Review by Greentrunks

Reviewed: 10/04/11

Ah, gore never looked so clean.

I for one am grateful that it took three years for Gears 3 to drop, it looks better plays smoother, and multiplayer is far more balanced than what is was in the past. so lets take a quick look at Gears of war 3

This was the main selling point for me, as well as a few others I know considering that this is expected to be the last title of the series and all. It opens with the option to have a recap of the story thus far, something that gears old and new should both look at as it explains what has happened in the past two years between gears 2 and 3 more than what transpired in the first two games but worth a look none the less. as far as the overall story, you are constantly shooting at something, the cinematics even have a lot of action in them, the game is an adrenalin rush from start to finish. it's made even better by the fact that instead of just the traditional split screen or online co-op mode that a lot of us were thankful for in the first place, there is 4 player online co-op on top of that. its not available to split screen 4 way however as the HUD and area of sight are too large for that but you can still split screen then go online with your buddy sitting next to you and meet up with two other people, overall this is a vast improvement and takes advantage of the 360's stellar reputation for multiplayer. so with all the content, easter eggs and collectables, as well as the multiplayer story mode aces it, 10 out of 10

as I said before story mode is 4 player online now and with this came the Arcade story mode, pretty much story mode with a scoring system in place, a page out of Halo's book yes, but you just cant replicate that feeling of taking a shotgun and blowing a humanoid insect into tiny pieces in one go. Anyway, the standard multiplayer games are there, wingman, warzone execution and KOTH, are all present. a new capture the flag type of game called capture the leader is available now and essentially its capture the flag only the flag is a player and can shoot back at you for trying to take them. Beast mode is pretty much backwards horde, where you play as the locust and fight your way through 12 waves of humans, lets just say if you ever wondered what it would be like to play as a bezerker, then this mode give you your chance. Horde has been totally overhauled. first there is a money system in place now. where instead of earning just points you earn money to buy a base on a level, fences, decoy dummies, turrets, and sentry guns for said base. you can also buy your way back into a game after you die provided you have enough money. the only drawback to the money system is that automatic weapons drops and ammo cost money as well. I suppose that this can be over looked as it is horde and you pretty much scavenge in that gametype anyway, but really its just something to balance out the gameplay and nothing more. Anyway, vs mode is more balanced by the sawed off shotgun, a one shot kill if at close enough range (it takes a LONG time for this gun to reload, even active) its one round per reload however for those of us who couldn't quite get the hang of hip firing that gnasher give this gun a try. 9 out of 10

Graphics and sound
well the one liners from the older games are still there. there are some new ones but mostly the old ones are there lol. The new characters have some great ones (my personal favorite is ice-t's charcacter's one guy left line) but that's neither here nor there, this game looks great. arguably one of the best looking exclusives on the 360. while occasional it might take a second for textures to show up, something we've been used to since gears 1, after that this game doesn't miss a beat, not even a hint of a frame rate drop, aside from people lagging in multiplayer. short and sweet, this game is beautiful 10 out of 10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Gears of War 3 (US, 09/20/11)

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