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    Zero by Sigfriedsfriend

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 03/06/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    MM      M    AA    RRRRR   V           V  EEEEEEE  L
    M M    MM   A  A   R    R   V         V   E        L
    M  M  M M  A    A  R    R    V       V    E        L
    M   MM  M  AAAAAA  RRRRR      V     V     EEEE     L
    M       M  A    A  R   R       V   V      E        L
    M       M  A    A  R    R       V V       E        L
    M       M  A    A  R     R       VV       EEEEEEE  LLLLLLL
                  V       V  SSSSSSSS
                   V     V   S
                    V   V     SSSSS
                     V V           SS
                      V      SSSSSSS
    C        A  A  P    P C       O     O M M    MM           3
    C       A    A PPPPPP C       O     O M  M  M M           3
    C       AAAAAA P      C       O     O M   MM  M        3333
    C       A    A P      C       O     O M       M           3
    C       A    A P      C       O     O M       M           3
    CCCCCCC A    A P      CCCCCCC OOOOOOO M       M     3333333
    Marvel Vs Capcom: Zero Guide
    Written By: Darin Dye     <gamemaster53539@yahoo.com>
    Completed on: 2/22/2011
    Version History:
     1.1 [Done on 2/24/2011]
         - Corrected description of Costume 4 (thanks to megafighter_x)
         - Corrected input scheme (thanks to Joel Soh)
         - Rephrased profile to avoid confusion (thanks to Micaiah Spence)
     1.2 [Done on 2/26/2011]
         - Removed personal beliefs of what his stats should be in profile
         - Studied Sougenmu and corrected original statements about it
         - Completed mission mode ==> 4/5 titles known
     1.3 [Done on 2/27/2011]
         - Obtained the title for beating arcade on Very Hard (thanks to Craig
     1.4 [Done on 3/5/2011]
         - Added content in dialogue section
                               LEGAL STUFF
    This game was created by Capcom and the other affiliated parties. All 
    rights to the game go through them.
    This guide was created by me. As such, all rights to guide are mine. Further
    usage of this guide is easy, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you if you
    can use this guide or not (e-mail is above). 
    1.0) Background
       1.1) Game Profile
       1.2) Extended Profile
       1.3) Alternate Costumes
       1.4) In-Game Dialogue
       1.5) Titles
    2.0) Movelist
       2.1) Assist Attacks
       2.2) Basic Attacks
       2.3) Skills
       2.4) Hyper Combos
    3.0) Strategies
       3.1) Team Hyper Combos
       3.2) Solo Battle
    4.0) Mission
    5.0) Contact Information
    Button Layout:::
    Square = Light Attack (L)
    Triangle = Medium Attack (M)
    Circle = Heavy Attack (H)
    X = Special Attack (S)
       (Atk) = means hit any attack button (L), (M), or (H)
       (Atk Atk) = means his any 2 attack buttons (L+M), (M+H), (L+H), etc
    R1 = Partner 2 (P2)
    L1 = Partner 1 (P1)
    Select = Taunt
    NOTE: Directional inputs are as follows
    789 \    7 = up and away ,  8 = up , 9 = up and forward
    456  >   4 = back , 5 = none , 6 = forward
    123 /    1 = down and away , 2 = down , 3 = down and forward
    1.0) Background
      This is section of the guide is completely worthless, but may be 
    entertaining if you are looking to learn about who Zero is. In the following
    sections I provide the little snapshot the game gives him and info I know
    about him based on the games I've played.
    1.1) Game Profile
    (This came from the game, unless otherwise noted, so credit goes to the
    makers of the game for this section.)
    Real Name: Zero
    Occupation: Maverick Hunter
       Has great physical ability as well as excellent skills with a
    variety of weapons. He is able to learn the abilities of the enemies he
    defeats and add them to his existing arsenal, making him even stronger than
       His primary weapons are the Z-Saber, an energy sword, and his Zero Buster,
    a weapon capable of firing energy shots.
       Ever since being found in a cave by Sigma, he has worked tirelessly as a
    Maverick Hunter. Beneath his cool exterior lies an extreme intolerance for
    evil; once he gets into a fight with a Maverick, he won't stop until his 
    enemy has been mercilessly cut down. He is best friends with X of the
    Maverick Hunters' 17th Elite Unit.
