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    Horde 2.0 FAQ by Dayyhughes

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/06/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This guide and all of its contents are copyright to David Hughes © 2011. 
    The Gears of War franchise is copyright to Epic Game Inc.
    Feel free to use any of the information in this guide, however 
    please do give credit where due.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction [INT]
    2. Enemies [EFQ]
    3. Boss FAQ [BFQ]
    ……3a. Brumak [BRU]
    ……3b. Berserker [BER]
    ……3c. Gunker [GUN]
    ……3d. Lambent Zerker [LB]
    ……3e. Reaver Team [REA]
    ……3f. Savage Corpser [SAV]
    4. Fortifications [FOR]
    ……4a. Leveling Up Your Fortifications [LYF]
    ……4b. Barriers [BAR]
    ……4c. Decoy [DEC]
    ……4d. Sentry [SEN]
    ……4e. Turret [TUR]
    ……4f. Silverback Robot [SIL]
    ……4g. Command Center [COM]
    5. Weapon Cost FAQ [WCF]
    ……5a. Grenades [GRE]
    …………5a-1. Frag Grenade [FRA]
    …………5a-2. Incendiary Grenade [INC]
    …………5a-3. Ink Grenade [INK]
    ……5b. Other [OTH]
    …………5b-1. Boomshot [BOO]
    …………5b-2. Digger [DIG]
    …………5b-3. Hammer of Dawn [HOD]
    …………5b-4. Mortar [MOR]
    …………5b-5. Mulcher [MUL]
    …………5b-6. OneShot [ONE]
    …………5b-7. Scorcher [SCO]
    …………5b-8. Torque Bow [TOR]
    ……5c. Pistols [PIS]
    …………5c-1. Boltak Pistol [BOL]
    …………5c-2. Gorgon Pistol [GOR]
    ……5d. Rifles [RIF]
    …………5d-1. Longshot [LS]
    6. Money Making Guide [MMG}
    ……6a. Experience [EXP]
    ……6b. Beastiary [BST]
    …………6b-1. Bosses [BOS]
    ……6c. Spotting [SPT]
    ……6d. Wave Bonus [WBS]
    ……6e. Revivng Team Mates [RTM]
    ……6f. Challenges [CHA]
    …………6f-1. Manned Turret [MAN]
    …………6f-2. Headshots [HST]
    …………6f-3. Retro/Lancer [R/L]
    …………6f-4. Quick Kills [QCK]
    …………6f-5. Survive [SUR]
    …………6f-6. Boom The Tank [BTT]
    …………6f-7. Execute [EXC]
    7. Tips and Tricks [TAT]
    ……7a. Bosses [BSS]
    …………7a-1. Beserker [BES]
    …………7a-2. Gunker [GKR]
    …………7a-3. Savage Corpser [SVC]
    …………7a-4. Reaver Team [RVT]
    …………7a-5. Brumak [BMK]
    …………7a-6. Lambent Zerker [LAM]
    8. FAQ [FAQ]
    9. Credits [CRE]
    Introduction [INT]
    Welcome one and all to my first FAQ, this was a colaborative effort between
    a few people, whom are thanked in the credits, although I would like to say a
    special thanks to Nescobar here. Nescobar was the person who originally wrote
    this FAQ, and without him it would not exist.  
    As this is my first FAQ, bear with me if the layout or format is a little 
    dire. Any and all feedback you have is more than welcome, just drop me an 
    email at: DayyHughes@gmail.com
    Without further ado, on to the FAQ.
    Horde mode, originally introduced in Gears of War 2 has made a come back in 
    Gears of War 3 and is better than ever before. This time Horde mode allows 
    us to further increase our survivability with the help of fortifications 
    like Turrets, Barriers, and even the Silverback Robot! You earn money each 
    wave to allow you to build, repair, or upgrade existing fortifications.
    Think you can take on all 50 waves?
    Boss FAQ [BFQ]
    Every ten waves you are presented with a boss enemy to go along with the 
    normal enemies. These boss enemies are harder than the average enemy, 
    doing more damage, having MUCH more life, and are often more time consuming.
    A wise strategy is to take out all enemies before focusing on the boss. 
    Later in waves, you’ll get multiple bosses.
    Brumak [BRU]
    Weak Spots - Fuel Tanks (Back), Chaingun (Arms), Faceplate (Face)
    An extremely larger enemy; the largest boss. This enemy also has a tank 
    amount of life and is armed with rockets and a chaingun that’s deadly. 
    Walks very slowly and turns slowly. May be spawned in an area that prevents 
    it from moving, giving you basically a free kill. Concentrate fire on the 
    chainguns which will greatly damage it once destroyed, then fire at the 
    faceplate which will decrease its accuracy followed by concentrated fire 
    directly on the fuel tanks on the back. Once all three are destroyed, the 
    Brumak will go down. It causes a large explosion once killed. Stay away 
    with caution.
    Berserker [BER]
    Weak Spots - Fire damage softens its hard skin, making bullets do normal 
    damage. Extremely durable, but slow enemy. If it catches you in it’s senses,
    it will charge at you and getting hit by the charge will down you. 
    At first, bullet damage barely works on it. Once set on fire, however, 
    it will be stunned for a small amount of time, and bullet resistance 
    decreases. Two are spawned at a time.
    Gunker [GUN]
    Weak Spot - Small sack on it's chest
    A large enemy that can be quite difficult to fight. If you stand too far 
    away, it will lob a glob of Imulsion at you that has an area of effect 
    and decent splash damage. If you’re close, it will hit you with a claw 
    attack that will down you. The claw attack can go through cover so avoid 
    staying too close. The glob attack goes at an arc, so standing under 
    something can be quite helpful. Nothing more to really say, just 
    concentrate fire on the small sack on its chest and roll away from 
    incoming globs. Keep your distance.
    Lambent Zerker [LB]
    Weak Spot - Exposed Chest Cavity
    This can be an extremely difficult battle and quite time consuming. 
