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    Sniper Guide by x1R3CON1x

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/04/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Gamertag: xPEx Noscope
    Gamefaqs UN: x1R3CONIx
    Table of Contents
    1. Legal Information 
    2. Class Introduction
    3. Overview of Sniper Abilities
    4. Countering Other Classes
    5. Endorsement Options/ Gameplay Styles
    6. Conclusion
    Legal Information
    This Guide/FAQ belongs to me and is not subject to be reposted 
    without my permission. If you have any questions or concerns 
    about this guide just email me at palagi987@gmail.com. Also if 
    you want permission to repost this FAQ anywhere then just email 
    me and make sure to give me some credit. Don’t want anyone 
    claiming my work haha!
    Also as I’m sure you know I do not own Monday Night Combat or 
    have the rights to this game or anything affiliated with it and 
    these all belong to Uber Entertainment. 
    Class Introduction
    Hi! Welcome to my MNC sniper guide. In this guide I will cover 
    things such as how to counter specific classes, all of the 
    sniper abilites and other things. My gamertag is xPEx Noscope 
    and I am currently a level 80 in MNC. I don’t claim to be the 
    best MNC player ever but I do have a lot of sniping experience. 
    I have played the class since almost day one of the game and 
    know it pretty well so I figured I would publish this guide!
    The sniper class in this game can be quite finicky, but when put 
    in the right hands can single handedly win a match for a team. 
    The sniper provides ridiculous long range damage and a fantastic 
    ability to kill bots while being able to kill just about any 
    class if played correctly. This class is a real glass cannon 
    though (deals high damage but cannot take a lot), if an enemy 
    gets in close range to the sniper it becomes much harder for the 
    sniper to defend itself. 
    Overview of Sniper Abilities
    The sniper class presents itself with a wide range of abilities 
    that help to provide ways for the sniper to defend itself. When 
    these are used correctly it becomes almost impossible for the 
    sniper to die and extremely easy to take out other enemies. 
    Sniper Rifle: This is the snipers main weapon and the bread and 
    butter of any strategy you will have. It provides excellent long 
    range damage and when upgraded to level two gives it the ability 
    to penetrate. When upgraded to level three the bullets explode 
    on impact with bots and pros. The alternate fire makes the 
    sniper look down the sight. No scoping in this game lowers the 
    damage of the sniper bullet a lot and makes crazy no scope shots 
    completely useless. When firing the sniper sometimes it may look 
    like you hit someone but the hit does not register. Sometimes 
    you may have to lead your shots a little bit depending on the 
    lag or even in a perfect game. Headshots will always have a 
    slight lag and some odd hit boxes that take a little bit of 
    getting used to. 
    SMG: The SMG is the secondary of the sniper. It has a small clip 
    and fires pretty fast and does moderately low damage. The 
    alternate fire of the SMG does a grapple that does moderately 
    low damage. 
    Passive (Down): The passive skill of this class when upgraded 
    first gives the sniper bullets the ability to penetrate enemies. 
    When upgraded again the bullets now explode off of any pros, 
    bots, or turrets. This is extremely useful and should be soft 
    after fairly early in the game. This allows you to kill multiple 
    bots with few shots and even the occasional pro while botting. 
    Also if you know a friendly team mate is being damaged but you 
    cannot see the enemy you can toss a couple shots on your 
    friendly pro and the explosion may damage or kill the enemy. 
    Using the explosive shots effectively can seriously help turn 
    the tides of battle. This ability alone makes the sniper one of 
    the most effective botting classes in the game and also gives 
    the sniper a great way to control the enemy pros.
    Flak Grenade (X Button): This skill makes the sniper toss an 
    area of effect (AOE) grenade a little ways in front of him. Upon 
    upgrading this skill the damage and radius of this skill 
    increase and the cool down reduces. In lower levels this ability 
    is used more for crowd control than for damage. It doesn’t 
    really have much effect on enemies until level two and isn’t 
    really a level three priority until somewhat later in the match. 
    At the beginning of the matches if you see an enemy and you want 
    to force him to go a certain direction just throw a flak his way 
    and he will be forced to move opposite of the flak. This is a 
    great way to control the flow of enemies and especially when 
    flights come to close range. When upgraded to level three the 
    flak becomes deadly and greatly aids in killing heavy classes 
    such as tanks and gunners while it can also solo rogues and 
    Freeze Traps (Y Button): This is probably one of the most 
    crucial abilities the sniper has. Proper placement of traps 
    allows for greater defense and sniping without interruptions. 