    First Appearance: MegaMan x (1993)
    Intelligence      |  5/7       
    Strength          |  5/7      
    Speed             |  5/7      
    Stamina           |  3/7     
    Energy Projection |  5/7      
    Fighting Ability  |  7/7      
    1.2) Extended Profile
    This part is all coming off my recollection of the character from the 
    original stories he is apart of. The games found on the DS where his
    character design becomes unimpressive are dismissed because I feel they ruin
    his original, more appropriate concept. Please take note that I have not
    extensively researched Zero, I only know him from MegaMan X 1 through 5. If
    I have something wrong its because the X series is not the easiest story to
    follow in detail.
    Originally appearing in MegaMan X, Zero is introduced early on to the player
    as X is easily beaten down by a war machine named Vile. After having been
    paralyzed by a magnetic blast fired from Vile's shoulder cannon, X finds 
    himself in the crushing grip of Vile's heavily armored mech. Just before Vile
    gets a chance to kill X, the momentary hum of the Zero Blaster can be heard
    in the distance before a partially charged shot blows off the mech's arm
    holding X. Zero enters the scene and places himself between X and Vile. 
    Saying nothing, Zero begins charging another shot. Vile evades the second
    shot as he retreats onto his warship and escapes destruction.
    Looking down on the defeated X, Zero reminds X that he is far too weak to
    take on a war machine like Vile. Zero goes on to say that IF X were to become
    fully upgraded he MAY eventually become as strong as he is.
    Later in the game X and Zero raid Sigma's (the final boss's) base. Knowing he
    is still far superior to X in every way, Zero attacks the base head on while
    X sneaks in from behind. Several minutes of gameplay later Vile drops in on
    X in the middle of the base... with a perfectly unscathed Zero close on his
    trail. The moment Zero catches up Vile flees. Confident as always, Zero
    tells X to stay behind as he finishes off Vile. Before X can catch up the
    distinctive sounds of a mech firing across the floor is closely preceded by
    the sound of a hit. As X rushes in to see what's the matter the footsteps of
    the mech die out and the sound of a barrier activating lures the player to
    In the next room X discovers Vile in an even more advanced model of the mech
    he used in the beginning of the game with Zero contained in a capsule behind
    him. Desperate to free his best friend, X battles with Vile and throws 
    everything he can at him. But all his efforts go to waste. Even with all his
    armor upgrades and new powers X cannot deal a single pixel of damage to the
    seemingly invinsible mech. Once again defeated by Vile, X is paralyzed by the
    magnetic shot and placed in the corner to await execution as Vile returns to
    Zero and laughs menacingly. Seeing his chance, Zero effortlessly rips out of
    his prison and grabs onto the mech's back.
    "Maybe... but I'm not done just yet." - Zero
    Giving it all he's got, Zero charges a massive amount of power and
    incinerates Vile's mech in a single monstrous blast. Unfortunately, in the
    explosion, Zero got ripped in half and lays off-screen as Vile emerges from
    the dust unscathed (he had ejected just in time). Driven mad by Zero's
    sacrifice, X explodes with newfound power and bursts out of his shackles and
    destroys Vile once and for all (in that game). With the battle over X runs
    to his friend's side.
    Damaged to the point of no return, Zero is impressed by X's display of power
    by the destruction of Vile. Just before he dies, Zero tells X that he may
    have the strength to defeat Sigma. If X doesn't have it yet, Zero also gives
    him the Zero Buster. With this ultimate weapon X can access a third level
    of charge (which does rediculous damage) and fire a charged shot from his
    special weapons.
    Since MegaMan X, Zero has progressively been weakened by Capcom so the games
    containing him as a playable character aren't super easy. At the same time 
    he has also taken a massive hit to his Zero Buster over time as the Z-Saber
    was introduced (almost ruining a fabulous character). This has transformed
    Zero from an overall engine of destruction into a lonely boss-killer (for
    casual players X is good at completing the level but adept at bosses, and
    Zero is difficult at completing the level but amazing in boss fights).
    In MegaMan X 4 or 5, Zero's past is somewhat revealed and a single armor
    upgrade is established for him. An epic mini-movie set in the past shows
    Zero back when he was a bad guy (a Maverick) and Sigma (the final boss in
    every game in the series) was a good guy. Sigma approaches this warehouse
    in the utmost confidence that he can quell this threat that has claimed the
    lives of every other Maverick Hunter that has stood before it. Inside he
    finds Zero.
