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"Well, if you play the series backwards, it does have a good ending"

The Gears of War series has had quite a run. The first in the series was quite remarkable when it first appeared on the scene, which left its mark as one of the most unforgettable games for the current gen consoles. The sequel was average, with the campaign leading the way, since the online was broken due to lag and host issues, and then comes Gears of War 3, the game that fixes the online lag and concludes the story, however, this only clears the dirty window to actually see what Gears of War actually is, a mediocre gaming experience.

With the campaigns in the first two games being remarkable, story wise, gameplay wise, my expectations for the ending game were high. The thing that was so incredible about the series, was the co-op, and the remarkable depth of teamwork one has to be apart of, however, I kept waiting for the campaign to take off, and test my ability, only to be left with a game that felt like a cinematic, with actions scenes I was able to take part in. The final chapter however does give some form of testing of one's skills, but this is so disappointing seeing how the first two tested you around every corner, and left lasting memories of different areas that were very hard to get through. The story ended without a hitch, without spoiling anything in detail, the end really has no climactic conclusion, it just felt very rushed, and as if the whole team of developers were tired of the series, and just wanted to be done with it, much like a band who's first two albums were great, only to get bored, or comfortable and become tired of the same old thing.

There is a moment in the game that is suppose to be a huge shocking twist, which seemed so forced, and completely out of the blue, that I had no reaction at all. Felt almost like a WWE story twist to be honest

Here is where the game actually gets a 6/10, whereas the campaign alone is more along the lines of 4/10. The online has been fixed, and that guns have all been balanced, but sadly, EPIC cannot program the people being the microphones online, because the game is plagued by complaining people, who seem to want to spend their days ranting about how one gun is cheap. On top of this, the personalities that the this game attracts is obvious. The type of people who would want to curb stomp another person's skull into a curb, while dropping F Bombs and racist slants, seems to invite such people, like the old saying goes "you become the God you worship", this idiom seems to be fitting. Does GOW invite these people, or create these people? I would say a little of both.

The online aspect is actually fun when the microphone is turned off, however, the amount of DLC that is featured from the get-go upon GOW3's release is a little over the top, and quite frankly, a really sad development for the gaming world. I hope we one day will look back on this era in video gaming history and determine it was the era of yuppie game developers. I hope a game like Dark Souls will show the rest of the gaming world how to please fans, with no extra charge for limited edition, just a pre-order, and 100% of the game on the disc. Apart from this, I do enjoy the online aspect of the game, but that is quickly shrinking, seeing that it was just announced on my Xbox that the new maps will be released in a month, so much for the 4gb owners, eh? Maybe if it was on the disc already, it would have been a little better for them

In conclusion, this game, if I may say so myself, has fixed allot of the complaints from the previous installments, only to show that Gears should not really be taken seriously as a series. Much like that really weird metal band we all loved, but now say it was never so.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/29/11

Game Release: Gears of War 3 (US, 09/20/11)

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