.
    Warning - If a boss or group overwhelms your defenses there
    isn't anywhere  to fallback to. Hold your ground fiercly.
    Command Post - Fortress
    Fortifications - 2 Turrets, 2 Decoys, 1 Sentry, 11 Barriers
    Strategy - The high ground, excellent cover, good fortification
    placement, the Silverback, and the Boomshot spawn all add up to
    an easily defensible base camp. I would suggest having at least
    two players switch out their shotguns for Longshots to take 
    advantage of the elevated position and wide open spaces.
    Warning - Watch your flanks, mark targets, and communicate.
    Reavers and Gunkers will provide the most difficulty aside from 
    Command Post - Concession Stands
    Fortifications - 3 Turrets, 1 Sentry, 6 Barriers
    Strategy - The two turrets in the back should be used for the
    later waves, however they should still be upgraded as soon as
    possible. Keep your barriers up and try to down the Locust 
    before they make it to the top of the stairs. Watch out for 
    the turret gunner in the bleachers. He'll go down a lot.
    Warning - Take out the scoreboard to provide additional cover
    for the turret gunner and further funnel the locust. Watch your
    flanks. Protect those stairwells with all you've got.
    Command Post - Crane
    Fortifications - 2 Turrets, 1 Sentry, 1 Decoy, 8 Barriers
    Strategy - This spot is truly superior to the common favorite
    "Nest" position because it is more open, more elevated,and allows
    for an escape if necessary. Also, the Mortar is more useful than
    the Oneshot. Have the turrets cover your flanks and use the Mortar
    to pound the Locust advance.
    Warning - Don't get overwhelmed when the smoke rolls in. Expect
    the rush of Locust forces and protect your fences.
    I hope you found this guide helpful and I wish you and your 
    squad the best of luck! If you have any questions, comments, 
    or concerns or would like to schedule a game with me send a message
    to PsHKappaSig432 and I'll get back to you as soon as i can.
    Currently I am the clan leader of the 26th RTI and am always 
    looking for recruits. Thanks for reading!
    Look forward to additional information when the DLC releases in 
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    property of Epic Games, with which I am in no way affiliated. 
    Fortification costs, upgrades, and unlocks courtesy of the 
    Gears of War 3 Strategy Guide by BRADY, the leaders in video game 
    Strategy guide creation. They do terrific and thorough work. 
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