    The fight has three stages, which increases the battles difficulty each 
    time. The first stage is much like a Beserker; it will open it's chest 
    cavity, and then charge at you. The second stage, the Lambent Berserker 
    will leak Imulsion onto the floor during it’s charges, it is also possible 
    at this stage for it to do a jump attack. The third will leave Imulsion in 
    the floor and in the air, often blocking off escape. Touching these will 
    damage you quite fast. This is faster than the normal Berserker and more 
    aggressive. Has three types of attacks, a charge, a jump attack that has 
    a large area of effect, or swiping at you. It will expose it’s chest 
    cavity before each attack. A scorcher avoids it’s armor and directly 
    damages the chest cavity, but also causes the Lambent Berserker to open 
    up and reveal the cavity. It’s charge also focuses on you, so roll out 
    of the way. If it is to bump into an object, it will be stunned for a 
    second while opening the center up. Open fire once that happens.  Be 
    sure to use fire to make it open it's chest cavity while other attack it.
    Reaver Team [REA]
    Weak Spot - Stomach (Red area)
    Reavers often come in pairs, armed with a Beast Rider and a Torque Bow 
    (Later waves it can be a boomshot), as well as laser sighted rockets, the 
    Reaver can be difficult. It has the least amount of life compared to other 
    bosses and can be taken down easily from concentrated fire. One thing to 
    watch out for is after destroying the Reaver, the Beast Rider can survive 
    and proceed to attack, so be careful as a Torque Bow shot (Or Boomshot) 
    will kill you if you turn your back.
    Savage Corpser [SAV]
    Weak Spot - Abdomen, Face
    Nothing really special about this battle. The Corpser will burrow 
    underground and charge at you, as seen by the dust lines. Before coming up, 
    it will attempt to attack you with it’s claw. Concentrate fire on the face. 
    Before digging underground, it will make itself vulnerable to damage, then 
    proceed to burrow underground. Simply keep your distance as it has no 
    ranged attacks. 
    Fortifications [FOR]
    Leveling Up Your Fortifications [LYF]
    Below is a list of all the fortifications and how much you need to spend on
    them in order to level them up, and max them out. As well as their different
    functions and upgrades through each level. Many of you then, will want to know
    the quickest way to level fortifications up.  There is no generally agreed
    upon way to level fortifications up the quickest; one way I like is to use
    wave 10, and fail on the last enemy.  Doing it that way gets you a lot of 
    enemies to kill, but also still has them at their easiest (no active poisons).
    It is worth noting that what difficulty you have it on, and what mutators you
    use affects how quickly your fortifications level. The difficulty you have it
    on is what is used first to calculate how much of what you spend actually
    Casual = 60%
    Normal = 80%
    Hardcore = 100%
    Insane = 110%
    So, for example, if you were to buy a large Barrier for $1,000 on Casual,
    only $600 of that would actually count towards leveling your Barriers up.
    If you were to do the same thing on Insane, $1,100 would count; $100 *more*
    than you actually spent.  This is the games way of balancing the difficulties
    since the amount you receive from enemies is a constant across them all.
    Next come the Mutators, after applying the Difficulty reductions/increases,
    the game applies the Mutator modifications.  With mutators it is as simple
    as just looking on the mutator screen what it says.  The 'Easy' Mutators all
    give -25% each, the 'Hard' Mutators (with the exception of Friendly Fire) give
    +10%, and the 'Fun' ones do nothing.
    So lets use this in an example to make it a little more clear.
    If I am playing on Harcore and I have Insta-Gib, Infinite Ammo and Super
    Reload on, the game will do the following for everything I spend on my 
    (AmmountxDifficulty) x (Mutator1 + Mutator2 + Mutator3) = Ammount leveled up
    So in that case, if I was to spent $1,000.  It would multiply it my 100%, 
    so it stays at $1,000.  Next it would add all of the Mutators up, which is
    -75%, and multiply that by the $1,000. So in the end we would get $250 of our
    original $1,000 count towards leveling up our fortifications.
    Now lets try it with Casual instead of Hardcore. $1,000x60% = $600. Then it
    would be $600x(100%-75%) or $600x0.25 = $150.  As you can see you only get
    a pitiful $150 for your $1,000 spent.
    If you were to use Insane and put on 'Hard' mutators then that would clearly
    yield the best results for your money spent.  However, what you have to take
    in to account is how much hard that would be.
    This is why there is no generally accepted way to level up fortifications.
    It is all based on what you can do the easiest.  If you can aqcuire $15,000
    on Casual with the three Mutators mentioned earlier, quicker than you can 
    acquire $1,000 on Hardcore with no Mutators, then that would be quicker.
    It is all about finding what is best for you; you need to think about how
    much of your money is actually counting, and how quickly you can gain
    money compared to other settings.
    Barriers [BAR]
    Barriers come in two different sizes, small and large.  The small barriers 
    cost $500 for the first level, and the large ones cost $1000.  The following
    numbers are for the Large upgrades.
    Level 1 - Standard Spike Strip (Default)
    The default starting barrier. Slows down enemy while inflicting damage when 
    stepped on.
    Level 2 (2000 experience to level up) - Repairs at 8% Cheaper for Standard 
    Spikes. This level unlocks Decoys for purchase
    Level 3 (8000 experience total to level up) - Razor Wire (2,500 Credits to 
    Upgrade). Upgraded from spikes. Inflicts more damage upon touching 
    compared to standard spikes.)
    Level 4 (20,000 experience total to level up) - Razor Wire is 8% cheaper 
    to repair.
    Level 5 (45,000 experience total to level up) - Electric Barrier 
    (4000 Credits to Upgrade). Upgraded from razor wire. This upgrade directly 
    stops enemy passage, compared to slowing it down like the past upgrades 
    while inflicting damage. Starts off with 3 horizontal lasers, and as it 
    is damaged, the lasers flare out from bottom to top. If an ally walks 
    through the lasers, they shut off temporarily.
    Level 6 (75,000 experience total to level up) - Electric Barrier is 8% 
    cheaper to repair.