    The fight starts out with Sigma coming out on top and outclassing Zero. After
    a series of attacks, Sigma lands a hit on Zero and launches him head first
    into the ceiling. Confident that the fight is over, Sigma turns to leave. But
    then laughter can be heard. The startled Sigma looks up to the ceiling to
    find Zero laughing meniacally as he pushes his head out of the concrete.
    From here Sigma is unable to cope with Zero's overpowering might the rest of
    the battle. After using a segment of pipe he ripped off the structuring of
    the warehouse to take off Sigma's arm, Zero begins to brutally beat him to
    pieces. Crackling with torn circuitry, Sigma is about to be destroyed but is
    saved by a sudden migrane deep in Zero's head as a W appears in the large
    crystal on his head. With one last surge of strength Sigma shatters the 
    distracted Zero's crystal and knocks him out. Shortly thereafter Zero
    becomes a Maverick Hunter.
    As for his one and only armor upgrade, Zero finds a hidden capsule from Dr.
    Light that was originally meant for X to find. Though Zero believes he does
    not need this power, since the player makes the decisions one has to ask 
    themselves, "WHY NOT!" And thus Nightmare Zero was born.
    Clad in black armor, Zero can now erase projectiles with the swipe of his
    Z-Saber and takes half damage from all attacks, amongst various other 
    abilities. Not the most impressive upgrade of all time, but the black armor
    is quite intimidating. His true potential is in the form of a hidden boss
    in MegaMan X5...
    In MegaMan X5, X (Maverick Hunter Rank B) and Zero (Maverick Hunter Rank S)
    seek the power to destroy a space station that is falling to Earth under
    Sigma's control. The virus-infected space station is first attempted to be
    destroyed by an enormous railgun, but it fails. A second attempt is made to
    launch a space shuttle at the station to blow it up classic Armageddon style.
    Zero pilots the space shuttle, but is unable to maintain course if he were
    to eject, into the space station. This, also, ends in failure. The despair
    X feels is made worse by the fact that the space station's crash summoned
    the extinction of earth. In the next couple missions X must finish levels
    while evading the Sigma Virus as he attempts to search for Zero. When Zero is
    found, a horror more terrifying than anything else in the series is found;
    Zero is strangly purified by the Sigma Virus. Returning to his evil ways for
    a short time, X must fight a purified Zero who can attack most of the screen
    with any attack as energy radiates off of his form.
    Having regained his sanity, Zero assists X in the destruction of Sigma for
    the um-teenth time. Like he always seems to do, Zero jumps in front of X to
    save his life from a monstrous blast unleashed by Sigma's final form. With
    X unconscious and Zero dying in multiple pieces, Sigma races in to finish
    them off. Zero denies Sigma the pleasure as he raises his Zero Buster one 
    last time and incinerates him with the last bit of strength he has left.
    NOTE: This last part is not from any of the games. It's just a conjecture
    I came up with based on how the MegaMan X games operated.
    In one of the MegaMan X5 X can possess 5 different armors:
       Standard Blue
       Force Armor (the generic upgrade to white he recieves every game)
       Falcon Armor (a highly mobile armor that allows flight at the expense of
                     drastically reduced firepower)
       Gaia Armor (an attack oriented armor that instantly achieves full charge
                   but he can no longer dash/air dash)
       Ultimate Armor (A chaotic blue armor with a magnificent helmet. He is so
                     powerful he has unlimited use over his Giga Attack)
    Does anybody notice or is it just me, but doesn't X's Falcon Armor kind of
    resemble Zero's armor style? If this is the case, then it is not too much to
    assume that Zero is in his equivalent of Falcon Armor? This would mean that
    Zero is in his... weakest... armor and he is already more powerful than X has
    ever been. God help us if Zero recieves even Force Armor because he could
    level entire stages in a single attack.
    1.3) Alternate Costumes
    Costume 1 (X): Standard
      - This is the way he normally appears in the MegaMan X series. An
        intimidating look to any who know who he is.
    Costume 2 (Square): Blue
      - An attempt to pass off the fact that the makers of the game excluded
        X, a character who has been in the series since the beginning of the
        franchise. The only disgraceful costume to Zero.
