Starter Deck?

  1. Is there only one starter deck? I have been playing this game for a month now and I cant get past the prelims. I have good cards in my deck but this game had a way of cheating.... Like one match the AI was using messenger or light and was paying the 100 LPS to use it and when it only had 50 LPS left it Magically won the duel with insane monster summons when I had over 15,000 LPS. The game does this all the time, like when I am just about to win the game they pull off some amazing comeback after not doing anything for 10+ turns. Why is this????

    User Info: Wizardsnapper20

    Wizardsnapper20 - 6 years ago


  1. This is yugioh for ya.
    And yes, only one starter deck but that doesn't matter just play a little and then like me you can have over 10 running decks that could make it to the finals, just know how to play.

    Have better cards and control to prevent those plays before they apparently, "magically" win lol

    User Info: Pink_Vitamin

    Pink_Vitamin - 6 years ago 0 0

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