    Level 7 (120,000 experience total to level up) - Laser Barrier (5,000 
    Credits to Upgrade). This upgrade adds fire damage as additional damage 
    to the previous electric barrier, and adds more defense to the barrier. This
    further damages the enemy when touched. Same effects apply as it's damaged 
    more and as an ally walks through. This upgrade also unlocks the Silverback 
    for purchase.
    Level 8 (170,000 experience total to level up) - Laser Barrier is 8% cheaper
    to repair.
    Decoy [DEC]
    Unlocked by getting to Level 2 Barriers.
    Level 1 - Cardboard Cutout (Default, 500 credits to buy)
    A cardboard cutout of Cole Train. Attracts enemy fire only.
    Level 2 (2,000 total experience to level up) - Dummy (1,000 credits to 
    upgrade)A plain dummy that can take more damage than the previous cardboard 
    cutout. Attracts enemy attacks. 
    Level 3 (5,000 total experience to level up) - Plain Dummy repairs are 11% 
    Level 4 (20,000 total experience to level up) - Red Paint Dummy (1,500 
    credits to upgrade). An upgrade to the previous dummy. Red paint and full 
    legs has been added on to the dummy. Can also take more damage than the 
    previous dummy, and far more the the original. 
    Level 5 (75,000 total experience to level up) - Red Paint Dummy repairs 
    are 11% cheaper.
    Level 6 (110,000 total experience to level up) - Boombox Dummy (2,000 
    credits to upgrade). The dummy has been armed with explosives that will 
    denoate once enough damage has been inflicted. Can withstand more damage 
    than the previous models. 
    Level 7 (170,000 total experience to level up) - Boombox Dummy repairs are 
    11% cheaper.
    Level 8 (220,000 total experience to level up) - Decoy Master (Onyx Guard Bot)
    (5,000 credits to upgrade). With this upgrade the Decoy becomes an active
    bot with the Onyx Guard skin.  It will have Casual AI and carry only a Gnasher
    shotgun.  It can kill enemies, but you gain no money for it. The bot will also
    regain health overtime like human players do.  If can get downed, and it can
    also pick human players up.  If it gets destroyed you will need to rebuy it, 
    however, if it just gets damaged, it will just heal bu the start of the next
    round. Spot enemies to make it target those as a priority.
    Sentry [SEN]
    Level 1 Light Sentry Turret (Default)
    A default turret. Inflicts small amounts of damage with limited range. 
    Level 2 (15,000 total experience to level up) - Sentry repairs are 11% 
    Level 3 (30,000 total experience to level up) - Heavy Sentry Turret (1,500 
    to upgrade). Turret inflicts more damage, with increased range and capable 
    of taking more damage.
    Level 4 (90,000 total experience to level up) - Heavy Sentry Turret repairs 
    are now 11% cheaper
    Level 5 (105,000 total experience to level up) - Static Sentry Turret 
    (3,000 credits to upgrade). A further upgrade that is more durable, 
    inflicts more damage than previous models, and comes with an attack that 
    temporarily stuns smaller enemies.
    Level 6 (135,000 total experience to level up) Static Sentry Turret repairs 
    are now 11% cheaper
    Level 7 (200,000 total experience to level up) - Flame Sentry Builder - This
    upgrade works exactly the same as the Static version does, except it fires
    Fire Bolts instead of Static.  This works really well against things like
    Beserkers, Armored Kantus and Savage Corpsers.
    Turret [TUR]
    Level 1 Retro Lancer Turret (Default, $1,500)
    The first turret you begin with. It's strapped with four retro lancers. 
    Inaccurate turret, that deals good damage.
    Level 2 (15,000 total experience to level up) - Turret has increased 
    accuracy, shot spread decreases, and repair cost 8% cheaper.
    Level 3 (50,000 total experience to level up) - Lancer Turret (2,500 
    credits to upgrade). An accuracy upgrade from the previous model. This 
    model straps on 4 lancers and increases the accuracy. Increased capacity. 
    Level 4 (90,000 total experience to level up) - Lancer Turret repair cost 
    8% cheaper.
    Level 5 (140,000 total experience to level up) - Troika Turret (4,000 
    credits to upgrade). Combines power and accuracy.  Loses some of the 
    capacity of the Lancer turret however, down to 400 rounds from 600.
    Level 6 (200,000 total experience to level up) - Troika Turret repair cost 
    8% cheaper.
    Level 7 (270,000 total experience to level up) - Armored Troika Turret 
    (5,000 credits to upgrade.). Adds armor to the Troika turret. Back area is 
    still exposed. Increased ammo, increased damage, and spread decrease. 
    Level 8 (360,000 total experience to level up) - Armored Troika Turret 
    repair cost 8% cheaper.
    Silverback [SIL]
    Level 1 - Silverback Robot (Default, $12,500)
    A robot capable of melee attacks, running, with a Vulcan Cannon strapped to 
    the arm that rips through enemies with great accuracy. Cooling system - 
    Running and shooting requires cooling to prevent overheating. Capable of 
    taking cover, which decreases damage.
    Level 2 (200,000 total experience to level up) - Silverback Robot repairs 
    are 11% cheaper. (Changed with the Horde Command Pack DLC; was 33%)
    Level 3 (500,000 total experience to level up) - Silverback Operator - This
    level adds an upgrade to the Silverback which unlocks the rockets.
    Level 4 (900,000 total experience to level up) - Silverback Robot repairs are
    11% cheaper.
    Level 5 (1,500,000 total experience to level up) - Silverback Robot repairs
    are 11% cheaper.
    Command Center [COM]
    Notes: the Command Center is a new Fortification added with the Horde Command
    Pack DLC. It is a one use fortification, once you use it, it vanishes and
    you need to rebuy it. If someone else uses a Command Center you have built
    then you get assist points for the kills. If you are in a map that has a roof
    then the later levels will change in to Onyx Guard bots equipped with
    Boomshots that run around the map for a short period of time.
    Level 1 - Unlocked by getting Level 8 Turret (Costs 1000 to buy, 750 to rebuy)
    The first level of the Command Center is a Sniper Team. Typically it will kill
    three enemies, usually low level enemies like Drones and Tickers. If it can
    be killed via a headshot then it will be.
