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    Achievement Guide by neeker

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/16/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.01
           .___  ___.   ______   .__   __.  _______       ___   ____    ____ 
           |   \/   |  /  __  \  |  \ |  | |       \     /   \  \   \  /   / 
           |  \  /  | |  |  |  | |   \|  | |  .--.  |   /  ^  \  \   \/   /  
           |  |\/|  | |  |  |  | |  . `  | |  |  |  |  /  /_\  \  \_    _/   
           |  |  |  | |  `--'  | |  |\   | |  '--'  | /  _____  \   |  |     
           |__|  |__|  \______/  |__| \__| |_______/ /__/     \__\  |__|     
                   .__   __.  __    _______  __    __  .___________.
                   |  \ |  | |  |  /  _____||  |  |  | |           |
                   |   \|  | |  | |  |  __  |  |__|  | `---|  |----`
                   |  . `  | |  | |  | |_ | |   __   |     |  |     
                   |  |\   | |  | |  |__| | |  |  |  |     |  |     
                   |__| \__| |__|  \______| |__|  |__|     |__|     
            ______   ______   .___  ___. .______        ___   .___________.
            /      | /  __  \  |   \/   | |   _  \      /   \  |           |
           |  ,----'|  |  |  | |  \  /  | |  |_)  |    /  ^  \ `---|  |----`
           |  |     |  |  |  | |  |\/|  | |   _  <    /  /_\  \    |  |     
           |  `----.|  `--'  | |  |  |  | |  |_)  |  /  _____  \   |  |     
            \______| \______/  |__|  |__| |______/  /__/     \__\  |__|     
                                      By: neeker
                               Gamertag: Optimus Neeker
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    1.  Contact Information
    2.  Introduction
    3.  Achievements 
    Version history
    Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the username 
    Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong at yahoo 
    dot com. You may check out my other works here:
    Just when I thought that nothing could top DeathSpank this year as the Xbox 
    Live Arcade GOTY, on came Monday Night Combat (MNC). MNC is a class-based 
    multiplayer shooter with its graphics obviously referencing Team Fortress 2. 
    It's easy to pick up and perhaps a little hard to master. It does, however, 
    has a list of easily attainable achievements. This guide will tell you how to 
    net all 200GS. 
    Meanwhile, I'm the first in the tiny island of Singapore to 200/200 this game. 
    Not much of an achievement, considering there are only like 10 players who 
    bought this!
    There are 12 achievements with a total of 200GS. To get most of the points 
    easily, you may want to plug in a second controller. I'll describe them in the 
    sequence that I unlocked them. 
    MVP (20)
    Description: Achieved Most Valuable Player in a Crossfire Match 
    Crossfire works something like a deathmatch. You go into a match with your 
    team-mates, and try to destroy the opponent's moneybag. The first team to 
    destroy the bag wins the game. During the process of trying to win the match, 
    you'll inevitably earn money in several ways. To become MVP, you must end the 
    game as the player that earns the most money, regardless of whether you win or 
    These are some ways that you can try to rack up the cash:
    - kills/ killstreaks
    - assists
    - build/ upgrade turrets (their kills count towards your performance)
    - shoot bullseye (a coin-generating character who appears from time to time)
    - taunting
    This achievement could be easily unlocked by using a second controller though. 
    Once you enter a Crossfire lobby, press X to switch it to a private game. 
    Press Y on your second controller to join, and sign it in as "Guest". Once 
    the game starts, walk both charaters close to each other, and let your main 
    character repeatedly kill the dummy for cash. 
    Shouldn't take you more than a couple of tries to get it. 
    Description: Achieved a kill on an opposing player while they were upgrading 
                 skills in a Crossfire match
    You press the "up" button on your D-pad to upgrade your personal skills. When 
    doing so, your character would be stationary for a moment, and is extremely 
    vulnerable to attacks. What you need to do for this achievement is to spot an 
    opponent being in this state of upgrade, and then kill him/ her. 
    Sounds tough? Well, perhaps. But this could be done with a second controller 
    as well. Again, do a private game and walk both characters close together. 
    Press "up" on the second controller's D-pad, and then quickly use your main 
    profile to perform the kill. 
