Someone tell me how to get better in marvel vs capcom 3?

  1. I got this game last Sunday and I can just tell I've playing since but I'm getting so pissed off of this game. Everyday I seem to get worse and everyone else is getting better! I have 8 wins 58 loses in ranked match TT-TT I somehow get combo the he'll out of and I can't even land a combo on them. I tried so many characters but none of them seem to be good.

    User Info: SexyKoreanese

    SexyKoreanese - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I also cant beat training mode in normal...

    User Info: SexyKoreanese

    SexyKoreanese - 6 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    Do you own Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3? And an Xbox360? If so, then what is your gamertag? Let me know these things, and I'll be able to train you.

    User Info: CloudSephiroth7

    CloudSephiroth7 - 5 years ago

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  1. Practice, practice and a whole lot of practice. Go through a few missions with characters you like to use to get a feel for some of their basic combos. Go through arcade mode on very easy and test out your effort on something thats not going to mutilate you in 20 seconds and lastly, try setting up a lobby with the subtitle "Looking for a mentor!" or whatever its called and maybe someone will be nice enough to give you some hands on real time help. Lastly, practice, practice and yep you guessed it. Practice.

    User Info: SnakeEyes

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  1. The fighting genre is for hardcore gamers, you just can't expect to be good if you are a casual.
    Many of us have been playing many different kinds of fighters for decades, most of them way more complex and difficult to master than this one, so when runing into a guy who just want to play because he's a comics fan, it's obvious we are going to use him as our personal toy.

    You NEED to play in an obsessive fashion, first by yourself and then challenging good players who will teach you how to be good the hard way...
    But when you finally achieve an acceptable level of skill i can assure you it's the most rewarding feeling a video game can offer you.
    From there... Tournaments!!! O_O

    User Info: streetfighter76

    streetfighter76 - 6 years ago 1 5
  2. You could also get better in this game by buying an arcade joystick controller. For me it's alot more helpful because i could press buttons faster but the only problem is that it could be more difficult to not mess up a combo because the buttons are so big and gentle that u could easily press the wrong button by accident. But to me the pros of an arcade joystick is greater than the cons. It's less frustrating and plus it's funner than playing with a regular controller.

    User Info: ChromeGrill212

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  3. I agree with streetfighter76. I have been playing fighting games for years. I've become some what of a monster at them. This game as amazingly fun as it is, is not one of the most technical fighters out there. Me being a huge Guilty Gear lover adapt well to the fast pace of this game bust for your casual gamer the pace can be overwhelming. Especially when fighting the AI on hard and very hard. I still lose more often that when to very hard ai. All in all I'd say to pick characters that you like and practice with them. learn which assists suit your style and benefit your team most. And remember there is always a bigger fish. No matter how good anyone is there is always someone better so dont get so frustrated playing online and losing. just examine why you lost and practice to improve that aspect of your game. And most of all HAVE FUN. You will hear ppl saying that all teams need a sentinel to play competitively. This in my opinion is foolish because it becomes more about winning at all costs even using cheap broken tactics i.e. sentinel spamming and dark phoenix xfactor than actually enjoying the game with characters you like.

    User Info: CrossXGrave

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  4. Like most fighters, this game is very combo-dependent. You need to learn and master the various combos in order to excel...

    Also learn the arts of blocking, timing, feints, and appropriate combo usage... You may know a massive 200-hit, full life bar removing combo, but if you keep getting hit with a simple 5-hit 1/8th lifebar removing one, your mastery of the combo will rarely come into play. This is where blocking, feints (drawing out an attack that misses so you can start a combo), timing (learning when a character can start a counter-attack that'll allow you to land a combo - might be before a block, might be right after one) come into play. Also, knowing when to use what combo is important - if your foe is a fast jumper, the chances of you catching him in a crouch so you can land the deep kick that starts a massive combo is low, while the foe is probably frequently open to a simple launcher that leads to the possibility of being air-chained, meanwhile you might never have the chance to interrupt a jump with a fancy three character air combo against a big guy who doesn't get any air...

    Spend hours/days in the training room - you can set the opponent to jump, attack, etc. to learn timings and interrupts. Beat the game on easy first, and move up to VH as your skills allow. Invest in a combo guide (whether online or the hint book) to learn the various button presses...

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  5. LOOOTS of practice. Using less complicated characters can help. One good one is Super Skrull. His Tenderiser is easily spammable and has decent range(roughly 1/4 of the screen). His Skrull Torch is directable, as is Dormammu's Stalking Flame, making it easier to find your mark.

    User Info: mecha2002

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  6. The main three problems that drag me down in online matches is that I have trouble keeping up with the fast pace which makes me lose focus, racking up combos, and guarding. I can't help but feel like an idiot whenever I can't manage to play good enough, and it's frustrating that I can't even do what looks so simple to complete. Remember that you can't learn the ways of fighting games within one day. It's like a martial art.

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  7. I recommend starting with the 10 missions to learn how to use that character. Then beat the arcade on very hard using that person most. after that, practice

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