    Level 2 (5,000 total experience to level up, costs 2000 to upgrade, 2250 to
    rebuy) - Sniper Command Elite (Mortar Strike) - Despite the name it is 
    actually a Mortar team not a Sniper team for the second level.
    Level 3 (25,000 total experience to level up, costs are the same) - Mortar
    Commander - This level seems no different what so ever to Level 2 in my 
    experience. It is still a Mortar Strike and is still heavily dependant on
    what and where the enemies are when you use it.
    Level 4 (40,000 total experience to level up, costs 3000 to upgrade, 4500 to
    rebuy) - Mortar Commander Elite. This level is the final level; a Hammer of
    Dawn strike. Usually this will call in three Hammer of Dawn strikes, but it
    can be more or less depending on where the enemies are and how many of them
    there are.
    Weapon Costs FAQ [WCF]
    There are many weapons available on each map in Horde mode, ranging from 
    the Gorgon SMG Pistol to weapons such as the OneShot that will annihilate 
    practically any enemy. Each weapon has a select cost and will be found in 
    a specific location. Some weapons, for example, the Hammer of Dawn and the 
    OneShot on Sandbar alternate spawns with each other. Meaning, if one of 
    those two is spawning, the other will not and the weapon will always be 
    in the same place.
    Grenades [GRE]
    Frag Grenade [FRA] – 500 Credits
    Upon exploding it damages everything in a medium sized radius around it. 
    Can be attached to walls as a proximity mine or tagged directly onto 
    enemies. Extremely useful for large groups of enemies, especially useful 
    against bigger enemies. 
    Incendiary Grenade [INC] - 400 Credits
    Upon exploding it damages a small radius around it and leaves fire on the 
    ground around the area where it detonated. Similar to Frag Grenades, it can 
    be tagged onto enemies or turned into proximity mines. Very useful for 
    smaller enemies as they have low health, and the damage over time caused 
    by the fire itself will damage them greatly. Also useful against Beserkers 
    and Armored Kantus. 
    Ink Grenade [INK] - 250 Credits
    Leaves a black mist that suffocates the enemy slowly when in the explosion 
    range. Mist remains in the select area for a limited amount of time. Useful 
    against infantry units such as Drones and Lambent Drones. Also temporarily 
    stuns enemy if caught directly in the middle of the explosion.
    Other [OTH]
    Boomshot [BOOM] - 800 Credits 
    Effectively a grenade launcher. Huge amounts of damage, a large area of 
    effect, with one shot per reload. Shoots in an arc. Capable of killing 
    multiple enemies at once. Best saved for bigger enemies, to help make 
    quick work of them.
    Digger [DIG] – 500 Credits 
    A unique grenade launcher. It has extremely long range, with a moderate 
    sized area of effect, and one shot per reload. This gun shoots a grenade 
    underground and will continue traveling until either an enemy is caught in 
    it’s path or it reaches it’s end. The grenade will come out of the ground 
    for a split second and then detonate. Useful for enemies that are taking 
    cover, due to it's ability to burrow under cover and explode on the other 
    Hammer of Dawn [HOD] – 800 Credits 
    Extremely high damage, but with a limited ammo that cannot be reloaded. 
    Requires enemy be under open sky, and so will not work if enemy is 
    underneath anything, such as a roof. Best used against bosses. Will 
    decimate just about any enemy, and has decent splash damage. Use sparingly.
    Morter [MOR] – 900 Credits
    Launches an explosive cluster shell in the sky, when it comes down, it 
    splits into multiple shells, each causing a small explosion. Extremely 
    useful for large groups of enemies, both behind cover and far away.  The 
    high damage also greatly helps against Bosses.
    Mulcher [MUL] – 900 Credits
    An effective minigun. Has a large rate of fire and good damage. Mulcher has 
    a small spread compared to other automatic weapons, so it’s quite accurate 
    in longer ranges. Effective best at closer ranges. Works good against all 
    types of enemies.  Be careful of the long start up and cool down animations 
    when aiming and firing.
    OneShot [ONE] - 900 Credits
    Greatest DPS in the game. Guaranteed One Hit Kill for every type of 
    infantry, all types of larger enemies, and greatly damages all bosses. 
    Cannot run with it, and takes around 3 seconds to place gun down and focus. 
    Contains only two shots.
    Scorcher [SCO] - 500 Credits
    Concentrated fire in a short range area. Best used against Berserkers, 
    Lambent Berserkers, and Armored Kantus. Against Berserkers, it stuns 
    them and weakens their armored skin, making them susceptible to gun fire. 
    Against Lambent Berserkers, it forces it to open up it’s chest to reveal 
    the weak area. Against Armored Kantus, makes him susceptible to gun fire. 
    While boomshots, torques and grenades can knockdown & hurt the Armored 
    Kantus, the Scorcher provides a constant stream of it's weakness; fire.
    Torque Bow [TOR] – 700 Credits
    High damage from this bow to go along with it’s exceptional accuracy makes 
    it a deadly weapon. Will kill most infantry in one hit and can be used to 
    headshot bigger enemies such as Grinders and Boomers. 
    Pistols [PIS]
    Boltok Pistol [BOL] – 300 Credits
    This pistol has a relatively low fire rate, although if you get an Active 
    Reload, then the damage and rate of fire increase dramatically.
    Gorgon Pistol [GOR] – 200 Credits
    A small, automatic pistol that has an increased rate of fire but also a 
    wider spread in comparison to the Boltak Pistol. Very useful for multiple 
    weak enemies close-by, but loses effectiveness as distance between the 
    enemy increases.
    Rifles [RIF]
    Longshot [LS] - 700 Credits
    An exceptionally strong rifle with one of the longest ranges in the game 
    matched with extremely small spread and high damage. The downside is it’s 
    reload time and exceptionally small ammo size. Originally has 4 shots when 
    picked up, max of 24. Requires reload after every shot. Headshots have a 
    big increase in damage, and usually requires only one or two hits to kill 
    almost all types of enemies that can be headshot. 
