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  1. How do i do other hyper combos? I do what it says and i still cant do them! like for DeadPool, i can do the one where he shoots and keeps saying Bang! But i cant do the one where he attcks with his Bars. Or for Dante, i can do the shooting one, but i cant do Devil Trigger! And i keep doing what it says! A Little help please?

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    supersonic564 - 6 years ago
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    Wow thanks, one question though, if my controls are set to normal, what do i set them to so they can do this?

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    supersonic564 - 6 years ago
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    Oh and what are the two attack buttons?

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    supersonic564 - 6 years ago
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    Oh okay thanks

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    supersonic564 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. How are you doing the Hyper moves in the first place? Are you using Simple Mode? If so, most of your moveset is locked out. Are you pressing the left trigger? That's supposed to be the Double/Triple Hyper button (it's actually Assist 1 + Assist 2), but if you only have 1 level of super meter, it'll just fire off the assist-determined super of the character you're using, which in the case of Deadpool & Dante is always going to be their guns.

    So let's say you're doing those gun moves the normal way, no Simple mode or one-button press. In that case, it's QCF+two Attack buttons. This means quarter-circle forward. You're moving the joystick in quarter-circle forward, meaning you start Down and then slide it to Forward, and hit two attack buttons. It's a quick motion and is not that difficult. For the Devil Trigger (and also Deadpool's Cuttin Time hyper), it's a quarter-circle _backward_, not forward. So you press the joystick down and then slide it backward, then hit two attack buttons. Again you can't do this slowly, you gotta move the joystick and then hit the two attack buttons immediately when the joystick reaches its endpoint. So don't do the quarter-circle, let go, and hit the buttons. It won't work. Slide the joystick from down to forward and as soon as you hit forward, press the buttons. Same goes for backward. Understand?

    As for Deadpool's 4th Wall Crisis, the first thing you should know is that it's a Counter move. So even if you do manage to use it, it requires your opponent to actually HIT you while you're glowing, otherwise it won't work. So keep that in mind. Another thing you should know is that it's a Level 3 Hyper, meaning it requires 3 bars of meter to perform. Many characters have one of these, just pay attention to the movelist when you look at it. And the last thing you should know is how you do it.

    The motion you see on the movelist is what's known in fighting games as the Dragon Punch Motion. The acronyms are DPF for dragon punch forward, or DPB for dragon punch backward. Deadpool's 4th Wall Crisis (and Dante's Devil Must Die) are a forward dragon punch motion. Dragon punch forward motion is done by pressing the joystick forward, letting go, and then quickly doing a quarter-circle forward, and hitting your two attack buttons (you can also shortcut it, by pressing forward, letting go, pressing down, sliding to down-forward, and then hitting the two attack buttons. Going all the way to forward is not required). Dragon punch backward motion is the same, just with backward instead of forward. Again this motion has to be done fairly fast, and chances are you'll accidentally do just a quarter-circle instead of the whole dragon punch motion, but with practice you'll get it down. Lots of special moves and super moves involve a dragon punch motion, as you'll see when you're looking at movelists.

    I hope this is helpful, it's really hard to explain all this without like, being right next to you and actually showing you with a controller in my hands. Try looking up gameplay videos on YouTube if you can find them, ones that feature little shots of people using joysticks with their hands. VesperArcade has a bunch of Mission Mode videos that will show you the players' hands, so you can see what they're doing, but they're using an arcade stick and not a 360 controller.

    Good luck!

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  1. > "Wow thanks, one question though, if my controls are set to normal, what do i set them to so they can do this?"

    If your controls are set to Normal, the default control scheme is Alpha, which means X is Light Attack (L), Y is Medium Attack (M), B is Hard Attack (H), and A is Special (S). LB and RB are the Assist buttons. Head to the Options menu and check the control-editing area to see the different control schemes, and use whichever one feels best to you. You can even customize each button yourself if you'd like.

    > "Oh and what are the two attack buttons?"

    The three main attack buttons, as I just mentioned, are L M and H. When you perform moves, you do the joystick motion & press any attack button you want, and the moves will be somewhat different depending on what attack button you pressed. It's all character-specific. As for Hyper moves, you do the motion & press any two attack buttons you want, and the hyper will be the same no matter what. Only Taskmaster and Super-Skrull have a Hyper move that changes depending on which two attack buttons you hit.

    You are obviously incredibly new to this, so I'd recommend reading Shoryuken's ever-evolving MVC3 wiki. Check out all the beginners sections to get a feel for how all this stuff works & controls, then start checking out your favorite character's pages:

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