    Costume 3 (Triangle): Black/Orange with Blonde Hair
      - A tribute to Bass apparently (and not Nightmare Zero).
    Costume 4 (R1): Black/Red with Brown Hair
      - A tribute to the character, Axl, who was introduced late in the X series.
       [Thanks to MegaFighter_X]
    1.4) In-Game Dialogue
    This section contains notable dialogue Zero says during battle. Things like
    him shouting a character's name is omitted unless he refers to the character
    in a special way. Also, sayings directed at him by characters that are
    unique are also written down. If I'm missing any please let me know, but make
    sure it's not like: Dr Doom while swapping mid-battle "Zero!"
       "Beat it, pal."
       "This'll be over in a nanosecond."
       "I'll take care of this."
       "Target acquired!"
       "Starting mission now!"
    Captain America to Zero - "Your name's Zero? I hope you don't fight like one"
    Zero to Captain America - "Stop lecturing and show me what you got!"
    Zero to Zero - "Another soul-less copy."
    Zero to Sentinel - "I found a Maverick. I'll take care of it."
       "Mission Accomplished. Returning to base."
       "I don't even need my sword for such an easy fight."
       "No damage to report. Moving to the next area."
       "This one put up a bit of a fight, but it's over now."
       "You thought you were better than mwah."
       "How boring..."
       "Target Destroyed."
    To Captain America -   "I don't listen to lectures from losers."
    End-Level Dialogue Box:
       "Mavericks are a blight on the world, and it's my job to eradicate them."
       "You can't even lay a scratch on me. Move on before you get hurt."
       "Nothing to worry about. It's just another mission."
       "Did you really think I'd fall for those gimmicks? Give me a break!"
       "You're too slow! I read and analyzed all of your moves before you even
        got close to me."
       "I'm not arrogant, but I don't make mistakes. I just cut down my 
    To Tron Bonne - "It'll take more than an army of Reploid wanna-be servants
                     to best me."
    Taunt: "Just like a training program"
    Rekkoha Activation - [Raising shout]
    Sougenmu Activation - "This is over..."
    Genmu Zero - [????]
    HC Activation in a series:
       Middle - "I got you..."
       Last - "I'm bored..."
    1.5) Titles
    Reploid             - Clear Arcade mode with Zero on any difficulty
    A-Rank Hunter       - Clear Arcade mode with Zero on Very Hard
                         [Contributed by: craig williams]
    Maverick Hunter     - Complete 5 missions with Zero
    Special Unit Zero   - Complete 10 missions with Zero
    Level Headed        - Use Zero 30 times
    2.0) Movelist
      In this section I provide a list of his attacks and explain what they do
    and how they perform. This can give insight as to how useful moves are and
    different strategies they can be applied to. The names of the move and the
    inputs, of course, came from the game. The description of the moves are mine.
    Button Layout:::
    Square = Light Attack (L)
    Triangle = Medium Attack (M)
    Circle = Heavy Attack (H)
    X = Special Attack (S)
       (Atk) = means hit any attack button (L), (M), or (H)
       (Atk Atk) = means his any 2 attack buttons (L+M), (M+H), (L+H), etc
    R1 = Partner 2 (P2)
    L1 = Partner 1 (P1)
    Select = Taunt
    NOTE: Directional inputs are as follows
    789 \    7 = up and away ,  8 = up , 9 = up and forward
    456  >   4 = back , 5 = none , 6 = forward
    123 /    1 = down and away , 2 = down , 3 = down and forward
    2.1) Assist Attacks
    Alpha Type: Ryuenjin
     - Appears next to player before uppercut slashing (5 hits, into air)
    Beta Type: Hadangeki
     - Appears next to player and emits a blade beam (1 hit, projectile)
    Gamma Type: Shippuga
     - Appears next to player before dashing forward with sword on fire (3 hits)
    2.2) Basic Attacks
    (L) - basic slash
    (M) - basic slash
    (H) - vertical slash (3 hits)
    (6 + H) - dashing slash (3 hits)
    (2 + L) - basic toe kick
    (2 + M) - basic leg slash
    (2 + H) - mid range trip
    (S) - Uppercutting slash (transtion to air)
    IN AIR
    (L) - Basic horizontal kick
    (M) - Basic slash attack
    (H) - Somersaulting Slash (up to 3 hits)
    (S) - Twisting slash (downs enemy)
    (8 + S) - Reversed slash from his shoulder (transition to next ally)
    (6 + S) - Flips into a side slash (transition to next ally)
    (2 + S) - Flips into a downward slash (transition to next ally)
    Taunt = Draws his Z-Saber.