    Money Making Guide [MMG]
    Experience [EXP]
    Experience in horde is a direct translation of your money with the exception
    of executions. How much experience you get for killing an enemy is the 
    amount of money you get. For as an example: Killing a drone with a gnasher 
    is 105 Experience, which in turn nets you $105. This is of course the same 
    for all weapons; different weapons do not increase the experience gained. 
    If you down and then kill an enemy, you get 91.42% of the XP you would get 
    from a flat out kill. The Kills and Experience given is based on you killing
    them with no assists.  If someone assists in the kill, then the full amount 
    is shared between all that shot the enemy.  This can cause you to lose out 
    on 1-2 experience total, since the game tends to round down the amount of 
    Experience you get.  For example, instead of you getting 50.4 experience 
    for your assist, you would get 50. 
    Beastiary [BST]
    Name: The name of the enemy
    Faction: Either Locust or Lambent
    Experience: The amount of Experience (and thus Money) the enemy gives
    Weapons: The weapons that the enemy can use/drop
    Infantry: Whether or not an enemy is classed as an Infantry helps with the 
              completion of certain Challenges
    Notes: Any other notes
    Name: Wild Ticker
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 70
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Wild Tickers can destroy fortifications very easily, and also eat up 
    ammo that is on the floor.
    Name: Wretch
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 70
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Low health, but high spawn rate and sporadic movement can cause them 
    to overrun you easily, try and keep your distance.  They also have a screech
    that will stun you if you are too close.
    Name: Ticker
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 105
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Tickers are easily delt with, just put a few bullets from your 
    Assault Rifle in them, and they will go boom.  Letting them kill themselves
    nets you no money.
    Name: Drone
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 105
    Weapons: Hammerburst
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: Standard Locust enemy, nothing special.
    Name: Grenadier
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 105
    Weapons: Gnasher, Frag Grenades
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: They need to be closer to you than a Drone before they can pose any 
    real threat, just keep your distance.
    Name: Savage Theron
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 175
    Weapons: Cleaver
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: Savage Therons use Cleavers and thus need to get very close to 
    attack you.  Keep your distance from them, because they can easily trap 
    you in a corner and the cleaver can kill quickly.
    Name: Savage Drone
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 175
    Weapons: Retro Lancer
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: Watch out for the (rare) Retro Charge, and be weary of the high 
    damage from an up close Retro Lancer.
    Name: Bolter
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 175
    Weapons: Boltok Pistol
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: Boltok Pistols are very dangerous weapons to be getting shot by; at 
    higher waves/difficulties they are like semi automatic Sniper Rifles. 
    Bolters also have a tendancy to rush you more than most enemies.
    Name: Beast Rider
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 175
    Weapons: Hammerburst
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: Found on top of Bloodmounts.  They do not die simply from the 
    Bloodmount dying, but instead have to be directly killed.
    Name: Reaver Rider
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 175
    Weapons: Torque Bow
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: Found on top of Reavers.  They will often die when the Reaver dies, 
    but this is not a guarantee.  For the most experience/money, it is suggested
    you kill the Reaver Rider before the Reaver.  This will also make the Reaver
    easier to kill.
    Name: Sniper
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 210
    Weapons: Longshot
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: Snipers are usually pretty easy kills, they have an incredibly slow 
    rate of fire, and very rarely headshot.
    Name: Butcher
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 210
    Weapons: Cleaver
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Very slow, both in movement and attacks.  Nothing you should worry 
    about, just don't let one sneak up on you.
    Name: Grenadier Elite
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 245
    Weapons: Boltok Pistol, Gnasher Shotgun, Frag Grenades
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: On earlier waves, all you need to worry about are the stray Frags.  
    However, come later waves their Gnashers will feel like they are shooting 
    you with Longshots, so be careful.
    Name: Flame Grenadier
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 245
    Weapons: Scorcher
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: These are the Flamer that can be downed.  Shoot the tank to kill 
    them a lot easier and quicker.
    Name: Shrieker
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 245
    Weapons: Gorgon-type gun (Does not drop upon death)
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Quite possibly the most annoying enemy in the game.  They are a very 
    rare occurance, but when they do spawn, you will want to kill them quickly.
    Name: Theron Guard
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 280
    Weapons: Torque Bow
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: Although the Torque Bow has a very slow and visually and audioably 
    obvious firing animation, if you are caught on the wrong end of a well 
    placed shot, you will be in trouble.
    Name: Flame Boomer
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 315
    Weapons: Scorcher
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Almost impossibly to distinguish from a Flame Grenadier.  Cannot be 
    downed.  Similiar to the Flame Grenadier, shoot the tank for an easy kill.
    Name: Boomer
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 385
    Weapons: Boomshot
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Very slow moving, but the Boomshot is fantastic at taking out 
    Fortifications, and the splash damage and long range can be problematic.
    Name: Savage Boomer
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 385
    Weapons: Digger
    Infantry: No
    Notes: What they lack in range compared to the Boomer, they make up for 
    in being able to get you from behind cover.
    Name: Bloodmount
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 420
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Once you shoot them in the face a few times, they will stop and 
    knock their face mask off.  Once they do this they will charge at you. Use 
    that time to fill them with bullets. They have a Beast Rider on top of them.
    Name: Kantus
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 420
    Weapons: Gorgon Pistol, Ink Grenades
    Infantry: No
    Notes: They have a screech much like the Wretch, except that it can 
    also heal other Locust, and summon Tickers.  Definitely an enemy to 
    take out first.
    Name: Mauler
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 525
    Weapons: Boomshield, Flail (Won't drop)
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Although the Mauler can charge, usually once you start shooting it, 
    it will hunch down behind the Boomshield and advance very slowly.  Try and 
    get a high ground position on it, to avoid the shield blocking your aim.
    Name: Grinder
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 525
    Weapons: Mulcher
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Grinders are very slow, but with a lot of health.  The Mulcher takes 
    a few seconds to get going, but is devastating if you get in the path of 
    one currently shooting.
