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"dammit parker wheres venom"

As February, 15th 2011 rolled by we were gently greeted with the warm feelings and tender love of an ultimate fighting game known as Marvel VS Capcom 3. A game everyone has longed for and counted down till dusk waiting outside of their faithful Game Stop waiting for their pre-order copy. But what they didnt know is this very game would be the foundation of hours and hours spent sitting on your trusty chair, grasping their controller for intense action and sucking on their root beers.

gameplay10/10 If you like fast pace intense fighting action. Then look no further this game will blow you out of your seat. Get your grandma, get your sister, and get your dog. Anyone can play this joyous event and start mashing them buttons till you form callus's on your finger tips. It's one of the simpler party games you might find on the market today. The controls are so easy to maneuver that you will think you are actually the character fighting itself.

Story7/10 One Day you are paired up with 3 characters of 2 mighty universes known as Marvel and Capcom. Everytime you win a fight 3 more characters take their place. Sometimes a character will be back that you already sworn victory over will seek undying revenge. Its pretty repetitive story line so don't expect much. You will eventually face the ending boss and that guy is so overpowered he makes sentinel look like a walk in the park.

Graphics/Sound 10/10 The colors and details in this game are amazing lively and vibrant. Sometimes you will be gazing for awhile at some of the details they put into this. The sheer shine and the sleek models are top notch. The back round environments are active and full of life for a 2-D fighting game. If you want elevator music then this game isnt for you the music is full of beefy action that will pump you up every character has its own theme to whoop with. All of the characters have their own sound overs that give them the awesome confidence one would need when fighting. Everything is crystal clear and sounds realistic from the saber from Zeros sword to the grenade launcher of Chris Redfields grenade launcher.

Playtime/Replayability10/10 The games arcade mode will take about a half hour to complete which is fairly decent for a fighting game. Once you beat that you have challenge and training mode. Then you can take your skills to the test in online matches.

This is a must own for your gaming library.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/16/11

Game Release: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (US, 02/15/11)

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