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Reviewed: 08/16/10


Remember Smash T.V? There are probably a lot of people here that do not, that doesn't matter. If you DO have fond memories of games like Unreal Tournament, Smash T.V, or Team Fortress, then this is a game you will find relevant to your interests.

Monday Night Combat is a first person shooter, with similar elements from UT, TF2, and Smash T.V. Players take on the role of one of six playable classes, each with their own abilities and strategies. Players do battle in company sponsored arenas and compete for money and prizes in two different game modes. Blitz has the players on a single team, fighting waves of enemies. While Crossfire is a more traditional Team Death match game style, where both teams try to destroy the opponents base. In either game mode players must also be sure to protect their base (called a cash sphere) from being destroyed, which will result in a loss. The game play is full of Smash T.V-esque humor, such as the announcers comments as the game progresses, ad's for humorous fictional products like the "laser razor shaving razor" or the "Ammo Mule ammunition cooler / bacon warmer." Everything about this game leans towards a more comedic style, even the loading screens.

The story in this game is basically non existent. Teams of cloned warriors Red and Blue duel in a heavily sponsored television gladiator sports event for money, prizes, and the girl. That's really it, that's the whole story.

The graphics are what you would expect of any First Person Shooter. They're bright, and full of colors. Everything looks very smooth, and well modeled. The environments have obviously had a lot of time spent on them, and are rich in details. From character models, to floor panels, and hovering billboards, there are colorful details all around. The graphics aren't as realistic or vivid as games like Call of Duty, or Unreal Tournament 3, but they serve their purpose well, and do not disappoint. At the time of this writing I'm unsure if the game had much if any gore. Elements like graphical violence, and dark humor were present, but I do not recall there being any gore or bloody chunks.

Due to the nature of the game, there is a lot of replay value. While there are only about 12 achievements, most of which you will earn in your first couple of matches, the game play is entertaining enough that you may find yourself regularly returning for more Monday Night Combat.

In closing, this is an excellent game, and was well worth the 1200 Microsoft points spent on it. It's definitely catered to the older audience who enjoyed games like Robotron or Smash T.V. and the whole setting is reminiscent of those games. Newer gamers will also find it enjoyable for it's fast paced action, and grim humor.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Monday Night Combat (US, 08/11/10)

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