    Name: Giant Serapede
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 525
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Giant Serapedes can be very annoying, their only weak spot is the 
    Blue/Green glowing tail, as you shoot the tail, it will break pieces off, 
    and eventually when it gets too short, it will die.
    Name: Armored Kantus
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 700
    Weapons: Dual Gorgon Pistols
    Infantry: No
    Notes: The Armored Kantus is one to be very careful around, not only is it 
    hard to kill, but it has a roll attack that will instantly down/kill you. 
    The quickest way to kill one is to use a Scorcher, or other Fire based 
    Name: Polyp
    Faction: Lambent
    Experience: 105
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Tiny little explosive Spiders, they are small and come in large 
    numbers usually.  They die easily but jump about a lot and so can be hard 
    to hit.
    Name: Lambent Drone
    Faction: Lambent
    Experience: 105
    Weapons: Hammerburst
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: Exactly the same as a normal Drone.  Shoot their glowing area around 
    the stomach for extra damage.
    Name: Lambent Wretch
    Faction: Lambent
    Experience: 140
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Exactly the same as a normal Wretch, but with the added ability to 
    explode when it dies.
    Name: Former
    Faction: Lambent
    Experience: 140
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Easy to kill, but fast and spawn in huge amounts.
    Name: Lambent Drone
    Faction: Lambent
    Experience: 245
    Weapons: Gnasher
    Infantry: Yes
    Notes: The Grenadier Elite of the Lambent world.  Shares the same name as 
    the Drone version.
    Name: Druge
    Faction: Lambent
    Experience: 280
    Weapons: Hammerburst
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Although they cannot be downed, they can be chainsawed.  Has a 
    chance to mutate in to a different enemy instead of dying.  If this happens 
    you get no Experience from the Druge, but instead get extra from the 
    Name: Druge (Stationary mutation)
    Faction: Lambent
    Experience: 420
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Notes: They can shoot imulsion at you, and also have the ability to spawn 
    Polyps.  The Polyps they spawn only give 17 experience instead of the full 
    Name: Druge (Head Snake Form)
    Faction: Lambent
    Experience: 420
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Notes: They do not always mutate into a form with a Head Snake; some times 
    only the arms mutate.  They can shoot imulsion at you, and fire little 
    globs of imulsion from their hands.  When they die, the Head Snake will 
    spawn on the floor for you to kill, so long as their head mutated.
    Name: Head Snake
    Faction: Lambent
    Experience: 175
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Notes: Moves like a snake. They are easy to kill, and shoot imulsion when 
    Bosses [BOS]
    For notes on each Boss, check the Boss FAQ section (BFQ).
    Name: Gunker
    Faction: Lambent
    Experience: 700
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Name: Savage Corpser
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 875
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Name: Reaver
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 875
    Weapons: Laser Guided Rockets (Does not drop)
    Infantry: No
    Name: Beserker
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 1400
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Name: Lambent Beserker
    Faction: Lambent
    Experience: 2100
    Weapons: N/A
    Infantry: No
    Name: Brumak
    Faction: Locust
    Experience: 2800
    Weapons: Gatling Guns on each arm, Rockets on it's back (Neither drop)
    Infantry: No
    Spotting [SPT]
    Spotting is a good way of building extra money in horde. While spotting 
    your own enemy and killing it doesn’t increase the amount of money you 
    receive for the kill, spotting for a friend does. The reason behind this 
    is when you spot, you are assisting your fellow teammates and thus the game 
    rewards you for doing this. After a short amount of time, if no one has 
    killed your spotted enemy then the game removes the spot and allows another 
    player (or yourself) to re-spot that enemy. Re-spotting the same enemy 
    multiple times does not increase the amount of points you get for your 
    assist (18Xp/$18 for assist). 
    Wave Bonus [WBS]
    In horde, if you survive a wave and do not die, you are awarded with $250 
    each wave (Even if you survive Boss Waves it is still $250). Now if you die 
    you will not be rewarded the 250 for surviving the way but there is still 
    a way to get money from the afterlife. If you die and the wave is not over, 
    go into ghost cam and start spotting enemies. For every enemy that you spot 
    and the living team member kills your spotted enemy, you instantly get the 
    18xp($18) for that enemy while you’re dead.  The number of people in your 
    game of Horde, and the number of those that survive has no affect on the 
    amount you get for surviving; it is always $250.
    Reviving Teammates [RTM]
    Whenever a fellow teammate is down he/she instantly loses $100 (No actual 
    Xp is lost to your overall status). This is your time to capitalize on 
    his/her lost. When picking up your fallen teammate you then take the $100 
    that they in turn lost. So the moral of the story is always pick up a 
    teammate because it's not cool letting free money go to waste!
    Challenges [CHA]
    Every so often you are presented with a challenge for the wave that you are 
    in. Some of these are easy money makers like “All team members must survive 
    the round” and such. It is worth noting that the bonus boxes you get for
    completing a challenge will stay forever, so long as they are not opened.
    This means you do not have to use them straight away, and can save them for
    rough spots, like bosses. Here is a clear description of all those challenges 
    and the best method of executing them:
    Manned Turret [MAN]
    Goal: Kill 7 Infantry with a Manned Turret
    It goes without saying, to complete this challenge you will need to build 
    Manned Turrets. If the wave starts and you don't have any built you 
    instantly fail the challenge.  All you have to do is kill Infantry with the 
    Manned Turrets, pretty simple, just refer to the Beastiary section for 
    which enemies are classed as Infantry.
    Headshots [HST]
    Goal: Get 7 Headshots in the round 
    This goal is pretty simple, just get a total of 7 headshot kills during the 
    round. This can be on any enemy that can be headshot'd, including things 
    like Grinders and Boomers. One thing that most people forget, and which will 
    help you out a lot in completing this challenge is that you do NOT need a 
    Sniper to get a headshot. Gnashers can get headshots, as can Boltoks and 
    Snubs. The best method I found when short on Longshots is to down Drones 
    and other Infantry, and then switch to your Snub and one shot to the head 
    will make it go pop.