    HOT STREAK (10)
    Description: Achieved a 3 kill streak in a Crossfire match
    Unless you're really poor in this sort of thing (like me), and your internet 
    connection somehow experiences severe lag all the time (like me), you should 
    get this one sooner or later just by playing normally. Note that the kills 
    must be performed on a "human" player, not on the tons of bots lurking around. 
    If, however, you're you're really poor in this sort of thing, and your inter-
    net connection somehow experiences severe lag all the time, you may want to 
    consider using the trusted second controller for this one. Again, get both 
    characters close, and then use the main profile to get the kills. I'd suggest 
    both players to stand in some obscure corners where there are no bots or 
    turrets. There are only two maps in Crossfire, and both have areas where you 
    could easily "store" both players without anyone bothering you. 
    To make things easier, you may also want to select your main profile's class 
    as a Gunner, and use his "B" move to perform grapple kills. To do this, shoot 
    the second controller until its health is a whisker away from death, then 
    press B to grapple kill him/her. 
    This is because...
    GRAPPLER (20)
    Description: Achieved 10 grapple kills in a Crossfire match
    ... there's an achievement for amassing 10 grapple kills in a Crossfire match! 
    The reason I suggest using the Gunner is because his grapple move could be 
    easily achieved even when he's using his primary weapon, by simply pressing B. 
    If you definitely have to use another class, take note that the following 
    characters' grapple moves are mapped to LT, and it can only be used when you 
    switch to a secondary weapon (press LB):
    - Assault
    - Tank
    - Support
    Other easy characters with primary weapon grapples:
    - Assassin (LT)
    - Sniper (B)
    BUT, I'd still suggest you use a Gunner. This is because...
    Description: Achieve a pancake on an opposing player using the Gunner's Ground 
                 Slam ability 
    ... there's an achievement specific to the Gunner only!
    The Ground Slam move could be performed by pressing X. This achievement is 
    rather tricky. "Pancake" is the key word here, meaning you must flatten your 
    opponent. You must shoot the opponent until his/her health is down next to 
    nothing, then press A to JUMP, before quickly unleashing the X move to GROUND 
    SLAM the bugger to death. 
    This sounds really hard to do against real humans, no? Don't worry, you can 
    do this with a second controller, as with Grappler. If you fail to unlock it, 
    keep trying. It's all about the timing. 
    OUTTA MY HOUSE! (20)
    Description: Achieve a Ring Out during a Crossfire match
    To get this, you must shoot an opponent until he/she gets knocked out of the 
    ring. Try using the Assault's charged run (B) move or the Tank's rush move (B) 
    to knock an opponent out. 
    Or, shoot your second controller a few times, and then use it to jump out of 
    the ring. 
    A ring out counts towards a kill as well, just if you need to know.
    SACKER (10)
    Description: Achieved 15 kills in a Crossfire Match
    15 kills in a single game! That's really tough for someone with a poor inter-
    net connection! Why not Use a second controller? In fact, how about using a 
    second controller and get all the above in one game? :P
    You've gotta be fast though, since Jackbots will be deployed by the A.I. to 
    destroy the moneybags. You'd want to get the 15 kills before any of the Jack-
    bots rip either of the moneybags apart. 
    EXHIBITOR (10)
    Description: Completed "Exhibition" Blitz mode
    Blitz Mode works like a tower defense game. You've a moneybag to protect, and 
    enemies come in waves to try to destroy it. The Exhibiton mode is the easiest 
    one. It consists of 10 rounds, so just fight through the 10 rounds and you're 
    good to go. This is easily achievable regardless of what class you use. Just 
    take note of that Jackbot in Round 10.
    Note that you earn money for personal upgrades, as well as building turrets. 
    Do not save the money. Use the cash and build laser turrets whenever you can. 
    Upgrade most, if not all of them, to Level 3. It costs $25 to build a laser 
    turret, $50 to upgrade it to Level 2, and $100 to upgrade it to Level 3. 
    You'll also pick up purple bottles of juices from dead enemies. These fill up 
    your "juice" meter. Once full, press LB+RB to go into juiced mode. Your shots 
    hit harder in this mode, and (I think) you take lesser damage. Always save 
    juice for the Jackbots though. 
    As long as you've these turrets with you, going through Blitz mode should be 
    quite a breeze... solo.
