What Is The Differencec Between This Version And PC Version?

  1. I know the graphics are better and theres multiplayer but is that really the only differences?

    User Info: superAndrew2

    superAndrew2 - 5 years ago

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  1. New enemies: There are a total of 56 enemies in the xbla version of the game (there were about 25 in the original game).

    New Places: There are 10 "Places" in the new spelunky (5 of them have 4 levels, 5 are just one stage hidden levels. The original spelunky had 4 full stages of 4 levels each. and two hidden areas.

    New Items: There are 34 items in the xbla version of spelunky (I think there were around 23 items in the original spelunky).

    New/different unlockable characters: You can unlock 8 hidden characters, and you start with some new characters as well. You Can NOT unlock some of the old hidden characters from the PC version however (as of right now).

    A journal which allows you to look up all of this information (which is where I am getting these numbers from (the numbers from PC version I am getting from my head)

    New Music/Graphics.

    Some new Mechanics (the physics engine is more refined, the controls feel a bit "tighter" with the xbox controller).

    Leaderboards over xbl.

    Local multiplayer (up to 4 people).

    Not sure if I missed anything, but I think this is all. Hope it helps.

    User Info: Courtawulf4

    Courtawulf4 - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. There are many minor differences in the game engine. For instance, arrows now have heads. After you throw the arrow into a hard object, the head breaks off, and the arrow stub does less damage. You also cannot stick arrows into the wall by running and throwing them anymore. There are a few new enemy types, such as small spiders that dangle from lines, in addition to the jumping type. The new version also has harmless animals, such as rats and baby frogs, that do not hurt you, but can be picked up and thrown. There are four playable characters by default, and many more that are unlockable. There are new types of random objects, such as crystal skulls. This is just a short list, but there are MANY changes, just mostly MINOR changes, probably intended to increase balance and variety.

    User Info: lifestochastic

    lifestochastic - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. In addition to the engine changes, there are also several new area in this version (3 new secret levels mixed in to the existing zones as well as a completely new secret zone at the end).

    It also adds local multiplayer, both co-op and competitive.

    User Info: ReverieDLM

    ReverieDLM - 5 years ago 0 0

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