    Retro/Lancer [R/L]
    Goal: Get 6 kills with either a Retro Charge or a Chainsaw
    You will know when you are about to get this challenge, because on of each 
    the Lancer and the Retro Lancer will spawn. Take note, both weapons will 
    spawn at a Command Post, so if you have multiple command posts set up, they 
    could spawn at any one of them. This is one of the challenges that you 
    really need to be careful with; on Casual it is really easy, just run 
    around and execute enemies with the chosen weapon. However, on the higher 
    difficulties trying this will quickly find yourself on the losing end. Only 
    try this when you are 1v1 with an enemy or better. 
    Quick Kills [QCK]
    Goal: Get 10 kills within a 30 second period
    This is a lot harder than it sounds. The 30 seconds does not start until 
    you kill your first enemy, so what I find helps is waiting a few seconds 
    after the wave starts, that way you can make sure a few enemies have spawned
    and you and your team can get in place to kill them as quickly as you can. 
    I have noticed that Formers and other high spawn enemies have a much higher 
    chance of appearing when this challenge is in effect. Retro Charging 
    Formers is easily the quickest way of completing this challenge, but very 
    rare is a viable option unfortunately. One of the great things about this 
    challenge however, that make it more bearable is that even when the timer 
    hits :00, it doesn't reset your 10 kills, instead it just adds a few 
    seconds on to the timer, and increases the kills you need by 1. What this 
    means is that if you are really close to getting the last few kills you need,
    then running out of time doesn't mean all hope is lost. As you can imagine, 
    the more people you are playing with, the easier this round becomes; if you 
    are doing a 5 person Horde run, then this challenge is basically free money,
    however, if you are on your own, you will need to plan very carefully to 
    make sure you complete it. The best advice I can give is to take your time 
    to spot the best way of killing enemies quickly before 
    you start.
    Survive [SUR]
    Goal: Have no player die during the wave
    Probably the simplest of all the challenges. All you need is for every player
    to survive the wave without dying. Make sure that everyone takes their time 
    and takes extra care when they are on their own. If possible then you should
    always be in at least pairs, so that if anyone goes down, they can quickly 
    be revived. This is the kind of challenge which works well in to your 
    standard practice of every round - Not to die.
    Boom The Tank [BTT]
    Goal: Kill 2 Flame Boomer/Grenadiers by shooting their tank 
    There are two different types of Flame enemies that have tanks - Boomers 
    and Grenadiers. It can be very hard (maybe even impossible) to tell the two 
    apart. All you need to do to complete this very easy challenge is simply 
    just aim for the tanks on their backs. Once you see a flame coming out of 
    the top of the tank, they will start to run around in a manic manner, and 
    then explode. 2 kills is all it takes and you are done. Easy. It is worth 
    noting, that Flame Grenadiers can be downed first, and then have their tanks
    blown up. Ultimately it won't make a whole lot of difference and could lead 
    to you accidentally killing a Boomer, trying to down it (they cannot be 
    downed). So I would suggest treating them all as Boomers and just go 
    straight for the tank.
    Execute [EXC]
    Goal: Get 8 executions 
    If you have a Lancer or Retro Lancer as your rifle of choice, then this 
    round is basically just a longer version of the Retro/Lancer one. However, 
    this round also includes other executions as well. Down an enemy and then 
    kill it with an execution for this challenge. Take note though, although it 
    shows up with the execution symbol when you shoot a Flamer's tank, it doesn't
    count towards this challenge.
    Tips and Tricks [TAT]
    Bosses [BSS]
    Bosses are one thing that were added to Gears of War 3 to enhance the 
    experience in horde. Every tenth wave is a Boss wave.  Each boss wave has 
    a chance of spawning any of the Bosses; it is completely random.  However, 
    if you fail a boss wave, you will usually get the same Boss again, for the 
    first 2-3 retries. I am going to give you tips and tricks to make this 
    experience as easy as possible. Remember guys that this is opinionated 
    information and should be treated as such. First let me describe the bosses 
    I find easiest to hardest and explain why followed by the best method on 
    killing these guys!
    Berserker [BSR]
    Though it is a bigger, stronger locust than most, this creature is very easy
    to defeat on all waves on horde. You know that you are facing 
    Berserkers/Lambent Zerkers when at the beginning of the Boss wave, the stage
    indicates where your scorchers are. Defeating this monster is easy, simply 
    focus on all other enemy types on the field and leave the Berserkers and 
    the scorchers for last. Though you are focusing on killing all the other 
    enemies, make sure to have a good ear and eye for when the berserker is 
    around you and is roaring to charge at you. When all other enemies are 
    defeated, then focus on the berserker. Pick up the scorcher and hit the 
    berserker with it, to lower it's natural resistance to Bullet damage. 
    Note: Bullets do still damage Beserkers normally, however unless first set 
    on fire, the damage they do is greatly reduced.
    Gunker [GKR]
    Gunkers are big deformed lambents who emit imusion and release it in “Gunks”
    to where ever you are at the time they throw it at you. Gunkers are also 
    very slow but what brings them a notch above Berserkers is that they fight 
    very well up close. If you tend to be too close to the Gunker, it will lash 
    out at you with a pointy limb that (depending on the wave) will bring you 
    down or kill you instantly!  Be careful because this will go through cover 
    as well. This is what makes the Gunker just a bit higher than the Berserker 
    due to its ability to fight well up close. Just shoot from far, aim for it's
    glowing sack on its chest and you're as good as gold.
    Savage Corpser [SVC]
    Usually spawned in two’s, the Savage Corpser is a determined locust who 
    makes it a mission to seek and destroy all COGs. Their sneakiness on the 
    battlefield allows them to attack when you least expect them but these 
    creatures are fairly easy. Simply draw them out and expose their body. 
    Once out and in the open, draw fire on the creature until it exposes its 
    face. A good way to do this is with scorcher or incendiary grenades as it 
    has a good reaction with it. Another way of attacking it is from behind 
    when it is exposed as the creature has barely any armor protect it there. 
