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AstroPop Cheats


  • Achievements

    Complete certain tasks to get each achievements,

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ace AstropopperFinish the story by completing level 32 with each pilot.
    BETA SurvivorStay alive for 5 minutes in Survival mode.
    Brick BasherBreak 100,000 total bricks.
    Brick GrinderComplete 32 levels in a game without using your SUPA Weapon.
    Captain Quick BrickComplete a level in 25 seconds or less.
    Combo OperatorGet a 17x combo.
    Cosmic OverlordReign as Cosmic Overlord (12,000,000 points).
    GAMMA SurvivorReach the 9-minute mark in Survival mode.
    Interplanetary HeroUnlock Vixx and Turbot.
    Puzzle CommanderPerfectly solve 10 bonus puzzles.
    Star GazerReceive your first promotion (25,000 points).
    Vortex GeneratorClear the entire screen of bricks 5 times in one level.

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Cheats


  • Remove backround grid or change jewel types

    Hold LB, LT, RB, RT then press B to remove grid or press A to change jewel types.

    Contributed By: Oddjob187.


  • Achievement List

    To get all the achievements in the game, do the following things:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Action ModeGet to level 9 in action mode
    Cascade 8Get a x8 cascade during any game mode
    Classic ModeGet to level 18 in classic mode
    Cognito ModeGet 50,000 in Cognito Mode
    Endless ModeComplete level 280 in endless mode
    Finity ModeGet to level 9 in finity mode
    Hyper ModeGet to level 9 in hyper mode
    Hyper1000Make 1,000 power gems across all your games
    Multi ModeUnlock Twilight, Hyper, Cognito, and Finity mode.
    Power10000Make 10,000 power gems across all your games
    Puzzle ModeComplete all 80 levels in puzzle mode
    Twilight ModeComplete level 10 in twilight mode

    Contributed By: Sega_Gamer.

  • Cognito Mode

    To unlock Cognito Mode finish all the puzzles in Puzzle mode. It is okay to look at hints constantly to solve all the puzzles. Cognito Mode is basically Puzzle Mode with no hints.

    Contributed By: Kythlyn.

  • Mode Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Finity ModeComplete 280 levels of Endless Mode
    Hyper ModeComplete 8 levels of Action Mode
    Twilight ModeComplete 17 levels of Classic Mode

    Contributed By: Llamaman2.

Easter Eggs

  • Original Mode

    To play Bejewelled 2 with the same gameplay mechanics as Bejewelled 1 (asin the power gems and hyper cubes don't exist), go into Play Game when you first load up the game.

    Select the Classic, Action, Endless and Puzzle mode buttons (in that order) at the menu screen repetedly (so you're basically maneuvering the cursor across the screen clockwise). After several rounds, a window will come up saying 'Please Wait', and Original Mode will load up.

    Contributed By: Sega_Gamer.

Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown Cheats


  • Achievements

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Barracuda Bully (25)Awarded for completing a 'Barracuda Bonus'
    Fast Food (20)Awarded for completing time attack
    Fish Upgrade (10)Awarded for your first fish upgrade in single player story mode
    Flippin Good Time (15)Awarded for completing a quadruple flip
    Frenzyfest Master (15)Awarded for coming in first in a Frenzyfest
    Full Tank (15)Awarded for unlocking all fish upgrades in single player story mode
    Life of the Party (15)Awarded for accumulating 1,000 party points in party games
    Mega Frenzy (5)Awarded for reaching the maximum FRENZY multiplier in a single player game
    School Teacher (20)Awarded for consuming 500 schools or swarms
    The Intruder (25)Awarded for defeating and completing the single player story mode
    Well Defended (10)Awarded for accumulating 3 simultaneous fish shields
    Well Fed Fish (25)Awarded for eating 5,000 fish

    Contributed By: tadmfpole.

  • Character

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    IntruderComplete the single player story mode

    Contributed By: tadmfpole.

Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank Cheats


  • Widescreen glitch

    If you play the game in widescreen 1080i, switch your console settings to 480 normal. The game gets dramatically easier. You will see less enemies on screen and the bosses will only fire half the amount of shots (in most cases).

    Contributed By: pinkpanfa.


  • Achievements

    Earn the alloted achievements by completing the required task.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Big Red Button (10)Go Ballistic... Use your first Nuke!
    Cannon Happy (20)Complete 11 missions without Nukes of reinforcements.
    Champion of Freedom (25)Survive 12 minutes of the enemy's attack in any Survival game.
    Cockroad of Freedom (15)Withstand 8 minutes of the Red Star onslaught in any Survival game.
    ComSat Uplink (10)Play over Xbox Live with 3 other players for at least 1 minute.
    Freedom's Last Stand (25)Defeat all 19 Red Star champions in Boss Blitz mode.
    Joint Command (10)Stand together with another player to complete one mission.
    Massive Destruction (20)Destroy 12 enemies with a single Nuke.
    Stockpile (15)Amass 5,000,000 points.
    Supaweapon! (10)Collect components to complete a Megalaser.
    Ultimate Tanker (25)Dispel the enemies of liberty. Finish Mission mode.
    World Tour (15)Take a tour of each Red Star country and trash the place! Complete the first 9 missions.

    Contributed By: da_chao.

Peggle Cheats


  • Unlockables

    Complete the following stages to unlock the following characters and powerups

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Challenge modeComplete adventure mode
    Claude LobsterComplete Stage 4
    FlippersComplete Stage 4
    Flower PowerComplete Stage 6
    Jimmy LightningComplete Stage 1
    Kat TutComplete Stage 2
    MultiballComplete Stage 1
    Multplayer LevelsComplete the level in singleplayer
    PyramidComplete Stage 2
    Renfield PumpkinComplete Stage 5
    Space BlastComplete Stage 3
    Splork SporkanComplete Stage 3
    Spooky BallComplete Stage 5
    Tula SunflowerComplete Stage 6

    Contributed By: ACowWithaDS.

Zuma Deluxe Cheats


  • Achievement list

    Do the following things to unlock all of the achievements in the game:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    24hAwarded for playing the game for 24 hours.
    AdventurerAwarded for completion of Adventure mode.
    Chain 16Awarded for 16 chains in a row on any level.
    Coin CollectorAwarded for collecting 100 coins across all games.
    Gap FinderAwarded for earning 100 gaps across all games.
    Popo PoyolliAwarded for completion of Popo Poyolli temple.
    Quetzal QuatlAwarded for completion of Quetzal Quatl temple.
    Score ChampionAwarded for earning 2,000,000 points in adventure mode.
    Secret shrine of ZumaAwarded for completion of Secret shrine of Zuma temple.
    Sharp ShooterAwarded for completing any level in 5 or fewer seconds.
    Son of SunAwarded for achieving Son of Sun rank in Gauntlet mode.
    Temple of ZukulkanAwarded for completion of Temple of Zukulkan

    Contributed By: Sega_Gamer.

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