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"Great Action, Great Game"

I just completed FEAR 3...8 levels (intervals) total, probably took me around 7 hours. This game was difficult for a FPS, which is a good thing. I can't imagine playing on hard; there are some scenarios that will be very challenging. I've read that some people were saying that the game is only 4 hours long and this is completely untrue if playing on normal difficulty.

First of all, let me say that this game has a legit single player component. Forget about all the co-op mumble-jumble you've heard...this game is built to be played alone. Given, I'm sure running through FEAR 3 with a friend is also a blast, but not necessary to enjoy the game.

I also replayed the first level as Fattel. Wow...this is really cool. You can use his telekinesis powers to attack or posses various soldiers and shoot your way through.

Unlike the other FEARs, this game relies on a point system that allows you to rank up by completing a variety of challenges; i.e. "obtain 30 kills with the SMG" or "stay in advanced cover for 100 seconds". Even though you rank up and continue to see points appear on the screen as you complete the challenges, the game is still intense, as in the arcade-like features do not take over the game or dilute the semi-scary events. FEAR 3 is not Bulletstorm, it does a nice job of implementing the the point system without it taking over and turning the experience into a total score-whore-fest.

The story was OK. I forgot what happened in the first 2 FEARs and FEAR Files, so I was lost for the most part. The story is glued together buy short movies before and after each level. The story seems intriguing, if only it made sense.

The gameplay mechanics are superb. The controls are tight and the guns feel great. FEAR 3 also adds a cover system, which I enjoy very much in a FPS. However, the cover system also makes the game easier since all you have to do is hide and regain your strength. For the most part, enemies can't harm you while you're in cover on normal difficulty. I'm unsure if the AI is improved on hard or if the game only adjusts the bullet damage. Like other FEARs, your character also has the ability to slow time down, making it easy to score head shots or clear a room. With this being said, the game is still very challenging

As for multiplayer...well, I tried to play a few matches but wasn't able to connect yet. I think that the internet was messed up on my end tonight. There's also a multiplayer pass included with the game, which apparently adds a few online modes to the ones that are already playable. I hope to hop online soon, but I may just stick to replaying the game as Fattel for now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/27/11

Game Release: F.E.A.R. 3 (US, 06/21/11)

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