    2.3) Skills
    Hadangeki (236 + Atk)
     (L) - Slow moving blade beam (1 hit)
     (M) - Fast moving blade beam (1 hit)
     (H) - Fast moving blade beam (2 hits)
    Ryuenjin (623 + Atk)
     (L) - Short uppercut, flaming slash (1 hit)
     (M) - Short uppercut, flaming slash (3 hits)
     (H) - High uppercut, flaming slash (5 hits)
    Raikousen (IN AIR 623 + Atk)
     (L) - Diagonal downward dash with trailing lighting (5 hits)
     (M) - Horizontal dash with trailing lightning (5 hits)
     (H) - Diagonal upward dash with trailing lightning (5 hits)
    Hienkyaku (214 + Atk) OK IN AIR
     (L) - Short range quick-movement. Good for crossing enemy.
     (M) - Long range quick-movement. Good for crossing enemies a long ways off.
     (H) - Triangle jump quick-movement. Good for crossing enemy.
    Sentsuizan (IN AIR 236 + Atk)
     (L) - False movement
     (M) - Downward dive out of air
     (H) - Downward dive out of air
    Hyper Zero Blaster (Hold Atk)
     (L or M or H) - Zero's hand begins to glow, which changes from blue to
                    green to red. Hits once per charge (3 max).
    2.4) Hyper Combos
    Rekkoha (236 + Atk Atk)
      - Zero holds his cannon casually as an energy ball charges on the tip of
       his cannon. He then punches the ground, summoning a hellish pillar of 
       energy down from the sky to annihilate the enemy. (30 hits)
    Sougenmu (214 + Atk Atk)
      - Zero makes a circle with both of his hands. For the next few seconds he
        is accompanied by an afterimage that is delayed by a moment. I'm told it
        is incredibly useful, but I can't manage to get both Zero's to hit with
        all thier attacks. However, switching out Zero preserves this effect for
        when he's called in to assist and is incredibly useful against
    Genmu Zero (623 + Atk Atk) 3 Gauges
      - Zero does a magnificent flip before unleashing a single, momentum-driven
       slash. Hits once for somewhat considerable damage and is a full-screen
    3.0) Strategies
      In this section I will cover what combos I have developed with Zero that
    makes him a formidable character. The first sub-section covers specific 
    combos I have performed that are either very flashy or incredibly devastating
    or useful. The second section is meant to set up basic combos with him when
    he is the only character you have left.
    3.1) Team Hyper Combos
    Zero only has two useful hyper combos to chain with (Rekkoha and his Level 3)
    and neither of them are very impressive or useful alone, but in combination
    with his allies they can be absolutely devastating. 
    Combo with Rekkoha
    One thing that limits the usefulness of this hyper combo is that there's an
    incredible amount of lag between its activation and when the attack begins 
    to hit. As a result any enemy you plan to hit with his must be either in the
    midst of a juggle or bouncing off the ground. Here are some combos I've found
    into Rekkoha.
    NOTE: Keep in mind that most of these are only 2-parts. You are encouraged
       to find a third in case Zero and the other are not preferred characters
       to you (except for certain combos). 
    Chris (Grenade Launcher) --> Rekkoha
     - Once chris fires the second grenade, cancel into zero. The enemy will be
       too frozen to get out of the way.
    Felicia (Dancing Flash) --> Rekkoha
     - At the end of her auto-combo she upper cuts the enemy into the air. Input
       Rekkoha before the last hit or the enemy may go out of range.
    Super Skroll (Skrull Torch) --> Rekkoha
     - Drag the enemy as high as you can into the air and sub in zero before the
       last hit.
    Haggar (Rapid Fire Fist) --> Rekkoha
     - Cancel on the last hit of his hyper combo into rekkoha. The enemy will be
       bouncing off the ground and unable to dodge the incoming onslaught.
    Haggar (Giant Haggar Press) --> Rekkoha
     - Same as before. On the hit cancel into rekkoha and they shouldn't be able
       to recover in time.