    Now, I understand that this game is built for multiplayer, and it's tempting 
    to do the Blitz achievements with a few friends. My suggestion, however, is 
    don't. This is because the enemies get considerably harder when there are more 
    players involved. I was playing the Season mode with four players, and we had 
    our butts kicked so badly, and it took us three attempts to finally clear it. 
    When I did it solo, I managed to go through all the rounds without even 
    remotely close to dying. You can still play with your friends if you want, and 
    it's really fun to do so. But do the achievements alone to save your TV from 
    being damaged from a flying controller. 
    As for class, I'd use a Gunner due to his high damage. With match earnings, 
    you could also unlock a custom class. It costs $10000 to unlock the first 
    class, and honestly it's all you need. I choose the Gunner as a base for my 
    custom class, and equip him with the sponsors (perks) that offers armor, regen 
    and critical shot. I don't know what they actually do, but they worked for me. 
    Description: Completed "Season" Blitz mode
    There are 20 rounds in Season. The first 10 rounds are easy, even though a 
    Jackbot appears in Round 10. From Round 11, beefed up enemies appear. But use 
    the same method I described earlier (level 3 lasers, juice for Jackbots, and 
    SOLO), and you should be good to go.
    ALL STAR (15)
    Description: Completed "Playoff" Blitz mode
    30 rounds here. Beefed up enemies appear from Round 21. Again, same method of 
    level 3 lasers, juice for Jackbots, and solo. I did it in my first attempt 
    playing alone. In certain rounds, don't even bother shooting enemies. Let the 
    turrets do the job, while you run around building and upgrading more. Trust 
    me, it works.
    For both "Seasoned Veteran" and "All Star", take note of the enemy Gap Shot. 
    It's crab-like thing that shoots rockets towards your turrets. He only appears 
    from the area with two gates. Kill him immediately when he appears. 
    ELUSIVE (20)
    Description: Completed "The Scramble" Blitz mode
    There are only 10 rounds here, but the intensity is set to "insane". The 
    Gremlins are the most irritating enemies here. Firstly, they cloak. Secondly. 
    they move fast and attack in hordes. Thirdly, their voices are awful! I 
    suppose you could still solo this with the same method, but I haven't tried it 
    yet. I did this with one friend, and it was pretty hellish. The Gunner's 
    grapple move is useless against the Gremlins, but still works well against the 
    Bouncers. Be careful though as the Bouncers will grapple you when you're close 
    For the Gremlins, use X for Ground Slam with the Gunner when they get too 
    close for comfort. Level 3 lasers still work very well. Keep building and 
    upgrading them when you can. Expect the turrets to be ripped apart by the 
    Gremlins regularly though.
    ADDED: Ok, I've solo-ed The Scramble. The tip is to add some ice turrets to 
    the usual lasers routine. In fact, add quite a number of ice. They slow down 
    the Gremlins and make it easier for you to target them. Their cloak will also 
    be nullified once frozen in ice.
    3-FER (20)
    Description: Achieved a Triple Kill
    This one should be done in Crossfire. You'd need to kill three "human" players 
    in quick succession, within a few seconds between each kill. It's extremely 
    difficult to do if your internet connection is slow (cough). So, go grab two 
    friends with an Xbox Live account (and who has this game, obviouly) for help. 
    All three of you should have a second controller. Sign the second controller 
    in as "Guest", and start a private match. The game will make the game a 
    3-vs-3. Simply run all six players to a secluded spot, and take turns to do 
    the triple kills. 
    And there you go, you've completed Monday Night Combat!
    I consider the guide complete at this point in time. I hope it's a good help 
    for people who're stuck, and a good read for those who just wanted to read 
    something. Feedback/ better ways to do achievements are welcomed at the usual 
    email address. 
    Version 1.00: Guide completed (8/16).
    Version 1.01: Added a tip to complete "The Scramble" solo (8/20).
    Uber Entertainment
    GT: BrutalGuitar - for the help in "Elusive" and "3-Fer"
    GT: JKD Hombre - for the help in "3-Fer"
    And several others who played with me
    ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)
    I'd like to say that I've done better than Prima/ Bradygames/ anyone else that
    publishes game guides, but I know that a text document can never look as 
    appealing as a thick book with colorful pages. Nevertheless, if you like this 
    guide, and would like to contribute to my continued existence in this world, 
    you may send Paypal to the following email:
    lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com
    Copyright Lestor Wong 2010.

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