    The number of traps you are allowed to have out at once 
    corresponds to the level of your trap. So a level three skill 
    allows three traps at once. When leveling the skill up the 
    radius of the traps increases and a skill drain aura is added 
    also. When camping on elevated positions put traps on ledges 
    that enemies commonly will fly up to or on landing pads that 
    jump pads put you up to. Proper trap placement allows for a 
    secure sniping position and a few easy headshots while you’re at 
    Grapple (B Button): A very good close range ability; the grapple 
    does great damage and has a knockback when upgraded to level 
    three. When using the grapple with the sniper rifle out you will 
    do more damage than using it with the SMG. This ability is 
    perfect for killing rogues or any other class that thinks they 
    can sneak up on you. There is really no special tactic to this 
    move besides trying to aim enemies near the edge so even if you 
    don’t kill them all the way you will get the ring out. 
    Countering Other Classes
    You can kill bots as much as you want but at the end of the day 
    you’re going to have to kill some pros at some point. Here are 
    my tricks and tips to combating all the enemy classes.
    Assault: The assault is a formidable enemy because of his jet 
    pack which allows him to hover over freeze traps and he can 
    angle down on you. The assault rifle also provides him with 
    decent long range damage and the grenade launcher can be used to 
    drive you out of positions and blow up your freeze traps. When 
    dealing with them at long range it is fairly simple; a nice 
    headshot or a few body shots will take the assault out nice and 
    easy. When the assault gets close though, things can get a 
    little bit tricky. In this situation line of sight is your best 
    friend. Make sure the assault can see you as little as possible 
    because that assault rifle will tear you up. Toss a flak towards 
    the assault to force him into moving a certain direction. Keep 
    kiting (or guiding) the assault around corners while shooting 
    with SMG and toss a freeze trap or two around corners to trap 
    him for the easy headshot. Grappling the assault is not the best 
    option because then you will be in range of his charge which 
    does massive damage. Your whole strategy here should be to keep 
    make the assault not be able to see you and to force him where 
    you want him to go. Use corners to your advantage and traps. 
    Rogue: The snipers worst enemy; the rogue has any ways of 
    avoiding traps and has many ways of taking you out. Trap 
    placement is key when dealing with rogues. Try not to put traps 
    on places they can avoid by walking on ledges for example or 
    putting them in easily jumpable spots. The rogue’s dash to 
    grapple combo can eliminate a sniper in two seconds so not 
    allowing the rogue to get close is also critical. Even with Gold 
    armor you will not survive a back grapple from a rogue so the 
    goal here is to have this not happen. If you are opened on a by 
    a front grapple you will live with gold endorsement armor and 
    second endorsement armor until the rogue gets the katana. When 
    this happens quickly grapple the rogue as soon as hers finishes. 
    A level two or three grapple will either ring out or kill the 
    rogue but a level one grapple will not do enough damage. If you 
    use a level one grapple quickly jump backwards as it finishes 
    because the rogue will most likely dash at you. Then simply SMG 
    the rogue to death or lead her into a trap for the easy 
    headshot. If you see a rogue coming from a distance then try and 
    lead the rogue to a trap or grapple the rogue before it has the 
    chance to open on you with a grapple. This is all about timing. 
    Listening for the rogues very audible hum is huge when trying to 
    combat rogues. 
    Support: Overall the support class does not really pose a huge 
    threat to the sniper because they should be healing their 
    teammates and not going for you. Chances are a healer will be 
    grouped with another pro that has high armor such as a gunner or 
    tank. Explosive bullets help a lot here because you can pick up 
    the double kill nicely or at least kill one and damage the other 
    for another teammate to kill. The main weapon that a support has 
    against you is the airstrikes. A properly placed airstrike will 
    take you out without even knowing, so listen closely for the 
    beeping noise that an incoming airstrike makes. When sniping on 
    top of bridges they will throw the airstrike under the bridge so 
    the noise will be much fainter and seem distant and may take you 
    out or trip your trap.  If a healer puts a firebase near you 
    then your best bet is to just snipe at it, wait for your health 
    to recover and rinse and repeat. In the off chance that a healer 
    makes it close to you their shotgun will tear you to pieces. So 
    just lead them to traps and use your flak and grapple as 
    highlighted earlier. 
    Tank: Tanks are scary no matter what class you play. They have 
    ridiculous health and amazing close range damage. Fortunately 
    they move very slowly and this allows a lot of time for the 
    sniper to damage the tank before he gets to you. Headshots are 
    fairly easy on tanks because the head is right in the middle of 
    the body. Tanks close to a sniper are extremely dangerous. Flak 
    grenades and kiting with freeze traps around corners is key. The 
    tank is another class that should not be getting close to you 
    most of the time because of its slow movement and it is a large 
    target for other pros on your team. Make sure when kiting you 
    stay out of charge and death blossom range because these attacks 
    do serious damage. 
    Gunners: Gunners can be extremely annoying for snipers because 
    of their mortar cannons. This gun can do some nasty damage if it 
    hits you, blows up your freeze traps, and can force you of your 
    sniping position if used correctly. Fortunately the gunner moves 
    fairly slow and will often not make it very close to you. When 
    gunners shoot they move even slower and open themselves up to 
    extremely easy headshots. If a gunner gets close he can slam you 
    off the map, and grapple you. Also the mini gun does ridicules 
    damage at close range. So in the off chance that you encounter a 
    gunner in close range just make sure traps are laid out properly 
    and get the easy headshot. 