    Dr Doom (Air Photon Array) --> Rekkoha
     - After lifting the enemy into the air with Dr Doom, do L-M-M into his
      aerial plasma beam (light version). As the beam is produced cancel into
      air photon array and then into rekkoha just after the last shot. This is
      roughly 65 hits for a LOT of damage for only 2 HC gauges.
    Iron Man (Angled Photon Cannon) --> Rekkoha
     - Hit the enemy with Repulsor Blast to drag them into close range for the
       angled photon cannon and cancel into rekkoha before the last hit.
    Chun Li (Hoyokusen) --> Dr. Doom (Sphere Flame) --> Rekkoha --> X-factor
                                                           --> Rekkoha
     - Mash any button with Chun Li to get her doing her rapid kicks and at the
       last hit cancel into her listed hyper combo. Just before her final kick
       in the combo swap in Doom for his sphere flame. Since sphere flame is a
       projectile, any time after Doom lets it fly you can input Zero's rekkoha
       and Doom's attack will continue dragging the enemy straight up into Zero's
       attack. Any time after Zero lets rekkoha fly, X-factor cancel and do it
       again for massive damage. For 4 gauges this is an instant kill to some for
       virtually no effort and is unstoppable once started.
    Haggar (Rapid Fire Fist) --> X-Factor --> Haggar (Giant Haggar Press)
                                                --> Rekkoha
                                                     --> Dr Doom (Sphere Flame)
    - On the last hit of Rapid Fire Fist, use X-Factor to cancel and do Giant
     Haggar Press. Before Haggar hits the ground you must cancel into rekkoha
     or the explosion will kick the opponent away. From here, any time before
     rekkoha ends summon Dr Doom into sphere flame for massive damage.
    Combo with Genmu Zero
    Genmu Zero is a level 3 hyper combo with quite an effective range (just about
    any attack that places you mid-range works), so below are some fancy combos
    because its not hard to come up with simple ones.
    Magneto (Magnetic Tempest) --> Genmu Zero
     - A fancy attack unless your one of the insane pros who can't have fun any
      more. Hit the enemy with a hyper gravitation and activate Magnetic Tempest
      the moment it hits the enemy. Just before the helpless enemy leaves the
      combo cancel into Zero's level 3 for a ton of easy damage.
    (Any Auto Combo) --> Ryu (Shinku Tatsumaki...) --> Genmu Zero
     - Do Ryu's hyper combo and any time before the last hit transition into 
       Zero's level 3. (Any Auto Combo) includes moves like Chun Li, Felicia,
       Deadpool, etc who have hyper combos that allow cancels into flinched
       enemies at point blank.
    Chun Li (Hoyokusen) --> X-Factor --> (Kikosho) --> Genmu Zero
     - Do a basic combo into her hyper kicks then HC cancel into Hoyokusen. Just
      before the last kick, X-Factor cancel into her Kikosho attack and then
      cancel from there into Genmu Zero before the final hit.
    Iron Man (Proton Cannon) --> Dante (Million Dollars) --> Genmu Zero
     - Any initial attack into Dante's million dollars works equally well, but
      I like Iron Man for this so here it is. With Iron Man do 8+L, 8+M, H, 
      unibeam (L), Proton Cannon. Before the last hit cancel into Dante's million
      Dollars and finally cancel into Genmu Zero just after Dante fires his last
      shot saying "Jackpot."
    Captain America (Hyper Charging Star) --> Genmu Zero
     - With captain america do 8+L, 8+M, 8+H, Shield Slash (H), and on the second
      hit of the shield slash cancel into Hyper Charging Star. Before the last
      hit cancel into Genmu Zero for incredible damage.
    Dante (Million Dollars) --> Taskmaster (Legion Arrow) --> Genmu Zero
     - With Dante do a basic L, M, H, S combo, then leap into the air after them
     and do L, M, H, 896 + L. When the enemy ricochetes off the floor do 
     874+L and mash H until Dante cancels into his numchucks/shotgun attack and
     then cancel into million dollars. Any time before he fires off the last shot
     sub in Taskmaster and then do Genmu Zero before that bowfire ends. Massive
     damage, 62 hits, and looks moderately cool.
    3.2) Solo Battle
    Zero as a solo-fighter is okay, but he's not much to shake a stick at. His
    skills are moderately useful and not very overpowering, but once Zero gets
    going it can be difficult to stop him. If you have any assist characters that
    can jump in, Zero can darn near force an enemy to constantly block with the
    combo below.