    If you shoot it in the armor however, you will do no damage.  Explosives 
    and other splash damage weapons are a good idea.
    Reaver Team [RVT]
    Just like wolves, these guys come in packs and they aren’t afraid to attack 
    at all. Individually, both these enemies are not difficult but when you put 
    them together, man can they be annoying. Best bet is the obvious, kill the 
    Reaver itself and not the rider (though you do get more XP/Money if you kill
    him first then the Reaver). Reaver riders can also switch between having 
    Torque Bows or having Boomshots (Harder waves get boomshots sometimes) so 
    be on the lookout. When you kill the Reaver, there is a 50/50 chance that 
    the rider will survive the explosion/fall or die with the Reaver. Though 
    one may not be a problem to take out remember this: they don’t travel alone!
    Brumak [BMK]
    Brumaks…what is there to say about this creature. The mere size of him is 
    intimidating! He alone has the capabilities to wipe out your entire team but
    just like most bosses, there is a method to his mayhem! Brumaks have a lot 
    of power backing them up but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be taken down. 
    I would recommend to start with the gauntlets on his arms. I have done this 
    battle too many times and I see that when the gauntlets are destroyed, it 
    brings down the creature’s defense thus making it easier to destroy 
    everything else. Not only that but without the Gauntlets, it cannot fire 
    it's Gatling Gun at you. I would follow up by going to the Faceplate. When 
    you destroy the Faceplate, it loses some of its accuracy; it will shoot in 
    your general direction but its accuracy becomes very sloppy so definitely 
    follow up with this. Lastly the fuel tank. To be honest, hitting the fuel 
    tank or hitting the Brumak (once you’ve destroyed the gauntlets and faceplate)
    don’t seem to make much difference. I have tried both theories and it seems 
    that hitting the fuel tank, you’ll end up killing it just as fast as if you 
    were to hit it anywhere else. Just make sure you hit it dead on!
    Lambent Beserker [LAM]
    Who says the Lambent can’t party? Try dancing with this girl and you’ll have
    a good ol’ time! Why is this boss the hardest in my opinion? She is downright
    annoying and exhausting. Though you are provided with two scorchers (this 
    open’s her chest cavity), she has solely that one weakness - the chest cavity.
    Unlike the Brumak, Gunkers, Reavers, etc…Lambent Zerker is a creature that 
    you have to be fairly up close to expose its weakness. Now you can Active 
    Reload a scorcher to get some distance and open its chest cavity but remember,
    this girl releases imusion. To top things off, she can jump high distances 
    and make a splash with her imusion which can hurt/kill you (depending on 
    the wave). You may find yourself sometimes running out of bullets simply 
    trying to kill her even if you are hitting her weak spot but no worries. 
    I’ve got a simple game plan for you guys: First make it a priority to kill 
    everything else on the field except for her (She walks just as slow as the 
    Berserkers so you can out run her!). Once you have everything else on the 
    field, proceed to pick up the scorchers that the game has provided you with.
    If with a teammate(s): take turns using the scorcher and shoot only enough 
    to open its chest cavity. This is allow you guys to conserve the scorcher 
    and making it a faster process to open its weakness. When the Lambent Zerker
    begins to release imusion, begin to step back alittle as she tends to show 
    her weakness more and more…but also leaves a trail of imusion that stays 
    quite a while and is very damaging! Sad to say but once she begins to “leak”
    its all about waiting for the opportunity to shoot and doing exactly that. 
    This is why I think this character is the hardest/annoying boss character of
    them all. BE CAUTIOUS WITH YOUR AMMO! Or you may not have anything left to 
    kill her with.  Unfortunately the quickest way to kill her is also the most
    dangerous; getting good at jumping out of her charge path at the last second.
    FAQ [FAQ]
    Q. Will my levels reset if I exit Horde mode at any point?
    A. No, once your levels are saved they remain that way.
    Q. I can only use barriers currently! How do I unlock the other 
    A. To unlock Decoy, get to Level 2 barriers. To unlock Sentry, get level 3 
       Decoy. To unlock Turret, get to level 4 barriers. To unlock Silverback, 
       get to level 7 barriers.
    Q. I died and want to buy back! Why is it so expensive?
    A. The buy-back increases every 10 waves. It originally starts off as 1,500 
       credits but then goes to 3,000 credits, 4,500 credits, 6,000 credits, and 
       finally 7,500 credits. So try not to die as much in the later levels! 
       Don't forget when you are dead you can still Spot enemies in Ghost Camera
       mode and earn extra cash!
    Q. How much does each command post cost? And what's the max amount of them?
    A. The starting one is free and is required to commence the first wave. After
       that, they increase by 2,000 credits each time up until you have 5. So 
       the second will cost 2,000 credits, third will cost 4,000 and the final 
       one will cost 8,000. Be sure to choose wisely where to place the first 
       one! It's all about positioning!
    Q. Why is the ammo box sometimes 500 credits and sometimes 1,000?
    A. If you have any picked up weapons, the ammo box is 1,000 credits or if 
       all your ammo is gone.
    Q. Is it better to down and execute a drone or just run up and chainsaw them?
    A. If you have the option to kill it when it goes down or instant kill, always
       instant kill (Chainsawing or Retro Charging are considered as such). It is
       the most amount of Xp/Money you can get. (See Money Making Guide for chart
       of enemy Xp/Money).
    Q. I have level 8 Turrets, why can't I build a Command Center?
    A. The Command Centers only appear at certain Command Posts; not every Command
       Post will have one.  For example, on Thrashball even though there are five
       Command Posts total, there are only four Command Centers. Some maps have
       more Command Centers than others.
    Q. Do the reduced repair costs of Fortifications stack?
    A. Yes. For example, if you have Level 2 Silverback, you get 11% cheaper
       repairs, but if you have Level 4, you get 22% cheaper, and if you have
       Level 5 you get 33% cheaper repairs.
    Credits [CRE]
    IGN - Previously constructed guide on fortifications
    NYGFan2008 - Without him this guide would be impossible
    Nescobar - For practically writing the entire guide
    Cambin - For making me laugh while we did research

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