    Sniper: An enemy sniper is probably your biggest worry on the 
    other team. Not only is it your job to make sure he can’t kill 
    your bots or teammates you also have to make sure he doesn’t 
    kill you! Sounds fun right? Well when engaged in a sniper battle 
    your first thought is to locate the spots the enemy sniper will 
    commonly shoot from. This way you can set up angles on him that 
    make it much harder for him to snipe you. If you see a sniper 
    looking at you but you are behind cover try and line the shot up 
    level with his head and a nice distance away from him. This way 
    when you move out of cover the reticule will be right on his 
    head and you can get the quick headshot before he even realizes 
    what happened. When in a sniper battle in the open you have to 
    constantly move and try and predict his movements. Most often 
    the enemy will be strafing to the opposite side that you are. 
    You can use this to your advantage; for example if instantly 
    start strafing right you will figure the enemy will strafe to 
    your left and you can place your shot accordingly. Also use jump 
    shots to your advantage. If you are behind cover you can line up 
    a shot on a sniper in the open and just jump and fire. 
    Endorsements and Game Play Styles
    There are multiple builds or endorsement combinations that a 
    sniper can use to snipe effectively. The most common builds that 
    I use/see other snipers use are as follows:
    Class 1:
    Gold: Rate of Fire
    Silver: Armor
    Bronze: Critical Shot
    This class is the main set of endorsements I use when playing 
    sniper. It allows for quick firing to get more body shots into 
    the enemy faster resulting in more kills and faster botting. 
    Lets face it, the sniper base rate of fire is pathetically slow 
    and an endorsement that helps it is needed. The silver armor 
    allows for the survival of most grapples and other damage. 
    Survivability = more sniping and better team support. The bronze 
    critical shot allows for some added damage and can help take 
    down heavier classes easier.
    Class 2:
    Gold: Rate of Fire
    Silver: Armor
    Bronze: Skill Recovery
    This class is also very popular and similar to the previous one. 
    The only variation is in the bronze skill recovery. This allows 
    for more grapples, traps, and flaks; making this class slightly 
    more suited to crowded sniping spots or offensive snipers. 
    Class 3: 
    Gold: Armor
    Silver: Rate of Fire
    Bronze: Skill Recovery
    By switching around the Armor and Rate of fire you give the 
    sniper a little bit more survivability. This class allows the 
    sniper to push forward more and provide more offensive support. 
    A sniper using this setup should still stay with team mates but 
    help them push up the map as well. 
    There are other variations of sniper endorsements that are 
    viable but I would say that with these three you will see the 
    best results and also enjoy playing the class as well. As far as 
    game play styles go, I believe that there are really only two 
    styles of play a sniper can have. These are being an offensive 
    sniper or defensive sniper. The job of a defensive sniper is to 
    stay back and lurk near your base: killing whatever bots or pros 
    that make it past the midfield line. You basically want to keep 
    your side of the map on a lockdown and make sure your turrets 
    stay up. Another key job of the defensive sniper is to make sure 
    the annihilator is clear. Keeping the enemies off the 
    annihilator allows for bot domination by your team. When 
    defensively sniping make sure your perimeter is lined by traps 
    and you have a clear view of bot lanes and the annihilator. 
    Being mobile around your base isn’t a bad idea either because 
    you can keep eyes on all your team mates while keeping the 
    enemies guessing. Key things to upgrade first when playing 
    defensively are your passive skill, traps, and grapple in case a 
    pesky rogue tries to pick you off. Level three is not really a 
    necessity until late game so keeping it at level two for a while 
    isn’t a bad thing while playing like this. The offensive sniper 
    is a different beast. Your job is to bot early and often and 
    stick with your teammates to help push the lanes. Good spots to 
    snipe are the annihilator and secure bridges that have lots of 
    walls. Having a firebase nearby isn’t bad or another pro to help 
    protect you. Throw your traps in guaranteed enemy paths so you 
    can pick off lots of pros. Some skills you will want to upgrade 
    while playing like this are your passive, grapple, and flak. 
    Your traps do not have to be at level three because you should 
    be pushing up with your team mates and forcing a lane. Three 
    traps are nice if you have the money in the early game but it is 
    better to focus on your offensive abilities. Level three grapple 
    is not also necessary in the early stages of the game because 
    you will probably rely on flak to push enemies back. 
    Overall the sniper is an extremely fun class to play. When this 
    class is played correctly it is a very formidable killing 
    machine that uses all of his abilities to an advantage. I hope 
    you learned something from this guide and I will see you in the 
    arenas! :D 
    xPEx Noscope

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