    L, M, H (3 hits), 6+H (3 hits), P1 or P2, restart at beginning input
    Basic Combos
    L, M, H (3 hits), 6+H (3 hits), 236+H
    L, M, H (3 hits), 6+H (3 hits), 623+H
    L, M, H (3 hits), 6+H (3 hits), S, air L, air L, air M, air M, air 236 M
    L, M, H (3 hits), 6+H (3 hits), S, air L, air L, air M, air H (2 hits),
       air S
    Cornered Combos
    L, M, H (3 hits), 6+H (3 hits), S, air L, air L, air M, air H (2 hits), 
       air S, [the moment you land] Rekkoha
    4.0) Missions
    In this section we tackle Zero's missions (or at least the ones I can do).
    Most missions are straight forward, but for some characters beating a mission
    requires rediculously perfect timing and if I have completed them this 
    section will be useful to those who are stumped.
    Ones I've Completed: 1-10
    Ones I have not completed: 
    Mission 1 - Attack Using Hadangeki
     Solution: 236+L
    Mission 2 - Attack using Ryuenjin
     Solution: 623+H
    Mission 3 - Chain together two special moves (corner only)
     Solution: Hold Atk (lvl 3), 623+H
    Mission 4 - Perform a combo using a cancel
     Solution: 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, 6+H, 623+H
     Strategy: Hold down and go through L, M, H, then on the third hit press
        forward H. During this 3 hit dash input the last attack.
    Mission 5 - Perform a combo using an air combo
     Solution: L, M, H, 6+H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S
     Strategy: A simple enough combo. This should pose no problem.
    Mission 6 - Perform a combo using Sougenmu
     Solution: Air S, L, M, 2+H, 6+H, 214+atk atk, M, H, 623+H
     Strategy: The major problem is comboing off the initial hit and the hyper
         combo cancel midway through the attack. To start off the combo simply
         jump next to the opponent and hit S about midway through your descent.
         This should allow you to hit and land a frame or so later and continue
         the combo while the dummy is still flinching. In order to complete this
         mission you must activate the hyper combo right off the 3rd hit of the
         6+H attack (any sooner will fail). When you pull of the hyper
         combo near the end start mashing M until you hit then press H and let
         the 3 hit nature of the slash give you the pause to input the last
    Mission 7 - Perform a combo using a hyper combo cancel
     Solution: Air S, 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, 6+H, L, M, H, 6+H, 236+H, 623+atk+atk
     Strategy: The major difficulty is comboing out of the initial 6+H. Just
             mash L as Zero burns into Doom so he connects with it as soon as he
             can. Luck seems to be a major factor in continuing the combo from
             the first shippuga to the rest of the combo (also it seems trying
             the combo in the middle of the screen works best). Also note that
             you must almost immediately cancel from 896+H into Genmu Zero
    Mission 8 - Perform a combo using a knockdown folloup and crossover assist
     Solution: Air Front Throw, P1, air 236+H, 6+H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S
              air 236+H
     Strategy: After performing the air throw, mash P1 until you land and quickly
              jump back up and do 236+H to pop the enemy off the ground so your
              assist character can hit. Continue the combo and finish it off.
    Mission 9 - Perform a combo using X-Factor and knockdown followup
     Solution: air S, 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, 6+H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S,
              rekkoha, X-factor, genmu zero
     Strategy: A fun combo, the only difficulty is knowing you need to activate
              rekkoha the moment you land and X-factor it almost immediately 
              after Zero's hand hits the floor.
    Mission 10 - Perform a special combo
     Solution: air S, L, M, H, 6+H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S, P1,
               air 236+H, 6+H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S, P2, air 236+H,
               genmu zero
     Strategy: Oh my god, long, loooong combo. Major screw ups are summoning
              those damnable partners and following up. Timing is a must
              everywhere and is almost impossible not to screw up constantly.
              When summoning either assist, land and press it and then jump to
              do air 236+H and follow up. Took me a while to get the hang of
              landing and popping the enemy off the floor into the assists but is
              the key to the combo.
    5.0) Contact Information
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Below is my contact info.
    Name: Darin
    Email: gamemaster53539@yahoo.com

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